2D games with an artstyle you really enjoy (600 baud warning)

Basically this thread is an excuse to post screenshots and gifs from 2D games with an art style you really enjoy

I'll start:

Rayman Origins
Shovel Knight
Suikoden 2
A Link to the Past
What are your favourites, and what is it you like about them?

Anything goes, new games, old games, indie games, games not yet out. Just post some examples of 2D games with awesome art styles

Edit: I think a mod changed the title, It was meant to say 56k warning. I don't know what 600 baud means
Kathy Rain

I usually don't care for games that go for oversized pixels to net that retro feel, but this game pulls it off so naturally. Really made me feel like I was playing a classic point-and-click.


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Breath of Fire 4. I love the art and music in this game. It's shame there aren't many games like this in hd anymore.
Well it's in a 3d environment, but it has has sprites, does this count?

I honestly wish I could forget about Rayman so I could play origins and legends fresh all over again. They're such beautiful games, I love them.
Yoshi's Island still looks gorgeous.

Contrast to New Island.
Basically, contrast to every other Yoshi platformer, excluding Wooly World. Even the DS one was weak at imitating the artstyle of the original imo.

Golden Sun / GS: The Lost Age

Besides combat, both original Golden Sun and The Lost Age still look great.I just really like how they did colors and shading. Let's forget about Dark Dawn.

Night in the Woods

It's really good with the use of colors and space. Extremely consistent style as well

I like the look of Megaman ZX. Everything reads really well for gameplay purposes and it does a good job representing Toru Nakayama's artwork.
Dis is my jam.

2D Graphics >>> 3D Graphics in videogames IMHO.

Metal Slug series and pretty much all Neo Geo games are my fave because how well animated they look.
Despite the game's lewdness that turned many people off, Dragon's Crown has a fantastic old school fantasy art style, with wonderful animation that really shines in its enemy design and backgrounds.

Legend of Mana (PlayStation)

It seemed like every developer in 1999 was focusing on how to best utilize the newest 3D technology, so it was refreshing to see such nice looking pixel art. The amount of detail in every section of the game is impressive.

The storybook-esque town maps were a nice touch as well.
It has to be Muramasa. It is one of the few games that I think is beautiful.

I think that the painting style gives each place a greater sense of place than 3D games have yet. Each area hangs together well to generate a mood (at least for me).

Edit: I forgot about Shank. It is also really well done.
The Shantae games look amazing.
Wario Land Shake it also look pretty freaking nice.

Edit: the 2d GBA metroid games and most if not all Castlevania games look very damn good.


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Op you made the thread i wanted to open :) even if may idea was more about original artstyles.

Bloodrayne betrayal

too bad i'm not able to pass this section(the giant saw follows you)

I didn't play it but i would say dakest dungeon too

Also almost everything on the amiga because many of its games had a dinstictive artstyle(not really representative but whatever)

and pc 98 games too, but i never had a pc98.


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Copping my post from another thread. I think it fits.

I always loved the style of the sprites and backgrounds, but especially the animations, in the PSX and GBA Mega Man games.

Some of my favorite backgrounds:

I always felt like they had that slightly gritty, but not dystopian, future look down. Even out in the wilderness, there's always little signs of technology, whether it's mechanical vines in the background or the robots wandering around each stage. The city stages were always my favorites, though.
Bulb Boy
ibb & obb
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Narita Boy (upcoming)
PixelJunk Shooter
PixelJunk Sidescroller
Rise & Shine
Soft Body
Sound Shapes
Stick it to the Man
Velocity 2X
I think I'm done.