2K Marin (BioShock 2/XCOM) working on an unannounced FPS-RPG project

To note, this is generally how 2K hires for BioShock, but it's possible they're just working on something similar.

2K Marin said:
2K Marin, best known for developing the critically acclaimed BioShock 2 and currently working on the upcoming The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, is currently seeking a Lead Network Programmer for an unannounced project.


Develop and maintain multiplayer systems from design to implementation.


 One or more shipped PC or console game titles, FPS or RPG titles .
 Experience working with the Unreal Engine and specifically the unreal replication model.
Source: http://jobs.gamasutra.com/jobs/362-33393/Lead-Network-Programmer-2K-Marin-2K-Marin-Novato-CA-United-States


Here's a job from Irrational that's similar:

Irrational said:
3 or more shipped PC or console game titles, FPS or RPG titles preferred.
Experience working with the Unreal Engine.



Oct 24, 2010
Bioshock Infinite 2
If it follows the trend set by Bio2, it will be a better game than its predecessor by tenfold.

yet gamers will still spurn it because the one man game making machine godKEN LEVINE didn't work on it

Poking fun at irrational fanboys aside, I hope they get a new IP to work on that way they don't get buried under the weight of being shackled to an existing IP. XCOM FPS was a wonderful idea for a game, it just wasn't XCOM.