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Analysis Retro Trailer 30 INSANE Little Details In OLD GTA Games


Oct 4, 2011
San Andreas might still be the best open world of all time.
I wish I still had the "Sale Guide" from when I worked at Gamestop when San Andreas came out. Was very very cool, basically a guide with cool pictures and "selling points" for the game. San Andreas was very special when it came out.
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Formerly 'Hado'
Aug 13, 2015
I always think "why do devs not just include all of their old features from previous games in their new one and add even more features to the next installment.

Its always "different" things.

Like Morrowind having spears and crossbows, then suddenly Oblivion didnt have them anymore but spellcrafting, then Skyrim had Crossbows again (DLC) but no spears and no spellcrafting.

the hell is that 2 steps backswards 2 steps forward approach
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