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News Game Dev VR 343 Industries has hired the modder author of Halo VR


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Among those who work for Halo Infinite there is also a particular presence, discovered only recently and because it had not been announced by the person concerned in the past, namely the mud that he created Hello VR which has now been hired by 343 Industries.

The Twitter user Nibre is the one who took care of the creation of the mod MotherVR, initially designed as a software modification able to make Alien Isolation work with virtual reality headsets but then extended to support the entire Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

It was a work of considerable magnitude, considering that this mod allowed the use of virtual reality viewers for all the chapters of the series contained within the Master Chief Collection. However, for some time now there have been no updates on the status of the work regarding the mod, which later became the “ReclaimerVR”.

This silence suggested the abandonment of the project, but the explanation came on by a user pointed out how Nibre’s biography on Twitter has changed and has understood, for some time now, the fact that it is now employed at 343 Industries.

Nibre, author of the mod for Halo in VR, is now employed at 343 Industries

Evidently, the Xbox Game Studios he was so impressed with the work done on the mod that he decided to hire the modder, who is now employed as “Engineer on Halo: The Master Chief Collection” but probably also at Halo Infinite in some form. We don’t know if this could somehow lead to the official application of VR on the games in question, but at least there is now an expert in the field working on the titles.


Jun 2, 2020
Hiring standout talent to make your games better. :messenger_weary::messenger_ok:
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