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3D Realms: Reveal Quake Engine based FPS tomorrow (PC/PS4/XBO/Switch)


Those long posts don't cover that red neck boy
Jun 25, 2018
Stuck in 1Q84.
Known as Codename Mourningvale, a brief gif already exists from last year.

1C Entertainment is publishing this and it is done by 3D Realms themselves, not Voidpoint from Ion Maiden. Just because it is 3DR does not mean it will be a shit tier release though. Here are some of the folks i figure are working on them:

Jeremiah Fox
Game Designer
Jeremiah is a Game Designer at 3D Realms and is currently leading the development of an unannounced Quake 1-engine title.

Gavin "FifthElephant" Edgington
Level Designer
Gavin is a well-known level designer from the Quake communities, best known for his work on the popular "Arcane Dimensions" project.

Marcus "muk" Hayes
Level Designer
Level Designer well known from the Quake community. Known as "muk".

Romain "Skacky" Barrilliot
Level Designer
Romain is a Level Designer at 3D Realms, known for his work on several popular Quake levels. (Also his Thief 1 levels, which are well known!)

Nahuel Arce
Game Programmer
Nahuel is a Game Programmer and Scripter, specialized in the original Quake Engine.

Dmitriy "fgsfds" Merkulov
The dark wizard of Quake on Consoles.

stranno stranno might be pleased by the people working on this :)
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Those long posts don't cover that red neck boy
Jun 25, 2018
Stuck in 1Q84.
Small update:
Scouring on the Discord i found out that this game will use a modified version of the Darkplaces Engine since the stock version had some limitations.

So that's exciting news. Darkplaces does not provide AAA visuals, but you can get some nice results out of it, Doom 3 style shadows and all..


All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
Feb 28, 2014
3D Realms still exists?


Jan 26, 2009
I use to talk to 3d realm team on aim back in the day when I made levels in build engine based on die hard. Wtf happened to them.