3DS Streetpass Plaza updates (UK/EU?) - new Streetpass DLC available. Nintendo's F2P?

Bundled in with the system update.

You can download Streetpass Squad, Streetpass Garden, Streetpass Battle and Streetpass Mansion. You can get new hats and accessories through these games.

The app is crashing when I go to purchase, though.


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From what I understand, this is only available in Japan & EU at the moment. It doesn't appear to be for the US at the moment.
Updating in the other thread, but:

Got it.

Yup - Mii Plaza makeover. Hold on...

Being prompted to play with all my guests before I see the "makeover". New icon in the plaza for the update. Updating now... taking a wee while.


OK, we're done. New features:

  • Two kinds of games in a "bigger" Mii Plaza - ones you've already, plus ones to purchase!
  • We've now got a Shop, and Exchange Booth, a Check for Updates button and a new Play icon, along with a new second screen menu.
  • New games - Streetpass Squad, Streetpass Garden, Streetpass Battle, Streetpass Mansion.
  • New game selection section.
  • Games are bought with real money, as in eShop purchases.
  • Streetpass Squad is like Streetpass Quest. Takes place in space. Battle the Gold Bone Gang. Costs £4.49.
  • Streetpass Garden. You move in to a house in Leafington and try to become a Master Gardener, under the tutelage of Mr Mendel. Grow flowers and decorate your garden. Costs £4.49.
  • Streetpass Battle. Game of strategy and luck. Rule a remote country in a wartorn land. Your butler, Wentworth, helps you build an army via Streetpass to battle other generals. Ultimate goal to conquer the world! Costs £4.49.
  • Streetpass Mansion. Spooky paranormal investigation. You're a detective trying to solve the mystery of a haunted house, helped by your assistant Ella Mentree. You work to uncover truth with the help of people you meet inside. Battle enemies to reach the top floor. Costs £4.49.
  • Combo pack is only available for your first purchase and costs £13.49 (saving of £4.47). Deal only available if you buy all four at first. If you buy one on its own, the rest cost full price.
  • Exchange booth is locked. Clicking on it doesn't do anything yet. You'll need to earn tickets (see below) to use it.
  • No Xenoblade puzzle for me, but I did get a Skyward Sword one.
  • Playing games wins you hats and plaza tickets for achieving certain goals. Exchange these for new Mii accessories. Not available in the StreetPass Quest/Quest II or Puzzle Swap.
  • Get a Pixel Mario hat to commemorate :)


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From Nintendo Everything:

"In North America, the update adds the ability to back up and save data for 3DS download software and “most” Virtual Console titles. Nintendo also says that the firmware improves system stability and makes minor adjustments."


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It's outfits now, not just hats. 172 pieces in all.
Interesting. I wonder how engaging the games are compared to Find Mii. If they're not a big improvement, it's basically little more than microtransactions for new avatar clothes at the end of the day.
I thought the F2P game was mentioned among titles to push WiiU hardware?
Anyway, streetpass quests are a nice extra on the system, but I aint gonna pay anything for it.


Holy crap! Today's real megaton is that more than two people can have the same first name.
Some people got a new Xenoblade puzzle, but my puzzle was Skyward Sword.

Oh, and I have a Pixel Mario hat.


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I'm assuming the outfits are mainly stuff to go with pre-existing hats, like an Mario outfit, Peach's dress, Yoshi costume, etc.

......yet I must know what they are.

One thing that I really want to know about those games: Can I still use existing Miis that I've gotten before similar to Find Mii 2?