4 Tflop Console Showdown.


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I've had a PS5 for two years and gone one on black Friday, it's pretty remarkable how much of the current gen experience is intact for half the price. Posted an LTTP about it to varying response on gaf lol.

Gamers focus on Gflops as the only performance measure of a console too much. It's not even a performance measure actually, it's a paper calculation of shaders * 2 * clock speed, takes architecture into no account. But the CPUs and all SSD storage are certainly current gen. It's actually the controller that feels the least current gen compared to two years of Dualsense to me, but the Series X wouldn't even help with that, just resolution and some details and sometimes framerate.

It's going to increasingly pull away from the One X the more games use the much faster Zen 2 cores over its weak Jaguar cores and make games that assume all SSD storage, just looking at the Tflops and concluding it's going to be like the One X is simplistic and stupid. No reason to look at any One console anymore when the Series S is so cheap.
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Couple of things they didn't mention, obviously the price, also Elden Ring runs on Series S at the higher next gen settings for foliage etc.
Most important is power draw, the Series S runs next gen software at about 80w, that's pretty incredible.


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ricky save your strength bro until unreal 5 games launch in a couple of years with the alleged pro consoles....enjoy your box as we enjoy our box


I was going to make snide remark about how of course the console that came out 4 years later would be faster but then I recall someone saying the Xbox one X was more power then the series s.

Is that true?



"Pretty remarkable for a machine that has been £199 or lower during the Xmas period. A solid choice and even more so now the cross gen period is ending."

So remarkable price, that you have to spent another 200£ if you want be able to put more than 2 games in it, without mentioning most games runs at 1080 or 900p.

But if some people are happy w it cool them i guess
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