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4K Support : could it have a influence on which Next Gen Console you buy?

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If one of the Next Gen Consoles has support for 4K games & the others don't could it have a effect on which console you buy Next Gen?

I know your 1st thought is "No 4K TVs cost like $30,000 & I don't need it & you can't see the difference on a normal size TV" but in 2005 the same was being said about 1080P now we have people wishing more games was in 1080P on the HD Consoles & PC Gamers point & laugh at 720P games, & also I noticed in just the last few weeks that 4K is the new buzz word & companies have been showing off lots of 4K TVs & even 8K prototypes so by the 2nd & 3rd year of the Next Gen Console cycle 4K TVs will be everywhere & there might not be any new consoles for the next 8 years so 4K might be a bigger deal than we think.

& on a weird but true note could it also influence you to buy the console without 4K support because you feel like you will not be able to enjoy the 4K Console to it's fullest potential because you don't plan to buy a 4K TV so you would rather have the console that you can enjoy to it's fullest potential?
obvious answer is obvious

PS4, future is here now, might not be blasting out at launch but a few years from then, it would be almost invaluable...for me at least


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God no, it took me ages to save up for my 1080p LED TV and I'm in no rush to upgrade. You might as well ask me if Betamax support would sway my console choice.


No. I think the impact this has on games coming generation will be very small. So I don't factor it in at all when making a purchase.


Nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference.
Don't really care what's "supported" on consoles nowadays, I learned my lesson from thinking 1080p would be standard. The ps4 can support 4k and I wouldn't care to be honest, if 99% of the games are going to be 1080p or lower then you're doing yourself a disservice by playing it on a 4k tv to begin with.


No I bought a 42 inch tv less than 2 years ago no intention of upgrading.

Also any game that runs on 4k on anything they can put in a non insanely console next gen will have a frame rate of about 4 so I'm all set.


Why would anyone want 4K support when the games will be running at 1080p? Most people who bought a set this gen to play games shouldn't have even bothered with anything above 720p.
My VT50 will do just fine.
No, not really. The next-generations consoles aren't going to be powerful enough to render most games at that level and I don't plan to upgrade my 46" 1080p plama TV until 2019.


It would affect me cause I have a CIH home theater setup and as soon as 4k projectors come into my range (<5k) I'm going there.


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Not at launch. I will be getting both the PS4 and 720 anyways.... if they have 4K support that will be a bonus, as I do intend to upgrade to 4K at some point. and if these consoles last 10+ years, yes, 4K support would be nice.
4k is even less interesting than 3d support was.

Nobody will give a flying shite about 4k until you get TVs for under 1k USD that support 4k. And most people just got new HDTVs within the last 2-3 years when they got much cheaper. Going from CRT to LCD was a huge step, going from 1080p to 4k, I don't think people will care that much.


No. Normal HD is good enough for me. Let's go back to making good games next gen instead of focusing on all this extra stuff.
Sony was talking up 1080p when the PS3 was unveiled, and it ended up only being possible for a very small number of games.

I expect 4K to be very similar next gen. It will happen, but it will be rare.


I find myself wishing I had a 720p TV so that my PS3/360 games didn't have to be upscaled and blurred in the process. I'll be happy to play games in 1080p with the new consoles.
I have a 1080p TV and a 1080p monitor that won't get replaced for a very long time. 4K will be a non-factor for the foreseeable future.


Sure, i would never buy a console that will try for 4K, since games will not even remotly rival PC games down the line

I think 1080p will be fine next gen and games targeting that will be by far the best looking ones, going to 4K will require much of the power that would go to graphics


Not in the slightiest. No games in the upcoming generation will ever support 4K, and I don't watch movies, personally.

1080p is WELL enough anyway.


How much was a 1080p TV in 2005? How much is a 4K TV in 2012?

Are 4K PC monitors widely available and used by quite a few people, like 1080p monitors were back then? Are we seeing the same kind of 4KTV adoption rates as we've seen HDTV adoption rates back then?

I think if you actually sit down and look at the numbers instead of going through theories in your head, you'll find that there are few similarities, OP.


4K video output support feels rather irrelevant to me when it is likely almost all the games will output in 720p/30fps to actually get the most they can out of the hardware.


No. There will be no meaningful software support for 4k on the next gen consoles.

I'm sure Sony will just advertise the shit out of it anyway.

4k @ 120fps this time? Yeah, right. Watch me laugh when the first games get announced and they run at 720p.
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