5 Gaming Facts About YOU

1. I have a super weird obsession with playing through console games for the first time on the original hardware they were developed for, even when I know there is a superior modern version available. I find it interesting to see how well each game was optimized and how far the platform was pushed, especially in the case of games like The Last of Us/God of War 3 on PS3, Resident Evil 4 on GCN, etc.

2. The very first level of the game BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is named after me, or at least my childhood gamertag. It's a huge honor, as I was/still am a massive, massive fan of the BIT.TRIP series. I used to blog about each game frequently on the IGN forums as a teenager, back in the WiiWare days. I followed the dev blog of Runner2 obsessively, and I even met the developers at PAX East. The entire BIT.TRIP series means the world to me.

3. I despise 2D Metroid games. Metroid Prime is to the Metroid series what Ocarina of Time was to the Zelda series. A flawless transition to the 3rd dimension. First-person should be the standard for all future mainline titles. Metroid is 100x more fun, 100x more atmospheric, and 100x more immersive behind the visor.

4. The Nintendo 3DS is my favorite Nintendo machine.

5. I am 100% OCD about keeping my gaming devices and peripherals clean. I wash my hands before using them, clean them regularly and never share my controllers if I can help it. Seeing pics of greasy controllers with fingerprints all over them makes me gag.
I'm the opposite, as much as I love Metroid Prime. Super Metroid still beats the tar out of it in my book. (Plus Ocarina doesn't hold a candle to the 2d games.)


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1. My first home computer was a ZX Spectrum. This over heated and burnt out and was replaced with a Commodore 64.

2. My first console was the Megadrive when it was first released in the UK. I used to take the ROMs out of the Japanese carts that didn't fit and plug directly into the console.

3. I’ve played and completed Skyrim on every system it’s been made available on including any anniversary or ultimate editions.

4. I have platinums on all of the Souls games and their spin offs.

5. I still buy games knowing full well I’m never going to have the time to play them.
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I own all Final Fantasy games yet the only one I ever finished was Final Fantasy 1.

I own all consoles but I love retro games more than anything that‘s released in the past, I dunno, 2 or 3 generations.

I always play female characters if I can choose. Can‘t look at a guys ass for 40+ hours.

I‘ve been addicted to gaming back in the X360 days and games these days are even more addictive than they were back then, so I often set a timer to one hour and no matter how much I‘d like to keep playing, I force myself to quit just to not fall down this rabbit hole again.

My backlog counts 500+ games.


  • I've never had a top end gaming PC.
  • My first home console was the Wii U as I wasn't allowed them growing up (but was allowed a Gameboy and other handhelds).
  • I used to sneak down in the middle of night to play RuneScape on the family computer or later my laptop.
  • I don't think most games pre Gamecube/PS2/Xbox/(Dreamcast) have aged well at all. I can barely stand playing them.
  • I've only ever completed fourteen games:
    • Pokémon Yellow, Gold, and Sapphire
    • Age of Empires II
    • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
    • XIII
    • The Saboteur
    • Mini Ninjas
    • Splatoon and Splatoon 2
    • Battlefield Bad Company II
    • Battlefield 1
    • Battlefield 3 and 4
All the others lie uncompleted, even ones I love like Breath of the Wild and Sleeping Dogs.
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1. I'm very cautious to try games; it takes me a while to decide to commit the time. Because if a game bites into me for what I think are the wrong reasons, I'm fucking pissed, but I can't stop. I know I've been hacked. There's a real world to enjoy for the time I have, I don't need worms in my brain.

2. Still, I keep trying games, every few years, because a handful over the last many decades were fucking, amazingly great.

3. I think most of you are very young; or more likely, failed to grow up. I get that you probably believe this is a good thing. I suppose you could be right.

4, 5. [holding this space]



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1. My first home computer was a PC AMSTRAD. Elite is teh shit

2. My first console was the Megadrive when it was first released in the EU. I used to be broke and replay sonic 2 every week.

3. I’ve played and completed DIablo 3 on every system it’s been made available on including any anniversary or ultimate editions.

4. I have copies on all of the metroid games and their spin offs.

5. I still buy games knowing full well I’m never going to have the time to play them.



1. My first console was a Coleco Vision and the only Atari I owned was the adapter
2.I used to hustle people in arcades with Street Fighter 2 the way people used to hustle pool
3.I thought GOW 2018 was good but not really my cup of tea.
4.I think GTA IV is the best one in the series
5.I think a good portion of gamers are a real life version of comic book guy from The Simpsons.


5. I've owned damn near every console since 94

4. I hate pc gaming even tho every two years I build a new gaming rig to mostly do lightroom and video editing 😑

3. Can't stand souls style games.

2. Gta is my favorite gaming franchise outside of God of War.

1. I prefer single player games


-My gamertag/PSN ID/current username is because I sat down to play EQ beta one day and needed a name for an Erudite Necro. I happened to be listening to the Counting Crows.

-I used to beta test tons of games. This was back in the day when you actually had to apply. I also beta tested Xbox Live and PlayStation modem for PS2. (Everquest strikes again). That is also how I was able to snag the Gamertag and PSN ID I wanted.

-The first video game I ever played was a pong arcade game (Thanks mom). I was fortunate that my parents jumped on the "video game" craze early.

-I have always been a multi-console owner dating back to having to purchase my own intellivision with saved money because my family "already had Atari." My siblings benefited from my FOMO even when I was a young kid. :)

-The first PC that I purchased specifically for gaming was a Packard Bell 486/DX2-66. (BTW, I paid about as much for that DX2 system as my current PC).


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1 - I started gaming when I was 3, back in 1990. I started off watching my dad play Ultima 3 and Final Fantasy. Started playing games myself, quickly overtaking his use of the consoles.
2 - I learned how to read by playing EarthBound. Between the game and its player's guide, It came out at an important time in my development. I quickly became the best reader in my grade level because I was reading so much.
3 - My happiest gaming period was 1999-2001, when I discovered emulation. I didn't really get games that often. Primarily just for Christmas, and even then it would just be one game or so. So suddenly having hundreds of games at my disposal was overwhelming. Because of this, my favorite era of gaming is the 16 bit era.
4 - I didn't get a PS1 until Christmas 2001, which I wanted for Dragon Warrior VII. I didn't get a PS2 until 2005 when Dragon Quest VIII came out. So with getting the consoles that late into their gens, I missed out on a lot.
5 - I tried my hand at fan-translating games back when I was in college. But it's hard work and my language skills weren't up to par. I have mad respect for fan translators though.


-I just hit my 20 year mark as an Xbox Live member
-The first console game I ever bought was Pitfall! (2600)
-The first computer game I ever bought was Silent Service (C64)
-The first RPG I ever finished was Battletech: The Cresent Hawks Inception (C64)
-I once dated a girl I met online while playing Halo 4


- My first console was a NES with Popeye and Super Mario Bros
- My first home computer was a C64 with Zak McKracken
- I played way too much World of Warcraft for one human life
- I don't like fps or action games with too much walk + talk + cutscenes + cinematics or whatever doesn't let you use your controller or only allows you to press stick up
- I'm a miser, that's why i love Game Pass, used games + reselling them and VPN purchases
1) It was of all things the loading screen of a ZX Spectrum game that got me interesting in gaming. I loved seeing the picture being drawn frame by frame and couldn't belive how close the picture on screen was to the box art and then I was hooked. The game in question was Jet Pack on my cousins ZX Spectrum that she got for Christmas 1982

2) OutRun Made me a fan of SEGA and also Ferrari (love the F1 team)

3) Panzer Dragoon is still for me the best game ever

4) Team Andromeda are my fav programming team in the history of gaming

5) SEGA Saturn is still the best gaming console ever made


1. There hasn't been a great Final Fantasy game since XII

2. Demon's/Dark Souls or nothing. I'm not too fond of souls style copycat games

3. I favor Japanese developers over Western ones even if they too piss me off

4. My grandmother introduced me to video games when I was 3 and it started with Suikoden II

5. I started playing Warcraft 3 before I could even understand English. It was difficult as hell but I wanted to impress a boy I liked


1 I hate motion control , Vr and Soulsike's game
2 I hope that one day we have a legit Mario and Sonic's game (not the Olympic one)
3 I continue to play JRPG from 16-32 bit era
4 I want back strange piece of HW like Barcode Battle
5 Wario is my favourite videogame's character ever
  1. My first gaming console was the platinum Gamecube with the Metroid Prime 1 full game and 2 demo...haha I remember hating on them at first because of the first person XD I remember that I always tried to stay in 3rd person as much as possible...good times. I'd ending up beating the entire trilogy years later and enjoyed each Prime game as the masterpieces they are.
  2. My username refers to the Resident Evil 3.5 collective of beta versions and material for Resident Evil 4 2005. Progenitor is the name of the Progenitor virus, the mother virus that the later viruses in the series came from, and Castle refers to a major location in those beta builds of Resident Evil 3.5, the Spencer castle located in Europe. So I combined these aspects to form my username, ProgenitorCastle.
  3. I'm dissapointed with most of the current gen of consoles so far, the PS5 and the Series X, feels like there is no exclusive games for them and they are just machines to push subscriptions onto users.
  4. It humbles and surprises me that I'm good at the Blue Sphere special stage in Sonic 3 and Knuckles! On a good day, I can Perfect all 7 of the regular Chaos Emeralds...who knows, one day perhaps I can conquer and perfect the 7 Super Emeralds one day as well...one day.... :]
  5. The last time I truly felt the next gen magic with video gaming was in the early 2010s, with Iwata era Nintendo leading the charge in that front with the Wii U, 3DS. I will never forget the wonderful memories with asymmetric local multiplayer with my friends back then. It was a true game changer, with everyone excited to try out the Gamepad and then switch to the Wiimotes next to see how the game experience differs between the two styles. The Iwata Asks book which I recently finished reading elaborated on his and Nintendo's overall game development processes in a brilliant manner, worth a read for any avid game enthusiast. Sony was no slouch either with the PS Vita and PS4 as well...with the PS4, Sony still had Japan studio putting out worthwhile games like Bloodborne, Gravity Rush 2. Nier Automata was excellent as well.
- First console I ever played was my dad's atari 2600
- My first console was a NES
- First rpg I've played is ff4 on snes. Friend of mine brought it over for a weekend and was immediately hooked forever on RPGs
- I wasted a big chunk of my teen/early 20s on ultima online followed by everquest. My mom had enough of it and forced me to get a job, thank god for her
- Didnt game that much from mid 20s to half 30s because I became a dad and had no time/energy for it
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- My first console was the NES.
- My sister beat Metroid and Legend of Zelda 2 on the NES before I did.
- I still haven't beaten Mike Tyson legit in Punch-Out!!.
- Elden Ring and Breath of the Wild are the best games ever made.
- People who choose 30fps because they prefer the "cinematic experience" are probably not very skilled gamers to begin with.


1. First game I ever finished was Batman on the Amstrad. The isometric adventure game.
2. First game I ever "clocked" was Bombjack on the Amstrad as well.
3. First and only game I have platinumed is GOW:R. In general I think trophies are a waste of time.
4. Demons Souls was my one and only souls game that I finished. I think Bloodborne will be the next one.
5. I love a bit of console warring. Don't really partake but enjoy reading the banter
6. BONUS FACT! Destiny remains my most unfulfilled experience. Totally enjoyed the minute to minute gameplay, but never completed a raid. Didn't have guys I could play with and felt totally left out
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1. I started with the PS2 with Sonic Heroes. On a related note, I think PS2 gen is heavily overrated and romanticised with rose tinted nostalgia goggles. Like 90% of games made back then do not hold up at all.

2. Ghostrunner is my favourite game of all time

3. My favourite genres are hack n slash, 2D fighters and arcade shooters.

4. My least favourite genre(if you could call it that) are cinematic heavy single player games. I really dislike how game design has become so cinematic and stiff over the past 10 years.

5. Semi Mainstream AAA(Bayonetta or Ghostwire Tokyo for example) > Indie > Full on mainstream AAA(think COD, Assassins Creed, Halo)
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- My first game was Pinball on the 2600.
- To this day I have never owned nor have I personally known anyone that has owned a Sega console, everyone had a Nintendo.
- Due to life issues I never owned a PS4, so I have a gigantic backlog to playthrough on my PS5
- My Username and PSN Id are an old nickname given to me in Spanish class in 10th grade, a bastardization of the Spanish term for rocket and a matador. I even used to sign my papers with it in high school.
- I've never played a competitive online game other than a total of 5 races in GT7. Single player for life.

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1. Started gaming on my dad's Amiga 500 at 6 or 7 years.

2. Dispises consoles. Would prefer to game on an ancient Windows 95 PC over any console.

3. Started making games at 30 with no programming experience under the alias "woodsmoke"

4. Buys new PC or PC parts very rarely, his previous PC is a WinXP machine.

5. Is very picky when it comes to games. Hasn't found a new good game in the last 1-2years.


1. Atari 5200 was my first game console
2. I used to be a Microsoft MVP (for Microsoft Office) back when the Xbox OG came out, and I got a lot of free Xbox stuff including the Xbox Media Center Extender, from Major Nelson
3. After the Atari 5200, I never owned a game console again until the Sega Genesis
4. I personally have never owned a Nintendo console or handheld (though I did have access to one since I bought one for my son)
5. I love playing naked! (though my wife thinks I am a bit crazy for it)


1. I've gamed since I was a small kid in the late 70's but I want the best looking versions of games so I always want an arcade release over an atari 2600 release.. some cases even many NES releases

2. I was an insufferable Nintendo Fanboy for years, the more people shit on Nintendo the worse I got

3. I think the N64/PSX era was the puberty of gaming and it's really difficult to still enjoy many games from that era even though at the time I adored them

4. I find everything about Modern Final Fantasy games very offputting, but enjoyed them in the 16 bit era

5. I worked for about a year for a campaign for L4D2 and about a month before mine was going to be ready to release, they released the Passing DLC.. the scenario was almost identicle to what I was working on(just bad luck on my part) so I quit making maps entirely.


1 - Dark Souls is the best game ever made for me. Only Bloodborne and Hollow Knight came close to its magic.

2 - I hate Mario with passion. There is always a huge hype for anything Mario and I can't understand why. (Let's add a hot take on that : people getting mad at Ubisoft for "copy/pasting" Assassin's creed after each game, and to an extent FromSoft get some complaint on that too, but Nintendo does the same with Mario and everybody says it's genius game making)

3 - I consider myself a fan of Zelda since I played the original one when I was visiting my uncle when I was a kid. But I have only complete 3 of them : Link's Awakening, Breath of the wild and Ocarina of time (last year).

4 - I don't get all "performance" importance in games a lot of people are complaining about. Especially framerate. Blighttown's swamp in Dark Souls on PS3 was perfectly smooth for me despite hearing everyone screaming it was unplayable. Same goes for visuals... I played old games (PS1/PS2) and I find them as beautiful as recent game.

5 - Extremely stubborn when I come in front of a "difficulty wall". Just going again and again, without looking for "cheap" way to pass it. Recent example is 20h of dying against Malenia in Elden Ring, without much build adjustment.
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1. My first console was a NES

2. I have loved playing video games my entire life, but they do not define me. My mother gave me a PS4 not long before she lost her mind to Alzheimer's as a way to say thank you for the help I gave her.

3. I think my favorite game series are the mainline Mario platformers. They are full of joy.

4. No experience is as good as playing a game with your son or child and have them experience achievement with you. Like my sons first goal in rocket league or playing through all of Halo together. These take gaming to a new level.

5. Bloodborne is a terrible game. The other games from From like Dark Souls and Elden Ring are brilliant.


1. My first console/computer was an Atari XEGS.

2. Amiga 500 is the best computer ever made and my introduction into the darker world of games.

3. The first game I beat was Mega Man 3.

4. Co-Op/Multiplayer > Singleplayer

5. GaaS is my jam and I've put over 4000 hours in both Destiny and Apex Legends.


1. First Game I ever played was a Pong clone system, First system I owned was a TI/99 4a (around 1983ish)

2. I have only beaten two games in the Legend of Zelda Series LttP and BotW, despite owning most of the games in the series.

3. My tastes in games has changed many times over the years, for a while i was big into platfomers, then shooters, then sports games, then fighting games then RPGs, then back to shooter etc. (Currently I'm back into RPG and sim type games)

4. Played Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament extensively in the Arcade (the Scene was soooo good in my area, 3 arcades each with active players etc.) (The amount of time spent on these games was a contributing factor for me dropping out of college.....not proud of that)

5. I own three CRT tvs (32, 27, 20), two are currently set up in my basement with a few older consoles connected to them for retro gaming.


5. Shooters will always be my favorite
4. Pc isn't bad as you think
3. If there's nothing to play just play another rpg ,you'll be satisfied.
2. There's always special moments in playing fighting/racing/wrestling/sports/sim/strategy games
1. Couch play with friends is precious.


5. I used to be a huge PC mostly guy, then Xbox got me into consoles a bit with Halo, but now I mostly just sit on PlayStation and Switch.

4. I've never finished a Metroid game and I've played them since the NES era. I enjoy them too. I just never can finish one.

3. I miss RTS games. It was one of my favorite genres.

2. I used to play Rainbow Six Vegas on 360 with the Penny Arcade guys.

1. I was one of the first community awarded blogs on Gamespot and GB when I was younger and cared. My Diablo 3 review got a community spotlight on Giant Bomb too.
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