52 games. 1 Year. 2016.

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Oct 30, 2011
Lets try to get that backlog!


Game 1: Skyrim (197 Hours/PC) Completed Main story and DLC main story (13-Jan)
-Started this game around November 2014, took a while but wanted to finish the main story, still a lot of sidequests pending but don't feel like doing those.

Game 2: Monument Valley (3 Hours/Android) Completed Main story and DLC (25-Jan)
-Little cute game with interesting puzzles based on perspective, really beautiful art.

Game 3: Fallout 3 (76 Hours/PC) Completed Main story and DLC (30-Jan)
-Same thing as Skyrim, started las year but finished this month, was less exiting than Fallout: New Vegas, and a somewhat dull story.

Game 4: Mass Effect (37 Hours/PC) Completed Main story and DLC (08-Feb)
-Played a long time ago on the xbox but never played 2 or 3 so I felt like starting from the beginning. Really good game, hard on the first missions I feel but as you progress the rpg elements start to give you an advantage. Also very satisfying story.

Game 5: Mass Effect 2 (80 Hours[2 runs]/PC) Completed Main story and DLC (22-Feb)
-The game was really good, liked the atmosphere around it and the missions, also best dialogue than the previous one, had to do a new game+ to get everything and enjoyed even more the second time, hahaha.

Game 6: Mass Effect 3 (85 Hours[2 runs]/PC) Completed Main story and DLC (011-Mar)
-Liked how the interactions with you crew are better and have different opinions and comments between missions. also had to replay to experience again and to find the missing stuff. The ending was weak as everybody knows, but still worth it and the multiplayer has a small community now but is good and addictive.

Game 7: Crysis 2 (10 Hours/PC) Completed Main story (17-Mar)
-It was ok, high production values but a meh story, didn't like the combat that much, and always preferred the stealth approach.

Game 8: Crysis 3 (9 Hours/PC) Completed Main story (17-Mar)
-Exactly the same as crysis 2. The bow was a nice addition to the combat.

Game 9: Bulletstorm (15 Hours/PC) Completed Main story (1-Apr)
-Really good game, had some trouble trying to pass the GFWL stuff but with the patches could play this marvelous shooter, really good design, fun dialog and satisfying point system.

Game 10: Broforce (2 Hours/PS4) Played some missions (10-Apr)
-Liked the idea but the problems on this ps4 port were to much for me, loosed interest after a while.

In Progress:
Jan 10, 2014
Morgantown, WV
Game 1: Assassin's Creed Syndicate (33 Hours)(PS4) - 1/1/2016

Game 2: Rise of the Tomb Raider (25 Hours)(XBox One) - 1/10/2016

Game 3: Game of Thrones (11 Hours)(PS4) - 1/16/2016

Game 4: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (8 Hours)(PS4) - 1/17/2016

Game 5: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (12 Hours)(PS4) - 1/24/2016

Game 6: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (13 Hours)(PS4) - 1/30/2016

Game 7: Oxenfree (5 Hours)(XBox One) - 2/6/2016

Game 8: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (3 Hours)(PS4) - 2/7/2016

Game 9: Limbo (3 Hours)(PS4) - 2/10/2016

Game 10: Firewatch (4 Hours)(PS4) - 2/13/2016

Game 11: That Dragon, Cancer (2 Hours)(PS4) - 2/16/2016

Game 12: Bastion (13 Hours)(PS4) - 2/20/2016

Game 13: Far Cry Primal (22 Hours)(PS4) - 3/2/2016

Game 14: Call of Duty: Black Ops III (82 Hours)(XBox One) - 3/6/2016

Game 15: Quantum Break (12 Hours)(XBox One) - 4/9/2016

Game 16: The Division (58 Hours)(XBox One) - 4/15/2016

Game 17: Dark Souls III (45 Hours)(XBox One) - 4/30/2016

Game 18: MLB The Show 16 (32 Hours)(PS4) - 5/9/2016

Game 19: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (38 Hours)(PS4) - 5/18/2016

Game 20: Doom (18 Hours)(XBox One) - 5/27/2016

Game 21: Football Manager 2016 (92 Hours)(PC) - 6/12/2016

Game 22: The Walking Dead: Michonne (4 Hours)(PS4) - 6/14/2016

Game 23: Alienation (9 Hours)(PS4) - 6/19/2016

Game 24: The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine (21 Hours)(PS4) - 7/8/2016

Game 25: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (15 Hours)(XBox One) - 7/14/2016

Game 26: Red Dead Redemption (15 Hours)(XBox One) - 7/21/2016

Game 27: Alan Wake (9 Hours)(XBox One) - 7/28/2016

Game 28: Inside (4 Hours)(XBox One) - 7/30/2016

Game 29: ABZÛ (3 Hours)(PS4) - 8/6/2016

Game 30: Gravity Rush Remastered (7 Hours)(PS4) - 8/19/2016

Game 31: Overwatch (106 Hours)(XBox One) - 8/21/2016

Game 32: Bound (2 Hours)(PS4) - 8/21/2016

Game 33: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (18 Hours)(XBox One) - 9/5/2016

Game 34: Virginia (2 Hours)(PS4) - 9/26/2016

Game 35: Destiny: Rise of Iron (21 Hours)(XBox One) - 9/26/2016

Game 36: Madden 17 (96 Hours)(XBox One) - 10/1/2016

Game 37: FIFA 17 (9 Hours)(XBox One) - 10/7/2016

Game 38: Forza Horizon 3 (67 Hours)(XBox One) - 10/16/2016

Game 39: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (11 Hours)(XBox One) - 11/6/2016

Game 40: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (6 Hours)(XBox One) - 11/11/2016

Game 41: Gears of War 4 (8 Hours)(XBox One) - 11/24/2016

Game 42: Watch Dogs 2 (25 Hours)(XBox One) - 11/28/2016

Game 43: Battlefield 1 (24 Hours)(XBox One) - 11/28/2016

Game 44: The Walking Dead: Season One (12 Hours)(XBox One) - 11/29/2016

Game 45: The Walking Dead: Season 2 (9 Hours)(XBox One) - 12/4/2016

Game 46: The Wolf Among Us (10 Hours)(XBox One) - 12/7/2016

Game 47: Tales from the Borderlands (10 Hours)(XBox One) - 12/10/2016

Game 48: Game of Thrones (12 Hours)(XBox One) - 12/10/2016

Game 49: Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain (18 Hours)(XBox One) - 12/27/2016

Game 50: Dishonored 2 (15 Hours)(XBox One) - 12/30/2016
May 6, 2014
I should try this, if only to encourage myself to play more new stuff. I've worked myself into a bit of a gaming funk recently. I keep playing my old favorites trying to recapture that magic, but eventually I lose interest and move onto another old favorite, and so on, and so on. I keep chasing the dragon, and it's preventing me from discovering some brand new magic.

Come to think of it, I think the only 2015 game I played from start to finish was Life Is Strange. And I fucking loved it. Go figure.

I don't expect to come anywhere close to 52 (especially seeing as number one will be The Witcher 3), but I think it will be good to keep track of my progress and push myself forward.
Jun 23, 2012

Dark Souls
Dark Souls III
F-Zero GX
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil HD
Super Metroid
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
The Witness

Affordable Space Adventures
Castlevania: Bloodlines
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
Dead Space
Dead Space 2
Devil Daggers
Dirt 3
Gunstar Heroes
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Metroid Fusion
Picross 3D
Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows
Sin and Punishment
The Talos Principle
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Axiom Verge
Child of Light
Hyrule Warriors
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Raiden IV: Overkill
Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
Sleeping Dogs
Tetrobot and Co.
Transformers: Devastation
Twilight Princess Picross

Dead Space 3
Odallus: The Dark Call
Pony Island
Valdis Story: Abyssal City
Velocity 2X
Jul 1, 2014
I averaged about 4 hours of gaming per day while completing the challenge in 2015: 54 games, average of around 25 hours per game. Really doubt I'm up for that kind of commitment again in 2016, but I'll give it a shot.
May 5, 2014
Claiming a post.
Lots of new games I'm looking forward to in 2016, maybe this will be what I need to actually play them all the way through!

Not expecting 52, though, since there are a lot of long titles in my library.

Game 1: Ori and the Blind Forest -- PC -- 4 Hours last year in June, 3 more this year for a total of 7 hours give or take 30 mins -- Beat on 1/8/2016

I sing praises of this game to my friends on Steam, but I had never actually beat it. I very much enjoyed the four hours already put in, but I felt it was wrong to give such opinions on something I'd never actually played all the way through!

The game plays wonderfully. Tight controls, some AWESOME abilities for someone like me who loves traversal, and gorgeous environments. The "Bash" ability you get early on is probably one of my favorite abilities in any Metroidvania game. Basically, you get the ability to grab any enemy (and lots of different projectiles!) in the game and "bash" them in a direction. Doing this will send you hurling in the direction opposite. This means you can pull all sorts of crazy stunts to reach places you shouldn't yet, or simply have fun staying in the air for a long time. It's fluid while being an excellent and FUN gameplay mechanic.

The ability also comes in handy for the number of escape sequences in the game. I actually really liked these, minus a few moments where you couldn't really know what to do until the next run (falling rocks that instantly kill you). The music is a must in the sequences, so make sure your volume is up!

Story was told mostly through animated cutscenes with some text. It's some sad stuff. :( Kudos to the team for telling a relatively simple story while still managing to keep me interested in it.

It's not all roses, because combat kind of sucks. You fight enemies by pressing the attack button, which shoots out a little orb of light that homes in on the enemy nearest you and deals some damage. While doing this you're also going to be running around, dodging things at the same time. It makes for some hectic times. That's not the bad part; hectic doesn't immediately = bad. It's just that combat isn't even difficult per se since it's an auto-target, it's just tedious. The way I looked at it was that the enemies were actually there for Bash fodder so I could fly all over the place. It's just the points where you don't have said ability that it stands out like a sore thumb.

Also my PC ran the whole game fine but then started freezing up at the LAST cutscene and that makes me sad because the few frames it was cutting to were big events. I went to Youtube afterwards to watch it. This isn't on the game, but my dumb machine.

Excellent game all-in-all. Very few issues with it once you get a relatively early ability.

Game 2: Kirby's Dream Land -- Gameboy -- 30 Minutes -- Beat on 1/9/2016

Putting a game that took thirty minutes to beat onto this list almost feels like cheating. But there is a reason: I legitimately bought this off the eShop one night last year, then proceeded to never boot it up. Not even once. So, in my mind, this is almost a better achievement than finally finishing Ori. :lol

For being twenty-four years old, the game is still fun. Though the very first thing that popped into my mind when I finished was, "I wonder how the people who bought this for $30+ dollars when it first launched felt." The times, they have-a-changed. Like, for the $4 I paid for it, yeah. Subjectively worth it. It's enjoyable. If I paid $10 or more, though, I'd probably feel kind of bummed. How did you guys do it with games that weren't endless like Tetris? :p

There are five stages to go through. Though technically four, as the last stage is just a hub where they pull a Megaman X and have you re-beat the first four bosses before moving on to King Dedede. Not going to lie, I actually died at least once in every world that wasn't the first. Being a Kirby title, I was still able to beat the game without resetting. But the difficulty was still there, at just the right level to make for an easy game that isn't just a boring cakewalk. It keeps you engaged.

Kirby didn't have his now character-defining copy abilities in his original title. This is the reason I never played it as a kid! Crystal Shards being my first Kirby game, a Kirby without duo-copy abilities (much less ZERO copy abilities!) sounded boring. I can appreciate the simplicity in Dream Land now. It certainly made boss battles more "intense" than what we have now, since they were balanced around nothing but suck/spit.

After beating the game, it told me to press Up+A+Select at the title screen for "New Game." Doing so loaded up what one can only define as the hardest Kirby game I know of... also one of the must un-fun experiences I've had with Kirby. I'm tempted to go through the again on this dumb-hard-mode just to say I did, but I don't know. It really isn't that fun to me. I'm not going to say this detracts from saying I beat the game, since I see it as an extra mode ala Zelda Master Quest.

Final thoughts: Would I suggest the game to someone? Yes. Though I wouldn't suggest they buy it, as I would much rather give them my hard copy of the game with a GBA to play it on. It feels like a game you can most truly enjoy and appreciate whenever no money has been put into it. $4 won't kill anyone, but it may be just enough to jade one's view.

Game 3: Binding of Isaac: Rebirth -- Vita -- Roughly six hours -- Beat on 1/23/2016~1/30/2016

Yes, that is two different dates. I'll explain that below.

I've had Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on my Vita since it was a free PS+ title back in... uh... some time ago.

My first plays in the game were thoroughly negative. I didn't care for it much at all (I also don't remember how much I played, so that's not included in my rough estimate). The controls seemed slippery, the combat was lacking, and the upgrades were too random. A run felt like it depended too much on items, and less on skill. It wasn't until December last year that I tried it again whenever I read someone say that Binding of Isaac's fun comes from just how much you can break the game. With that in mind I jumped back in; also, this time I didn't have a load of recent Spelunky playtime messing with my concept of the rogue-like genre that they both fall under.

With a new outlook on the game, and more willingness to actually give a fair shake on its own standing, I can say that Binding of Isaac is enjoyable. While I can see how one could theoretically go through the whole game without grabbing upgrades, I don't think I can... really see any fun in it. A masochists' challenge only. Back on track. The upgrades make it fun to me. I like being able to grab a few items and just obliterate things. It makes for some lows whenever you get sucky luck and get boring stuff, but then the highs are that much better. And seen as how runs aren't going to last too long anyways (ten to twenty minutes average), I'm fine with it being that way.

That said, things are still a bit too random for me to sit down and play for any longer than one run. I also don't care for many of the enemies in the game, as the rooms can spawn in some flat-out obnoxious combos that make for a bullet dodging fest that can't just be learned and worked with (since, again, random). The mechanics are SUPER cryptic, too. Like, I didn't/haven't look/ed anything up on the game, so there are things that are kinda' just there. Like the dark/light hearts. And the sin meter? I don't know, man. Cryptic for the sake of being cryptic if you ask me.

The first date listed (1/23/2016) is when I beat Mom. It took me about four hours to get here. I used Isaac for this run, and barely managed to eke out a win after using a super light attack that shredded the last bit of her health. In hindsight, I should have opened the battle with it, because it shrunk that bit of health down fast.

I was going to write the finishing post after beating Mom, but I [strikethrough]got lazy[/strikethrough] figured I'd wait and see if I may beat anymore milestones before I stopped making it a point to play the game.

The second date listed (1/30/2016) is when I beat Mom's Heart. After about an hour-and-a-half of play I decided to try someone else out. Azazel looked fun because he had wings.

Not going to lie, the run almost felt easy mode despite lasting thirty minutes. I had a combination of items that made me friggin' Speedy Gonzalez, I could fly, I had loads of super-items (going to assume they're superish, since they cost me hearts, lol), and finally, I had a controllable tear. Tears are your way of attacking in Binding of Isaac, but not for every character. Azazel, for example, has a blood/laser attack that takes about a second to charge before unleashing a second of laser. For tear characters, the item does exactly what you'd expect -- Let's you control a tear, instead of shooting them out. For Azazel, though? Ohohoho, for Azazel I got control of this gigantic. Damaging. Ring. My strategy was wimpy, but I had fun so... I don't really care, lol. It made for what almost felt like a strange, top-down, dual-stick shooter. It was actually pretty unique!

Anyways, with my super-powers I managed to beat some Boss Rush and Mom's Heart. I unlocked things after doing each, so the content isn't over. But I'm going to mark this one down as "Beat" for me, especially since my initial goal was just to beat Mom!

Would I recommend the game?... Not quite sure. I know there are those who adore the game, but it did take me a while to "get" it. I'd kind of fear suggesting something to someone only to have them hate it haha. If you're a fan of rogue-likes, it's worth a shot. Especially since it goes on sale pretty often. Otherwise, it does feel a hard sell to the uninitiated.

Game 4: Elite Beat Agents -- DS -- 4 Hours -- "Beat" on 2/7/2016

Elite Beat Agents is a quirky, Western-only game that I really wish I had played as a kid. Alas, I actually thought the idea was the dumbest thing ever due to the graphical style and "tapping numbers? Boring!" Fun fact as well, the game is Western-only, because it's actually a completely different thing in Japan! Known as Ouendan (Well, "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan" to be precise), it has an entirely different tracklist, story, and set of characters. So... it's actually a Japanese exclusive, that got heavily changed to make our Elite Beat Agents. Pretty weird situation with the game that makes me wonder how it even came out over here. After the heavy localizations it's a different game entirely!

(I also had the same "Boring" thought process towards Phoenix Wright, another game I really wish I played as a kid. "Courtroom sounds so stupid for a game," *goes back to playing Animal Crossing Wild World*)

And before I dive into any actual impressions, one more thing. I just have to say how WEIRD it is that I can say "DS game title" followed by "as a kid". Then I realize the sucker is over eleven years old. I'm not old, but boy do I feel it when looking up dates.

Annnyyyways. The game.

It's a fun rhythm game that plays exactly like the popular PC game, "osu", You tap, drag, and spin to a beat that is mapped as contracting numbered circles that will pop up all along the screen.

For the most part, the songs that were chosen are both enjoyable to listen to and play along with. Their are a few bad apples in both departments (all subjective for the enjoyable to listen to part), but I feel the need to specifically mention one song from each category. Material Girl. I had no idea that I could dislike a song more for absolutely no reason. It's not even a bad song, I just really.. can't stand it. I don't know why. Then you have "Canned Heat", a song that is enjoyable to listen to, but has one of the WORST beatmaps I've had the pleasure of playing in an official rhythm game title... Actually, no, some of Persona Dancing's tracks have this beat, but Canned Heat really is bad. It's also why I have the game marked as "beat", because I don't care to play it again on the hardest (and funnest <3) difficulty, even though two of my favorite songs are barred behind it. So while I've played every song in the game, and have unlocked all difficulties, I've not actually played all songs on Hard yet. And I can thank Canned Heat for it.

Something I was unaware of because I bought the game second-handed with half of Medium difficulty already unlocked, there is actually a kind of over-arching story to the game that goes along with each stage's personal story. And it's stupid in all the best ways. Along the way though, when it wants to be? It's a freaking sad game. Holy jeez, I knew about this song/story from reading about it on here in years past, but it hit me hard anyways.

The game's final stages start with a
battle against aliens that have banned all humans from playing music, lest you be turned to rock. Just as one of the head aliens goes to blast everyone whom you helped in previous stages with their petrification ray, the agents valiantly hop into the blast to protect the group. Everyone that was just saved rallies together to chant out, "EBA," along with clapping and stomping. The power frees the agents, and everyone begins to dance and sing. The power is all bunched together and fired at the aliens, who are decimated through the power of music.
It is so cheesy, and I love it. The accompanying tracks to make for the final two stages are also really nice choices that fit the bill.

Because I brought up the visuals earlier, I must say that they hold up stupendously well. All of the hand-drawn characters are great. The movements are silly, the facial expressions fun, and the general designs like what you'd see in an actual cartoon. The agents that dance on the bottom screen don't have the same pros. They look like big ol' chunks of polygons. But it's fine, you're not watching that anyways, the bottom screen is for your notes, and they still look fine.

So yeah. EBA is fun, and I don't know why it took me so long to get around to it. Maybe things would have moved along faster if I didn't play "September" for an hour straight? Who knows.

If you have a DS/DSLite/DSi/3DS/3DSXL/New3DS/New3DSXL, I can't recommend Elite Beat Agents enough. It's super cheap these days, and has held up well for almost ten years. Yeah, you have a beatmap or two that shouldn't even exist, but it's worth pushing through.

Edit: So after Googling some stuff, apparently there's uh... there's actually another mode after Hard.. Huh. I already wrote this all down, but if I actually feel the urge to COMPLETE the game I'll update my post with the time.


At 5 1/2 hours played, I've unlocked the final difficulty. It feels kind of... off? I was hoping for some more beats, but it instead chooses a speed route. The notes pop-in with just enough time for you to hit them. Wouldn't be an issue if the tail notes were obvious. But they aren't, and unless you already know the song there's not really any way to know when you're supposed to hold the stylus down.

The game is still top-notch, but I think the best experience is with Hard Mode (Sweatin'). The final difficulty little more than a novelty, imo.

Just remember. You're the Inspiration.

Game 5: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls -- PS4 -- 40~ hours? -- Beat on 2/27/2016

Bought this last April. My brother, in-law and I played it to Chapter 2, but it was dropped shortly thereafter. I think I can probably attribute the reason to the fact that Desert levels suck in any game ever. But I digress.

We picked it up again around New Year with new characters. Perhaps the character switch up was all that we needed, because this time the game was played all the way through to the end.

We played a lot of Dungeon Defenders (a Tower Defense/Loot Game hybrid) when it released. A lot. So while none of us ever actually played a Diablo game until RoS, the loot genre wasn't entirely new. Which probably works for the better, because there is a lot of loot in this game. Without the mentality gained from previous games that 99% is trash, I can only imagine how long sorting things out would take.

Which brings me to the first thing I have to say about the gameplay. The menu system SUCKS for local multiplayer. When you have three players that want to fiddle with abilities and different builds, the global pause that comes alongside one person's opening of the menu gets to be too much. Especially after end of chapter boss battles when multiple rare items are dropped. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say thirty minutes went towards menus after each big boss. It would have been a much smoother experience if a.) each person was able to look through menus when the game was paused or b.) the game kept moving for the other players. I don't want to let the negative overshadow the good, but I seriously can't say how much I hated the blasted pause menu.

Gameplay is fun. It's repetitive. It's grindy. It's Skinner Box. It's fun. With lots of different abilities, combos, and gear that will further break abilities down into new things altogether, it's not hard to spend countless hours killing things to get loot that will let you kill things faster. Sounds like horrible game design, but I swear it really is fun if you find a liking to the gameplay loop. My character was a Crusader who used abilities to decrease the resource cost and increase attack speed of everything else on him, which allowed him to spam large AoE shouts. But just hours before then, my entire Modus Operandi was throwing Hammers and summoning spirit partners. It's really cool being able to change up your entire gameplay by changing out just one or two skills.

The game is never hard unless you intentionally jack the difficulty way up. There's a lot of micro-management to keep you involved, but it's not difficult. I especially liked the ability to change game difficulty up or down in-game by one notch (out of... 13?). We would keep it as high as possible, but if things were too tanky, taking too long to kill (aka not being fun to spend time on) we'd bump it down one until some better gear was obtained so we had at least one guy that could clear hordes out faster. Then we'd put it back up.

I liked the music in the game. Mostly ambient, but with a few stand-out tracks.

As is standard place in Blizzard games, there's actually a lot of world-building. Though we didn't really pay attention to any of it. Not to say it's bad, but our focus was simply on the gameplay loop instead. Nonetheless, if you like some story in your games, Diablo 3 shouldn't really disappoint.

Partially due to the difficulty (read: time spent clearing hordes), but mostly due to the fun of others, I can't say the game is very fun to play alone. Not for me, anyways. And the online is unfortunately riddled with hackers who can skyrocket your level up hundreds of hours in a minute. So, while I think Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls was a fun game to play through, I can't bring myself to suggest it to anyone who plans on playing alone. With friends, though? Most definitely!

Game 6: Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright -- 3DS -- 50 Hours -- Beat on 3/7/2016

Fire Emblem Fates is an awesome set of games, with three different paths that are thus far managing to be unique content. I was wary early on whenever I heard another series was going to "do the Pokemon". Thankfully, early import impressions were all positive on how well the content was done, which dropped any negative notions I had already built in my mind.

Gameplay is highly-refined from Awakening. Pairing up characters in the new system brings a whole different way to strategize. This time the game also has some excellent map design, pretty good character balance (minus a few OP/UP characters), and I really like the new way weapons work.

Story is freaking stupid. I still can't believe they got an actual manga writer to help the plot scenario. I guess nobody ever said mangas are a literature art, it's just... man, what a bad story. Bless the gameplay for carrying the weight of what it usually distributed at least somewhat between game/story.

Music is pretty good in Birthight. Think I liked Awakening's soundtrack more, and I'm definitely liking Conquest's music style more than I did Birthright's. I wouldn't say that puts Birthright in a bad spot, it's just a good < great thing.

If you liked Awakening at all, Fates is a surefire recommendation. Same goes for if you like Strategy RPGs, though I'd probably suggest Conquest in that case (but why not play both? :p)

And this is the point where I realized I'm probably a huge thorn in the side of mobile users who may go to Page 2, so from here on I'll be linking to the bulk of my thoughts on things, showing only the ending paragraph here!

Game 7: Splatoon

(...In fact, at nearly a year old, new weapons are still being added just a few weeks from this post. It's a clear start to a new series from Nintendo, and I can't wait to see what we see from the future. Be it more life in the original game through updates, or a sequel on the NX further down the road. I don't think a game can be for everyone. But I do believe that if you haven't given Splatoon a shot in all of its modes you may be missing out on something you'd truly enjoy. )

Game 8: Project Diva X

(So... I hope I didn't look too negative in this write-up! I can't stress enough that I have greatly enjoyed Project Diva X. The content is all a joy to play through. Music choices are low in quantity but feel like they go together very well, resulting in a wonderful package. The game is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely feel like it still has its place alongside the immensely content-rich Project Diva game known as Future Tone for PS4. Less bang for your buck? Sure. Still worth buying? Most definitely.)

Game 9: 3D Out Run

I considered the two hour mark a good time to say I "beat" Outrun. It was really just an arbitrary number at first, but it definitely felt like enough time to decide if I liked the game or not once I reached it. I've played it for three more hours since then, and still enjoy my time with it. There's not much to really do but master the small-for-today's standards amount of content, but that's not inherently a bad thing. Again, it feels like a true (classic) Arcade Game. The kind that sort of guzzle quarters but still brings joy and that spark to get better at the title... Like what we've come to know as the mass populace mobile games of today, minus the Freemium hooks and other unfortunate detriments that come with the model. While I only paid $3 for the game due to a sale, I can say that if you know you're a fan of or think you may enjoy some old-fashioned Arcade time-attack fun, Outrun 3D is worth buying at it's normal eShop price of $6.)

[Personal Use: Next up

Uncharted 2, April 2nd, 9 Hours]
Nov 30, 2007
And here I go again on my own. How many Gears games will I finish this year?

Game 1: The Last of Us Remastered - PS4 - Completed 1/1/16
This was pre-planned. I only had the last hospital scene left to finish. I want to start this year off well.

Game 2: Gears of War Ultimate - XB1 - Completed 1/2/16
I have beat this game countless times, but believe it or not this is the first I've I finished it on normal. Might try an even higher difficulty sometime this year.

Game 3: Gears of War 2 - XB1 - Completed 1/9/16
I need a time machine so that I can fast forward to when Gears 4 is out.

Game 4: Wolfenstein The Old Blood - XB1 - Completed 1/10/16
After getting past that annoying stealth section the game was terrific.

Game 5: Gears of War Judgment - XB1 - Completed 1/12/16
Even if Gears 4 is as good as Judgment I'm sure I'll love it. Onto Gears 3 and Aftermath at some point this month.

Game 6: Gears of War 3 w/Aftermath - XB1 - Completed 1/18/16
I started to play Dishonored and I got bored. So naturally I took that as a sign to play more Gears.

Game 7: Gears of War Ultimate - XB1 - Completed 1/22/16
I have some issues...

Game 8: Gears of War Judgment - XB1 - Completed 1/23/16
Hopefully there's a patch in the future because at one point it was playing at half speed.

Game 9: Gears of War 2 - XB1 - Completed 1/27/16
I'm definitely gonna need a break from the series soon.

Game 10: Gears of War 3 w/Aftermath - XB1 - Completed 2/5/16
I know! What's a surprise!!!

Game 11: Sunset Overdrive - XB1 - Completed 2/8/16
I actually started this way back in 2014 and just finished it today. Completely ridiculous and with a ton of quirky mechanics.

Game 12: Tomb Raider - XB1 - Completed 2/13/16
This is getting up there with my most played games of all time. For some reason I prefer this version of the game over the PS4 version.

Game 13: Halo 5 - XB1 - Completed 2/13/16
Probably the best campaign since 3. Still, I'm glad I didn't spend $60 on the game. Would not have been worth it for this short of a campaign.

Game 14: Gears of War Raam's Shadow - XB1 - Completed 3/13/16
Long gap in between games. This game was actually pretty solid. Ran into a glitch that made me have to restart the third chapter, but I didn't really mind. I wish there were more Gears of War single player content.

Game 15: Alan Wake - XB1 - Completed 3/27/16
It's been so long since I played this game that it was practically new. I wish there were more of these types of games. XB1/PS4 have had so few that I have to go back to 360/PS3 generation.

Game 16: Dead Space - XB1 - Completed 4/3/16
Sure as hell getting a lot out of XB1 backwards compatibility.

Game 17: Quantum Break - XB1 - Completed 4/9/16
There is a reason that I am a true believer in Remedy games. Everything that I have played from them has been terrific. Quantum Break is no different.

Game 18: Gears of War Judgment - XB1 - Completed 4/10/16
Another play through of Gears Judgment? Yep!

Game 19: Alan Wake The Signal - XB1 - Completed 4/11/16
Neat little chapter.

Game 20: Gears of War Ultimate - XB1 - Completed 4/23/16
Needed a break from the frustration of Dark Souls 3.

Game 21: Ratchet and Clank - PS4 - Completed 4/26/16
Oh man, that was a good one. My first new PS4 game finished in a quite a while.

Game 22: Gears of War 2 - XB1 - Completed 5/2/16
New headphones? Must be time for another gears replay!

Game 23: Call of Duty Ghosts - PS4 - Completed 5/3/16
Trying to spread out the codathon. 8 COD games is too much in a short span.

Game 24: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - XB1 - Completed 5/4/16
Impressions haven't changed. Good gameplay. Bad story and level design.

Game 25: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - PS4 - Completed 5/8/16
This campaign is aging like a fine wine.

Game 26: Uncharted 4 - PS4 - Completed 5/12/16
One last time. Best in the series? Yeah, probably. A good way to end the series? Oh yeah.

Game 27: Doom - XB1 - Completed 5/15/16
Definitely worth the rental. May pick up later on.

Game 28: Call of Duty Black Ops 1 - XB1 - Completed 5/20/16
Aging like a fine wine.

Game 29: Dead Space 2 - PC - Completed 5/22/16
Holy shit I actually finished a game on my PC! Been so long since I finished this game that I almost completely forgot the middle section.

Game 30: Saints Row 4 - XB1 - Completed 5/30/16
Not as good as 3. The murderbots really messed with combat. Otherwise it was a fun game. I've had this for a while, but for some reason it just clicked this weekend.

Game 31: Bioshock - PC - Completed 6/5/16
Been a very long time since I completed a PC game with a keyboard and mouse. Very different experience.

Game 32: Battlefield Hardline - XB1 - Completed 6/12/16
Once I started playing it like any other shooter, it wasn't so bad. Reminded me a bit of Bad Company actually.

Game 33: Resident Evil Revelations - PC - Completed 6/18/16
At this point I think prefer the revelations series over the main series. It's been more consistent.

Game 34: Gears of War 3 + Aftermath - XB1 - Completed 6/25/16
Will this be the last time I play through the series before Gears 4? LOL. No fucking way.

Game 35: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Nightmares - PC - Completed 6/26/16
Has plenty of warts, but it's a good looking game with my new graphics card.

Game 36: Destiny - XB1 - Completed 6/27/16
Nothing in particular achieved. This is by far my most played game of the year and thought it was a shame that it wasn't on my list. Roughly 140 hours played so far.

Game 37: Trials Evolution Gold Edition - PC - Completed 7/17/16
All hard tracks completed. Groundhog Asylum was a pain in the ass. Gigatrack was ludicrously long. I'm not sure I would put this over my first trials game (fusion), but it's something that I'll be playing for a long time to come.
Update on 7/17 for Trials Trophy and proper credits.

Game 38: Trials Fusion - PC - Completed 7/1/16
Maybe it's because I've been playing Trials Evolution too much, but this controlled like shit on PC. I swear it felt better on PS4 and Xbox One.

Game 39: Killer is Dead - PC - Completed 7/5/16
Kind of reminded me of Cowboy Bebop a bit. Most of it didn't really make sense, and nothing is ever explained, but it was fun to play and watch.

Game 40: Bioshock Infinite - PC - Completed 7/9/16
I was expecting to go through Bioshock 2 at this point, but I am going to wait for the remaster. I still love Infinite. Nothing to add that I didn't say in my previous years.

Game 41: Wolfenstein The New Order - PC - Completed 7/16/16
I read a thread earlier today, asking people what their game of the generation is. If I had to pick a non-remastered game, Wolfenstein might be at the top of that list. Other than loading a bit faster, not a big difference from the console versions.

Game 42: Resident Evil 4 - PC - Completed 7/31/16
Holy shit I finally finished Resident Evil 4. Only took 10+ years. I think I'm gonna start on the DLC soonish.

Game 43: Gears of War Judgement - XB1 - Completed 7/24/16
Nice relaxing playthrough during the hottest week of the year.

Game 44: Gears of War Ultimate Edition - XB1 - Completed 8/2/16
Pretty much a COG tag run. Finally got all of them.

Game 45: Resident Evil 5 - PC - Completed 8/6/16
It's been so long since I finished this game that I forgot everything except for the first 5 minutes of the game and the final 5 minutes. So for me it was basically a brand new game. Someday I would like to play this co-op, because the AI partner is god awful.

Game 46: Gears of War 2 - XB1 - Completed 8/10/16
Woo! 1/10 of the way through Seriously 2.0. At this rate I only need to play through the game 90 more times.

Game 47: Resident Evil 6 Chris Campaign - XB1 - Completed 8/21/16
Some good and some bad. It was a steep decline from 4 and 5. Trying to decide if I want to play through the other campaigns or not.

Game 48: Dark Souls 3 - XB1 - Completed 8/28/16
I did not expect to beat the soul of cinder in one shot, so there is still one more boss that I'll have to cleanup. Frame rate was an issue with this version, but I pushed through. Dancer and Twin Princes were the toughest for me. Just one play through, but I found the game more consistent than Dark Souls 1. Dark Souls really goes to easy mode after O&S.
There is little doubt in my mind that this is my game of the year.

Game 49: Gears of War 3 w/Aftermath - XB1 - Completed 9/3/16
So ridiculously hyped for Gear 4.

Game 50: Gears of War Judgment - XB1 - Completed 9/8/16
What is this... the 5 or 6th times I've started this series just this year alone?

Game 51: Gears of War Ultimate Edition - XB1 - Completed 9/18/16
Last time I play this before Gears 4 comes out.

Game 52: Gears of War 2 - XB1 - Completed 9/20/16
On the latest episode of Dom is mentally deficient.

Game 53: Gears of War 3 w/Aftermath - XB1 - Completed 10/2/16
As of right now there are 106 hours until Gears 4 is out. I loved playing through this series so much this year. Five times in total. This playthrough was dragged down a bit because of a bad patch.

Game 54: Gears of War 4 - PC - Completed 10/8/16
Long wait for this one. I upgraded my video card, processor and ram. I bought the early access copy just to have it a bit sooner. Took a vacation day to play it. I don't regret any of it. This looked gorgeous on my PC. Ran great as well.
I love this series. Love the characters. Love the mechanics. There is nothing like a Gears game.
I'm confident that the franchise is in good hands with the coalition.

Game 55: Gears of War 4 - XB1 - Completed 10/8/16
See above, but at 30fps and lower settings.

Game 56: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - PC - Completed 10/8/16
Completed with a keyboard and trackball. Even simple games like this are an enormous pain in the ass when using a trackball.

Game 57: Gears of War 4 - PC - Completed 10/10/16
Maybe it's time to play something other than a shooter?

Game 58: Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb Raider - PC - Completed 10/18/16
Gorgeous looking game on PC. Runs really well with my setup. I liked this even more than Uncharted 4. Honestly I liked this and Tomb Raider 2013 more than all the Uncharted games except for two.

Game 59: Gears of War Judgment - XB1 - Completed 10/21/16
Just a casual play through.

Game 60: Call of Duty Ghosts - PC - Completed 10/25/16
Almost 3 years to the day since I first played and finished this game on PC. Ran much better this time around. Video card probably helped a lot. I still don't hate this campaign.

Game 61: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - PC - Completed 10/29/16
Still has one of my favorite last levels in a campaign. Aim assist was a little strange in the version.

Game 62: Titanfall 2 - PS4 - Completed 11/3/16
Wow. Just wow. Utterly blown away by this campaign.

Game 63: Forza Horizon 3 - XB1 - Completed 11/11/16
One of my top 3 racing games of all time.

Game 64: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - PC - Completed 11/12/16
I wasn't blown away with this, but I think it will age well.

Game 65: Modern Warfare Remastered - PC - Completed 11/13/16
Classic campaign is even better with a fresh facelift. Nice to be able to play the PC version with a controller.

Game 66: Gears of War 4 - XB1 - Completed 11/14/16
Casual play through. Got my first rare achievement. I love the sound of it!

Game 67: Inside - XB1 - Completed 11/26/16

Game 68: Gears of War Ultimate Edition - XB1 - Completed 11/27/16
Nothing but love for this game.

Game 69: Halo 5 - XB1 - Completed 11/27/16
As usual, the second playthrough was much better than the original.

Game 70: Uncharted 3 - PS4 - Completed 12/4/16
It's been a while since I played through this. Got to the boat section and stopped earlier in the year. Not a big fan of that section. Still... it's a fun game.

Game 71: Gears of War 2 - XB1 - Completed 12/11/16
I can't quit you!!

Game 72: Grand Theft Auto 5 - XB1 - Completed 12/18/16
What's not to love?

Game 73: Gears of War 3 - XB1 - Completed 12/21/16
A good game for a sick day.

Game 74: Titanfall 2 - XB1 - Completed 12/24/16
Wonderful game. Right there with Dark Souls 3 for my game of the year.

Game 75: The Last of Us - PS4 - Completed 12/24/16
Holy shit I got a trophy! Finally found all the comic books.

Game 76: Halo Reach - XB1 - Completed 12/25/16
It's a shame that we never got another Halo game from Bungie. My big complaint would be the bullet spongey nature of the elites later in the game.
Jul 23, 2013

Game 1: Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 COMPLETED (PS4)

Game 2: Tales from the Borderlands Episode 5 (PS4) COMPLETED

I'll add more to this post later. I just wanted to get the preliminary information up.
Jun 10, 2013
3rd times the charm. Barely made it this year with projects getting in the way.

Currently playing: Dark Cloud 2.

Game 1: Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 (PSV) - 32hours 25min COMPLETED
FUCK THAT LAST BOSS. I'm free from Nep-nep. FREE!

Game 2: The Swindle (PSV) - 16hours 45min COMPLETED
This game is the Dark Souls of stealth games. Fun, worth the time and patience and learning and timing enemy patterns. You all have gotta play this game.

Game 3: Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PSV) - 12hours 36min COMPLETED
Yeah, that extra episode with Moira was disappointing but at least Nat's was fun. Overall, a fun RE game but shit version on the vita. I'd rank this below RE4.

Game 4: HuniePop (PC) - 14hours 36min COMPLETED
Welp, twas a fun game. Surprisingly non-cringey voice acting aside from one character and pretty challenging and fun puzzle game. No story and no ending sucks though.

Game 5: The Fall Episode 1 (PS4) - 4hours 14min COMPLETED
Definitely a short game but the first episode was worth the money and time. The puzzles are pretty straightforward, only having trouble with 3 of the many puzzles. Story was pretty engaging and great and the visuals were ok, nothing to write home about. Even combat was fun once you upgrade the suit and pistol. Cant wait for episode 2.

Game 6: Firewatch(PS4) - 5hours 40min COMPLETED
Story was intriguing but a bit letdown since I expected more after the midway section but overall, a fun little tale between Delilah and Hank. Gameplay wise, its a walking simulator, besides noticing, picking stuff and chatting. Looks like a painting in motion that sadly, I dunno, the colors to me looked oversaturated, if thats a thing.

Game 7: Toren (PS4) - 2hours 34min COMPLETED
This game could definitely have done with a bit more polish but for the most part, it was solid. Frame rate does drop here and there though. Jaggies and low texture around too. It was an interesting puzzler and has amazing visuals and land scapes and a somewhat intriguing story that ends up abit unclear at the end. Its simplistic gameplay walk around and do this and that puzzle, avoid this monsters.

Game 8: Assassin's Creed Chronicles (PSV) - 14hours 25min COMPLETED
A fun lil spin off that is funnily the less janky when it comes to climbing. Stealth elements are great aside from the wonky main character not being seen when literally in sight of a guard. Plus stealth is the best option here seeing as combat is bleh.

Story wise, China>Russia>>>>>>India.

Game 9: Assault Android Cactus (PS4) - 7hours 45min COMPLETED

Game 10: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners (PC) - 22hours 15min COMPLETED
Ace game, smothered with great atmosphere and spooky to the end. Its marred by a rather wonky healing system and not really fun boss battles and very very buggy, alot of crashes playing this game. Besides that, its a really good game. Also Jack Walter's nonchalant reactions are the best!

Recommend to play.

Game 11: Tearaway: Unfolded (PS4) - 10hour 50min COMPLETED
I cried...again. Props Mm, you've done it again and made it work on the ps4. Top notch game.

Game 12: Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 13hour 20min COMPLETED
Fantastic visuals, fun gameplay and solid VA. Story was at most funny but not all that memorable. Sony/Insomniac, make more please.

Game 13: Severed (PS Vita) - 7hours 30min COMPLETED
Another fantastic game by Drinkbox studios. I want a sequel like right now.

Game 14: Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS Vita) - 24hours 30min COMPLETED
Loved my time with this, not as tight or great plot wise but good enough to ride through. VA is solid, puzzles arent too hard and my only complaint is just some story issues.

Game 15: Dark Souls 3 (PS4) - 55hours 34min COMPLETED
Liked it but having played through Demons and Dark Souls, it feels a bit stale now. Its just as good as those game but perhaps after playing Bloodborne last year, it felt a bit sluggish to play through. Also Dancer is a bullshit boss fight. Fucking kidding me with that shit.

Game 16: Zombi (PS4) - 13hours 40min COMPLETED
Man, this game had the potential to be THE zombie game but instead, it ruins it chances with a few design choices like spitter zombies and a horrible inventory system with a weird ammo system to boot too.

It however nails the atmosphere down super well and the combat can be fun at times, if not for the wonky zombie physics plus soundtrack works so well.

If you want a zombie game that tests how'd you actually do in a world of zombies, I suppose Zombi is the game for you.

Game 17: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS Vita) - 53hours 35min COMPLETED
One of my top vita games this year. Go play this, its basically Persona meets Digimon.

Game 18: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (PS Vita) - 22hours 33min COMPLETED
The only good thing here is the combos and combat but everything else is redundant and shite.

Game 19: Hatsune Miku Project Diva X (PS Vita) - 22hours 3min COMPLETED
Its already an improvement over the last one with double slide for those big stars. Modules finally a use beside dressing them up silly and there are now themed songs in 5 sections. Plus all kinds of modes that ramp up the usual difficulties such as wibbly wobbly mode, timing lies mode, etc.

My only complaint is the song list is rather short with 30 songs but the bigger difference from the last one is I like all the songs and there isnt those boring slow ass tempo songs too.

Game 20: Titanfall 2 (PS4) - 6hours 35min COMPLETED
Played on hard, it was short but so so sweet to play through. BT is cool.

Game 21: Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (PS4) - 6hours 25min COMPLETED
Pretty incredible for a game to get me heavily invested in its story where you watch lights act like people. Soundtrack made me teary. Solid walking sim, aside from janky ass performance and slow as molasses walking.

Game 22: Lost Dimension (PS Vita) - 19hours 45min COMPLETED
Eh, its ok. Its a shallower and light version of Valkyria Chronicles with some redundant game ideas ala having not just an MP bar but also a mind bar. The whole traitor mechanic is definitely interesting and initially makes thing tense but it loses its charm once you do find the traitors since they never reveal why other than ' I had to bruv, sorry!'

Game 23: Enemy Front(PC/Steam) - 11hours COMPLETED
Well, this was generic fps and has a disappointingly dull ending. Meh.

Game 24: The Last Guardian (PS4) - 10hours COMPLETED
Well worth the wait, despite at times horrid frame drops ala PS2 days, but overall game, from visual to story to puzzles to Trico itself, fantastic experience. Such a great way to end a trilogy of memorable games.

Game 25: Music Machine(PC/Steam) - 1hours 26min COMPLETED
Gorgeous visual style and a pretty decent story and walking sim. Some slight easy puzzles but mostly the gripping part is the banter between Haley and Quintin. I would love to see more from this developer.

Game 26: J'eanne D' Arc (PSP emu on PS Vita) - 50hours 5min COMPLETED
Yo, Cyclone 2 is so so useful against Gilvaroth, it doesnt seem fair!

This game's story went places, like ridiculous places and killed off a character I started to like. Gameplay is ace SRPG stuff, close to the same satisfying SRPGness that Disgaea has. Missions are great too, each one different with their own set of rules and level designs that work so well. Only complaint is Revovery BS from bosses but thats end game and once you level up, they need that skill.

Game 27: Echo Night (PS1 emu on PS Vita) - 7hours 29min COMPLETED
Definitely a solid first person horror puzzler with a cohesive level design and surprisingly good detailed visuals for a PS1 game. Played best on the emulator since you can assign controls to be a traditional first person sticks.

Game 28: The Perils of Man(PC/Steam) - 6hours 8minCOMPLETED
Visually, it looks similar to the 3D Tales from the Monkey Island games but more stiffer and creepier looking. Its also made creepier thanks to the background music. Puzzles are pretty solvable without a guide, only gripe is that parts of a solution can easily be missed thanks to being part of backgrounds and no hinting of what is interactive, besides moving your mouse around curious parts of the environments.

Story is surprisingly morbid and made me think, partially because of the whole time travel thing. The ending left me slightly dissatisfied but overall, enjoyable.

Definitely play it if you like point and click puzzlers.

Game 29: Watch Dogs 2 (PS4) - 31hours 20min COMPLETED
Damn, this just a blast to play through compared to the first WD. Where as in WD1, you're limited to a few things in the world, in WD2? You can hack mostly everything, people's cars, cranes, climbing machines plus there's the ground and flight drones you can control to scope into areas without being detected. Unfortunately because of these new updates to the series, it becomes way too easy to break the game, probably on purpose give the hacker theme. Story and characters are also pretty great and fun to engage with and are not as cringey as they look to be.

My only gripe was the difficulty and the odd or lazy inclusion of killing. Wish they had added more ways to neutralize enemies down like a rope shooter or knockout bullets

Overall, one of the funnest open world games to play out there. Must play!

Game 29: Unravel (PS4) - 6hours COMPLETED
This was an utterly joy filled game with great puzzle platforming and an endearing character to play as, despite being a silent yarn thing. Also visually, a b-e-a-utiful game with great environments and level designs.

A must play if you want a solid puzzle physics based platformer.

Game 30: Puzzle Agent (PC/Steam) - 3hours COMPLETED
Welp, this started out strong, good setting and vibe, interesting town and premise but by the end, fizzled out and disappointed me. Story ended in cliffhangers that felt unsatisfying to me. Puzzles are at times, either simple and easy or confusing rules and instructions. I usually love a good old puzzle PnC but this one was just a mixed bag.

Game 31: Dropsy (PC/Steam) - 8hours 40min COMPLETED
Welp, you've done it Dropsy, you've made me want more PnC games like this. More please.

Game 32: Furi (PS4) - 8hours 40min COMPLETED
Fucking awesome, this is the only way to sum up Furi. Solid fun boss fights, aside from one or two that involves taking time whittling down the enemy, damn good soundtrack and solid gameplay, both close and far combat.

Must play!

Game 33: Tales from the Borderlands (PS4) - 12hours 30min COMPLETED
Man, this was such a great game, knew when to balance between serious and comedic scenes perfectly and the writing and characters were all so good, loved Gortys. Want more please, Telltale games!

If you liked the 3D Monkey Island series, you might like this.

Game 34: Albino Lullaby Episode 1 (PC/Steam) - 3hours COMPLETED
Fun lil horror game that is loses its scare factor and at points can become an annoying frustration at parts and then tedious at others. Also, the lighting in this game can get weird and a certain checkpoint related to Buck sucks. Keeping an eye out for episode 2.

Game 35: Nekoburo (PSV) - 8hours 45min COMPLETED
I really really REALLY struggled to have fun with this game. Disappointed that it depends so much on luck of the random cat generator.

Game 36: Organ Trail (PSV) - 6hours COMPLETED
Fun lil zombie-ish game. For a game aiming for retro graphics, I actually enjoyed the visuals, plus all zombie media easter eggs were fun to notice.

Game 37: Actual Sunlight (PSV) - 45min COMPLETED
Welp, this was a really depressing and really well written story about sad fat fuck who hates his life. Geez man.

Game 38: The Beginner's Guide (PC/Steam) - 1hour 38min COMPLETED
This...this was interesting. Without spoiling much, story had me hooked. Its walking sim but an interesting one that doesnt overstay its welcome. Might have to look stuff up after playing through.

Game 39: Claire (PC/Steam) - 4hour 47min COMPLETED
Fun lil 2D horror explorer with huge telltales of being inspired by Silent Hill, I;d say this would be a perfect spin off to the series. Exploration works well despite being 2D thankfully to a map you can bring up quickly to orient yourself plus environment design helps to. Compared to Lone Survivor, exploring never felt like a confusing hassle. Worst thing is the enemies are especially bs in terms of hit boxes and AI reaction, they can hit you just as you enter a room. Story is as SH as it gets so take that as you will.

Would recommend, had fun exploring but hated the enemy evading thing.

Game 40: The Deer (PC/Steam) - 20min COMPLETED
Well, this was short. Not sure I could justify even the idea of buying this game.

Game 41: Reveal The Deep (PC/Steam) - 1hour 35min COMPLETED
I regret buying this game. The creepy factor is great but eventually you realize how dull the walking, exploring and puzzle solving is.

Game 42: Superbeat Xonic (PSV) - 18hours 40min COMPLETED
Got it on sale previously and played through this again, songs and gameplay is addicting but again, way too easy compared to the Miku games.

Game 43: Project: Stealth (PSV) - 2hours COMPLETED
Well, you get what you pay for and I paid for a pretty wonky stealth based PS Mobile game(RIP PSM).

Game 44: Playstation Move Fitness (PS3) - 24hours COMPLETED
I'm counting this since I havent touched the thing ever since I was busy few months back. For a workout game, its pretty fun and definitely helped me stay fit for a while when I wasnt busy. The only problem is that PS Move detection can be wonky at times but other than that, if you want a game to help you exercise, this is the one.

Game 45: In the valley (PSV) - 1hour COMPLETED
Like most PS Mobile games, this was wonky but at least it was slightly fun.

Game 46: Musync (PSV) - 8hours COMPLETED
Seems the actual fun and working games seem be music rhythm based. This(similar to DJ Max games) and Cytus Lambda.

Game 47: Stray Cat Crossing (PC/Steam) - 2hours COMPLETED
Lovely looking pxiel graphics and some clever puzzles at the end and others more straightforward to figure out. Story was interesting but a bit confusing by the end.

Game 49: Super Meat Boy (PSV) - 12hours 30min COMPLETED
My thumbs, this game has broken them. These levels and the gameplay, so so good.

Game 50: OUT OF MIND (PSV) - 3hour COMPLETED
For a ps mobile game, this has to be one of the trippier of them. Jumping was slippery but adjusting after, made it slightly bearable. Also some rather odd game design with the enemy and collisions but other than that, not that bad and seeing its a PSM, it could be worse.

Game 51: Behind You (PSV) - 45min COMPLETED
This is one of the best PS Mobile games, its inspiration definitely came from MGS on PS1. Visually it has a nice solid art style. Decent enough stealth gameplay, dig the fps button and extra challenges add a bit more incentive to play this.

Game 52: Kairo (PC/Steam) - 6hours COMPLETED
Solid atmosphere but very weak looking models and flat textures. Puzzles werent too complicated aside from the occasional way too abstract puzzles here and there. Plus gotta hand it to the devs for no instructions popping up on and more so leaning on you to experiment and figure things your way.

I supppse if you love abstract and weird vibed puzzle games, this is onen of the good ones for cheap too.
Nov 11, 2014
1: Donkey Kong Country 2 (01-01) (1 hour 10 minutes)
2: Life is Strange (01-01) (15 hours)
3: Tales From The Borderlands (01-16) (13 hours)
4: Her Story (01-23) (3 hours)
5: Emily is Away (01-30) (52 minutes)

6. Ghost Trick (02-05) (12 hours)
7. Earthbound (02-13) (30 hours)
8. FRAMED (02-23) (2 hours)
9. Day Of Reckoning (02-26) (8 hours)

10. Red Dead Revolver (03-10) (5 hours)
11. Bayonetta 2 (03-20) (8 hours)
12. Donkey Kong Country (03-29) (1 hour 15 minutes)

13. Star Wing (04-06) (45 minutes)
14. Lylat Wars (04-06) (1 hour 5 minutes)
15. Kirby's Dream Land (04-11) (30 minutes)
16. Star Fox Zero (04-24) (10 hours)
17.WarioWare: Touched (04-27) (1 hour 45 minutes)

18. Steins;Gate (05-07) (35 hours)
19. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (05-15) (14 hours)
20. Donkey Kong Land II (05-29) (2 hours)
21. Donkey Kong Country (Gameboy Color) (05-29) (1 hour 55 minutes)
22. Donkey Kong Country 3 (05-30) (1 hour 30 minutes)
23. Cibele (05-31) (1 hour 10 minutes)

24. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (06-10) (2 hours)
25. The Lion King (06-11) (2 hours 30 minutes)
26. Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena (06-12) (2 hours 15 minutes)
27. Gone Home (06-22) (1 hour 10 minutes)
28. Kung Fu Master (Gameboy) (06-22) (20 minutes)
29. Donkey Kong Land 3 (06-23) (1 hour 20 minutes)
30. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (06-26) (25 minutes)

31. South Park: The Stick of Truth (07-21) (10 hours 15 minutes)
32. Zero Time Dilemma (07-25) (22 hours)

33. Moirai (08-01) (15 minutes)
34. Yoshi's Woolly World (08-13) (7 hours)
35. ABZÛ (08-17) (1 hour 10 minutes)
36. Donkey Kong Country (GBA) 08-26) (1 hour 45 minutes)
37. Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA) (08-26) (2 hours)
38. Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA) (08-27) (2 hours)

39. Hotline Miami (09-07) (1 hour 15 minutes)
40. Catherine (09-08) (13 hours 30 minutes)
41. Shovel Knight: Plague Of Shadows(09-15) (4 hours 30 minutes)
42. Heavy Rain 09-19) (7 hours)
43. New Super Mario Bros. U (09-19) (4 hours 30 minutes)
44. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (09-19) (5 hours 15 minutes)
45. DOOM (2016) (09-26) (15 hours 30 minutes)

46. Sunset Overdrive (10-02) (11 hours)
47. Conker’s Bad Fur Day (10-03) (12 hours)
48. Wolfenstein: The New Order (10-08) (16 hours)
49. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (10-16) (13 hours 30 minutes)
50. Halo (10-17) (11 hours)
51. Banjo-Kazooie (10-22) (10 hours)

52. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (11-10) (8 hours 30 minutes)
53. Pokémon Y (11-24) (19 hours)
54. Mirror's Edge Catalyst (11-26) (10 hours)
55. INSIDE (11-30) (4 hours)

56. Gears Of War 4 (12-06) (13 hours 45 minutes)
57. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition (12-21) (13 hours)


Perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane.
Nov 21, 2014
Game 1: The Last of Us: Left Behind (PS4) - 2 hours (completed 1/2)

Game 2: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS4) - 10 or so hours (completed 1/7)

Game 3: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (PS3) - 6 hours (completed 1/12)

Game 4: Silent Hill - Bad Ending (PS1) - 8 hours (completed 1/30)

Game 5: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) - 166 hours(!) (completed 2/9)

Game 6: Crash Bandicoot (PS1) - 11 hours (completed 2/25)

Game 7: Mega Man 1 (NES) - 50 mins (completed 3/2)

Game 8: Mega Man 2 (NES) - 1 hour (completed 3/2)

Game 9: Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS1) - 15 hours (100%) (completed 3/11)

Game 10: Mega Man 3 (NES) - 2 hours (completed 3/13)

Game 11: Mega Man 4 (NES) - 90 minutes (completed 3/14)

Game 12: Mega Man 5 (NES) - 2 hours (completed 3/14)

Game 13: Mega Man 6 (NES) - 2 hours (completed 3/15)

Game 14: Mega Man 7 (SNES) - 3 hours (completed 3/15)

Game 15: Mega Man 8 (PS1) - 3 hours (completed 3/16)

Game 16: Mega Man 9 (Wii) - 85 minutes (completed 3/17)

Game 17: Mega Man 10 (Wii) - 71 minutes (completed 3/18)

Game 18: Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (PS2) - 4.5 hours (completed 4/16)

Game 19: Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War (PS2) - 3 hours (completed 4/20)

Game 20: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PS1) - 10 hours (102% - sue me) (completed 4/29)

Game 21: Sonic Adventure (PS3) - 6 hours (completed 5/3)

Game 22: Persona 3: FES (PS2) - 143 hours (completed 5/17)

Game 23: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) - 18 hours (completed 5/25)

Game 24: Okami HD (PS3) - 68 hours (completed 6/8)

Game 25: Tearaway Unfolded (PS4) - 15 hours (completed 6/11)

Game 26: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4) - 20 hours (completed 6/25)

Game 27: Resident Evil REmake HD (PS4) - 12 hours (completed 7/3)

Game 28: Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS) - 60 hours (completed 7/25)

Game 29: Resident Evil Zero (PS4) - 14 hours (completed 8/1)

Game 30: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) - 15-20 hours (100%) (completed 8/4)

In Progress:
Alien Isolation
Persona 4 Arena
Kingdom Hearts (on hold)
Paper Mario (on hold)
Feb 22, 2012
Claimed. But honestly, I won't hit 52 games. Maybe 32.

Game 1: Rise of the Tomb Raider: January 1. 41 hours, 18 minutes.
Thoughts: A terrific follow up to the 2013 game. Everything is better, and I loved that game. I love the metroidvania aspects of coming back to levels looking for items. The story is interesting and well-acted. The action is satisfying and fun. Great start to 2016!

Game 2: Life is Strange January 1. 15 hours, 26 minutes.
I have binged the shit out of this game the last two days. It's like a great tv season. I just couldn't stop. The first episode set such a great mood with the music and acting. And then it slowly built up and ratcheted the emotions up and up and up until that haunting ending. Magnificent game.

Game 3: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain: January 1. 74 Hours, 40 minutes.
This is the first Metal Gear game I've actually finished since MGS1. Crazy to think about. I got really far into 2 and 4 and need to get back and finish those. Maybe this year, for this list? Anyway, I loved this game and it's possibly my game of the year right now.

Game 4: Yoshi's New Island. January 17. 9 hours, 43 minutes.
I bought this game from a fellow gaffer last year who used their club nintendo reward to buy it. I have heard it's mediocre, which I don't really get. It's a good game. Some day I need to finally finish the snes original, I think that game is a bit over rated and a game like Yoshi's new island feels just as good to me. Most of my gameplay came this month but not quite all of it.

Game 5: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: February 6.
I got sucked into the hype and bought this game at a good price from Amazon. It was ok, but nothing special. I played through it in co-op but can't imagine I'll bother to play it again.

Game 6: Halo 5: Guardians: February 22nd.
Maybe my favorite Halo game so far. It's the breath of fresh air this series so badly needed. New guns, new enemies, much better movement mechanics. As someone who buys these games for the campaigns, this is everything I want in a Halo game.

Game 7: Far Cry 4: March 9th
I loved Far Cry 3, and so I was excited when this came out. This was everything I liked about that game and more. Loved this game.

Game 8: Uncharted 3: March 2nd (out of order but whatever)

Game 9: Brothers: A Tale of two sons
: March 20.
I have of course heard all the praise heaped on this game, and now that I have finally played it, I can see it was all deserved. This game is charming, creative, emotional, powerful, brilliant. This game is exactly why I role my eyes when someone says they don't like indie games.

Game 10: Kirby Triple Deluxe: April 12. 7 hours 23 minutes
It's Kirby, nothing particularly new or different here. More Kirby. the game was fun enough.

Game 11: Gravity Rush Remastered May 1
I played this on the vita and didn't like it that much, mainly due to the controls. When I saw it was only $30 on Amazon I pre ordered it because of how cheap it was and forgot about it. Then it arrived and I decided to give it a shot. Glad I did.mthe dual shock fixed all my problems with the game. This game is amazing. So much fun. It feels like a Nintendo game. I also really dig the soundtrack. Highly recommended!

Game 12: Earthbound May 17. 36.0 hours
While I grew up in the SNES era and loved that system and RPG's, I somehow missed Earthbound. I bought it when it was released on the WiiU last year, but I only made it to Threed before moving on, I needed this on a portable system. In March Nintendo challenged me to put my money where my mouth was and I accepted. Just finished today. I thought the game was terrific, very quirky, very original and unique. But also a little too vague at times. This would be so hard to play with no kind of guide (probably why Nintendo included a partial guide with the original game) Some of the things you have to do are just obtuse. But the rest of the game is charming and wonderful.

Game 13: Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam July 30
Game 14: Super Ghouls n Ghosts July 30
Game 15: Sonic the Hedgehog July 30
Game 16: Inside August 7
Post reserved, let's do this!

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition [XB1]
Peggle 2 [XB1]
Ori & The Blind Forest [XB1]
Dirt Showdown [XB1 BC]
The Walking Dead: Season 2 [PS4]
Call of Duty: Black Ops III [PS4]

Halo: Master Chief Collection [XB1]
Halo 5: Guardians [XB1]
Dead Rising 3 [XB1]
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition [XB1]
Forza Motorsport 5 [XB1]
Titanfall [XB1]
Sacred 3 [XB1 BC]
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising [XB1 BC]
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection [PS4]
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition [PS4]
Minecraft Story Mode [PS4]
Until Dawn [PS4]
May 5, 2007
1. Rez HD (360) - 3 hours [1/1]
For me Rez is one of those comfortable old games that's as engaging as a nostalgia trip as it is own it's own merit - in both respects Rez is a really good time. It plays like Panzer Dragoon, looks like what Hollywood imagined VR would be, and sounds like late nights putting off class work and sleep. I like Rez enough that It didn't feel counter-productive to start the new year by reliving an old one.

2. Knightmare Tower - 3 hours [1/2]
This was a fun surprise - an excellent "beat the average" bonus as part of another purchase, and might end up as the better part of the deal. It's short and addictive, structured like a mobile game without the microtransactions (it started out as a flash game from what I've heard). The endless survival mode unlocked by beating the campaign will probably be something I return to a bunch.
Games completed 54/52
1. Lifeline (iOS) 4 hours
2. AC:Syndicate (PS4) 30 hours
3. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy (VITA)
4. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (22 hours)
5. Persona 4 Golden (65 hours)
6. The Division *to game lvl 30* ( 35 hours)
7. Fallout 4 (45 hours)
8. MGSV (35 hours)
9. The Banner Saga (13 hours)
10. Borderland 2 (25 hours)
11. Tales from the Borderlands Part One (3 hours)
12. Tales from the Borderlands Part Two (3 hours)
13. Tales from the Borderlands Part Three (3 hours)
14. Tales from the Borderlands Part Four (3 hours)
15. Tales from the Borderlands Part Five (3 hours)
16. Uncharted 4 (17 hours)
17. Ultimate Angler (too long)
18. Bastion (9 hours)
19. Broken Age (9 hours)
20. Gone Home (PC)
21. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (PC)
22. Mii's Force (3DS)
23. Danganronpa 2 (VITA)
24. Hector: Episode 3 (PC)
25. Her Story (PC)
26. Rachet and Clank (PS4)
27. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy (PC)
28. Warrior's Way (3DS)
29. DOOM (2016)
30. Witcher 3 (no DLC) 45 hours
31. Pokemon Go (30 hours)
32. Undertale
33. Lost Planet 3
34. Zero Time Dilemma
35. VR Worlds
36. Batman: Arkham VR
37. Battlefield 1
38. The Walking Dead: Michonne Part One
39. The Walking Dead: Michonne Part Two
40. The Walking Dead: Michonne Part Three
41. Rez: HD
42. Tales of Zesteria
43. COD:IW
44. Mafia II
45. Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 1
46. Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 2
47. Minecraft Story Mode: Eoisode 3
48. Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 4
49. Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 5
50. Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 6
51. Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 7
52. Mii Quest
53. Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void
54. Market Crashers
Oct 19, 2011
Aw yeah, ready for another year, hoping to make it 3 in a row completing this challenge. Should be finishing Xenoblade up in a few days so that will be great timing.

Game 1: Xenoblade Chronicles X - 300 hours - JAN 4
Whew, finally finished this beast of a game. I thought for sure I would 100% it but at around 90% I started feeling burnt out from the grind so decided it was better to quit with good memories instead of doing a grind I end up hating. Overall this was a great game that I really enjoyed despite it being markedly different from the first Xenoblade.

Game 2: Sunset Overdrive - 15 hours - JAN 7
I absolutely loved this game. I had heard all the hype and it managed to live up to, especially once all the traversal abilities unlocked. I previously had Saints Row IV as my benchmark for moving around an open world but Sunset is on a whole different level. The female voice actress for was also phenomenal and sold the role perfectly. I got the game on sale so I picked up the Season Pass to support the game and will be hoping into the DLC episodes now.

Game 3: Sunset Overdrive and the Mystery of the Mooil Rig! - 3 hours - JAN 8
More of the same but I mean that in a good way. The DLC was a little shorter than I would have liked for the price but it was still great fun.

Game 4: Sunset Overdrive: Dawn Of The Rise Of The Fallen Machines - 3 hours - JAN 9
Same thoughts as the previous DLC episode.

Game 5: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 - 2.5 hours - JAN 10
I enjoyed this episode more than the first, the series seems to be picking up but I think I will stick with playing an episode every couple of weeks since this isn't a genre I really dig into.

Game 6: Grow Home - 5 hours - JAN 11
After seeing this appear on so many game of the year lists I figured I had to give it a try. I enjoyed the feeling of hanging on for dear life and feeling like you were actually climbing but by the end it felt a bit tedious so I didn't bother getting the post-ending star seeds. All in all not my type of game but I can see why other people would be really into it.

Game 7: Infamous Second Son - 14 hours - JAN 15
A solid open world title that was worth the time investment. After finishing it I do feel First Light was a better overall experience as it was more focused but Second Son was a fun time none the less.

Game 8: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - 104 hours - FEB 2
Finally got around to playing this game now that it is on PC. While it certainly showed its age, I had a great time with all 104 hours I played. Hopefully Capcom ends up taking another crack at it and make something really special.

Game 9: XCOM 2 - 32 hours - FEB 14
XCOM 2 was much harder for me than Enemy Unknown/Within and I really struggled with this at the end. It was a solid game overall but my ineptitude (even just on Veteran difficulty) made it feel like a chore for me to wrap up. I plan on revisiting it later in the year after some of the technical bugs are ironed out and more mods are available to tweak the experience.

Game 10: Rise of the Tomb Raider - 20 hours - FEB 21
Thoroughly enjoyed this game and felt it was a good upgrade over 2013. I hope they make another sequel, I think they are close to having something really special.

Game 11: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3 - 2.5 hours - FEB 21
This episode really picked up for me compared to the other ones, I might actually get to the next episode before another month goes by now.

Game 12: Grim Dawn - 39 hours - MAR 3
An enjoyable ARPG, certainly better than the other non-Diablo III ones I have played lately. It didn't interest me quite enough to grind to max level and gear up but it was still fun for a playthrough and a half.

Game 13: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 - 2.5 hours - MAR 5
This was an awesome episode, jumping into the last one soon to see how everything wraps up.

Game 14: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5 - 3 hours - MAR 6
Man, what an awesome final episode. This is not my type of game at all but they really pulled me in the last half of the season. If they make a Season 2 I think I will be buying it right away rather than waiting now.

Game 15: Moon Hunters - 6 hours - MAR 13
Been enjoying this roguelite game that has a unique setting. I finished the game with all of the charcters so I am mainly just playing it off and on now when I get the itch. I hope they add some more content later as it has a ton of potential.

Game 16: Salt and Sanctuary - 20 hours - MAR 19
A great game that I have been looking forward to for a long time. It met me expectations for the most part but some of the blind platforming near the end was pretty shitty and I felt it was too easy. I will probably pick up the Steam version this summer and give it another go then.

Game 17: The Enchanted Cave 2 - 12 hours - MAR 19
Picked this up on a whim the other day during a sale. It is a fun little roguelite dungeon crawler than is a great game to play while listening to podcasts. If it wasn't for Salt and Sanctuary coming out I probably would have finished it in 2 days straight.

Game 18: Iron Fisticle - 4 hours - MAR 20
A rather boring arena shooter, was good for a couple hours but got really old. Luckily I made it to the last boss pretty quick and swapped it up.

Game 19: Dragon Quest Heroes - 28 hours - MAR 27
I picked this up hoping they might consider PC for future DQ mainline games. I thought it was ok but I am not sure the Warriors formula is for me. I got pretty burnt out at the end and called it quest after finishing the game rather than doing any post-game stuff like I normally would.

Game 20: Bravely Second: The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers - 17 hours - MAR 29
While this is technically a "demo", I am listing it here because like the first Bravely demo these are pretty much games unto themselves. I really enjoyed the demo and am looking forward to the full release at the end of April. I know it isn't realistic but I would love if more RPGs would do long demos like this that are not part of the main game.

Game 21: Xeodrifter - 3 hours - APR 9
I originally tried to play this on PC and holy shit was it an awful version of the game. The speed of the game was tied to the framerate and it ran like shit so it was constantly bouncing between super slow-mo and light speed. I realized I had it from PS+ as well so I gave it another shot. The game was an ok Metroid-lite but I was rather disappointed with the bosses literally being the exact same except inheriting the attack of the last boss you killed. It was a fun little diversion that could have really been great with a little more effort.

Game 22: Dark Souls 3 - 32 hours - APR 17
Finished this up last night and I think it was the most disappointing Souls/Borne game to me. Too many gimmicky boss fights with dudes flying around the arena in a blink of an eye. A few of the bosses felt like playing Bloodborne but worse because you don't have the Bloodborne tools to deal with them. I killed all the bosses except 3 in 1-3 tries but the big difference is a lot of them just weren't fun. I am going to work through NG+ and see if I feel any different after some more time but I doubt my opinion changes all that much.

Game 23: Dark Souls 3 NG+ and NG++ - 55 hours - APR 27
Played through this a couple more times with a friend to finish all the achievements. Still feel like this is the weakest Souls game to me but we shall see what the DLC brings.

Game 24: Diablo 3 Season 6 - 50 hours - May 11
Another season in the books. I will still play casually with a friend but I completed all the season objectives I wanted to.

Game 25: Uncharted 4 - 15 hours - May 15
Overall I enjoyed this game but I actually wish there was less combat. I found most of the combat to be a chore and enjoyed the exploring and story stuff quite a bit more.

Game 26: Sproggiwood - 11 hours - May 30
I enjoyed this charming roguelite and it was great filler for when I didn't feel like playing much else. I think if it had more of a focus on the PC version it could have really been something interesting.

Game 27: Ratchet and Clank - 12 hours - JUN 5
This was my first Ratchet and Clank game and I really enjoyed it. I hope more make it to the PS4 at some point because this was just an extremely fun game.

Game 28: Steamworld Heist - 14 hours - JUN 19
An enjoyable 2d turn based strategy that I will probably revisit in multiple playthroughs. Despite a few annoying enemy tactics I found this to be an excellent game with the manual aiming really adding to the skill level of it.

Game 29: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - 38 hours - JUL 4
This wasn't one of my favorite Zelda games (probably not even top 5) but it was still enjoyable and a nice appetizer while waiting for Breath of the Wild.

Game 30: Ghost 1.0 - 15 hours - JUL 16
A really fun game from the dev of Unepic which it was a big improvement from. The game had a few annoying moments but overall it was a fine 2d action platformer. I am really looking forward to their next game if it takes a similar leap forward.

Game 31: Victor Vran - 11 hours - JUL 17
An interesting take on the ARPG loot game. I had a good time playing this one with friends but the map challenges became more gimmicky instead of fun which was a bit of a bummer.

Game 32: Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition - 9 hours - JUL 17
What a fantastic game. I loved this game so much that I finished it the same day I started. I had seen a lot of complaints about difficulty previously so I was a bit worried but I thought it was tuned great. I wasn't a huge fan of the escape sequences but overall the game just felt right.

Game 33: Shantae: Risky's Revenge - 5 hours - JUL 20
I kickstarted the new Shantae game which is coming out in September so I figured I should finally catch up on these games. I enjoyed this game despite it being a bit clunky due to its age. I am lookng forward to the next game since it is supposedly a lot more modern.

Game 34: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - 7 hours - JUL 25
A great upgrade over Risky's Revenge although I did miss the transformations. Really looking forward to Half-Genie Hero in a couple months now.

Game 35: Starbound - 35 hours - JUL 29
Meh. After all these years of waiting this game was simply ok. Maybe a couple years of updates will make it closer to Terraria levels of fun but I won't hold my breath.

Game 36: Mad Max - 30 hours - AUG 10
A fun, but formulaic, open world game. I can see how this would get repetitive to a lot of people but I stuck it out until around 80% completion before I got bored. The story was crap but the gameplay (especially the car stuff) was fun enough that I didn't care much.

Game 37: Axiom Verge - 15 hours - AUG 15
Another fun metroidvania style game. I thought the upgrades and traversal mechanisms were interesting but the I never found a gun that really stood out to me. The last area was a real slog too but overall a solid game.

Game 38: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 30 hours - AUG 30
Had a great time with this one even though the obvious sequel bait ending soured me on it a little. It was basically an improved version of Human Revolution which I was totally fine with playing.

Game 39: Bravely Second - 50 hours - SEP 15
Got a bit bored at the end but still an enjoyable RPG experience. I am not sure if I hated or loved the ending so I think that means it is closer to the latter.

Game 40: Strider - 5 hours - SEP 16
What a slog this game was. I kept waiting for it to get better and it never really did. Mercifully, it is now over.

Game 41: God Eater Resurrection - 35 hours - SEP 26
I have learned these hunting games are not really for me. Probably wouldn't have made it as far as I did if I didn't have a friend that wanted to co-op.

Game 42: God Eater Rage Burst 2 - 35 hours - OCT 6
See above.

Game 43: Shadow Warrior 2 - 14 hours - OCT 15
Really fun loot shooter hampered by some questionable UI choices and bad co-op bugs. Overall, a fun game with amazing combat that I will definitely revisit in a few months after patches add some more QoL and bug fixes.

Game 44: Gone Home - 2 hours - OCT 22
My friends convinced me this wasn't another walking simulator, but of course it was. Luckily, I found the story interesting enough to not be as bothered by the genre as usual.

Game 45: DOOM - 12 hours - OCT 28
Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Game 46: Dragon Quest VII - 68 hours - NOV 12
Whew, that took awhile but I managed to finish this one. Some of the padding kind of sucked but overall a really enjoyable clasic jrpg experience.

Game 47: Pink Hour - 1 hour - NOV 17
A neat prelude to Kero blaster which I am now looking forward to picking up in the winter sale.

Game 48: Super Win the Game - 4 hours - NOV 18
A really interesting adventure-platformer (not sure what else to call it) with a splash of traversal upgrades to make exploring interesting. I didn't see much point to the collectibles after I gathered about half of them but overall this was a neat game that was worth the time.

Game 49: Outland - 6.5 hours - NOV 25
Played through this co-op with a friend and it was awesome. Unique mechanics paired with co-op that could both hurt and help you made for some really cool moments.

Game 50: INSIDE - 4 hours - NOV 26
Boy, that got weird.

Game 51: Journey - 2 hours - NOV 26
Beautiful game. The companion system was a neat idea too, especially seeing all the crazy PSN names at the end.

Game 52: Dragon Quest Builders - 30 hours - DEC 5
An ok building game that I probably wouldn't have played as much without the Dragon Quest nostalgia and trappings. Much like Dragon Quest Heroes, I would like to see a second attempt that is more fleshed out and less repetitive.

Game 53: Final Fantasy XV - 50 hours - DEC 12
Not as bad as I feared and not as good as I hoped. I lost steam at the end of the game and will do a 100% playthrough on the inevitable PC release if they make some improvements.

Game 54: Shantae: Half-Genie hero - 8 hours - DEC 18
Really glad to have backed this one on Kickstarter. It was a great new Shantae game. I do wish it had more of an open world like the others but the fast travel and location select worked alright.

Game 55: Momodora III - 1.5 hours - DEC 24
Really fun action platformer. It was short but convinced me to get the next game on the Steam sale to see an updated take on the formula.

Game 56: Dishonored 2 - 20 hours - DEC 28
Such a shame that the technical issues made it so I couldn't place this until now. The excellent level design really made the game stand out in spite of the weak combat and sometimes lackluster powers. Let's hope that any future sequels or spinoffs don't suffer from more technical issues right out of the gate.
May 20, 2014
I do want to play more games in 2016. Spend less time mindlessly browsing the 'net and do other things. I guess this is my claimed post.

1. Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) - 28 hours IN PROGRESS
It's a massive game, but I'm liking it so far. Soundtrack is a mixed bag, so I admittedly have been catching up on podcasts while playing.

2. Pokémon Trading Card Game (GBC) - 10 hours BEATEN
The reliance on luck really started to grate on me as the game went on. A good enough time but I doubt I'll go back to it.

3. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (SNES) - 5 hours BEATEN
Level design got really annoying near the end. The weakest of the SNES trilogy but still a solid game.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (3DS) - 13 hours BEATEN
Did a five-cycle 100% run. Still one of my favorite Zeldas.

5. Professor Layton and the Last Specter (DS) - 13 hours BEATEN
I skipped this one originally because of lack of time/money. Nice to return to this series after a break.

6. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS) - 20 hours BEATEN
Played to the end of the main story. It was a familiar tale, but it was refreshing to come back to this series.

7. Ultimate NES Remix (3DS) - 7 hours BEATEN
Haven't played either game since clearing them on the Wii U a while back. It was fun, but there's no reason to play this if you have both Wii U games.

8. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) - 12 hours BEATEN
Decided to replay on a whim. 100% run, which I really enjoyed doing.


Jul 18, 2013
1. The Walking Dead: Season 1 - 14.5 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Thought I'd finally play this game after all the praise I heard about it, I enjoyed the first two episodes and then it just turned into a drag.

2. A Story About My Uncle - 4.5 hrs (PC)&#12288;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# A really fun, short platformer, ruined by my mouse double clicking the whole time making the game 10x more difficult.

3. Shovel Knight - 7.5 hrs (PC)&#12288;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# That ending was pretty cute. Overall a great game I enjoyed a lot, despite the difficulty spikes.

4. Higurashi When They Cry - Ch.1 Onikakushi - 7.3 hrs (PC)&#12288;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Thought I'd just spend one hour on this when I started it up, ended up finishing it in the same day. Made me feel a lot of things.

5. Evoland - 2.9 hrs (PC)&#12288;&#9733;&#9734;
# The combat system in this is basically kusoge. Only interesting thing was the evolving game gimmick, and that didn't last very long. Definitely will NEVER replay this.

6. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair - 29 hrs 15 mins (PS Vita)&#12288;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Honestly, the middle of the game was somewhat boring, but damn, that ending made up for everything... it's better than Danganronpa 1 just because of the ending.

7. Half-Life 2 Episode Two - 4.7 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# Played the first chapter a few months ago and finally got in the mood to finish the game, have to say it's a nice game but the strider level annoyed me just like HL2's did, guess I can now wait for HL3 like everybody else.
JAN 31

8. Dyscourse - 1.5 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9734;
# I liked the idea, but the game just isn't that fun. Would go for more playthroughs if the beginning wasn't so slow (due to mostly being the same every time, game only gets somewhat interesting at the end).

9. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters - 5 hrs 41 mins (PS Vita/PSP) &#9733;&#9733;
# It's portable R&C. Game was meh overall.

10. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger - 4.2 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# Fun game and nice storytelling. Got it for 1$ and was very much worth the price. Definitely giving this game a replay sometime in the future.

11. Plug & Play - 0.2 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# I think it's about sex.

12. Bastion - 4.6 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# I loved the art style paired with the narration and soundtrack, but the gameplay was just a big 'meh' for me.
FEB 25

13. Frog Factions - ~1 hr(?) (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# After reading it so much but not having any idea why the game is so popular, I decided to play it. It was pretty fun. The text adventure sucked, though. And the diving level did too.
MAR 22

14. Amnesia: Memories - 5.4 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Okay-ish visual novel. Did two playthroughs, not really interested in doing any more.
MAR 29

15. South Park: The Stick of Truth - 11.6 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# This game is amazing, I've never been interested in South Park before but this game had me interested and entertained about 95% of the time, all the quests and dialogue was very well done, and everything felt like it just belonged.

16. The Last of Us Remastered - 15 hr 38 min (PS4) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# Started this... probably half a year ago. Game looks nice and all but the gameplay wasn't that fun to me.

17. Sonic Generations - 5.0 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;
# I've always wanted to get into a Sonic game but never could since I never found them fun, and that didn't change here. The dialogue in this game was super dumb and annoyed me, the gameplay wasn't fun at all. It felt very janky. The only moments were I was actually having fun was in the modern Sonic stages where the game was, well, playing itself. It also has one of the worst last bosses I might've encountered in a game.
APR 11

18. Momodora III - 1.3 hrs (PC)&#12288;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# This game probably has the cutest character designs I've ever seen. The gameplay is alright.
APR 30

19. Love at First Sight - 2.3 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Quite disappointed by the length of the game, expected it to be double of what it was. Outside of a few notable scenes, the game wasn't interesting.

20. Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight - 4.5 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# This game is absolutely stunning, and a huge improvement over Momodora III, not much to say about this one except that I'll be returning to beat it on the next difficulty.

21. Adventure of Pip - 7.7 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9734;
# This game is just... bad. It had some clever platforming sections here and there but the repetitive backgrounds just made me hate the game. It feels like all of the budget went into designing the bosses. The boss fights themselves were terrible too.
MAY 13

22. Way of the Samurai 4 - 9.5 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# At first the combat in this game really put me off, but the more I played it, the more I started liking it. I'll get a few more endings on this game throughout the year, it's pretty fun.
MAY 18

23. Shan Gui - 0.6 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;
# WAY shorter than I expected it to be, the soundtrack was decent, the art (besides the characters) were really nicely drawn. The voice acting for He Jia sounded weird.
MAY 20

24. Higurashi When They Cry - Ch.2 Watanagashi - 10.8 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# Alright... Chapter 2. This one was way weirder than the previous one, supposedly there're a dozen chapters but it felt like they solved all the mysteries in this chapter... but then... nothing was solved. There were some moments that were extremely unnerving, to the point where I could feel my eyes water. I also felt like it took a lot longer for it to get exciting than the previous chapter, honestly have no idea where this VN is headed to, especially since there's so many chapters remaining.
MAY 30

25. Cibele - 1.2 hrs (PC) &#9734;
# Kusoge Of The Year 2015
MAY 31

26. Monument Valley - ?? hrs (Mobile) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# I didn't really enjoy this for whatever reason, the puzzles were clever but the optical illusions made my head ache. The artstyle was super nice though.
JUN 14

27. Shogo: Mobile Arms Division - 4hrs 41 mins (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# A mecha anime FPS, I've truly never played anything like this. Felt very unique. The bad English VA even reminded me of anime. It felt very cool as you walk through cities shooting other mechas (and miniscule humans and tanks) with the weapons the game offers. Though I felt like non-mecha sections were more prevalent, the gunplay in those was nice but... mobs literally shoot you right as you appear out of a corner, often one-shotting you, causing somewhat of an unfair difficulty, but I was never stuck on a level for too long. Also the story is pretty crap.
JUN 14

28. Bulb Boy - 2.2 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Bought this on Humble Bundle thinking it was a full fledged PnC adventure, but the game was only 2 hours long even though I was stuck for quite a while. The artstyle on this game is really nice, but I felt like I encountered a bug every level, which is a first for a PnC game for me.
JUN 15

29. HunieCam Studio - 5.8 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;
# Uh. Well. It's pretty much a clicker game, and not really a good one. I think they could've made a better and more profitable game had they gone the f2p with microtransactions and long term support route. I guess you could see this game as something to do while listening to music or a podcast, other than that it doesn't have much going for it.

30. VA-11 Hall-A - 8.4 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# While the music is superb, I really wish the devs had planned soundtracks to play during the story instead of you randomly choosing which songs to play during the day. I feel like I haven't listened to every track there is. There's not a lot of story going on, except for the little stories your bartenders tell you, until somewhat later in the game, where you learn more about the character you're playing. The story isn't grand or mysterious, it's just a normal girl going through her life. I liked the little news articles and the board posts you read while in Jill's room, and the little conversation she has with Fore, her cat. You also have to pay rent, but it doesn't really do anything... except for, when you're serving someone, Jill doesn't repeat the drink so you know what to make, but I hardly found this to be an issue. Some of the requests customers make are really cryptic and far-fetched. The visuals are very nice, i liked the color scheme, and the character designs that went along really well with the soundtrack. All in all the game has a very nice atmosphere and very endearing characters.

31. The Stanley Parable - 2.1 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# This narration in this game is ace, the narrator's voice is so satisfying to listen to, really good writing too. Really enjoyed my time with this game, did all the endings I could find without a guide, sort of satisfied with how much I've played of it.
JUL 26

32. Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition - 30 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Probably the best visual novel I've ever played, I don't think any story has ever grasped me like this one has, the first route is far better than the rest, but, where this game really shines is how everything just connects the longer you play it. It's so satisfying to play through the game and unravel the mysteries one by one. My only gripe is the weird decision system. I wish I'd followed a guide from the start since it's just a mess to finish up the remaining endings. I will be doing another playthrough of this one where I'll be following a guide, so I can do a 100% run.
JUL 27

33. Moirai - 0.5 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;
# Uh. It's okay, replayed to try and get other endings... but there aren't any other endings.
JUL 30

34. The Beginner's Guide - 1.5 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# It's weird, constantly I had the thought of this not being a game he actually made. He just stitched together little games a friend of his made which is plagiarism. I also felt like a third wheel.
AUG 18

35. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 69 hrs 24 mins (PS4) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Finally. This game is amazing in some areas, and it's outright bad in others. Whenever I was picking up loot off of the ground, it felt like Geralt was working against me. The horse was so annoying, running into trees, glitching out, whistling but the horse would appear so far from you, GLITCHING OUT. The horse did this weird thing where it would go vertical so often. The world was nice, I liked the effects with the sunset and whatnot but it felt same-y outside of cities and non-major quest locations. Quests were amazing, so many sidequests and they were all original. The soundtrack was probably the best thing about this game, it's really nice. The combat though. Ugh. The first 20 hours I could bare with it, I even thought I began to like it at some point but there is no variation to the combat system in the 69.5 hours I played. Except for whirlwind which is not enough to change it up. I was doing the exact combat I did in the first hour of the game as I did in the last hour of the game. The combat system really didn't warrant this long of a game, honestly. They should've put more effort into this. But overall it's a good game, I liked it.
SEP 11

36. Journey - ~1.5 hrs (PS4) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# I'm glad I played this for free since you get free 2 day trials for PS+ everytime you start up a multiplayer game without having PS+, that's the only way this is worth it. It's very pretty, for sure. Well the first area of the game isn't very pretty, but later on, it sure gets very artsy and pretty. Took lots of screenshots. Sliding was very fun. But most of the game consists of slowly walking up snowy mountains. Very slowly. Flying and sliding is fun, yet most of the game is just slowly walking, meh. Wouldn't recommend this for 15 bucks at all. It's a very boring experience with some fun moments here and there.
SEP 13

37. Half-Life - 10.6 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# This was really awesome. A way better experience than Half-Life 2. It had more variety in its guns, more variety in enemies, locations, than Half-Life 2 or its episodes did. The controls can definitely be a bit finnicky, you move way too fast, and enemies are strategically laid out to be the biggest pain in the butt possible. The only things I actually hated were technical issues like a too small crosshair making it super difficult to see where you're aiming, no subtitles, otherwise I'd totally give it 4 stars. Totally playable in 2016 and waaaaaaay better than HL2.
SEP 17

38. Metrico + - 3.3 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# This game was probably, the most mediocre game I've played this year. It's not bad. But it's not good either. From the videos, it looks like it should be fairly fun, and when you do the couple first puzzles, it is fun, but it gets really stale. The more complex the puzzles started getting, the more I started growing bored. I'm not sure if this was because I'm not smart enough or something but it was a chore to play, especially as they introduced more and more mechanics. The last few puzzles were fun. But between the first world and the last half of the last world, I did not enjoy it very much. The story(?) is also pretty weird and I feel like it detracts from the experience. It doesn't even say anything, or have any narration, it's just weird shit happening, and you figuring out which button to press since it doesn't tell you that. And it's completely random each world. People would play this for the puzzles, not the slow door-opening with yourself rising in the mirror or whatever the hell was going on.
SEP 26

39. Torchlight 2 - 22 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Not much to complain about on this game, and nothing to really rave about either. It's a fun Action RPG, though I wish the game had a complete respec feature but that's easily fixed by downloading a mod on the workshop.
SEP 28

40. Transformers: Devastation - 4 hrs (PS4) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# The combat system flows really well and everything is very response and feels good to play, the textures on the characters are very low quality. Will return for atleast one more playthrough.
OCT 10

41. Rocket League - 12.5 hrs+ (PS4) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Only multiplayer game I really ever play. Got the platinum.
OCT 10

42. The Last of Us: Left Behind - 2 hrs 6 mins (PS4) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# It was very short, so it didn't really have enough time for me to find something bad about it. The story was nice.
OCT 11

43. Assault Android Cactus - 3.4 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# It was fun, but I really don't like how all these games with bullet hell elements don't carry over the core hitbox thing too, I don't like maneuvring bullet patterns because of the huge hitbox, Enter The Gungeon has this too for example. Will play again now and then.
OCT 27

44. Undertale - 6.6 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# It was okay. The battle system became a chore quite fast. Nice and unique writing though. Last boss battle was some way too confusing shit but cool nonetheless.

45. Ratchet & Clank - ?? (PS4) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# So this game looks absolutely gorgeous. Even more so with the recent update that introduced anti-aliasing, the controls are super tight for a 30fps game, and I never really felt that it was 30fps. They left out a lot of planets I wanted to see return, and you only have 1 spaceship throughout the game, which is a bummer to me. I wish they'd implemented more ship customisation and re-use the ACiT flying to planets mechanic. You can't even go back to the helipack after you obtain the thrusters which is really dumb. Out of all the R&C games I've played, this is the only one which doesn't allow that. I also wish they'd have brought back more weapons from the original game, but it did have some new ones the original didn't have that I liked so it evens out. Sort of. The ending was crap though. The boss was way too easy. And not going to the planet Drek made just feels WRONG. But it's still very enjoyable. Going to replay this several times like I do with all (console) R&C games. Also Insomniac pls don't stop making R&C games.
NOV 17

46. Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.3 Tatarigoroshi - 11.5 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Wow, this chapter really blew my expectations, and they were already quite high. It was so unexpected since I was sure Satoko would start killing you. This one is my favourite one so far. Really slow beginning as usual, but who cares when the last half is so good.
NOV 26

47. Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.4 Himatsubushi - 4.7 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# Another episode that wasn't anything like the previous ones. Most surprisingly, this episode had some nice pacing, but overall it didn't make me feel as terrified as the other episodes did.
NOV 27

48. Plantera - 1.1 hrs (PC) &#9733;
# This is the least engaging game I've played this whole year. I've had my fill, I will never be returning to this for sure.
NOV 27

49. Tick Tock Isle - 1.6 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# It had some charm I guess... I felt bored most of the game.
NOV 27

50. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - 48 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# It took more than a year, but I finished it! Pretty cool game, though I wish the combat system didn't feel so... uh... old? clunky? not sure what I'd call it. I would've loved it way more if it had a skip animations option... or a fast forward option. Story and music were great though.
NOV 28

51. Her Story - 3.1 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# All the awards and praise surrounding this game made me think it'd be better than it was, it was a confusing game, can't say I didn't enjoy it but I would just call it an okay game at best.
NOV 30

52. Stardew Valley - 67 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# I did not think I'd spend this long on the game when I bought it. How fun the game is depends entirely on whether you're willing to do new things and explore, even 67 hours later I can find totally new things. It's a nice game, would've given it 4.5 stars if not for winter. I dislike that season in this game very much. It's so boring.
NOV 30

53. 80 Days - 4.1 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;
# I really wanted to like it, but it's just so boring.

54. fault - milestone one - 3.4 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# I'm kind of iffy on the lore. On one hand, I like it, on the other it is kind of cringy. And good golly so much exposition, I nearly fell asleep. The game was okay though, I liked it.

55. Toybox Turbos - 3.3 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Been playing this on and off for the past few days and it's quite fun. There's not a lot to the game, there's some singleplayer challenges but only about 3 hours worth of them. The artstyle is really cute. I like it a lot. Multiplayer is dead so I won't return to this much.

56. Axiom Verge - 12hrs 31 mins (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# This game was pretty awesome. Really liked my time with it. All of the animated stuff in the levels, the backgrounds, the colors, the music were all really good and worked very well together. Though I didn't like the amount of guns of which I could never figure out what worked on what. The hacking thing was pretty cool tho. Sometimes I felt clumsy with all of the platforming once you get further into the game. But still, a really cool game.

57. Ys Origin - 11.5 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# Wow, so awesome. Gameplay is fun and the music is really good. I think this is one of my favourite Ys games next to Oath.
DEC 12

58. Limbo - 2.7 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;
# The artstyle in this game is really good, and the sounds are nice but the gameplay feels really dated(?), I don't think the massive trial & error works today anymore, it's so annoying. I've played this more than halfway through on the PS4 a year ago, but quit due to how annoyingly trial & error it is.
DEC 16

59. Half-Life: Opposing Force - 5.2 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# Wow this was actually really fun. The game holds up very well aside from some issues with modern resolutions, which make the crosshair unplayably small. A way better game than HL2 and its episodes imo.
DEC 19

60. Half-Life: Blue Shift - 3.1 hrs (PC)&#12288;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# And with this one finished, I've beaten all the H-L games on Steam. It was a fun game, but the ending didn't really satisfy me much. There wasn't even a boss battle to speak of.
DEC 19

61. Day of the Tentacle Remastered - 5.2 hrs (PC) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9734;
# I really like this game's silliness, artstyle (I played with the remastered artstyle), and dialogue. It's really cool how you can just change from the classic to the remastered on the fly but... jesus, those puzzles are obtuse as hell. I really wanted to play it without using a walkthrough and I did... for 2 hours, at which point I just got stuck so I had to use a walkthrough now and then to progress. Might have given it half a star more if the puzzles weren't so farfetched. Will probably give this a replay in the future to replay it on the original artstyle, and probably to give Maniac Mansion a try. Paid about &#8364;2 for this and it was way more than worth it. Also has controller support which is really nice and unexpected.
DEC 22
Jul 9, 2014
I probably won't be get to 52, but I'll give it a shot!

Currently playing: Lost Dimension, Lifeline: Silent Night, Hitman Go, and Downwell.

Game 1. Please, Don&#8217;t Touch Anything (iOS); Playtime: ~3.5 hours; All Endings Achieved; completed on 1/1/2016
I started this at the end of last year, but I finished it out this year. I really liked the music and approach to the overall game. It was fun, and a lot of the puzzles were pretty tricky. Although, some puzzles were pretty tricky, I needed help figuring out a few. Despite that, the puzzles were fun to figure out. I bought this on iOS before I realized it was actually a PC game that was on sale for dirt cheap in the steam sale. I&#8217;d say it was worth $5, but I would probably recommend others play this on PC. One of the endings involves a mini-game that was a bit trickier with touch than it probably was with a mouse on PC. Still, I had fun with the game and I would say it&#8217;s definitely worth a try.

Game 2. Into the Dim (iOS); Playtime: ~3.5 hours; cleared the game; completed on 1/2/2016
This really wasn&#8217;t a fun game for me. It started out ok, the gameplay was basic but fun at first and combined with it being free meant that I was a little forgiving towards it. After a while things just got too frustrating. If you die (and you will die many times) you only respawn with one health, and the enemies have a very easy time finding you and wiping you out. Ads are present and help you either get a second life in the dungeon or help you get coins for upgrades. Ultimately they feel intrusive and take away from the experience because they&#8217;re mostly necessary to get through some levels and you absolutely need the upgrades. It feels like the game pushes the IAPs for coins to heal you, buy upgrades and speed up said upgrades too much. By the end of my time with the game I mostly disliked it and was ready to get it over with. I wouldn&#8217;t recommend it. There are plenty of other free games that are far more worth playing than this one.

Game 3. Until Dawn (PS4); Playtime: ~10.5 hours; Platinum Achieved; completed on 1/7/2016
Until Dawn is a fantastic game. They totally nailed the atmosphere; I was on the edge of my seat throughout most of the mid to late game. I feel like they got the characters down well, particularly because they provided a mix of characters you hated and liked. It was fun seeing everything unfold, and I was always excited to dive back in and uncover more clues and progress through the story. The totems were also a fun idea that helped give an interesting twist to the gameplay and decision-making. I would love to see an Until Dawn 2, hopefully the game sold well enough to justify it. I would definitely recommend this game to PS4 owners (only if you either don&#8217;t mind or like horror, obviously).

Game 4. Emily is Away (PC); Playtime: 47 mins; unlocked all achievements; completed on 1/7/2016
Going in I thought I would enjoy this game, but I came out feeling like it was just an ok experience. Not bad, not great. Getting the achievements was actually pretty fun. The AIM interface and the sound effects were nostalgic too. Perhaps my own expectations shot me in the foot here, but I didn&#8217;t feel that strongly about this game one way or another. Then again, I guess that sort of fits what the dev. might have been going for. Either way, it&#8217;s free, so I&#8217;d say it&#8217;s at least worth a try.

Game 5. A Dark Room (iOS); Playtime: 7.5 hours; both endings; completed on 1/11/2016
I could say some things, but this is one of those games where it&#8217;s better if people experience it for themselves as opposed to reading too much about it. The game does start off very slowly, but if you hang in there, it gets really good. I probably could have beaten this faster on both runs, but I wanted to fully explore it both times. If you&#8217;re diligent, you can probably manage 2-3 hours per run. I would recommend this game.

Game 6. Lifeline&#8230; (iOS); Playtime: 2.5-4 hours over 3 days; got the true ending; completed on 1/15/2016
Lifeline is a real-time interactive fiction game where an astronaut named Taylor reaches out to you after his ship crashes onto an alien moon. He can&#8217;t find his crew, and you&#8217;re the only person he can reach through his communication device. Throughout the game you&#8217;re supposed to help Taylor decide how to proceed and react to the things that happen to him while he&#8217;s stranded, and your decisions have real consequences on how the story unfolds.

I wasn&#8217;t totally into this game at first, as I somewhat preferred the idea of just sitting down and playing the whole thing as opposed to waiting real time for updates from the game&#8217;s story. This actually does play out fairly well though, as you begin to really look forward to the next updates in the story, particularly near the ending. I thought they did a great job with the atmosphere, and I was on the edge of my seat at the very end waiting to see what happened. I would definitely recommend the game, it doesn&#8217;t overstay its welcome and I felt that it had a great execution.

Game 7. Divide by Sheep (iOS); Playtime: 5-6 hours; 100% complete; completed on 1/24/2016
I saw that this was on sale for $0.99, and I recalled hearing some positive things about the game, so I decided to give it a try. It&#8217;s a pretty fun puzzle game. There are some levels I had to sit and think about, but for the most part nothing too hard. The visuals are very cute, as is the basic story. It&#8217;s not the most amazing or tricky puzzle game ever, but I enjoyed my time with it.

Game 8. Bears vs. Art (iOS); Playtime: 2-4 hours?; cleared every level; completed on 1/25/2016
Bears vs. Art is a fun, cute and surprisingly difficult puzzle game. You play as a bear named Rory who swears to destroy all art in sight after humans build museums throughout his habitat. You have to carefully plan out your movements to either get rid of the art or humans while avoiding various obstacles. It&#8217;s easy at first, but the difficulty ramps up as you progress, and by the end the levels can actually get pretty darn hard.

There is an energy bar, which can be obnoxious when you just want to sit down and play. Still, when I did play, the game was fairly fun and creative. If you want a little game to play in short spurts in-between things, then this isn&#8217;t a bad choice. Otherwise, I have a hard time fully recommending it.

Game 9. Dark Echo (iOS); Playtime: ~2.5 hours; beat the game; completed on 1/26/2016
You play as someone trapped in the dark. In order to navigate your way out of the darkness, you will need to create and use sound to sense what it around you and avoid obstacles and monsters trying to kill you.

Some people treat this as a tense horror game, but I didn&#8217;t find it scary or tense at all. The concept is cool, and they did a good job with the sound effects (they recommend you play alone, in the dark with headphones on). It was an ok experience, but I was glad that I got it for free a while back. If you can get it for a cheap price, it&#8217;s not the worst way to spend a few hours, but it isn&#8217;t as unforgettable or amazing as I&#8217;ve heard some people describe it.

Game 10. Gone Home (PC); Playtime: 3 hours & 20 minutes; beat the game; completed on 2/5/2016
Gone Home was an absolutely beautiful game. Fullbright Company deserves every bit of praise they&#8217;ve received for this game. The stories that you discover are touching, joyful, and even heartbreaking. They did a fantastic job creating a place for you to explore and piece everything together. This one will stick with me for a while, if I had played this in 2013, this probably would&#8217;ve been a strong contender for my GOTY. I'm now very much so looking forward to Fullbright&#8217;s next game, Tacoma.

Game 11. Lost Dimension (Vita); Playtime: ~26 hours; got the platinum & completed the Chapter 0 DLC; completed on 2/8/2016

On paper, Lost Dimension seemed like a pretty cool game. It's a tactical rpg with a traitor system where you would try to identify who was aiding the big bad (known as The End) in trying to stop you, and there was said to be some social link like events. I liked the art style, and the idea of trying to figure out who was a traitor sounded like a neat concept to me.

Sadly, it failed to deliver on almost anything. The characters all felt largely hollow and obnoxious, the traitor system turned out to be more asinine than cool or interesting, and the story is so bland that it&#8217;s hard to care (this is not helped by its lackluster cast). Actually, it&#8217;s more than bland, it&#8217;s repetitive. That&#8217;s not because the game demands you play through it at least twice to see the true ending, but because for the first 4 chapters the cast basically repeat the same conversations over and over again. The gameplay during battles is ok, but not enough to help keep the game afloat. Only reason I got the plat is because it&#8217;s actually really easy to get, especially if you bother to go through the effort to play through the game twice to see the true ending.

Game 12. Life is Strange (PS4); Playtime: 16 hours; got the platinum; completed on 2/19/2016
This game deserves every bit of praise it received last year. A satisfying and touching adventure game that was interesting throughout. Would definitely recommend this.

Game 13. Escape Plan (Vita); playtime: 5(+?) hours; main story + some dlc; completed on 2/25/2016
A glorified vita tech demo. I like the music, but whatever charm the game had wore off quickly for me.

Game 14. Fat Princess: Piece of Cake (Vita); Playtime: ??; all trophies; completed on 3/7/2016
A game that starts out fairly fun, but quickly becomes stupidly hard in an attempt to force you to pay for micro-transactions. I had a bunch of power-ups from daily log-in bonuses I received around the original release, so I was able to cheese my way through the end game for free, but it&#8217;s definitely not a fair F2P game. I&#8217;d say that if you want to try it, play up until the free Fat Princess PS3 voucher and then drop the game.

Game 15. Doomsday Clicker (iOS); Playtime: ??; competed on 4/26/2016
I saw that a few gaffers were involved in the development of this game, so I decided to give it a try. It&#8217;s a clicker/idle game that has a bit of humor, but there&#8217;s really not much to do here. A Dark Room had some story, and my understanding is that Cookie Clicker and the Candy Box games have a bit more substance to them, and a reason to keep coming back (although I may be wrong there). With this one, it&#8217;s solely about seeing the numbers go up. Not much compels you to go back after prestiging once or twice.
Dec 6, 2008
I''ll be finishing in the top 10 for the third year in a row :)

Game 1: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) (Started 1/6/16 / Finished 1/9/16)
So this is the first Lego game I've touched in maybe 5 years. The last two Batman and Indiana Jones left a bad taste in my mouth. This though was excellent. The open world, the talking legos, the variety of characters and powers. This is an excellent game and it has revived my interest in the series. Though Wolverine now wearing his hood is always weird to me.

Game 2: The Beatles Rock Band [360] (Started and Finished 1/10/16)
On January 10th, 2016 StingX2 killed The Beatles ruining them forever. The songs were locked away in a vault never to be heard again. If you want to hate me forever have a listen

Game 3:Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden [3DS] (Started and Finished 1/11/16)
This was an ok fighting game, got old fast though. Spritework was pretty good!

Game 4:Ori and the Blind Forest [PC] (Started 1/13/16 / Finished 1/15/16)
One of the best games I've played in awhile but I felt cheated the game doesn't let you play your file after you beat it.

Game 5:Last Word [PC] (Started 1/17/16 / Finished 1/19/16)
I'm going to refrain from commenting on this in fear of losing my NeoGaf account. I was not a fan.

I've gotten really lazy about updating but heres where I'm at

Game 6: Dungeon of the Endless [PC] -6 Hours
Nerve racking but rogue fans will adore this.

Game 7: Fable III [X360] - 12 Hours
Did it in co-op, wow this sucked :(.

Game 8: Madden NFL 2011 [PS3] - 20 hours
I love me some madden *gets garbage thrown at him*

Game 9: Ducktales Remastered [PSN] - 3.5 Hours
That volcano stage is pure evil

Game 10: God of War [PS3] -15 Hours
First time playing this really liked it but also felt droll at times

Game 11: Tomb Raider: Legend [PS3] - 11 hours
Until the final boss I really liked it, that final boss good god

Game 12: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning [PS3] - 42 hours
I enjoyed this one a lot despite its bland main story

Game 13: Shadows of Mordor [PS4] -16 hours
The controls...oi. Also LOL at the second area being bright and colorful

Game 14: Minecraft [PS4] -13 hours
Ender Dragon beaten woo

Game 15: Star Wars Battlefront [PS4] -5 hours
All tutorial and challenge missions cleared

Game 16: Road Rash [PS1] - 24 hours
What a nightmare

Game 17: King's Quest Episode 1: A Knight To Remember [PSN] - 6 hours
Really enjoyed this despite not having ever played KQ

Game 18: King's Quest Episode 2: A Rubble Without A Cause [PSN] - 3 hours
Like many episode 2s in these episodic games this was a failure

Game 19 Alice: Madness Returns [PS3] - 14 Hours
This needed to be 6 hours less, it just gets mindless and very boring

Game 20 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories [Wii] -6 Hours
The motion controls barely work. The plot...oi

Game 21: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected [PS4] - 27 Hours
Still great the second time around

Game 22: Monster Rancher 2 [PS1] - 25 hours
Once you break the game it becomes very easy

Game 23: The Muppets: Movie Adventures [Vita] - 2 hours

Game 24: The Devil's Third [WiiU] - 10 hours
I gotta say I enjoyed this one. Its not great but its fun

Game 25: Star Fox Zero [Wii U] - 5 hours
The controls are so bad it ruins what could have been an excellent entry in the series.

Game 26: Fear Effect [PS1] - 9 hours
So many questions to the game design of WHY?

Game 27: Hatoful Boyfriend [PSN] - 4 hours
I loved this

Game 28: Mario Party 10 [Wii U] - 3 hours
Bowser Vs Party people is the best mode

Game 29: Ratchet & Clank [PS4] - 13 hours
This is the happiest I've felt with a game all year
Jan 5, 2014
Claimed. Only got half way there last year. Hoping some dedication and the extra day will get me the other half.


Game 1: Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved (Vita) - 7 hours - 8/10
Despite hearing so many good things about the series over the years this is my first GW game. Ran and controlled incredibly smoothly which kind of surprised me after Resogun's port turned out so poorly. Was pretty easy up until the last couple levels where I learned about the broken Turret special when it's maxed.

Game 2: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered - 12 hours - 8/10
I believe it's a shorter game than 2 but felt like it dragged on a lot more. Story felt like it ran it's course though since they seem to reuse the same ending every time. Upside is more Sully time which is always a good thing. Seems like the enemies were somewhere between 1 and 2 as far as running-right-at-you goes. Still though it showed how far the series has came since 1 visually. Can't wait for 4.

Game 3: Just Cause 3 - 12 hours - 6/10
More amazing than fun in my opinion. Would have gladly traded some of the map size for shorter load times if that were an option. Taking over settlements became tedious later in the game when it felt like I could put one explosive on a target before having to run away to avoid dying over and over again. I think the game is at it's best when you just take a jet out for a spin, jump out, and spend a few minutes wingsuiting through the huge map.

Game 4: Transistor - 5 hours - 5/10
Not really getting the hype for this game. The dead guy in the transistor talked way too much without ever really moving the story along. The gameplay was ok but never really grabbed me. The graphics were pretty enough and the music was decent I guess.

Game 5: Super Meat Boy - 7 hours - 9/10
Some platformers are too hard, some are too easy, and then there's SMB which is just right. Granted I only played the light world version of the game, I still had a lot of fun going from newbie who dies to everything to somewhat veteran who can make some pretty complicated jumps consistently. Really love everything about this game and will probably get around to checking out his other big game, binding of isaac, at some point when it's on sale again.

Game 6: The Swapper - 6 hours - 7/10
Fun, weird little game. The story never grabbed me but the puzzles were a lot of fun and some were pretty challenging. Very beautiful game too which from what I understand was done, at least the backgrounds, with real life clay. Would definitely buy another game from them.

Game 7: The Witness - 15 hours - 10/10
Knew this was big on a lot of people's radars but having never played Braid I really didn't have the same hype. Watched a few short videos and decided to give it a try despite being so damn expensive for digital only. Pretty much love everything about it and found it incredibly worth the entry. One of those games like Journey where the experience is priceless. All of the puzzles felt unique despite reusing the same mechanics and the small world is absolutely beautiful. Probably 1 out of ever 20 puzzles or so I needed a solution but I still felt I got everything out of it that was intended.

Game 8: Bayonetta 2 - 12 hours - 10/10
The first game came out of nowhere and ended up being one of my favorite games ever at release. Finally got around to playing 2 and it didn't disappoint. Game play was crisp and the dialogue was witty and on point. Changing the structure to be nonstop boss fights was a welcome change. They did enough to make it seem different while still keeping all the parts that made the first game great.

Game 9: The Division - 15 hours - 8/10
Surprised by how much I liked this despite going in expecting it to be grindy and repetitive. It's a beautiful game and controls very well. I'm not into the endgame "loot" hunting so I won't play past 30 but I enjoyed it while it lasted.4

Game 10: The Stanley Parable - 3.5 hours - 6/10
Went in kind of spoiled after watching about 10 minutes on a stream some time ago. Cool little game with funny commentary but not really much else. For what I paid it was a fun experience but I definitely wouldn't recommend it at full price.

Game 11: Dark Souls - 30+ hours (10 this year) - 9/10
Except for all the time wasted spent walking and the frame rate, I very much enjoyed this fragmented playthrough. The game has about as much good content as you can possibly ask for. All of the bosses felt unique and had their own difficult twist. Technical problems aside, it handled very well as it needed to for how punishing deaths can be.

Game 12: INSIDE - 3 hours - 8/10
A little expensive for the length of the game and it didn't offer much of a challenge but besides that everything else was perfect. Some of the best animations I've ever seen in a video game. The soundtrack was the best I've heard since Journey. Could have been my goty if only it were longer.

Game 13: Bioshock - 12 hours - 9/10
Besides some difficulty on PC with crashing and adjusting mouse, this was a pretty great game and mostly lived up to the hype I've been hearing about for the past 8+ years. The skill system was unique and had a story to give it meaning. The overall story was great and probably the highlight of the whole game. Difficulty on "normal" felt just right. Gun play is a bit dated but it worked well enough.

Game 14: Half-Life - 10 hours - 10/10
Despite playing thousands of hours of the different versions of CS, I never got around to playing the game I had to buy to access CS all those years ago. A lot of it was dated as all hell but the game somehow lived up to it's reputation and was pretty captivating from beginning to end. Best level design ever for any FPS I've played. The story was enough to keep the game moving but never too much. Didn't hurt that the sounds brought back all kinds of nostalgia for the ~10 years of the first CS I played.

Game 15: Half-Life 2 - 11 hours - 10/10
Aside from level design not being nearly as interesting as HL1, this is a superior game in every other aspect. The different NPCs actually have personality in this one. The entire game felt like a good action movie from beginning to end.

Game 16: FEZ - 10 hours - 9/10
Turned out being a lot different than I expected. Thought it was going to be a platformer with a gimmick but the world really sucked me in. The puzzles were challenging and it took a little bit of guidance to get me through the 64 cubes. The soundtrack was amazing and the backstory was creepy but interesting. The visuals kind of made it hard to determine between what was relevant to solving puzzles and what was just decorations and backtracking was annoying though.

Game 17: Bioshock 2 - 10 hours - 9/10
Entirely different but just as good as the first. Just the drill alone changed up gameplay significantly. The story was interesting despite not having the same amount of twists and turns this time. The whole ending starting from Persephone was just flawless. The only negative I found was the variety in missions was lacking and as a result I could see all the ambushes coming from a mile away.

Game 18: ABZU - 3 hours - 8/10
Visuals, art style, and sound track were all amazing. Those aspects alone made me a satisfied customer. Didn't like the invisible walls or the size of the areas we were allowed to explore though. Controls weren't great but I didn't expect them to be on point in a game like this. The story never really clicked with me.

Game 19: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - 30 hours - 8/10
Fantastic art style and the most content of any Zelda game I've played so far. The story and pacing were so-so and felt like an afterthought to the huge world. Didn't really like the dungeons or bosses at all with maybe a couple exceptions. I would have much preferred if there was less, higher quality content. Still better than most games, just not as good as it could have been.

Game 20: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - 15 hours - 10/10
If this is the last we see of Nathan Drake, what a way to go out. Clearly my favorite of the series with everything feeling a step up from the previous 3. Great action, more advanced platforming, and most importantly an amazing story. I'm one of those people who normally zones out during cutscenes so if Naughty Dog is able to make me look forward to them then clearly they're doing something right.

Game 21: Soldner X-2: Final Prototype - 1 hours - 6/10
Had a small interest in this so bought it on sale. Only did the main story which was pretty short but obviously has a lot of replay value for shmup fans. Controlled great on the vita and looked pretty nice too.

Game 22: Batman: Arkham Asylum - 12 hours - 8/10
Graphics feel pretty dated despite only being around since mid last gen. I remember trying to get into this around release and being turned off by the bland combat. Figured the combat might get better if I started over and played further. It didn't but at least the story was interesting enough to keep me going. The Scarecrow parts were definitely the highlight for me even above Joker. Really loved the hypodermic needles attached to his hands and hope that DC creators took notice and make this the official appearance going forward.

Game 23: Spec Ops: The Line - 6 hours - 7/10
Gameplay was a little too on rails for my taste but I still enjoyed it. The shooting was satisfying as far as controls going. Knew roughly the direction the story would take (had no clue about the twist though) but I enjoyed it even if I didn't always understand it. The weather effects were pretty great too and I loved watching how it impacted the individual levels.

Game 24: Resident Evil 2 - 6 hours - 9/10
Despite taking a few minutes to get reused to tank controls, everything else about this game holds up very well. The cheesy B movie story and acting are done flawlessly. The gameplay is addicting as ever when you allow yourself enough time to forget much of the game making it feel new again. Tied with RE1 as my favorites in the series since the atmosphere in these types of games is everything and they've never quite matched it in any of the following games.

Game 25: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - 9 hours - 8/10
Definitely a step up in difficulty from the breeze that was 2. Besides the Nemesis nothing really sticks out as being memorable from the whole game. Raccoon City just isn't the same as "The Mansion" or "The Station" as far as being iconic. Other than that though the gun mechanics and weapon system are deeper and better than the previous entries. Navigating can be confusing at times and it was a pain constantly referencing the map. Still, it's Resident Evil so the core gameplay lets some things slide.

Game 26: Final Fantasy VII - 30 hours - 8/10

Game 27: Kingdom Hearts 1 (1.5 collection) - 35 hours - 9/10

Game 28: Pokemon Sun - 30 hours - 9/10

Game 29: The Last Guardian - 11 hours - 9/10

Game 30: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - 18 hours - 8/10

Hawk Fan

Neo Member
Jul 11, 2015
1. Zero Escape: Virtue&#8217;s Last Reward (Vita, PS TV; 9.5/10) Jan 1
Endpoint: 100%/Platinum
Time: 35 hours
Comments: Great game. Almost all of this was done in 2015 but it still counts!

2. Hatoful Boyfriend (Vita; 5/10) Jan 14
Endpoint: 100%
Time: About 8.5 hours
Comments: What a weird game. Had a hard time getting into it, and the length of the &#8220;true&#8221; ending was surprising. This was a game I thought I would enjoy more than I did. I guess I should try some of the &#8220;otome&#8221; genre before getting into what I guess is parody of it?

3. Prune (iPhone; 8/10) Jan 17
Endpoint: 100%
Time: About 3 hours
Comments: Enjoyable, relaxing game that I think I would have enjoyed more on a larger screen. This game actually made me think about getting a new iPad.

4. Lifeline (iPhone; 7.5/10) Jan 24
Endpoint: Several endings including &#8220;good&#8221; ending
Time: About 3 hours
Comments: I liked the game and thought the &#8220;real time&#8221; aspects were interesting (where you have to wait for Taylor to do something), but I realized that this doesn&#8217;t really mesh with what I&#8217;m looking for in &#8220;mobile&#8221; games. When deciding to do this challenge (as well as the movie and books challenge), I saw it as a time management opportunity. I wasn&#8217;t going to give up &#8220;bigger&#8221; games to do a bunch of shorter iPhone games, but I looked at it as an opportunity to add those types of experiences in rather than wasting time doing other things. I look at games on my iPhone as something fun to do in the found minutes during the day, and I want to be in control of when I play the game rather than the opposite.

5. Three Fourths Home (Vita; 7.5/10) Jan 30
Endpoint: 100%
Time: 2 hours
Comments: Another &#8220;experimental&#8221; story based game to start the year. It wasn&#8217;t perfect, but I enjoyed the experience. I&#8217;m really excited to see the development of games that can tell great stories in ways that novels and movies/TV can&#8217;t do as well.

6. Tales from the Borderlands (PS4; 10/10) Feb 1
Endpoint: 100%/Platinum
Time: About 12 hours
Comments: I thought about lowering the rating a little due to a couple of annoying technical issues, but I really enjoyed this experience. It never hurts having Puddy from Seinfeld around. It was interesting playing this shortly after Life is Strange (finished in late December 2015). I liked a lot about Life is Strange but had problems with parts of it (including the ending), and this was an interesting contrast to it.

7. Emily is Away (PC; 6/10) Feb 3
Endpoint: 100%
Time: 49 minutes
Comments: Saw this on Greg Miller&#8217;s best of 2015 list (at #2) and thought it was just an OK short experience.

8. Lifeline 2 (iPhone; 7/10) Feb 10
Endpoint: Multiple gruesome deaths as well as the &#8220;good&#8221; ending
Time: About 4.5 hours probably
Comments: Another fun choose your own adventure, but I think I&#8217;ll take a break before doing the next Lifeline. Arika was kind of annoying with all the quips and (too old) pop culture references.

Games 9-15
Feb 25, 2015

First year I will be doing this here.


Game 01. Binary Domain (PS3) - 10-20hrs; Campaign finished on hard
This was actually a replay that I started last year and just finished. The game is still one of the most fun TPSs I ever played and the story is still entertaining. Destroying robots never got old and most bosses were fun to fight. Only a few bosses that were incredible pain in the asses.

Game 02. Uncharted Drake's Fortune Remastered(PS4) - <10 hrs Campaign finished on hard

Not my first time playing this, finished years ago on the PS3. A product of it's time but still really fun game. It aged better than I expected

Game 03. Uncharted Among Thieves Remastered(PS4) - <10 hrs Campaign finished on hard

Remembering the hype when I first played, I expected more. The game is fun, but the little problems start cracking the experience. Still good, but not as awesome as it was at launch.

Game 04. Uncharted Drake's Decepcion Remastered(PS4) - <10 hrs Campaign finished on hard

The best stages, but this game destroyed the combat. Around the pirate ship, the combat falls apart and it ended up being more stressful than fun.

Game 05. Megaman X4(Vita) - <10 hrs; Story finished
An oldie, but a goldie. Got a guide in order to pick the armor parts and tanks and didn't had any issues apart from the last boss. I am glad I got it with a guide because it made the game more enjoyable than if I had to go searching for everything on my own.

Game 06. Megaman X5(Vita) - <10 hrs; Story finished
Just like Megaman x4, I got through this with a guide and it's been great.
The game is still great, though I now realize that they were pushing Zero far too hard for my current tastes. Too bad that PSN does not have Megaman X6 because I would like to replay it again too.

Game 07. Trails in the Sky The 3rd (PS3) - <70 hrs; Story and almost all side-quests finished

I posted my overall impressions on the Trails community, so here they are and they contain no spoilers.

So, I finally finished the 3rd and it's a great game.

I don't know if I would put it over SC. Some moments drag on, but a few parts of the story hit hard. Very, very hard.

Summary of my opinion regarding the 3rd without spoilers:

- It's a giant dungeon crawler. But, since all characters are high level, it's also probably the best combat-wise of the TitS games.

- The doors are great for expanding the lore of the entire series and they also show a lot about character's past, future actions and interactions between the party. That said, I will probably remember all Moon Doors and a few Star Doorrs that I really liked.

- The main story is cool, even if most of it is predictable. Towards the end, I really liked the interaction between the main characters.

- One thing that bothered me. The last Star door has content cut from the PSP/PS3 release and I ended up seeing it in full on Youtube with an english translation. While on the PS3 version I managed to discover what was happening, the writing on the original really makes the door much more "effective".

Really, I think everyone that played 3rd PSP/PS3 should see this scene in it's complete way.

Thanks to Gu4n for helping me with a few things on the game.

Now, I will return to Zero no Kiseki and should be over soon since I stopped near the last chapter.
Game 08. Trails in the Zero Evolution (PSV) - <80 hrs; Story and almost all side-quests finished

So, my impressions of Zero without (almost)any spoilers:

- The story is great, much better than FC and definitely up there with SC and 3rd. Almost every chapter has something big happening and a lot of surprises in it.

- Most of the characters range from great to regular. While Lloyd and Eri are your regular protagonists, Randy and Tio are much, much better than I though they would be.

-The battle system could be faster and I liked most of the new mechanics in play.

-The game was much, much longer than I expected. Took me almost 80 hours to finish, but I did almost all side-quests

- The main story is strong and I am actually happy that they finished a lot of it by the end of this game, while leaving a few questions that give enough reason for the sequel.

I am also very happy about how
story ended.

It's a great game and now I just started Trails in the Blue. Hope I can finish it without taking 2-3 months.
Game 09. Yakuza 5 (PS3) - <60hrs; Campaign finished, all substories completed and almost all sidequests done.

This was a replay since I played this back when it launched in Japan. I like it, but the pacing makes playing this a drag. The combat is great, story is cool, but this has some serious issues regarding pacing which is the reason this took me so long to finish.

Game 10. Mega Dimension Neptunia VII (PS4) - Story finished

I like the Neptunia series and this is the best one so far. Part 1 and 2 are great, while Part 3 could have been better. I got the regular ending, so I should be back to this eventually in order to get the True ending

Game 11. Senran Kagura Estival Versus (PS4) - Story finished - Around 20hrs

Game 12. Street Fighter V (PS4) - Story finished - Infinite hours

Game 13. Project X Zone 2 (3DS) - Story finished - Around 60hrs

Game 14. Fire Emblem Fates - Birthright (3DS) - Story finished - Around 60hrs

Game 15. Ratchet and Clank (PS4) - Story finished - Around 20hrs-30hrs

Game 16. Dark Souls 3 (PS4) - Main Quest finished - Around 40hrs

Game 17. Valkyria Chronicles (PS4) - Main Story finished and all extra chapters - Around 30hrs

Game 18. MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs Zombies (Vita) - Main Story finished - Less than 10hrs

Game 19. Rhythm Thief (3DS) - Main Story finished - Around 5 hrs

Game 20. Ys 6 Ark of Naphitism (PC) - Main Story finished - Around 20hrs

Game 21. Need for Speed (PS4) - Main Story finished - Around 20hrs

Game 22. Wolfenstein 09 (PS3) - Main Story finished and Almost All Side Quests Done - Around 10hrs

Game 23. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator (PS4) - Main Story finished - Infinite hours since I will be playing online

Game 24. DmC Definitive Edition (PS4) - Main Story finished - Around 20hrs

Game 25. Doom (PS4) - Main Story finished on Hard - Around 20hrs

Game 26. Strider 2 (Vita) - Normal Campaign Run finished - Around 2 hrs

Game 27. Atelier Sophie (PS4) - Story finished - Around 40 hrs

Game 28. Zero Time Dilemma (Vita) - Story finished - Around 20 hrs

Game 29. Hatsune Miku Arcade Future Tone (PS4) - All songs on Hard finished - Infinite hrs

Game 30. Ys 1 (Steam) - Story finished - Around 10 hrs

Game 31. Ys Origin (Steam) - Story finished - Around 30 hrs

Game 32. I Am Setsuna (PS4) - Story finished - Around 20-30 hrs

Game 33. Table Top Racing (PS4) - Main Races finished - Around 10 hrs

Game 34. Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force (PS4) - All Stories finished - Around 50 hrs

Game 35. Metroid Prime (Wii) - Main Game finished - < 20 hrs

Game 36. 7th Dragon III Code VFD (3DS) - Main Quest and All Sidequests finished - Around 40-50 hrs

Game 37. Furi (PS4) - All bosses defeated on normal- < 20 hrs

Game 38. Metroid Prime 2 (Wii) - Main Game finished - < 20 hrs

Game 39. Metroid Prime 3 (Wii) - Main Game finished - < 10 hrs

Game 40. Hatsune Miku Project Diva X (Vita) - All Clouds finished - Will continue playing on extreme

Game 41. Deus Ex Mankind Divided (PS4) - Main Game finished - < 40 hrs

Game 42. Trails in the Azure Evolution (PSV) - Main Game finished and all side quests done - 80 hrs

Game 43. Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse (3DS) - Main Game finished and all side quests done - 68 hrs

Game 44. Superdimension Neptunia Vs Sega Hard Girls (PSV) - Main Game finished and, I think, all side quests done. True Ending. - 20-30 hrs

Game 45. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U) - Main Game finished and all character side quests done - 60 hrs

Game 46. Exist Archive (PS4) - Main Game finished (one ending) - Around 40 hrs

Game 47. Uncharted 4 (PS4) - Story finished - <10 hrs

Game 48. Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni (PSV) - Story finished in both routes - 23 hrs

Game 49. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (PS4) - Campaign finished on Hardened Difficulty and all side missions done - 10-20 hrs

Game 50. Yakuza Kiwami (PS4) - Story finished on Hard Difficulty and a lot of sidequests done - 31 hrs

Game 51. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4) - Campaign finished on Hardened Difficulty - 10 hrs

Game 52. Xanadu Next (PC) - Main Story finished - 15 hrs

Game 53. Trails of Cold Steel (Vita) - Main Story finished and all sidequests done - 60-70 hrs

Game 54. Final Fantasy XV (PS4) - Main Story finished and many (if not all) sidequests done. Got the platinum and did most of secret dungeons - 50 hrs. 70-80 hrs until platinum
Jan 29, 2015
GAME # - [Console] Title
(Start MM/DD/YY - Finish MM/DD/YY) - Reason for completion (May contain spoilers)
Time = Time to complete
Rating = Personal review score
GS/T = Gamerscore Completion % / Trophy Completion %
OSR = One sentence review

GAME #01 - [XB1] Star Wars Battlefront
(11/21/15 - 01/01/16) - Became one with the force at multiplayer rank 50...
Time: 50:30
Rating: 8.8/10
GS/T: 93%
OSR: Pure fun which could have been so much more with a fleshed out campaign.

GAME #02 - [XB1] Sunset Overdrive
(10/28/14 - 01/03/16) - Grounded the FizzCo corporate machine...
Rating: 8.2/10
GS/T: 63%
OSR: You will not fully appreciate this game until after mastering the traversal system.

GAME #03 - [X360] Lost Planet 2
(10/06/15 - 01/04/16) - Defeated an Over-G Akrid with a GPS device...
Time: 10:24
Rating: 5.1/10
GS/T: 14%
OSR: Despite the muddled plot, I am now a master of activating data posts.

GAME #04 - [GBA] Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
(01/02/16 - 01/06/16) - Wielded Galaxia and shattered the Dark Mind...
Time: 5:45
Rating: 7.8/10
GS/T: n/a
OSR: A successful Kirbetroidvania mash up hampered only by the lack of Dedede.

GAME #05 - [X360] Sacred 3
(12/18/15 - 01/09/16) - Protected the Heart of Ancaria by vanquishing Zane...SEXAAY!...
Time: 23:20
Rating: 7.5/10
GS/T: 88%
OSR: Guilty pleasure, generic cooperative dungeon crawler with cringeworthy (but hilarious) dialog and characters.

GAME #06 - [XB1] Child of Light
(01/09/16 - 01/10/16) - Reclaimed the throne from the evil Queen of the Night...
Time: 10:02
Rating: 9.2/10
GS/T: 100%
OSR: Casual and experienced RPG fans should enjoy Child of Light.

GAME #07 - [XB1] Watch Dogs
(01/13/16 - 02/13/16) - Tied up the loose ends by killing thousands in my path to ultimately sparing the man responsible for killing my niece...
Time: 17:50
Rating: 6.4/10
GS/T: 30%
OSR: An intriguing concept overshadowed by a lifeless main character personified by his dull "grey hat".

GAME #08 - [X360] Fuse
(01/18/16 - 02/16/16) - Saved the world from fuse with fuse infused weapons and cheated death by fusing with the fuse in outer space....fuse?
Time: 23:09
Rating: 7.2/10
GS/T: 79%
OSR: Interesting weapons and Ali Hillis' sexy voice couldn't save this game from TPS mediocrity.

GAME #09 - [GCN] Beyond Good and Evil
(02/12/16 - 02/21/16) - Unravelled a government conspiracy and saved the world from the evil on the moon...
Time: 9:43
Rating: 7.9/10
GS/T: n/a
OSR: Story driven adventure held back by it's troublesome combat mechanics.

GAME #10 - [XB1] Rocket League
(02/18/16 - 02/25/16) - Initial run burn out symptoms becoming apparent...
Time: 22:24
Rating: 8.6/10
GS/T: 84%
OSR: One of the best pick up and play games, period.

GAME #11 - [GBA] Metroid Fusion
(02/27/16 - 03/05/16) - Fused with the SA-X to destroy a greater threat...
Time: 8:56
Rating: 8.9/10
GS/T: n/a
OSR: Possibly the last great 2-D Metroid to ever be made.

GAME #12 - [X360] Inversion
(03/12/16 - 03/19/16) - Rescued the children from the Lutadore Invasion...
Time: 9:20
Rating: 5.6/10
GS/T: 72%
OSR: Gears of War clone complete with a major plot twist that receives no explanation.

GAME #13 - [XB1] Rise of the Tomb Raider
(03/08/16 - 03/20/16) - Sacrificed Richard Croft's legacy by destroying the divine source...
Time: 20:12
Rating: 8.5/10
GS/T: 72%
OSR: Slaughter hundreds and survive anything.

GAME #14 - [X360] Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions
(03/26/16 - 04/03/16) - Saved the multi-verse by defeating Mysterio and retrieving the "Tablet of Chaos and Order"...
Time: 7:23
Rating: 7.3/10
GS/T: 57%
OSR: Repetitive combat but excellent voice acting, presentation and settings, plus you get to punch baddies in the face!

GAME #15 - [PS4] Tales of Zestiria
(05/22/16 - 06/11/16) - Purrr-ified the Lord of Calamity..."DREAM SLASHER DREAM SLASHER DREAM SLASHER FIVE STAR FIVE STAR!!"
Time: 47:34
Rating: 8.1/10
GS/T: 28%
OSR: Run of the mill "Tales of" entry with a terrible camera and an overly complicated gear grinding fusion system.

GAME #16 - [XB1] Overwatch
(06/14/16 - mm/dd/yy) - Bathed in the saltwater tears of the community...
Time: pending
Rating: 9.6/10
GS/T: pending
OSR: A masochist's delight.

GAME #17 - [XB1] Quantum Break
(07/01/16 - 07/03/2016) - Utilized the countermeasure to seal the fracture in time...
Time: 11:55
Rating: 8.9/10
GS/T: 95%
OSR: I couldn't take Shawn Ashmore as "Time Cop Jason Bourne" seriously.
Jul 28, 2014
Ochlocknee GA
May as well claim here.

Lets see how far I get until college KO's my time.

1. Undertale 9.5 hours PC
Despite watching an LP of this before I played it, Undertale is a game that you can't truely experience until you've played it yourself. The entire leadup to the real final boss was amazing. The colors, attacks, and the music made the last hour incredibly enjoyable. Not to say the whole game wasn't, but that ending sealed me in

2. Wolfenstein: The New Order 16 hours PC
Probably the best singleplayer FPS you can find. Guns sounds and feel really good, and you kill Nazis in the game. Like, how can you not love this game after you first dig your knife into the brain of the "Nazi scum"

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 7 hours PC
Played this campaign years ago on the Wii version, but doing it for the first time on a modern system was a completely different experience. Probably the best story in any COD game to this day. And the musical bit where you tearing down a river with missiles and machine guns while listening to Sympathy for the Devil was awesome.

4. NEKOPAPA Vol. 1 5 hours PC
Well, as far as cat girl visual novels go, Nekopara is up there. The E-mote system adds a lot of really nice depth to character animations, making looking around, talking, and even moving off screen look more natural. Story is pretty ehhhh and it does end kinda abruptly, but it was nice while it lasted.

5. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst 11 hours PC
As a huge Naruto nerd, I had a lot of fun with this game. The major boss battles were flashy and stylish as hell. It's CyberConnect, so they go all out with their animu games. Unfortunately, the game really REALLY fell apart at the last chapter, where you basically have to fight 2 kaiju at once as a regular sized human. Camera was a nightmare, I couldn't even see my character at some points, and you have to do this 3, yes 3 times, without healing items. Gug.
At least the 4th on is coming out next month.

6. NEKOPARA Vol. 0 74 minutes PC
A little sparse on content since it only covers the course of a single day, but still enjoyable for what's there.

7. Dying Light 31 hours + 7 co-op PC
Really amazing game, definitely one of my GOTY 2015. The most fun I've had in a zombie killing game in a while. The parkour feels so fluid and fast, and dropkicking zombies off of rooftops never felt so good.

8. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune ~8 hours PS4
My first experience with the mainline Uncharted games, it was pretty good. Exploration felt nice, and the game looks incredible for a rebuffed PS3 game. But playing it on Hard the first time was a huuuuge mistake, as it made fights exponentially harder/unfair and did impact my enjoyment of the game to a degree

9. Bayonetta 13 hours Wii U
Not my favorite Platinum game, but it's very fun. The last chapter + epilogue were probably the best moments of the game. It just felt like the game expected perfection out of the player too fast, punishing you with instant game over if you failed a quick time prompt that had about a second of screen time. Also, those driving sections? Ugh. Sonic Adventure 1 had better driving sections than this game.

10. Rise of the Tomb Raider 16 hours PC
Far better than TR 2013. World felt much bigger and more beautiful. Mechanics remained pretty much the same but exploring the world felt actually fun. And there were actual tombs to raid in this one! With loot!

11. Gunman Clive 1 hour 14 minutes 3DS
Great little platformer with good art and music. Simple concept that reminds me of Double Dragon, but I feel the game shoots itself in the foot with its infuriating stage difficulty. Bosses aren't much of an issue after you fight them once or twice and learn their pattern, but stages where so much random nonsense and bad boulder riding sections can insta-kill you and make you start the whole stage over are not fun. At all.

12. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 8 hours PC
Probably the most fun Naruto game available right now. Story was a bit shorter than the other games but where definitely packed with more gameplay and beautiful action scenes. The new leader switch mechanics and Team Ultimates were also very cool, and the late game was more balanced and not as overwhelmingly difficult as the previous games end. Also, the final fight had so much emotional impact and beautiful visuals, I hope this game gets a Full Burst update somewhere down the road.

13. Spec Ops: The Line 5 hours PC
Not the most compelling in terms of gunplay, but the story Spec Ops has in this medicore TPS is probably the most unexpected one in a shooter. You aren't a hero. In fact, the only thing keeping you from being the villain is the game. This game takes you thinking you're going to be a hero, and gives you impossible moral choices where there is no right decision, no one comes out unhurt.

14. Binary Domain 8 hours PC
Probably the most sleeper hit TPS I've ever played. Such a shame the game sold so poorly and will probably never get a sequel. The squad you play with are all super fun, and shooting the robots feels so fun because you get to see them break. They aren't bullet sponges like a lot of enemies in shooters. Also Big Bo best black guy in gaming.

15. Nihilumbra 3-4 hours (?) Playstation Vita
Really nice little side scrolling platformer. The environments you go to are all very nice with amazing art, and the narrative rivals Thomas Was Alones narrative, I feel. Has some frustrating bits, but overall very worth the time

16. Ridiculous Fishing 3-4 hours (?) Android
Pretty repetitive in it's gameplay for a while, buying different guns don't really add much to the experiance but I like the slow grind of buying better fishing lures and reels and such. And the ending was so bwuuuhhhh? that I couldn't even believe it was over. Mobile games aren't supposed to have touching sequences like that...

17. Huniepop 9.5 hours PC
Anime boobs aside, this game is actually strangely addicting. The puzzle sections take a lot of focus and planning to makes sure you don't mess up and also reach the required amount of points within a certain number of moves is really stressful.

18. The Walking Dead Season 2 9 hours (?) PS4
Despite the game only slightly trying to kill itself at times because of the Telltale engine, it was a mostly enjoyable experience. Most characters were pretty alright and not horrible selfish people *cough* Kenny *cough* and even though the focus wasn't killing/ surviving from zombies and most choices won't affect the story much, I still liked it

19. Desu Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut 17 hours PC
Wow. I couldn't stop playing this game. I remember playing vanilla when it first came out and being like "Yeah, that was pretty good." Not that I have a more respectable taste for games, this may be one of the greatest games of last generation. My no kills/no alarms run felt satisfying until the very end, forcing me to look for new ways to approach a situation, which there always was. I'm very excited for Mankind Divided now and look forward to how Eidos MTL revisits the Deus Ex license.

20. Bioshock 4 hours PC
Bioshock is one of those games I have to revisit every now and then to keep myself centered. I played on Easy just so I could breeze through the game taking in all the locations, and characters, and craziness of the whole game. Definitely a classic

21. Yakuza 4 29 hours PS3
Very happy with this one. Greatly enjoyed the combat and the brutal HEAT attacks, even though the story was a little hard to follow during the MGS4 length cutscenes, and that absolute gutter trash of a final boss wasn't enough to kill my enjoyment. Looking forward to going right into Yakuza 5.

22. Dark Souls 3 34 hours PC
A great entry into the Souls series. I'd rank it just behind Dark 1 (my favorite) in terms of quality and enjoyment. The final boss was also my favorite out of any in the Souls games just because of how diverse they were and the sheer number of moves they could do.

23. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition 40 hours PC
It occurred to me after beating DS3 that I never actually went through DS1 completing all NPC quests and finishing the DLC. So I decided to go ahead and do that and I had a lot of fun with exploring Oolacile and seeing how everything went to shit.

24. Clannad 10 hours PC
I hate this game ;_; I decided to go Kyous scenario first, and damn was I not expecting to care about the people in this game as much as I did. All the character development is so extensive that you really get a feel for how each of them would respond to your own decisions. Around 2 hours from the end, I just kept getting a pain in my chest that the amazing writing and beautiful music kept bringing back. After finishing the route, I was so emotionally devastated (despite the happy ending) I just turned off my PC and went to bed for the night. I hate this game so much, I can't wait to play more of it.

25. DOOM 10 hours PC
Best FPS I've played all year, or in quite a while. Guns feels good to shoot and you move soooo fast that you feel totally in control of your character. Very fun game to play and just to unwind and kill some demons after an anime girl breaks your heart...

26. Dark Souls III idk like maybe 14 hours? PC
Yeah, I played it again. Became the Lord of Hollows this time so I'm king of the shit jobbers of the Dark Souls universe. And I'm playing it again to get the last ending....I like Dark Souls, ok?

27. Demon's Souls 18 hours PS3
Never played this before now, but now I'm glad I did. Story wasn't really as deep as DS and it was pretty mechanically janky, but it was good to see where the series all started and where the later Dark Souls game get their inspirations from

28. Dishonored 8 hours PC
Decided to replay this for the...5th time? After getting rehyped for DH2 after E3, I went ahead and pre-ordered which gave me all the DLC for 1. Still very enjoyable stealth game and I'm really hoping they don't mess up Dishonored 2.

29. Yakuza 5 39 hours PS3
Wow, this really is Japans GTA isnt it? Chok full of things to do and waste time on like reading untranslated manga, playing Virtua Fighter 2, Taiko Drum Master, playing baseball, fighting yakuza and so on. Enjoyed it for the most part and am looking forward to Yakuza 6 with shiny new models

30. Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax 4 hours PS3
Really love this fighter, only had time to play story and some arcade mode since the PS3 is borrowed. But it's very mechanically heavy and has some decent pixely sprites and I'd love to get more into it if I ever get another chance in the future

31. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 7 hours 27 minutes PS4
Probably the better of the 2 Uncharted games I've played. All the set pieces where I was running away from things, or running toward something exploded all had me staring at the screen with my mouth wide. Very enjoyable.

32. Nekopara Vol 2. 5 hours PC
Umm.....Well....it's uh.... cute?

33. NieR 20 hours for Ending A, 35 hours for Endings B,C, and D PS3
I had a lot of fun with this game. It's got just the right amount of jank that you can get used to and work with, and it has a very interesting setting and characters, excited to go through NG+ to get more information on Kaine

Update for last 3 Endings: Game totally changes in NG+, bosses become emotional rollercoasters as you can now hear what they are saying as you fight them. I was hoping for the endings to offer some more substance to the games backstory, but it looks like that got delegated to companion books and such. Still a very fun game, and I can see why it's JRPG of Last Gen to some people

34. Gone Home 2 hours PS4
Teenager Does Something Stupid: The Game. I'm not bashing this game for being a walking simulator, it's clear the devs knew what they wanted to make and they made it. The game isn't really about the person you're playing as, but more about your sister Katie as you learn through finding notes carelessly left around your house that she made some less-than-wise life decision.

35. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle 5 hours PS3
Beat all 8 story's and played arcade and versus (Diavolo da best). Don't really enjoy this gameplay as it feels very slow since characters have so much health. I like Eyes of Heavens gameplay more, but EoH is also very flawed.

36. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma 28 hours PC
Hour count is a little screwed since my save corrupted at the 15 hour mark, and I skipped through dialogue to get back t where I was. I greatly enjoyed this game, and it was a great conclusion to the Zero Escape games, the game that almost didn't exist. Can't wait to play it again on Vita with all my knowledge of the other timelines

37. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 6 hours 45 minutes PS4
2nd worst Uncharted game I've played. Did some interesting things with locations and set pieces (the cargo plane) but there seemed to be much more shooting than previous games, and the bad AI made it so annoying (armor enemies rushing you while you get barraged with heavy machine gun fire, meaning you'll die. No question.) and some definitely more annoying enemy types were introduced. (Endgame soldiers with explode on impact grenades and way too much health)

38. CounterSpy 1 hour 47 minutes PS Vita
Really good 2.5D stealth game. Amazing art style, but the Vita port isn't the best. Extremely long load times, game is always at sub 30 FPS, Using automatic weapons is out of the question because shooting it makes the game lag to unplayable levels, physics bugs, but past those it's very fun.

39. Batman: Arkham Knight ~12 hours PS4
"Batman games are like pizza"
Not much to say about this one, except the combat feels like it's been going downhill since Asylum. This game has way to many enemies types that are just gimmick enemies you have to use specific things on to even make it possible to attack them. Not fun to be in a big fight with them when you just want to hit things and be Batman. And the "Who is the Knight?" thing is a non-mystery. If you've seen Under the Red Hood you'll know who it is instantly, and then when the game is like "Remember this person? Boy, they sure hate Batman and used to work for us. Glad they're dead!" There's no mystery at all.

40. Life is Strange 15 hours PC
Enjoyed for the most part. Sometimes it was frustrating with its choices, like when a character would say "Do this!" and you do it then for the next 3 episodes they keep saying "Man, why did you do what I told you to do?!" Fuck off Chloe.
It's still impressive to see big choices be such an even split, like the final choice being a near 50/50 split, which is something you rarely see in Telltale games. Would play a sequal/watch TV show

41. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven 20 hours PS4
Spent about 20 hours in this game total between story and Free Play. Really love all the characters and buying different costumes for them. Story is also a pretty cool dream match with an ending that just had me smiling.

42. Tales from the Borderlands ~10 hours PS4
The best Telltale game, I don't even know why this is written so much better than both seasons of TWD, but it is. All the characters are perfect and likeable and the title card drops are all excellent. (10 more games to go! Woo!)

43. Journey ~2 hours PS4
I can't believe a 2 hour game with no dialogue almost made me cry with happyness. Journey is a game about a desert nomad journeying to a mountain. That's it. The visuals and music and the co op experience are so amazing that you feel immersed in the world every step of the way. It's not your journey, it's our journey. The journey you take with the person playing with you, and you don't even know their name until the journey is over. Amazing game.

44. Destiny 11 hours PS4
I think I beat it? I beat a boss and got a happy looking cutscene that looks like the end. I'm going to keep playing TTK and eventually ROI, but I'm really enjoying this game, despite dismissing it at launch. It appeals to a certain kind of person, but it also accessible to people who want to enjoy these kinds of games.

45. The Last Of Us: Remastered 12 hours PS4
Alright game, combat in the early game is awful though. Enemies who kill you instantly get really frustrating after a while. Story feels a bit bloated with some sections feeling tacked on just to extend game length. Not GOTY material for me, but it's alright when you get used to the mechanics.

46. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture ~5 hours PS4
A bit of alright, if I do say so myself. Narrative is very good, and it establishes good characters despite you never seeing their faces. I never felt too lost even though the only real objective tracker you have has some bugs in it, but I enjoyed my time the the game. Very immersive with amazing music, but some performance issues as the intense lighting effects seem to keep the game always running below 30 FPS

47. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter ~4 hours PS4
A bit shorter than Rapture, but with more gameplay. A small, condensed story that didn't overstay it's welcome or drag on. I also never felt too lost with this game even though there was no objective tracker of any kind. The mystery sections were simple, but fine. I liked the stories
and even though the timeline is a bit hard to follow, it's ok if you don't think to hard on it and just lose yourself in the world.

48. Titanfall 2 ~6 hours PS4
This campaign didn't really feel like a normal campaign. The levels are so massive that you just feel like you're making your own path while the game is subtly guiding you to the next objective. A very fun campaign experience that has no right being this good. Protocol 3.

49. Attack On Titan 6 hours PS4
After the fan game introduced the concept and the 3DS game tripped over it, this AoT game nails the swinging to a tee. It feels so good to get crazy amounts of speed, lock onto a titan and then end them and keep going. Great level variety and lots of post-game content, which I'll keep going through now that I've beaten the main story.

50. The Evil Within 16 hours PC
TEW is one of those games that starts out...ok but eventually overstays its welcome. By hour 9/after the mansion I was ready for the game to wrap up but it just kept going an d really tried my patience with the constant terrible design choices and arena battles against gun wielding grunts and the Pyramid Head wannabe. Gonna do NG+ at some point because I heard it's actually good and the Executioner DLC is pretty ok.

51. Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 39 hours PS VITA
This was the first Final Fantasy game I've beaten and I really enjoyed it. Music is some of the best I've ever heard in a game, and the story keeps you involved and constantly learning something new. Never felt like bosses were impossible and felt really balanced overall, very much enjoyed. Isn't it wonderful?

52. Bioshock Remastered 10 hours PC
Bioshock is realllllly good. I played the ever loving crap out of the demo and I was over the moon when I got the full game all those years ago. Seems like kind of a pointless remaster on PC, since not a whole lot got upgraded, but it's nice it finally has achievements now.

Hey, 52 games completed!

53. Shin Megami Tensei IV 33 hours 3DS
A well rounded JRPG with an awful overworld and the worst quest tracker I've ever seen in a video game. It single-handed killed my interest in this game twice but I finally found the motivation to finish it, Law ending for life.
Oct 28, 2012
I actually did not know about the episode rule so it turns out I actually made it last year. Oh well, onward and upward to a new year!

1) Grand Theft Auto III

-Platform: PS2(PS4 Emulation)
-Completed on: 06/01/2016
-Time (Estimate): 25+ hours
-Completion Status: All missions complete/ 93% completion (Only missing hidden Packages)
-Impressions: Update 1

2) Pony Island

-Platform: PC
-Completed on: 11/01/2016
Time: 76 minutes (based on Steam time)
Completion Status: Main game complete
-Impressions: Update 2
Jul 6, 2014
#1 Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (I.5) [PS3 15 Hours]: Fun, just as clunky as I remembered, padded a lot more than I remember.
#2 Fire Emblem Awakening [3DS 11 Hours]: I can't wait for Fates.
#3 Persona 4: Dancing All Night [Vita 6 Hours]: Yoooo, Izanagi-no-Okami's Guitar/Bass is pretty rad
#4 Tales of Hearts R [Vita 26 Hours]: That's a good-ass Tales game. Kor and Kohaku are aggressively adorable.
#5 Gravity Rush [Vita 12 Hours]: Charming, but also fuck Gyroscope controls, more importantly charming.
#6 Project Diva f [Vita 3 hours]: I always forget how much I need Rhythm games in my life.
#7 Metroid Zero Mission [WiiU 3 Hours]: That part at the end is so intense I always forget. Unrelated note, is this cannon?
#8 Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin [PS3 30 Hours]: Those DLC bosses are tough.
#9 Steins Gate [Vita 12 Hours]: Interesting time travel story, True Ending made me feel warm and fuzzy.
#10 Boy and His Blob [Vita 15 Hours]: Interesting Game, shame that the port was bad as it crashed at least once a play session and three times during the final level.
#11 Dissidia 012 Duodecim: Final Fantasy [PSP 29 Hours]: That number is a lie, I have put over one thousand hours into this game since it came out, but I decided to double dip on the digital version that was on sale a few weeks ago.
#12 Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros [3DS 19 Hours]: Probably sits in the middle; nowhere near the best, but nowhere near the worst of the M&L games.
#13 Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky [PSP 35 Hours]: The most RPG maker game I have ever played and by god if it isn't some of the most fun I've had in a while.
#14 Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright [3DS 40 Hours]: to review post revelations
#15 Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest [3DS 25 Hours]: to review post revelations
#16 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call [3DS 5 Hours]: And the award for most improved sound quality goes to...
#17 Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation [3DS 25 Hours]: This was the game I was looking forward to all last year and having beaten all three branches of this game I can honestly say it met my crazy high expectaions.
#18 Pokken Tournament Fighter [WiiU 9 Hours]: Having only played the single-player modes with a single Pokemon (Chandelure) I can't really say much about this game. Voice acting is trash.
#19 Hyrule Warriors Legends [3DS 22 Hours]: Now that I've beaten the tutorial time to play Adventure mode.
#20 Sword Art Online: Lost Song [Vita 30 Hours]: Average game, actually builds to a satisfying climax. Game also handles switching between Ground/Aerial and Melee/Magic on the fly pretty well.
#21 Strider [PS3 8 Hours]: Decent game. Getting stun-locked to death often kind of sucks. Probably shouldn't have tried playing this game on hard mode for my first run through but I beat it so oh well.
#22 Muramas: Rebirth [Vita 16 Hours]: Great game but I can't be arsed to grind out those final endings.
#23 NieR [PS3 24 Hours]: Great game, though the games alternate endings aren't nearly worth the multiple playthroughs. (ABCD)
#24 Bravely Second [3DS 45 Hours]: Did not expect that game to have a Platinum-esque ending sequence.
#25 Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 [PS3 2+ hours]: Waited forever to play this game, Ammy, Wright and Zero are my go to. (Yes I'm counting Arcade as beating the game)
#26 Shantae and the Pirate's Curse [3DS 6 Hours]: It's okay, WayForward's never really done it for me though.
#27 Okami HD [PS3 25 Hours]: This may be my third playthrough or so, but I still get all fuzzy inside when the "Sun Rises" kicks in.
#28 Star Fox Zero [WiiU 7 Hours]: Controls not nearly as bad as I thought. Cockpit View however can die in a fire. Game Pad aside the game is kind of mediocre.
#29 New Super Mario Bros. WiiU [WiiU 6 Hours]: NSMB games are fun, but I can't help but get a samey feeling playing them.
#30 Super Mario World [3DS 4 Hours]: I'm in a Mario mood, though the topic about 3D World's status as a "Real Mario Game" may have brought this upon me.
#31 Jet Set Radio HD [Vita 8 Hours]: Maybe I'm wrong, it's been 14 years since I've played JSRF but this version feels way Jankier than Future ever did.
#32 Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons [3DS 8 Hours]: Linked game. Man those are two of the best Zelda games.
#33 Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland [WiiU 3 Hours]: Kirby's adventure has not aged well, this port all things considered is pretty lack-luster.
#34 Super Mario Bros. Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 [WiiU 6 Hours]: That's the first time I have ever beaten Super Mario Bros. 3. It's fine.
#35 Grow Home [PS4 4 Hours]: Cute, kind of tedious.
#36 Broforce [PS4 10 Hours]: Fun, level design gets annoying near the end. Performance just dies near the end of the game.
#37 Bloodborne [PS4 27 Hours]: Great, just Great.
#38 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst [PS4 10 Hours]: Not as good as the first one. I think the change to an open world plus the inclusion of the grapple hook hurt the level design, especially the final level. The removal of guns should have improved game flow, but now the combat sections just feel like road blocks.
#39 Kirby Planet Robobot [3DS 3 Hours]: It's a Kirby game, it's solid and has a great ending, feels like I'm going through the motions though.
#40 Rhythm Heaven: Megamix [3DS 6 Hours]: That is certainly a compilation of the entire series. The game is great but the story was unnecessary and went on way too long, like Okami three chapters long.
#41 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator [PS4 6 Hours]: Fun story mode, fun playing with the characters, will probably never touch online.
#42 Astebreed [PS4 1 Hour]: Pretty-ass, fun-ass game.
#43 Street Fighter V [PS4 4 Hours]: That was a fun story mode, though the game could barely hold itself together.
#44 BoxBoxBoy [3DS 5 Hours]: A good sequel, added one element and totally changes how you interact with all of the previous game's puzzles.
#45 Zero Time Dilemma [3DS 22 Hours]: Mixed. My feelings on this game are mixed.
#46 Journey [PS4 2 Hours] Journey is one of the only games I can think of that carries it's impact no matter how many times you play it.
#47 Va-11 Hall-A [PC 7 Hours]: Really good. Though it might not be fair for a visual novel to be my game of the year two years in a row this one is definitely in the running. Fun characters, great writing, fun mixing drinks and trying to manage Jill's life. Just really good.
#48 Tokyo Mirage Session [WiiU 48 Hours]: Probably my favorite SMT style game gameplay-wise but everything else feels flat; not bad, just kind of flat.
#49 Hyper Light Drifter [PS4 6 Hours]: OK
#50 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD [WiiU 25 Hours]: Still my favorite Zelda. Hope Breath of the Wild fills me with the same sense of adventure this game always does.
#51 King of Fighters XIV [PS4 4+ Hours]: WOOOooooooooOOOO! FOLLOW ME!
#52 Pokemon Yellow [3DS 24 Hours]: This game has aged better than I had given it credit; still super broken but not unplayable like I had thought it would be. Can't wait to transfer my champion team to Pokemon Sun.

Extra Credits:
#53 Mitsurugi Kamui Hikei
#54 The Witness
#55 No Man's Sky
#56 Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice
#57 God Eater Resurrection
#58 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven
#59 Azure Striker Gunvolt 2
#60 Dark Souls III
#61 Saint's Row IV: Gat Outta Hell
#62 DanganRonpa
#63 Drakengard 3: Final Song
#64 Pokemon Sun
#65 Titanfall 2
#66 Final Fantasy XV
#67 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
#68 Firewatch
#69 Gravity Rush Remastered
#70 Grow Home
#71 Valley
Aug 17, 2015
1. FEZ [PC] - 10 hours
I had heard a lot of praise for this game, so I went in with very high expectations. It still floored me. I don't remember the last time a game's theme so perfectly tied into its core mechanics. Great way to start the year.

2. Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons [PC] - 4 hours
This emotionally charged adventure game was a great way to spend an afternoon. The gameplay is used as a narrative device on several occasions, and the environmental story telling was masterfully executed. I became attached to each brother by the end of the journey, and I had a great time in this world.

3. Emily is Away [PC] - 1 hour
This is a high school relationship simulator in the form of an AIM chat service. It&#8217;s a neat little game, although the decisions you make don&#8217;t actually vary up the outcomes you experience all that much. This game has an intended message, and the illusion of player choice actually plays into that message in an odd way.

4. The Witcher - Enhanced Edition [PC] - 55 hours
My first foray into the world of The Witcher was a great success. I drank potions, slept around, made allies (and a few enemies), and killed many a drowner. The questlines are intertwined in a very immersive fashion, and the game is littered with memorable NPCs and locales. This is a game that relies heavily on its atmosphere and mood, much to its own success. There are a few janky animations and rough edged mechanics, although it&#8217;s modern reputation as &#8220;unplayable&#8221; is laughably ridiculous. There is a certain level of polish that most gamers these days expect that simply is not present here. But for the motivated player who wants to dive into this world there is a whole lot to enjoy.

5. The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings [PC] - 35 hours
The Witcher 2 continues the series with a new adventure for Geralt and company. While many gameplay elements are refined and improved, some of the charm of the first game seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. What this game gave up in quirky charm it makes up for with excellent characters and questlines. In the end this is a much more approachable game than its successor, and certainly worth experiencing.

6. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties [PC] - 1.5 hours
Full Motion Video games never really took off, but a few have remained in the collective consciousness of the internet due to their particular level of shitness. Plumbers Don&#8217;t Wear Ties is one such game. The goal of the game is to get the two main characters sleep together, despite them being complete strangers. The sheer amount of ways the main scenario can play out is actually somewhat impressive, although it is unclear whether the porno-quality acting is intentionally comedic or simply completely botched. This game is only worth playing with friends, but with the right crowd you are in for some definite laughs.

7. Undertale [PC] - 8 hours
Undertale is another game which is best experienced blind. A love letter to quirky JRPGs and 90s kids in general, Undertale contains a surprising level of emotional and comedic depth. The game allows you to be as violent or peaceful towards your enemies as you wish to be, providing a very dynamic gameplay experience. It&#8217;s lovely and heartbreaking all at the same time, which is a difficult accomplishment in this interactive medium.

8. Half-Life [PC] - 16 hours
Yes, this game deserves its status as an all time classic. That being said, this game was not the most enjoyable to experience for the first time almost 20 years after release. My main gripes were floaty movement that made platforming sections a nightmare and somewhat dated feeling shooting mechanics. Also, the final boss was a poorly designed mess that had me cursing Valve&#8217;s name. Despite these issues, Half-Life remains one of the most clearly influential games I&#8217;ve ever played, and deserves to be appreciated by all.

9. Crash Bandicoot [PS3, PS1 Classic] - est. 15 hours
Crash Bandicoot is as fun as it is infuriating. The game has a great soundtrack and a fun atmosphere. The core mechanics are the standard platforming affair, however the camera perspective shifts frequently to keep the action fresh. The game is plagued by inconsistent difficulty swings and a janky, dated save-system. The poor decision to tie save points to sparsely occurring bonus stages really dates this game, and it makes this game very hard to recommend in this day and age.

10. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon [PS3] - 5 hours
This game is pure, unfiltered 80&#8217;s attitude. It aims to be a spinoff of the Far Cry series and a love letter to 80s action cinema, both of which it achieves with flying colors. The hectic run and gun action and stealth infiltration mechanics make for many extremely satisfying moment-to-moment gameplay. The art direction, clever writing and intentionally dated presentation make this game a joy from start to finish.

11. Final Fantasy IV [iOS] - 32 hours
This marked my first foray into the mainline Final Fantasy series, and I came away really impressed by a really old game. 1991 was a long time ago, but don't sleep on Final Fantasy IV. This game has better characters and pacing then most RPGs I played during the entire 7th gen, period. With a rock solid ATB (Active Time Battle) and a vast world to explore it&#8217;s hard to find much fault in the game. This is a great entry point for people who want to get into the Final Fantasy series but don&#8217;t want to skip out on the SNES era.

12. Mass Effect [PC] - 23 hours
Revisiting the original Mass Effect ten years later is somewhat sobering. This game's presentation has aged poorly. The dialogue system in particular has been severely outpaced by contemporary RPG&#8217;s. Often times the dialogue option selected seems completely unrelated to the line delivered. Shepard, a character "made from scratch" by the player, feels rather predetermined in personality and disposition. At the end of the day role-playing as Shepard is rather dull in 2016. The supporting cast and world are still fun to explore, which is what this game is really all about.

13. Portal [PC] - 2 hours
I like this game quite a bit. The core of the game &#8211; its portal mechanics &#8211; are pulled off marvelously, and reward outside-of-the-box problem solving. Solutions build on one another, and the levels are paced excellently. The game takes a wild turn in the third act with a really well executed moment. The AI who guides you through the game is quite an amusing character; it&#8217;s no surprise that many of her lines have lived on in the consciousness of gamers. This is the gaming equivalent of a really tasteful short film; it's brief, but worth the little time it requires to experience.

14. Shadow of the Colossus [PS3] - 11 hours
This game is beautiful. You play as an inexperienced boy who is way over his head, and the core mechanics accurately simulate this for the player. The story unfolds with a great deal of subtlety, but by near the end of the journey you will be asking a great deal of questions about yourself and what it is that you are actually accomplishing. The scope of the Colossae, beautiful visuals, sweeping orchestral score and pulse-pounding combat encounters all crescendo to perfection in this game.

15. Amazing Brick [iOS] - N/A
This game is an incredibly simple pallet cleanser. It is essentially a vertically progressing Flappy Bird. It sports a very clean aesthetic, and a calming piano accompanies your attempts to raise the high score. The core mechanics are nothing earth shattering, but they work exactly as intended.

16. Sonic Adventure DX [PC] - 15 hours
Poor controls and flawed level design were recurring themes throughout my entire time with Sonic Adventure. The game features playable storylines, which range from inconsistently tolerable (Sonic), not fun (Knuckles), lame as hell (Amy), and fucking inexplicable (Big the Cat). Wonky controls and glitch level design don&#8217;t do this game any favors, however there is some redemption in the catchy soundtrack and hilarious voice acting.

17. Final Fantasy V [iOS] - 32 hours
FFV features a robust and insanely customizable Job system. I spent hours grinding in this game, not because the game required me to, but because I wanted to. I ended up stacking each character with dozens of abilities, and relished the first time I used combinations like Rapid Fire and Dual Wielding on my foes. The insane level of time I put into crafting each character actually left me somewhat emotional at the game's end - despite the very vanilla story. Final Fantasy V isn't going to blow your mind with any crazy plot twists, but it just might take over your life for a few weeks.

18. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [PS4] - 7.5 hours.
The problem with this game is that the actual act of playing it isn&#8217;t incredibly fun. The combat system and platforming mechanics are both very unrewarding. The level design did not grant many opportunities for flanking and outsmarting enemies, and the sparsity of ammo does not encourage the player to experiment with the few weapons available. Fortunately, the game keeps to a brisk pace and varies up the action with vehicle chases and visually interesting locales. The characters are well-written and fun to spend time with, it&#8217;s just too bad the game they are in isn&#8217;t more fun to play.

19. Amplitude [PS4] - est. 15 hours
Amplitude is not Hamonix&#8217;s first rhythm game, and it shows. The visuals are top notch, and the fluidity of the gameplay is frighteningly satisfying, especially when clearing fast paced sections on higher difficulties. What holds Amplitude back from being an absolute home run is its largely inconsistent soundtrack as well as a very poorly designed campaign system. These issues are not deal breakers, but they do take away from how special this game could be. Amplitude is a game I'd recommend to anyone who loves rhythm games, but I'd be sure to let them know that there are a few hurdles involved.

20. Super Meat Boy [PS4] - est. 15 hours
Excellent level design, tight controls and a perfect difficulty curve define this game. Super Meat Boy is the perfect amalgamation of 30 years of platformers. The game features brutal deaths set to a cartoony art style and an original soundtrack that is appropriately metal. This isn't a game exclusively for retro enthusiasts or gluttons for pain - this is a game for gamers who enjoy simple and satisfying challenges.

21. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [PS4] - 10 hours
Continuing in the same vein as its predecessor, Uncharted 2 is a decent game with excellent presentation. The gunplay and platforming are still merely passable, but this time they interact a bit more. The addition of stealth gameplay opportunities was a nice change, however somewhat underutilized. The set pieces are front and center in this game, and several of them are quite astounding. The characters are as likeable as ever, however the storyline itself feels a bit convoluted and thematically derivative. I like Uncharted 2 for what it is, but there is nothing about it that blows me away. It's a decent game with a somewhat overstated reputation.

22. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back [PS3/PSP] - est. 10 hours
Crash Bandicoot 2 fixes much of what was wrong with the first game, and has plenty of new tricks up its sleeve. Jet skis, monkey bars and even a jetpack are tools at Crash&#8217;s disposal. The hub system is much better than the first game, and save opportunities are available after every level. The level design is pretty solid, and for the modern gamer it is definitely a more natural starting point in the series than the original.

23. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception [PS4] - 7.5 hours
While Drake&#8217;s Deception doesn&#8217;t fix the issues of the first two Uncharted games, it certainly doubles down on the series&#8217; strengths. First of all, this is an Uncharted game with meaningful character moments. The first two games showed Drake as an adventure man archetype; he was quippy and knowledgeable, but lacked much depth. This game paints him as a flawed human being. The supporting cast is used very effectively, and the villain is rooted in the past of the characters in an interesting way. The gunplay is the best of the series so far, and the chase sequences littered throughout the game offer just the right level of pressure to the otherwise bland platforming.

24. Demon's Souls [PS3] - 35 hours
Challenging and addicting gameplay, a world that draws you in and rewards exploration, a subtle story that has to be discovered by the player, beautiful art design and score - this game really is the whole package. It has some framerate issues and bizarre design oversite, but these issues pale in comparison to just how much this game gets right.

25. Diablo [PC] - 15 hours
I love games that have both a strong sense of place and an atmosphere that sticks with you. These things define Diablo. The wonderful art direction and haunting score largely overshadow this game's aged aesthetics. The simple stat system helps this game age surprising well. The game moves along at a brisk pace with no grinding or backtracking. The loot drops provide plenty of gear if you build your character&#8217;s skills poorly, but if you build efficiently you will be a mean fighting machine by the time you meet Diablo. Couple these qualities with the fact that the game is basically the perfect length for its concept and it's quite clear to see why this game is an absolute classic, even 20 years later.

26. Journey [PS4] - 1.5 hours
Finally got around to playing Journey, and I really liked it. Beautiful art direction and score, very subtle narrative, good level and environment design. I loved how the mountain was always in center view - great visual storytelling. The game didn't really impact me emotionally on the level I thought it would, but it was a very polished, very fine experience.

27. Gone Home [PS4] - 2 hours
Gone Home, was one of the more immersive gameplay experiences I've had in quite some time. Exploring this mysterious mansion one room at a time was equal parts creepy, insightful and touching. The home itself is open to explore, but is filled with locked doors and shortcuts which the player must discover. The various subplots all pay off really nicely, and after a while I felt more and more like I was pouring over the private notes and letters of real family members, not videogame characters. The game ends with a really great twist which fits the tone of the rest of the experience perfectly.

28. The Beginner's Guide [PC] - 2 hours
The Beginners Guide is an interactive documentary of sorts, although whether or not the narrator is reliable is open to interpretation. The story told holds plenty of value whether or not the narrative framework presented is legitimate. This is a game about the creative process, and all of the existential questions and longings that a creator must experience. I really enjoyed how stripped down and informal the entire experience felt. I really felt like I was playing long-forgotten levels ripped straight from the hard drive of a struggling game designer. I am glad this game exists. There's nothing else quite like it out there.

29. Dark Souls [PC] - 56 hours
This ambitious follow up to Demon's Souls takes the core gameplay of its predecessor and applies it to an intricately woven open world. The interconnected world results in an astounding sense of scope. However, the individual levels themselves often fail to capture the same level of polish that most of Demon's Souls possessed. Levels at times feel somewhat empty and awkwardly paced - especially in the games second half. Dark Souls excels in spite of this due to its more polished combat system and greater variety in locale.

30. Firewatch [PC] - 4 hours
Mystery and dramatic character moments are brought to the table in this park ranger simulator, and while the ride is quite engrossing the ultimate destination is a bit of a let down due to a rushed story reveal. Despite the weak final act, this game was well worth the detour from my normal combat-centered games, offering a breath of fresh air in many ways.

31. Gear of War: Ultimate Edition [Xbox One] - 8 hours
This bro-dude romp is as fun to play on this remaster as it was in 2006, but the characters are flat as cardboard and the campaign gets a little long in the tooth towards the end. Inconsistent level design and bland environments take their toll as the game wears on, but the immensely satisfying combat system and intense multiplayer are still worth it 10 years later.

32. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [PS3] - 8 hours
Juvenile and frantic, MGR:R hits just enough right notes to warrant its use of the sacred Metal Gear moniker. The game's brisk pace is well paired with it's engaging yet ultimately limited combat system. MGR:R features certainly the most bland story of any Metal Gear game, despite its quite grandiose boss encounters. The supporting cast is quite forgettable outside of the two main villains and your robot dog companion, yet that's okay because they're never treated as much more the background noise anyway. This is the hack and slash Metal Gear spinoff that nobody asked for, but most fans will be able to enjoy.

33. Smash TV [Arcade] - 1 hour
Addicting twin stick combat with a fun premise. I've never beaten an arcade game in an arcade before, but I played through this one in about an hour (with unlimited lives...). It's fun enough, but the arcade setup makes it too easy with unlimited restarts and cripplingly difficult (and costly) if you're playing it at a pay-to-play arcade. Ultimately it's a nice distraction for an hour, and makes for a flashy good time.

34. Batman: Arkham Asylum [PS3] - 12 hours


35. Overwatch [PC] - 30 hours


36. The London Heist [PSVR] - 1 hour


37. Prune [iOS] - 3 hours


38. Half-Life 2 [PC] - 13 hours


39. Bastion [PC] - 6 hours


40. Papers Please [PC] - 11 hours


41. Half-Life: Blue Shift [PC] - 3 Hours


42. Doom (1993) [PC] - 5 hours


43. Half-Life 2: Episode One [PC] - 3 hours


44. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter [PC] - 3 hours


45. The Howler [PC] - 1 hour


46. Reveal the Deep [PC] - 3 hours


47. Limbo [PC] - 4 hours


48. The Swapper [PC] - 5 hours


49. Ico [PS3] - 15 hours


50. SUPERHOT [PC] - 2 hours


51. Her Strory [PC] - 5 hours


52. Final Fantasy VI [iOS] - 35 hours


I made it!
May 23, 2015
Claiming it, gonna go for it this year. Highly doubt I'll actually make it, though, but whatever.


1. Emily is Away (PC)
Neat little game that really stuck in my head for a few days. Definitely recommend it, as it's free and doesn't take much time.

2. Metal Slug 3 - Jan 13th (PC)
My friend bought himself and I copies on Steam, and we blasted through the missions. Still looks super impressive, but it's mind-numbingly boring when there's infinite lives.

3. Lifeline - Jan 28th (iOS)
I was pretty much playing this the whole month, until I caved and went into Fast Mode for the end. Cool, novel game.

4. Lara Croft GO - Jan 30th (iOS)

Really fun, well-designed puzzle game. Perfect kind of game to just relax with, you know? Good shit.

5. Braid - Feb 3rd (PC)
Another really fun, well-designed puzzle game. Much harder than Lara Croft GO, but much more rewarding.

6. OK KO! Lakewood Plaza Turbo - Feb 5th (iOS)
I really like Ian JQ, and OK KO generally doesn't disappoint. Completely free, too.

7. Far Cry 4 - Feb 12th (PC)
I've had it since it came out, but never got around to it. It's first half is bad, but it gets better towards the end. This one feels good, since most of my games thus far have been small downloadables.

8. Firewatch - Feb 13th (PC)
Solid, but not amazing. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

9. Superhot - Not Sure (PC)

10. Ratchet and Clank (PS4)
So freaking sikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

EDIT-- I LOST COUNT SO LONG AGO DUDE, I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I know DOOM and Clustertruck are in here somewhere, as well as a ton of Overwatch, but beyond that I stopped counting. This is my letter of resignation from this challenge, I guess.
Nov 24, 2015
Seattle, WA
Game #1: Ketsui DS (DS)
Great Shmup that is boss rushes with one secret stage unlockable. Love every minute of it. Will probably keep playing even though I still have 51 more to go...

Game #2: Fallout 4 (X1)
Fun game but pretty much FO3 (which I am not complaining) Going to go back and do the other endings soon. Can not wait for the DCL to hit for this.

Game #3: Pneuma: Breath of Life (X1)
Fun Puzzle game that reminded me of a smaller version of Myst. Very short yet some brain teasing puzzles near the end. No replay value but that's ok still a great charming little indie game.

Game #4: Fairune (3DS)
Very short puzzle adventure game. Game clock said it took about 2.75 hours. Neat concept. When you die there is no consequence and you keep everything up to your death including all XP. Only down side to dying is you need to backtrack to get to where you were. Great little time killer that you can play for 5 minutes or and hour!

Game #5: The Starship Damrey (3DS)
A fun little Puzzle/Adventure game from level 5. (I am seeing a pattern with my last few games!) Fun but short, and the puzzles were pretty easy. Didn't really take much thought to complete them.

Game #6: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS)
Fun little Mega Man style side scroller. Lots of potential also. I do wish it had power ups that I could collect but hey for a game that is just over an hour and that's with beating it with all 3 people. Glad it was free with the purchase of Azure Gunvolt.

Game #7: Wolfenstien: The Old Blood (X1)
If you like The New Order then this is right up your ally. They do not do much to improve on this game play wise but the action/ stealth parts are done very good. Makes me excited to see what else this developer can do with the series.

Game #8: Gone Home: Console Edition (X1)
I have to say that this game was really well done. I loved the thoughts going through my head of where? what? who? why? I also thought the younger sister leaving the notes/ story logs was a really neat way of telling her story and struggle with her parents. Also the other notes and files you find about your parents and yourself.

Game #9: Steam World Dig (3DS)
Going into this I though it was more of a world based platformed with digging, not the opposite. I did really enjoy this game. It was a very charming story and very great game mechanics. Also immediately upon completion bought Steam World Heist.

Game #10: Metro 2033: Redux (X1)
I started this on the X360 years ago but got to what I thought was a fight that I could not beat. Now years later I found out I just had to run over a knocked down fence I never saw. Dummy me! Anyway this game is just amazing from the story, characters, and the environment. Such a great survival game. Can not wait to jump into the sequel in a few months.

Game #11: Gunman Clive (3DS)
I have had this sitting on my 3DS since it came out. I have no clue why I waited so long to play it! This game was fun (took 57 minutes. I loved how it was challenging yet not to hard. Just a lot of memorization. Reminded me of a simplistic western Mega Man. Picked up the sequel and will be playing it soon.

Game #12: Halo 5 (X1)
So I finished the incredibly short and incredibly mediocre Halo 5. Really not sure what to say about it other than it looked really good and controlled really good. Other than that is was just a meh story that I did not really care to much for. Do not get me wrong as I did have fun playing it but it was just real weak compared to the other ones in the series.

Game #13: Earth Defense Force 2025 (X360)
I finished Earth Defense Force 2025 co-op with my Girlfriend. She really enjoyed all of the mindless shooting and destruction. It was a fun arcade style game with oh so many levels. I will pick up the others soon. Had way to much fun with it not to.

Game #14: Life Is Strange (X1)
Man I knew this was good and got a lot of praise from well everywhere and everyone but hot damn. So, so, so good. If you look past all the teen drama (which I believe adds to the charm) There is some awesome stuff to deal with and the perma situations are handled so well. I highly recommend this to anyone who plays games.

Game #15: Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)
Now I loved Heavy Rain bu this game was just meh. The concept/ story was a great idea but the execution just was no there IMO. The acting was top notch but hard not to be when you have Hollywood celebs as the two main characters in the game. Ending was cool but will not say anything I did. Lets hope Quantic Dreams new game Detroit is better...

Game #16: Saturday Morning RPG (Vita)
This game is very fun and only $10!! It played a lot like the Mario and Luigi RPG games. Time to do more dmg/take less dmg Item buffs before the match and so forth. It is simple and not to deep but very enjoyable. You can beat this in about 5-6 hours but has a ton of replay ability. I strongly recommend.

Game #17: Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time (PS3)
My latest completion was Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. This was actually my first Sly game and I enjoyed it a lot. I have the HD trilogy so that will be on my list later this year. I love the sneaking around and pickpocket idea. The camera was a tad wonky in some areas but not enough to annoy me. The characters where all fun and cool, and the music and level design where a great fit. This made me wish I played the OG trilogy back in the PS2 days when they originally came out.

Game #18: Raiden V (X1)
Number 18 was Raiden V. It is ok. not as good as 3 or 4 and well nothing is better than the Raiden Fighters collection. The music is good and the upgrade system is great. The level design is bad though. There are a few areas that have the enemy bullets almost the same as the level background. BIIIIIG no no. This game i still fun don't get me wrong and I am super excited to have a proper shmup on the X1. Now here is to hoping we get at least a few more...

Game #19: Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception (PS3)
Just finished up Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. It was an Uncharted game. Not as good as 2. I never enjoyed the combat in these games since it is well only OK. I like these games for the story, set pieces, and traversal. I will Play 4 one day...

Game #20: Ico (PS2)
Game 20 was and oldie. I finished up Ico on the PS2. I started this game back in 01' when I got it but stopped to play something else. I had to restart but was only about 1hr. in. Took about 6 hours to beat and only one puzzle I had to look up what to do. It was a very fun puzzle/ escort mission game. well done graphically and the music was a great fit. I will be starting SotC soon since I never played that since I got it.

Game #21: Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours (Vita)
This was a fun game. It has a shit load of stages and alternate paths that give it a lot of replability. Overall it is a weaker one in the series. The enemy type is good but I was not a fan of the boss battles that much. Some seemed good while others....well just meh/ easy. I still think it is worth the asking price due to all the replability but that's just my opinion.

Game #22: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)
Number 22 was Mario Kart 8. I skipped it on the Wii but since this came free with my Wii U and all the positive talk about it I figured what the hey, I'll try it out. Damn is this one fun. Nintendo did a fantastic job with the track design/ style. Also I really love the graphics. Didn't know that the Wii U was capable of this!! So much multiplayer fun to be had I can not wait!!.

Game #23: Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
Finished up Shadow of the Colossus today. It was a fun game but the last one took me a good total of 5 hrs. to beat. I kept getting frustrated with the camera and controls (which didn't hold up all that well). I did love pretty much everything to do with the game. Not sure why people say it is a "sequel" or "spiritual successor" to ICO. Other than the art style I saw zero connection, but oh well I still loved the shit out of it.

Game #24: Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time (PS3)
Just finished up Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Not much to say since it is a Ratchet game but boy oh boy did I forget how much fun those games are! The writing and voice acting all top notch. Controls same. I will continue on with Into the Nexus at some point this year.

Game #25: Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (3DS)
Next up is the My Nintendo exclusive Zelda Twilight Princess Picross. Its is Picross so not much to say. It is really fun but short. I think it took me about 4-5 hours to beat. The puzzles are on the easy side but not to easy that they are boring. It still takes so thinking and whatnot.

Game #26: Pocket Card Jockey (3DS)
Thanks to Dan and the Giantbomb crew I played about 20+ hours of Pocket Card Jockey. Best $7 I think I ever spent. I will be going back to this again and again. Its is just so much fun and a great time waster. Yes it takes a while to understand how it works but man once it clicks it just rocks. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with a 3DS. (Oh and DO NOT skip the tutorial.)

Game #27: Mortal Kombat X (X1)
First up me and the GF beat the story mode which is just fantastic. Then we have been playing a ton of Vs. matched against each other. Not much else to say about this except its more MK which is always a great thing!

Game #28: Kirby: Robobot (3DS)
Finished up Kirby: Robobot and it was just as easy but also just as fun as Triple Deluxe. The robot gimmick was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. The ability to use the enemy ability while being a robot was cool and the ability's where different from the ones you got as OG Kirby. All in all it was a fun game. Highly recommend it.

Game #29: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (X1)
So for the 29th game on my list the GF and I completed Gears of Wat Ultimate Edition Co-op.Not to much to say other than I looked and played great. I f I never heard of the series and this was my first time playing I would have been blown away. Still great after what 10 years?

Game #30: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
I had a bit of NES Mario itch this past weekend so I played Super Mario Bros. I cleared it 2 times. Once with zero cheats and did all levels and world. The second I used the hidden warp pipes. Always fun to go back to play this classic.

Game #31: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
Coming off on the first Mario I decided to go back and FINALLY beat Mario 3 (yes, I feel ashamed I never beat this before.) Just like the previous game it still rocks, still lots of fun, and still my favorite (2D) Mario game.

Game #32: Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash (3DS)
I went back and finished Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash. I am not sure whats up with this game. The platforming was fun and so are the mechanics but the vehicle style levels? Just bad, no checkpoints in them so you have to do it in one go. Also you can pay (in game $) to pass a level if it is to hard. Not that any ARE hard. Also the "Destination Wheel" at the end of the level is 100% pointless. Just go to the nest level, I don't want to spin a stupid wheel to see if i am relaying a level or not. Anyway, the game is good for the platforming and charm and that's about it. Oh and a whole world, not level but world is locked behind Amiibo use which is a real shitty tactic.

Game #33: 10000000 (IOS)
I just finished up 10000000. It was a very very solid match 3 time killer. Not much else to say except time to play You Must Build a Boat.

Game #34: You Must Build A Boat (IOS)
I beat You Must Build A Boat. It is structured better but pretty much 10000000. (See game #33)

Game #35: Alien Infestation (DS)
Next up I finished Alien Infestation. This was a very fun Metroidvania (god I hate that term). It was short but simple and fun. Boss fights where pretty easy. I liked how they did your lives. Made you play a tad bit smarter. Totally recommend since it it can be found on the cheap right now.

Game #36: Shadow Warrior (X1)
For 36 I completed Shadow Warrior on the Xbone. This game was so much fun. I highly recommend this to anyone who has not played it yet. The story is kind of meh but the game play/ controls are fantastic.

Game #37: No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (PS3)
Next up was No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise. I did not really enjoy this game at all. Maybe it just didn't age well or what but it was almost a struggle to finish.

Game #38: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (DS)
Finally got all the ending and finished up 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. It was a fun puzzle game. The ending was good and is wanting to get the next in the series. Not much else to say other than the parts yuo have to replay I am so, so, so, so happy you can skip all the dialog. I wish you could skip the puzzles also but eh oh well. Anyway onto the next game.

Game #39: Dementium: The Ward (DS)
For 39 I finish Dementium: The Ward on the DS. It was actually a pretty fun first person survival horror game. Yeah the controls were a challenge but I knew that going in since well a FPS on the DS... The story was decent for what there was )it was light) The game play was cool with the limited view without the flashlight ala Doom 3. Give it a shot if you get the chance. Its short, about 4-5 hours.

Game #40: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (Vita)
Next up was Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X. This in another one of those games. That's not bad though. It was a lot of fun. The only thing I didn't like is the randomness to unlocking stuff that you need to help get better score/ Voltage meter. Other than that its fantastic like all the rest!

Game #41: Dear Ester: Landmark Edition (X1)
Finished up dear Esther On the Xbone. I had a fun time just walking around the island and exploring what I could. This is clearly not for everyone. I need to hurry this up or I will not make 52!!

Game #42: Layers of Fear (X1)
Finished up Layers of Fear. This was a really fun Horror story driven game. I love the horror genre in games and this was up there. I may pick up the DLC for this. Lots of creepy jump scares and atmosphere.

Game #43: Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (3DS)
Also went back and finished Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX. yet another great entry into the series. It was fairly easy and is great for people new to the series. Like all others I will go back and try my hand at the harder settings down the road.

Game #44: Virginia (X1)
Finished up Virginia. It was another walking sim. I was under the impression that it was supposed to be a little creepy but it was not. I honestly have no clue what was going on. I think it had something to do with aliens/ abduction. It was ok. but would be cautious on recommending it.

Game #45: Desert Golf (IOS)
Next up is Desert Golf. This does not have an end so i waited all year to list it. Played all year and am currently around hole 6,500. This game is a fantastic time waster. I will keep on playing this for who knows how long. I play a lot while watching TV. Some holes are extremely hard yet others easy as pie. I love that there is no retry so you get stuck with the shot count. i think i have taken close to 25,000 shots.

Game #46: Super Mario Bro. Deluxe (GBC)
Knocked out an oldie but a goodie with Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. Really not much to say on this except it is classic Mario just zoomed in.

Game #47: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS)
Ultimate NES Remix was the next down. I did not complete this as I did not finish the last about 35 games. I found it started to wear out its welcome a bit before that but chugged as far as I was able to. It is by no means a bad game. In fact I loved it! I think I just played to mach to fast and burnt myself out.

Game #48: Shantae and the Pirates Curse (3DS)
Knocked out Shantae and the Pirates Curse. This was a very fun game and I have no clue why I waited so long to play it!Level design, progression, and even the Mertoidvania-ish style of exploring was great. Can not recommend enough.

Game #49: Karous: The Beast of Re:Eden (3DS)
Next on the list is Karous: The Beast of Re:Eden. This is a fun lil shmup. It is not as good as the Dreamcast counterpart. It also plays very differently. It is level based with specific objectives. Also the more you use and item/power it becomes stronger. There is a lot of grinding to get leveled up and a lot of replaying levels to attempt them as some are pretty challenging. If you are a shmup fan I recommend but other than that you may want to pass as It is a pretty niche title.

Game #50: The Legend of Dark Witch - Chronicle 2D ACT (3DS)
So I finished up The Legend of Dark Witch - Chronicle 2D ACT. I tried it out after I saw a few others here finish it and recommend it. I liked it. Short, small and very very charming with some replay value. I started to get hooked on trying to beat my time on the different levels.

Game #51: God of War: Ascension (PS3)
Next up was God of War: Ascension. Now I loved all the GoW games 1-3 and even the 2 PSP ones. This game however felt like a rushed game that Sony wanted to get out before the PS3 life cycle was over. Now do not get me wrong as I had fun with it but just nothing memorable came out of it. The epic scale of the fights and world did not seem so epic compared to past games. Oh well I was like $6 at Target on clearance so I can not complain to much.

Game #52: Gears of War 4 (X1)
To top off the list of 52 games was Gears of War 4. I played this co-op with a buddy of mine who I played all the GoW games with. We enjoyed it but that ending kinda just came up out of nowhere. Also I didn't really enjoy spending the last few chapters playing as a giant robot. Oh well I will just wait for the 5th one since they clearly left it open for a sequel.
Feb 15, 2013
Claiming this spot for the first part of my 2016 completed games list, hopefully I'll be able to finish ( I beat the challenge in 2014, but came up 9 games shy of doing it last year) this year's challenge. Below are a list of games I've either started in previous years that I'm gonna try to finish this year or games I bought, but have yet to start.


1. Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Finished 1/10/16, playtime 37+ hrs) - I got this game as a Christmas present last year as I'm a big fan of the series and have pretty much played every game in the series (except for the handheld games, Chronicles series, Rogue, and Brotherhood) since it's inception in 2007. Overall I have to say that this game is (for now) my new all time favorite entry in the series topping both Black Flag & 2 as I really enjoyed this game's story and improved gameplay mechanics (I'm loving the new fluid combo based combat system which has nice little touches such as enemies interacting with the environment when struck) not to mention it's setting of Victorian London. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

2. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (Finished 1/18/16, playtime 24 hrs 38 mins) - I first played this game back in 2008, but never beat it due to how difficult it was (I got as far as the
boss fight before trading the game in, it also didn't help that I was playing the game on my sister's DSi since I didn't have a system of my own) well nearly 8 years later I got the game back in my collection (as a Christmas gift no less) and finally beat it. Of the DS Castlevania games (which I've now all beaten over the course of the past 3 years) I've gotta say this one was by far the hardest one of the bunch imo as it required lots of level grinding, some luck, and a good strategy guide to help get me through some of the harder parts. If you are looking for a good, but really challenging IGAvania game look no farther than this game. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

3. Battlefield Hardline (Finished 1/22/16, playtime 10 hrs 35 mins) - Earlier this week EA gave Xbox Live Gold members a week trial of their EA Access program and ended up taking advantage of it by playing through this game. Overall I felt the game was okay as it had a semi decent story/campaign (really liked the cast, though there were a few bits that felt a bit off), but other than that (and some obvious minor differences) it basically felt like just any other battlefield game to me. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

4. Life is Strange (Finished 1/31/16, playtime 13 hrs 13 mins) - I've never been a big fan of adventure games so I never really bothered with the more recent games in that genre such as The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us, but after hearing about how good Life is Strange I figured it was time I give it a try. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this game and how really dark (& f***ed up) the story got in spots due to the choices I made during the course of the game. I also really liked the detective/murder mystery aspect of the game's story and now that I've finished the game kinda wish it had been an even bigger aspect of the earlier episodes. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

5. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (Finished "story mode" 2/4/16, playtime 5+ hrs) - one of my favorite gaming genre's has always been the fighting genre (and for some odd reason I like it when they include a "story" mode even though they turn out to be crap) and of the "big" fighting game series out there Dead or Alive is one of the few series (next to Virtua Fighter & Soul Caliber) that I haven't played too much of in the past (I played a little of DoA 2 Hardcore on the PS2 and a demo of 3 prior to the launch of the original Xbox) so I figured I'd give the series another go with DoA 5: Last Round. Overall I didn't care too much for this game, which to me felt like a very poorly done imitation of Tekken with a dash of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (simplified button schemes) thrown in for good measure and the way the game "tells" it's "story" left me even more confused than I already was coming in. &#9733;&#9733;

6. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Finished 2/9/16, playtime 8 hrs 37 mins) - I got this game for free back in Dec as it seemed to be a bonus GwG game for XBL Gold members and overall I thought this 2.5D puzzle platformer was alright as it had a few decent puzzle platforming sections and wasn't too hard to finish. Also the game's story wasn't too bad and the game (for the most part) transitioned seamlessly between story cutscenes & gameplay. &#9733;&#9733;

7. Street Fighter V (Finished 2/20/16, playtime 11+ hrs) - I've been a long time fan of fighting games so I decided to pick up this game for PC even though my PC didn't meet the minimum requirements and was surprised to find that my PC could in fact run it, but with the settings set to Low. Overall I enjoyed the game's gameplay and fairly streamlined/simplistic controls, though I like many was disappointed by the lack of content. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

8. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Baba Yaga single player DLC expansion (Finished 3/6/16, est playtime 2 - 3 hrs) - I had been procrastinating on playing this single player DLC expansion, which I got via the game's season pass and overall I'm kinda glad I did wait to play it as it gave me an excuse to pick this game back up. As for the DLC itself, well I felt it was kinda short and there wasn't much in the way of new puzzles/tombs, but I will say that the presentation/atmosphere was pretty good and the new area was imo pretty well designed. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

9. Quantum Break (Finished 4/9/16 -est playtime 10 hrs) - I initially had no plans on getting this game, but decided what the hell. Overall this game was okay imo, it had an interesting premise and was generally well made, but it could have been a lot better than it was.&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

10. Twilight Princess Picross ( Completed 4/29/16 - est playtime 20 hrs) - I ended up getting this game through the new My Nintendo program even though I hadn't played a Picross game before and overall I really enjoyed this free game, so much so I 100% completed all the puzzles (all color pictures) for all 3 of the game's modes. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

11. Mortal Kombat XL ("Finished" 5/1/16 - est 2016 playtime 12+ hrs) - I had played this a lot last year before taking an extended break back in Nov, with the release of Kombat Pack XL in March I ended picking the game back up and put in about a dozen hrs into the game so far this year. Overall I really liked the new additions brought in with Kombat Pack XL with the exception of Bo Ri Cho (I have no idea why he was turned into a DLC character) especially Triborg & Alien who were imo more than worth the $25 asking price for the XL pack. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

12. Killer Instinct Season 3 ("Finished 5/5/16 - est 2016 playtime 11+ hrs) &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

13. Star Wars Battlefront ("Finished" 5/8/16 - est playtime 11+hrs) - I got this game last year, but didn't really play it too much (about an hour or two) cause I was focusing on other games. I recently decided to revisit this game after re-watching Star Wars Episode 7 for the first time since I saw it in theaters and overall as a FPS it's okay. As a Star Wars game from Dice no less it was imo a pretty big disappointment mostly due to the lack of content and the excessive cost of the season pass which imo had content that should have been in the game from the start. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

14. AVGN 2: Assimilation (Finished 5/8/16 - est playtime 1.5 hrs) - I was a big fan of the first AVGN game and when I heard they were coming out with a sequel I jumped on it. Overall the game was a bit on the short side and imo wasn't as challenging as the first game though I will say that it was still a pretty solid 2D platformer. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

15. DOOM (Finished 6/5/16 - playtime 18 hrs 20 mins) - I initially wasn't planning on playing this as I wasn't too impressed with the beta, but after hearing all the positive things about the game I decided to give it a go. Overall I was really surprised that I enjoyed the game's minimalist single player story and was actually kinda pissed (in a good way) at the game's cliffhanger ending as I was kinda expecting a nice little wrap up instead of it essentially ending abruptly. I enjoyed it so much that I wish they would do a solid single player story mode DLC expansion instead of a sequel. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

16. Limbo (Finished 6/13/16 - playtime 2hrs 18 mins) - Earlier today I found out that Limbo was free through the Xbox Live marketplace and decided to revisit it. Overall it played pretty much like I remembered, though it was also a bit easier than I remember it being even though it had been a few years since I had beaten it. &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;

17. Hitman: Episode 1 (Finished 07/22/16 - est playtime 3 hrs) - What can I say it's Hitman goodness, but in tiny (albeit very replayable) chunks, the story so far is ok though I'm hoping it will get better with future episodes

18. Hitman: Episode 2 (Finished 7/26/16 - est playtime 3 hrs) - Have the same feelings about this episode that I had about the last, though I do have to add that I'm definitely digging the replayability for each episode and the Gary Busey elusive target was pretty fun (loved the hilarious dialog)

19. Hitman: Episode 3 (Finished 9/4/16 - est playtime 3 hrs) -

20. Batman: Episode 1 (Finished 8//16 - est playtime 1.5 hrs) -

21. Batman: Episode 2 (Finished 9//16 - est playtime 1.5 hrs) -

22. Dr. Mario Miracle Cure (Finished 9/15/16 - est playtime 6 hrs) -

23. Halo:CE/MCC (Finished 9/23/16 - est playtime 10 hrs) -

24. Halo 2/MCC (Finished 10/3/16 - est playtime 7 hrs) -

25. Halo 3/MCC (Finished 10/5/16 - est playtime 6.5 hrs) -

26. Halo 4/MCC (Finished 10/7/16 - est playtime 6 hrs

Current (In Progress) Backlog:
Outlast (PC) - currently at 49% completion
The Witcher 3 (Xbox One) - Currently at 4%? completion
Ryse: Son of Rome (PC) - Currently at 65% completion
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 (PC) - Currently at 5% completion
Xenoblade Chronicles X - Currently at 2% completion
Sonic Generations (PC) - Currently at 60% completion
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - Currently at 40% completion
White Night (PC) - Currently at 2% completion
Alien Isolation (Xbox One) - about to start Ch. 5
Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition (PS3) - Currently at 5% completion
Sunset Overdrive - Currently at 5% completion
Final Fantasy Type 0 HD (Xbox One) - Currently at 8% completion
Gears of War 3 - Currently at 45% completion
Gears of War Judgement
Bravely Default - Currently at 90% completion (it would be higher but I
skipped the final reset cause I got sick of it and wanted to end the game instead so all that's really left for me to do to finish the game is to beat Airy
though I still have a shit ton of grinding to do before I'll be able to beat them)
Deadly Premonition Director's Cut (PC)
Yoshi's Woolly World - Currently at 20% completion
Parasite Eve 2 (PS3/PSN - PS One Classics) - Currently at 60% completion
Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy Anthology version for the original PlayStation) - Currently at 4% completion
The Walking Dead Season One (Xbox One)
Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS3/PSN)
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) - Currently at 5% completion
Sep 25, 2009
Always wanted to try this out. I'm curious if I can do 52 games in a year.

#01 - King's Quest: A Knight to Remember

Really loved this game. So many little things that remind me of playing the originals as a kid. Playing the game with my two daughters has been amazing. They are both totally into it. Can't wait to play more episodes.

#02 - Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Great story, game game. The twins were awesome. Although I loved playing as Evie. That cane sword she has is so bad ass!

#03 - Cubot

A simple puzzle game that gets crazy hard as the levels progress. Good game to chill out with after a Halo session.

#04 - King's Quest: Rubble without a Cause

Continue to love this series. Can't wait for episode 3. Ep 2 ended on a great note. Want to see where this game goes.

#05 - Guns, Gore and Cannoli

Loved the look of this game, but I never got used to the controls. I muscled through it and only got mad once or twice.
Aug 13, 2014

I finished 80 last year when I thought I'd barely make 50, lets do this!

Game #1: Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
Game #2: Xenoblade Chronicles X
Game #3: Undertale
Game #4: Guitar Hero Live
Game #5: Indivisible Prototype
Game #6: 1080
Game #7: Pokemon Snap
Game #8: Super Hexagon
Game #9: Banjo-Kazooie
Game #10: Never Alone: Foxtales

Game #11: Gravity Rush Remastered
Game #12: Life Is Strange
Game #13: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Game #14: Firewatch
Game #15: Grim Fandango
Game #16: The Last Of Us: Left Behind
Game #17: Hatoful Boyfriend
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