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52 Games - 1 Year Challenge

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Mar 23, 2012
The People's Republic of Cambridge
Hmm...alright, I'm game. I'll probably play 52 games this year.

Game 1: Megaman X. Duration 2:30

Comments: LITERALLY THE WORST SESSION OF MEGAMAN X I HAVE EVER HAD! Can't remember anyone's weaknesses, dying to bosses, HAVING TROUBLE WITH STORM EAGLE?!?!? A terrible showing. MMX is a 90 minute game and for me to take over 2 hours to beat it is shameful.

Game 2: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Duration - 144 Hours and counting

Comments: I'm about halfway through this playthrough and have finally started to feel the content crunch. Outside of the handful of major quests and DLC, there's not much left, and that makes me sad. But man oh man, with the mods I have installed, Skyrim is absolutely gorgeous.

Game 3: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. Duration - 12 hours and counting.

Comments: My cousin and I have been doing local multiplayer in this game as he's not great with twitch based games and he can capitalize on my preference of short term strategy. The result is a lot of fun, a lot of name calling and a lot of salt, that game is great. The single player Campaign is major bullshit though. The end boss is a fucker. Gonna try and ween him off this and onto Puzzle Fighter or Dr. Luigi later on, but those are more twitch based, so we probably won't stick with it too long.

Game 4: Metal Gear Rising (PC)

Comments: Easily the weakest Platinum game to date. Terrible camera, pretty bad bosses, it just isn't very fun, especially when you compare it to stuff like Bayonetta or Vanquish or The Wonderful 101. You can feel the tight precision in the game, but it means nothing when the game is unable to keep track of what's going on on screen, which ends with you getting jumped by enemies off screen.

Game 5: Pikmin 3

Comments: It's my second playthrough so I tried to be more efficent in collecting fruit in a timely manner. I ended up finishing about 12 days earlier than I did on my first playthrough and ended up collecting all the fruit. Still a great game and the bosses are far less of a pain once you know their weaknesses. The last sequence is still pretty meh, especially the boss fight where the whole thing sort of comes apart at the seams, but over all, Pikmin 3 is still amazing.

Game 6: Wonderful 101

Comments: Played through the game on easy in order to try and find more of the hidden secrets, only to learn that the grand majority of secrets in that game are so well hidden, they stay secretive no matter what difficulty setting you're on. So I'm playing thing normal again now trying to get all 101 members and the 7 secret characters. It's amazing that anyone ever complained that this game was going to be short, it is, by far, Platinum's longest, most content packed game. 2013 Game of the Year.

Game 7: Ibb and Obb

Comments: My cousin was looking for another co-op game to play since we've sort of exhausted Might and Magic:COH, so we fired this one up since it was free with PS+. It's pretty good, but pretty simple. It introduces new elements in pretty slowly and keeps the game from having too many hard stops. But it was quaint, nice soundtrack. Kinda short.

Game 8: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3


With that being said, I'm going to go play it for the next 10 hours. I fucking love Marvel as much as I fucking hate Marvel. It's a bad game, but it's super fun.

Game 9: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Comments: Some friends of mine wanted to play in groups so I picked the game up on the cheap and fired it up. It starts off REALLY slow, but it's a pace that's necessary to understand the nuance of combat, especially if you go for a slower, more risky weapon like I did (Bagpipes). Seems interesting thus far, but it's the kind of game where, if I'm not actively playing with other people, I need to be doing something else at the same time. I go caught up on Batman Beyond while playing.

Game 10: Katamari Damacy

Comments: My first full game played on the PCSX2 emulator. I was watching Game Grumps be terrible at the game and remembered the game not being anywhere as difficult as they were making it seem to be, so I dusted the disc off, popped it into my PC and used the magic of modern computing to play the game at 1080p with SSAO. And yes, this game isn't nearly as difficult as they make it seem. It's fun getting to the point in each stage where you run out of things to roll up and you spend your time rolling as hard and quickly as you can trying to get dumb things like clouds or island settings. Still a fun game, but it's definitely an exhaustible commodity, one that makes me astounded by the fact that there's like...5 sequels. Charming as hell though, and still has one of the best soundtracks ever.

Game 11: Guacamelee: Gold Box Edition

Comments: Guacamelee is still an awesome game. The Gold Box version doesn't add very much, and what it doesn't add isn't very good. The Hell area is pretty bad and the associated trials within are only difficult as the majority there of are taxing the very systems that made the game so much fun to play. But the option to use user created costumes is cool. I played through the entire game as Samus Aran, which is fitting.

Game 12: Titanfall

Comments: So 6 or 7 runs through the campaign, one prestige and a boat load of hours put in, I think I've "finished" this game, even though I'll continue to play it. It is the natural progression of Call of Duty and that's fine. It is different enough from the previous incarnations of the game to be fun and different, but similar enough for shooting and mechanics to be familiar. The campaign is difficult to follow because you are so busy and there are no quiet moments, but it does what it needs to, so whatever. I hope they go deeper into the story with the DLC because honestly, the campaign is just some overlaid audio tracks on top of regular mulitplayer missions, so let's dive into this world a little deeper. I can only hope the game gets some client side mods to keep things fresh and customizable because the game doesn't do enough to let you paint your colors over things.


Feb 13, 2009
Alright - let's do this

Game 1: Symphony of Eternity - 17:15 (Done)
#1 neat lightweight JRPG, probably halfway done still entertained.
#2 Done and done. Very good pacing, very little grind, didn't outstay its welcome at all.

Game 2: BioShock Infinite - 10-15 hours, lost count (DONE)
#1 alright shooter, nice environments, seems to miss that BioShock 'magic' IMHO
#2 Done, don't think I'll be getting any of the DLC
on account the deus ex machina ending.

Game 3: Shadowrun Returns - 1 or 2 hours (WIP)
#1 like the atmosphere, wonder if the combat will open up and grab hold of me.

Game 4: Inotia 3- 15 hours (Done)
#1 nice little action rpg, will definitely play number 4 later this year!

Game 5: Deus Ex The Fall - Just started the tutorial (WIP)
#1 Games looks great on my ipad mini, controls are fine so far.

Game 6: Rayman Jungle Run - 2 worlds done (WIP)
#1 Brilliant - everything from controls, art to level design come together to create a top notch Rayman game.


Neo Member
Jun 5, 2013
Let's do this.

Game 1: XCOM: Enemy Within - 19hrs - Achievement - Finished with an Ironman game (every move is saved and you cannot create additional saves) on Normal.
Game 2: Dust: An Elysian Tail - 14hrs - Achievement - LOVE this game, but stuck on final boss for some time, going back to finish this one.
Game 3: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - 6hrs - Achievement - Monkey see monkey do.
Game 4: Rogue Legacy - 12:08hrs - Achievement - Just a first game complete for this one. May come back for NG+
Game 5: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - I beat this game on PS3 and then again on PS4, because pirates.


May 25, 2013
Sure, why not. I've been saying I would beat my Steam backlog for years now. I also have to finish my PS3 and 3DS backlog. Can we count games we are replaying?

Game 1: Kingdom Hearts HD- Duration Played - tbd hrs.
Fuck synthesis.

Game 2: Mortal Kombat Komplete PC- Duration Played - tbd

Game 3: Jet Set Radio PC - Duration Played - TBD


Jan 17, 2006
I have a massive backlist of games. I will try and finish 52 games but I'm predicting I'll fail.

Game 1: Lego Marvel Super Heroes - 42+ hours
Gots me platinum, took a while.

Game 2: Contrast
Finally sat down and finished all the trophies for this game today.

Game 3: Call of Duty: Ghosts
Played through this abortion of a game on the hardest difficulty. I got the majority of the stage achievements and was going to play the game again to collect the rest but the game is too boring!

Game 3: Outlast
Nice little horror game, finished it in about 4.5 hours. The beginning stage is probably the scariest part of the game.

The Outsider

Apr 1, 2011
Jacksonville, FL
Reserving a spot. I'll be shocked if I complete 10 games this year. I'm terrible at actually finishing games.


Game 1: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - 20 Hours
Completed: 1/26. Rating: ★★★★½

Game 2: Batman: Arkham Asylum - 7 Hours (WIP)


Jun 23, 2012
#1. Jamestown (PC) -- January 4 -- 3:00:00
Beat the first four levels on every difficulty up to Legendary and then the last one on Legendary. Highly recommended for any shmup fans.

#2. Alien Soldier (Genesis) -- January 11 -- 2:30:00 -- Replay
<3 Treasure. This game is basically a big run and gun boss rush. It has some pretty cool mechanics that are still fairly unique today. The controls are a little awkward at times. It would have worked better on a SNES controller, I think. Great game, though. One of the bosses is a cyborg wolf cowboy riding a robotic horse that can bend its legs in a way that makes it look like a turtle. His name? Wolfgunblood Garopa. Nice.

#3. Gunman Clive (Android) -- January 14 -- 1:30:00
Pretty cool little game that borrows a lot from other games (Mario World, Mario Galaxy, Mario 3D Land, Mega Man 2 off the top of my head). Played the Android version, so the controls were a little frustrating at times. Not as bad as I thought they would be though.

#4. Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) -- January 16 -- 3:16:19 -- Replay
Masterpiece. I think I've played through this game more than 10 times now. Played in one sitting as a casual speed run.

#5. Gone Home (PC) -- January 19 -- 1:30:00
Well executed storytelling, but the story didn't do much for me.

#6. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3) -- January 27 -- 3:00:00
Well executed storytelling, but the story didn't do much for me. I guess I'm dead inside.

#7. Guacamelee! (PC) -- January 27 -- 5:03:43
I enjoyed it. Good mix of platforming and combat, but I found some of the enemies to be annoying and some of the combat scenarios just felt a little cheap. Might go back to it later to 100% it.

#8. Viewtiful Joe (Gamecube) -- February 2 -- 10:28:18
Could have sworn I played through this before, but the last boss felt new to me and I don't think I would have forgotten it. I guess I never finished it when I was younger. Anyway, Kamiya is one of the best. Love this game. Played on "Adults" mode, which was more challenging than I thought it would be.

#9. Metroid Prime (Gamecube) -- February 9 -- 10:32:00 -- Replay
Not my first time playing through it (4th I think), but it's my first time 100%-ing it. This game is pure, unadulterated genius. I have a hard time choosing between this, Shadow of the Colossus, and Super Metroid as my favourite of all time. Somehow, I have yet to play Metroid Prime 2. It's on my list, though.

#10. Samorost 2 (PC) -- February 17 -- 1:01:00
Didn't even know what this was going into it. Must have gotten it from some bundle. It's an okay point and click adventure game. Very short. Most of the challenge comes from determining what you can click on. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be; I don't play very many of these games.

#11. Dear Esther (PC) -- February 17 -- 0:31:00
Used a script to increase the movement speed. Don't think I would have gotten through the game without it. Snoozefest. At least it looked nice.

#12. Antichamber (PC) -- February 19 -- 6:42:00
It's cool when a game messes with you once or twice, but in Antichamber I always felt at the mercy of the designer. Intentional design, but I didn't like it. I didn't find the puzzles to be very satisfying either.

#13. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) -- Mar. 7 -- 17:08:00
Even better than DKCR I'd say. The soundtrack is amazing. It seems like there is a new song (sometimes multiple new songs) in almost every level. Level design is superb and becomes even more impressive when you start to notice all the meticulously crafted "perfect lines" for speedrunning. Grassland Groove supersedes The Last of Us for
best use of giraffes.
GOTY candidate for sure.

#14. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) -- March 19 -- 9:22:09 -- Replay
Not much I can say about this game that hasn't already been said. It's ok.

#15. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (Wii U) -- March 30 -- 24:09:00 -- Replay
Excellent dungeons. I wish there were more of them. I think the sailing/discovery could have been handled much better and it's too bad it wasn't because the concept has a lot of potential. Most islands are uninteresting. I got so sick of seeing those reef islands with the turrets and pirate ships. I think there were six of them. Way too many. Love the game otherwise. Still have a lot of sidequests to do if I decide to go back to it.

#16. Metal Storm (NES) -- April 6 -- 1:42:00
Cool game. It's basically a mix of Mega Man and VVVVVV. You can jump, shoot in four directions and flip gravity at any time, which makes for some interesting level design. It's very ugly and very difficult. If you can get past that, it's definitely worthy of a playthrough. The final boss is incredibly

#17. Shatterhand (NES) -- April 12 -- 4:30:00
Amazing game. You can punch bullets. Punch. Bullets. Seriously, this is now one of my favourite NES games. Really smart design, awesome music, tight gameplay. There is an incentive to kill every enemy because they drop coins that you can use to buy power-ups by crouching on certain platforms. There's a simplicity to the mechanics that really makes Shatterhand great. I think it was ahead of its time.

#18. Dark Souls (PS3) -- May 14 -- 43:16:09
First time playing through it. I get what all the fuss was about now. One of the best games I've ever played. It's just too bad that the quality diminishes near the end. Can't wait to play Demon's and DSII now. I was surprised to find out that Sakuraba composed the soundtrack. No disrespect, but I find most of his tracks to be kind of cheesy and generic. Really enjoyed the DS soundtrack, though.

#19. Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox) -- May 24 -- 8:34:00 -- Replay
Another replay and another one of my favourite games. Second only to Bayonetta in the character action genre imo. NG does have a few flaws. You aren't really rewarded for exploring. There are multiple corridors that just lead to empty dead ends. The camera is truly awful. And fucking ghost fish. Those are my only complaints. The gameplay holds up amazingly well.

#20. Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3) -- May 28 -- 7:38:01
Finished off an old save. Black >>> Sigma. I think the only positive changes in this version are the new item system and the new roll animations. It might just be me, but the game feels slower than Black. Like moves have more startup and recovery frames or something. For sure, the bow feels slower. There was also a lot of stuttering in cutscenes and way too many loading screens. The Rachel chapters are just filler; pretty half-assed. I usually don't get too worked up over sexism in games, but it was kind of hard to ignore here. In one of the Rachel chapters I fought a seemingly endless wave of enemies because I thought it was necessary to progress. Nope, new hairstyle. Great. Also, her boobs are now sentient beings. On a positive note, I like the new Zarkhan theme.

#21. Bioshock Infinite (PC) -- June 2 -- 11:06:00
Don't have many positive things to say. I was bored to death by the gameplay. The level design doesn't really lend itself to interesting combat scenarios. Most fights take place in large, open areas which leads to being surrounded by enemies. Success often boils down to running around until everyone dies. I can't remember a moment where I felt the need to change my strategy because every enemy is basically dealt with in the same way; some are just bullet spongey-er than others. It doesn't help that there is a single power (vigor) that basically obsoletes all others. I also had issues with the pacing of the gameplay. I got pretty tired of shooting gallery after shooting gallery. To end on some positives, the game is visually stunning, the voice acting is good if a little overdramatic at times, and the final gunfight was enjoyable.

#22. Diddy Kong Racing (N64) -- June 8 -- 6:00:00 -- Replay
Just the first adventure. Best fifth gen kart racer. I think David Wise is some sort of deity sent back from the future to bestow upon us gifts of melody.

#23. Viewtiful Joe 2 (Gamecube) -- June 10 -- 8:48:03
Love it, even more so than VJ1. Interesting level design, satisfying puzzles and combat. My only complaints are that there is too much recycled content, both from within the game itself and from VJ1 and that Silvia seems kind of useless. I never felt the need to switch to her unless it was required to solve a puzzle. Also, fuck that underwater sub level on Adults difficulty (except the Ikaruga references. Those were cool).

#24. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii) -- June 25 -- 24:40:00 -- Replay
Too much handholding, too much backtracking, too much recycled content, too much filler, not enough enemy variety, not enough memorable bosses, the world feels small and disconnected, basing a combat system around precise swings is pointless when enemies insta-block you all the time, Ghirahim and
are not well developed villains, "you want to get to the good stuff? Cool, could I just get you to run some shitty errands first?", fuck the scrapper escort mission, fuck tad tones, fuck item notifications, fuck that bamboo guy with the big forehead, FUCK The Imprisoned... Some positives? The portion of the game from the beginning of Ancient Cistern to the end of Sandship is incredible and the final four dungeons are among the best in the series. I wanted to play through this again to give it a second chance. I hate so much about this game, but I still kind of like it.

#25. Ikaruga (PC) -- June 30 -- 1:48:00 -- Replay
Started on normal difficulty with no continues, but couldn't get past level 2. Quickly switched to easy free play like a scrub. I hope to be able to actually get good ranks someday. This game comes to mind when I think of the
"games as art" debate, not just for the visuals but for the game and sound design as well.

#26. Metal Gear Solid (PS1) -- July 2 -- 11:01:21
Amazing game. This really exceeded my expectations even though I know how highly regarded it is. Things that are cool: level and world design, memorable characters, interesting boss fights, meta stuff, attention to detail. This game did some stuff that I have never seen in a video game, even to this day, and that's rare. I did have a few problems with the controls, but nothing major. The backtracking at the end was kind of annoying too. What was the point of dropping the key card? Onto MGS2.

#27. Portal 2 (PC) -- July 7 -- 4:54:00 -- Replay
Second playthrough and first full run since beating it in one sitting on release day. I prefer the original Portal, but Portal 2 is still brilliant. I'll just list the negatives and say I love the rest: looking for that one patch of white wall in a large, open area is not fun or interesting and by extension the white gel isn't very interesting; too many loading screens; I feel like they were trying too hard to create memes in some cases like the potato thing; Caroline isn't fleshed out at all as a character.

#28. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (PC) -- July 8 -- 2:32:15
Thanks to dot for gifting me this on Steam. This game's ok. Would only recommend it to big fans of character action games and even then, only if it's on sale for a couple bucks. Not much depth here, but it's pretty fun for what it is. Some of the moves in this game have an annoying amount of recovery frames and I'm not really sure why. It makes the controls feel a little unresponsive at times.

#29. Pikmin 3 (Wii U) -- July 19 -- 13:11:00
Must play for any Wii U owner. Third best game on the system imo, behind W101 and Tropical Freeze. I was a little disappointed to see so many recycled enemies, but the bosses are the best in the series. The final two are particularly awesome. There are also some good puzzles outside of just figuring out which Pikmin types are needed to reach a certain area. Visually, the game is beautiful and the presentation is better than previous Pikmin games. There are some cool camera angles that help to illustrate your size in the world. All in all, an incredible game.

#30. Super Mario 64 (N64) -- Aug. 1 -- 1:06:14 -- Replay
First attempt at a 16-star run. I didn't know any of the tricks going in. I had to look some things up, like Mips clip and BLJ, which added to the time. I doubt I'll try to improve this, just figured it would be fun to try a speedrun since I watch so many of them on Twitch.

#31. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS) -- Aug. 31 -- 6:54:42
Cool game. I think some of the systems in the game could have been simplified, though. There are so many abilities that some of them are only used once or twice to open up a new area (puppet throwing?). Also, I would have been happy with one weapon of each type and little to no RPG elements. They seem kind of tacked on. Gameplay is snappy and fun, and opening up the world is pretty satisfying. Bosses are probably the highlight of the game. Looking forward to playing the other DS Castlevania games.

#32. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) -- Sept. 6 -- 5:27:41
That final battle was really good. I like this game a lot. I think the world layout is better than in DoS. There's a Metroidvania overworld with portals to more linear levels. The level design is more varied and just better imo than in DoS. I kind of wish the co-op aspect was more fleshed out. Just thinking about it now, the game taught me a bunch of stuff I could do with my partner at the start of the game and I ended up using almost none of it. Some more puzzles would have been cool.

#33. Pushmo (3DS) -- Sept. 10 -- 12:47:00
Really charming and inventive game with a lot of bang for your buck. The later puzzles require a lot of forward thinking and deduction, and are quite satisfying to solve. Love the music as well.

#34. Devil May Cry 4 (PC) -- Sept. 12 -- 9:52:08 -- Replay
Love the combat. The exceed system really adds a lot to the moment to moment gameplay. But, the game itself is less than perfect. The amount of repetition in the second half of the game is kind of unbelievable. After gaining control of Dante about 5 hours in, you retrace your steps all the way back to the very first area of the game, fighting the same bosses from earlier along the way. After fighting those bosses again you then fight those bosses again. Still, the combat is good enough to make this an enjoyable game.

#35. Hotline Miami (PC) -- Sept. 20 -- 4:00:00
I have a confession. I muted the music and listened to the Metroid Prime soundtrack instead. The combination of graphics and audio was causing me mental anguish initially. It's an unpleasant game, but I guess that's part of what makes it stand out. Anyway, I thought it was pretty good. Planning and executing your attack is satisfying as is the gameplay itself. I wasn't a fan of the bosses or the ending.

#36. Intrusion 2 (PC) -- Sept. 20 -- 3:24:00
Surprisingly great game. It's a 2D physics-based run-and-gun game. The controls can be a little awkward since movement is part of the physics simulation, but they're not too bad. The bosses are well-choreographed, have a wide array of attack patterns, and are generally amazing. The final boss in particular is INCREDIBLE, unlike anything I've ever seen. I think it's a little too difficult, though. It loses a bit of its luster by the 30th attempt.

#37. Batman: Arkham City (PC) -- Sept. 23 -- 12:12:00
Holy shit, those were some long-ass credits. City is about on par with Asylum, which is to say it's excellent. I think I prefer the world layout of Asylum more, though. It gave me more of a Metroid Prime vibe which I liked. I 100%ed Asylum. I don't think I'll do that with City.

#38. Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge (PC) -- Sept. 23 -- 1:12:00
More of the same, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It felt more like busywork than the main game.

#39. Super Mario Bros. 3 (SNES) -- Sept. 24 -- 4:41:00 -- Replay
Flawless video game. Completed every level.

#40. VVVVVV (PC) -- Oct. 11 -- 1:01:29
Slippery controls are a little annoying. Cool mechanic, but could have used some more gameplay ideas.

#41. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Gamecube) -- Oct. 17 -- 14:54:00
Metroid Prime is a tough act to follow. I prefer most aspects of Prime 1 (world, music, story/lore), but Echoes is an amazing game in its own right. It certainly outdoes Prime 1 with its bosses. I think the key fetch quest at the end is better in Echoes, too. The keys feel like a mythical item in the game world because of how well hidden they are. I wasn't a big fan of the dark world. The dark world areas feel too same-y, not to their light world counterparts, but to each other. The slow drip of abilities that allowed you to explore that world more and more over the course of the game was really well done, though. Happy I finally played this. Need to play Zero Mission now.

#42. Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION (PC) -- Oct. 18 -- 0:45:00
I have no idea what just happened, but it was fun.

#43. The Legend of Korra (PS3) -- Oct. 21 -- 3:30:00
Decent game. The combat is great. Charging up moves and parrying guys is really satisfying. Aside from the combat the game is pretty mediocre. The level design is bland, there isn't great enemy variety, and the camera can be troublesome at times. It gave me a PS2-era vibe. But, it was enjoyable overall and worth the $15.

#44. Bayonetta (Wii U) -- Oct. 25 -- 8:55:09 -- Replay
One of my all-time favourites. This game is even better than I remembered. It's amazing how you can return to it years later and it all comes back just like riding a bike. Holy shit, it's Bayo 2 time!

#45. Bayonetta 2 (Wii U) -- Oct. 31 -- 11:12:09
Well, that's how you follow Bayonetta. I knew this game would be good, but I honestly had doubts that it would top the first one. Unbelievably, it's way better. It outdoes Bayonetta in almost every regard. It's beautiful visually, the combat somehow feels better, the level design is much better, there's more enemy variety, more weapon variety, no cheap QTEs, shorter novelty missions (Space Harrier). I had a bit of an issue with the pacing, but that's a minor quibble. It's the best game I've played all year.

#46. Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers (PC) -- Nov. 4 -- 2:55:00
I like the mechanics and the visual style, but I think puzzle solutions rely too often on luck.

#47. Max Payne 3 (PC) -- Nov. 8 -- 10:06:00
One of the better third person shooters I've played. Really satisfying shooting, good pacing, and bullet time is always fun. All the slow-mo setpiece bits were cool, but I was expecting something more over the top for the finale.

#48. Mark of the Ninja (PC) -- Nov. 12 -- 6:48:00
I'm normally not a fan of stealth games, but this one is really good. The controls are excellent and whether or not your next move will alert the guards is never in question. It does a perfect job of communicating visibility to the player. The ending was weird, but I wasn't paying much attention to the story anyway.

#49. Teslagrad (PC) -- Nov. 14 -- 2:55:00
Really nice artstyle and good use of the environment to tell the story. None of the puzzles were very challenging. Once you know what you can interact with, the solution is usually obvious. There were some good ideas, but the game lacks the "aha" moments that make puzzle games great. The bosses look cool but rely far too much on memorization and seem to be at odds with the rest of the game due to how difficult they are. A little disappointed in this game, but for $2.50 I can't complain much.

#50. Cave Story+ (PC) -- Nov. 21 -- 5:36:00
Been meaning to play this for a while. I can see why it's a classic. Great music, great bosses, and the story was surprisingly good too. Only complaints are that the controls are a little floaty and a little slippery, and fetch quests are kind of lame.

#51. Shinobi III (PC) -- Nov. 21 -- 2:54:00
You have a really cool moveset in this game. The controls do feel a little stiff though and there are some minor annoyances like only being able to double jump from within a very small window at the peak of your first jump and the walking speed being too slow. There's also some weird stuff like having to throw a shuriken before being able to block since they're mapped to the same button. The game is brutally difficult and I don't think I would ever be able to beat it legitimately on the Genesis with no save state. Bosses are really good and level design is pretty good too.

#52. Ys Chronicles+ (PC) -- Nov. 23 -- 6:14:00
Nice bite-sized JRPG. Music is really good and bumping into guys to attack them is somehow pretty satisfying. It features some seriously old school game design that makes it difficult to know how to progress at times. I used a walkthrough and feel no shame.

#53. Gatling Gears (PC) -- Nov. 25 -- 3:54:00
Average game. The enemy encounters feel a little sloppy. Sometimes there are so many bullets on screen that it is literally impossible to dodge them (yes, literally). The camera can be annoying at times too because it gets locked behind your player as you progress and doesn't allow backtracking. Sometimes you can get stuck in an unfavorable spot because the camera doesn't move when you expect it to. Good bosses, though.

#54. Stacking (PC) -- Dec. 16 -- 3:24:00
I neither liked nor disliked it. I feel nothing towards this game. Just clearing out that backlog.

#55. Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss (PC) -- Dec. 19 -- 6:33:00
Amazing DLC. Feels like a natural extension of the main game and fleshes out the lore some more. Every boss was awesome. Using the silver pendant during the Manus fight was a really cool gimmick.

#56. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PC) -- Dec. 23 -- 5:19:57 -- Replay
One of my favourite games from 2013. Blade mode is one of the coolest game mechanics ever. I really hope Platinum gets to make MGR2 with a longer development time.


Mar 7, 2013
Game 1: Assassin's Creed 2 - 19-23 Hours
# I would have Assassin's Creed I as my first completed game, but I beat that the day before New Years, so that doesn't count. I learned that I cannot let Steam keep track of my play time as it also includes time paused and AFK which can be considerable depending on what I'm doing.

Game 2: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Pending
# Pending Upon Completion

Game 3: Assassin's Creed Revelations - Pending
# Pending Upon Completion

Game 4: Assassin's Creed 3 - Pending
#Pending Upon Completion
Jun 4, 2013
I *almost* did this in 2013. Completion for me is getting every achievement in the game (100% completion). This is far an away more time consuming than merely completing the campaign or something. Here's my list by date of completion:

1. Resident evil 4 - Jan 5th
2. Lego Star Wars III - Jan 15th
3. Mirror's Edge - Jan 24th
4. Beyond Good & Evil HD - Jan 27th
5. Dead Island - Feb 11th
6. RAGE - Feb 17th (revisit for DLC)
7. Borderlands - Feb 23rd
8. Mass Effect 3 - Mar 7th (revisit for DLC)
9. Fallout: New Vegas - Mar 8th
10. Musical Feet - Mar 25th
11. Junk Fu - Mar 25th
12. Googly Eyes - Mar 25th
13. Air Band - Mar 25th
14. New Rally X - Mar 26th
15. Hulk Hogan's Main Event - Mar 26th
16. SAW 2 - Mar 28th
17. The Orange Box - Mar 29th
18. Deadlight - Mar 31st
19. Halo Wars - June 11th
20. D&D Daggerdale - June 20th
21. Realms of Ancient Wars - July 8th
22. The Walking Dead - July 11th
23. Mensa Academy - July 12th
24. Dragon Age 2 - July 24th
25. Armored Core 4 - Aug 4th
26. Final Fantasy XIII 2 - Aug 15th
27. Halo 4 - Aug 20th (revisit for DLC)
28. NCAA Football 14 - Aug 21st
29. Dishonored - August 22nd
30. Skyrim - Sep 14th
31. Family Guy BTTM - Sep 17th
32. TC RSV - Sep 30th
33. MTG 2014 - Oct 8th
34. Batman AA GOTY - Oct 9th
35. Pacific Rim - Oct 11th
36. I Am Alive - Oct 13th
37. TWD: Survival Instinct - Oct 18th
38. Madden NFL 11 - Oct 27th
39. Batman AC - Nov 10th
40. MIB - Nov 16th
41. Smurfs 2 - Nov 30th
42. Battlefield 4 - Dec 17th
43. Bioshock Infinite - Dec 18th
44. CoD Ghosts - Dec 20th
45. Defiance - Dec 29th (still missing 1 achieve for killing warmaster due to devs poor choices, this one will be patched by Trion at which point I'll go back for it, and clan rank 10 achieves are not currently obtainable, no clan has reached rank 10 yet)
46. Phineas and Ferb - Dec 29th
47. Star Trek - Dec 31st (couldn't quite complete this before year's end lol, started on 30th and am at 750/1000 gamerscore so far, but have beaten it on Hard)
48. Dead Rising - Oct 27th?? (XB1 games at the end here, not sure last date played)
49. Halo: SA on XB1 - Dec 27th?
50. Max: Curse of the Brotherhood - Dec 28th?

I came up two games shy of 52 for 2013. Let's see if I can improve on that next year. Part of that comes from going for completions in games like FF XIII-2, Dragon Age 2, and Skyrim. Those long RPGs eat up weeks' worth of time that could've resulted in 3-4 other game completions.

All in all I wrapped up 49 games if you count revisits to clear new DLC, and am close on a 50th in 2013, for a total of 1759 achievements and 38,605 gamerscore.


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Jun 4, 2013
some place

Total Time Played (in 2014) for All Games Finished: 1132:46

1. Metroid (3DS VC/NES): 1:23, Jan 3rd.
I decided to take a break from Pokémon and ended up playing Metroid (The 3DS VC version) for a while. I ended up beating the game. As the time stamp suggests, I ended up getting the Good Ending, which is better than I've done in the past. It was nice replaying a game from my childhood, though to be honest I wouldn't have actually bought it again. I'm glad Club Nintendo put it up for their monthly rewards. Being one of the two Metroid games I've actually played (excluding the baby), the other being Super Metroid, Metroid holds up but still shows its age. It's still a classic game that should be played for historical purposes, however. I'd give it a rating of 7/10

2. River City Ransom (3DS VC/NES): 2:13 total, 0:55 played in 2013, Jan 3rd.
I also ended up finishing RCR. It's one of the few beat'em ups that I've ever played, and I have to say that it's one of my favorite games released on the NES. The RPG-esque elements really add to the game's charm, and are probably the reason why I enjoyed it so much. Acro Circus is pretty radical by the way. I think Jeremy Parish summed up the game perfectly when he wrote "[c]ertainly there are parts of River City Ransom that haven't aged well, but the reality is that most brawlers that have come since have been perfectly content to regress and muddle along at the shallow end of the pool. Somehow, a game more than 20 years old remains one of the genre's high-water marks." The script is fun BARF. The 3DS VC version also supports download play, so that's another bonus. I really enjoyed my time with the game and I'll probably replay it at some point in the future. 8/10

3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director's Cut (Wii U): 31:41 total, 28:13 played in 2013, Jan 4th.
Finished this up on my birthday, great present for myself :lol. My 2011 GOTY, perhaps eventually one of my contenders for GOTD, is still as amazing as it was then (at least the Wii U DC edition still holds up, anyway). The Wii U DC version runs smoothly and the integrated DLC is pretty interesting considering I never bought it previously. The combination of action-RPG, cover shooter, and stealth works wonderfully and actually serves as a fun shooter for someone long bored and dissatisfied with the FPS genre. The cyberpunk genre in generally is fascinating and I really hope that future entries in the genre can live up to DX:HR (2077 looks like it just might do that). Here's hoping that DX: Universe isn't just a shitty MMO cash in. Anyway, DX:HR is a fantastic game with an intriguing narrative that explores the depths of humanity's fascination with improving themselves along with survival in a cyberpunk world, a world beset by globalization as well as corporate and shadowy espionage. Anyone who hasn't played this game should do themselves a favor and play it asap. DX:HR also has one of the best cinematic trailers ever, border-lining on the scale of a small masterpiece. I never asked for this game, but for being so very close to being one of my ideal games, yet still having some flaws, I'd give it: 9.5/10

4. Pokémon X (3DS) : 56:13 total, 10:05 played in 2013, Jan 7th.
So maybe the whole "3D transition" thing wasn't that big of a deal for me because of the two Gamecube Pokémon entries, but seeing some of the post-Gen 3 Pokémon in 3D for the first time (I did not play Battle Revolution) makes me really like some of the designs far more than I previously did. I no longer think that Stunfisk is completely worthless after seeing it move in 3D, for example. A lot of the designs, though being the lowest amount of newly introduced Pokémon, are actually decent looking and interesting, unlike last gen's offerings. Having played Y last year, I know there's not a whole lot of post-Elite 4, which is nothing new considering gen 5, though it remains disappointing considering HG/SS, FR/LG, Platinum, and Emerald seemed to have more post game events; I fully expect this to be changed in the inevitable third version of the generation. There's some definite pacing issues in the beginning, with the gap between the first and second gym being longer than most of the other games. The Mega Evolutions are generally cool, though a few are unneeded/terribly designed. I could care less about the actual 3D "popping out of the screen" effect, so I have no problems with those 3D effects mainly being limited to battles. Overall, X and Y are definitely among my favorite base games, behind HG/SS for sure though. For being a solid entry in the franchise, I'd give it: 9/10

5. Mega Man 2 (3DS VC/NES): 3:27, Jan 8th.
The first Mega Man game I've ever played, after being recommended by a fellow Gaffer as a good entry point to the franchise. I decided to play it on a whim last night around 1 AM. I did have fun with it, but maybe I would have enjoyed it more had I played earlier in my life. From what I've heard, it vastly improves on everything in the first game. The soundtrack is amazing, especially the theme of Dr. Wily's stages. I only had trouble with a few sections of the game, especially the fourth part of Wily's stage and the final boss itself, though the alien form was far easier than I thought it would be. I'll definitely have to play 3 at some point this year as well. 8/10

6. The Haunted Mansion (Gamecube): 8:47 total, 3:32 in 2013, Jan 12th.
So this isn't an adaption of the awful Eddie Murphy movie, which is a very good thing. You play as an entirely new character and explore the mansion fighting ghosts with a lantern powered by dead spirits. Of course, this is a Disney game, so the actual combat remains family friendly. Over the course of the game you gain more souls and gems and can do different charge up attacks. The atmosphere is pretty cool and occasionally spooky. The earlier parts of the game, however, are much more enjoyable, with some of the later puzzles becoming altogether too obtuse (mirror puzzles are universally terrible in every game). The atmosphere is what really makes the game entertaining, while its repetitiveness is a true hype killer later on in the game. 6/10

7. The Last Story (Wii): 27:32 total, 8:29 played in 2012, Jan 17th.
I've had this in my backlog for a very long time, and originally only meant to take a short break from it to play a bit of Xenoblade. Right away, I have to say that I felt more engrossed in Xenoblade's world than Last Story's so I kinda ended up putting way more time into it than LS. LS is still a decent game. It's characters are decent; some of the party members like Lowell and Syrenne are memorable. Zael feels flat and dull compared to a lot of the other characters. The voice acting is really good. Manual combat is the way to go with this game, for me at least. The narrative itself feels very cliched. Music is good though. 7/10

8. Tales of Phantasia (GBA): 33:24 total, 9:02 in 2013, Jan 21st.
Backtracking can be handled well or terribly. This game does it terribly. The characters are rather bland and forgettable. The music is ok but nothing amazing. The dungeons are meh. The gameplay itself is mediocre and a 2D version of Tales gameplay. There are not a whole lot of good things I can say about ToP other than 1. it launched a beloved franchise, 2. the ending and villain's motivations are actually well written and good, and 3. it spawned the arranged music that I linked to. That's really it. It has not stood the test of time. 5/10

9. ZombiU (Wii U): 12:47, Jan 27th.
I played this game back at launch, but since it&#8217;s an Ubisoft game, it was filled with a shit ton of game breaking bugs. Guess who encountered one of those bugs? However, ZombiU is one of the best survival horror games in the recent past, and perhaps one of the best launch games. This is a game where you can get truly immersed in the game and feel the horror itself. You&#8217;re being hunted by ravenous zombies, your resources are limited, and you only have one life if you play Survival mode. Caution is the best ally you have in the game. Survival mode is a blast to play through and I recommend playing it this way during a second playthrough because it is actually difficult. Going back and listening to the OST, I have to say that even the game's soundtrack is underrated, with tracks like it's main theme (click this section's title), Brick Lane, Safe House Breached, Buckingham Palace, Meet the Nurse, Tube Station, Anxiety, and Ending Credits all being standout tracks. The OST is filled with fast paced action tracks as well as slower, lonely, ominous tracks; it matches the game's atmosphere perfectly. Since the bugs are mostly fixed, I&#8217;ll give it: 8.5/10

10. The Wonderful 101 (Wii U): 16:38 total, 3:32 in 2013, Jan 31st.
If there&#8217;s one game that you play on the Wii U, it should be this one. By far one of the best exclusives currently on the system. I really don&#8217;t have anything to add that hasn't already been said, but everything about this game is great. The only gripe I really have with it is I'm not a huge fan of the plastic-like art style, but I did warm up to it over the course of the game. This review by Matthewmatosis sums up the game excellently. 9/10

11. Hotline Miami (PC): 5:00, Feb 2nd.
Ultraviolence has never sounded so good. The first thing that really sticks out about the game is its superb soundtrack, filled with catchy gems in the style of faux-eighties music and EDM. Even if the violence turns you off from the game, I still recommend getting the OST. The second thing that really sticks out is the aforementioned level of violence in the game, complimented by the mixture of stealth and choreography that you need to nail each level. The interesting use of surrealism throughout the game is another shining example of why it&#8217;s so compelling. The spoiler section of the game that I don&#8217;t want to ruin manages to keep the game interesting for longer than I expected. Seriously though listen to that soundtrack. 8.5/10

12. Pokémon Trading Card Game (GBC): 14:23, Feb 7th.
Luck and strategic deck-building are key to many card games; for PTCG, it seems like the main component is luck rather than deck building. Luck is a very frustrating major part of the game. It&#8217;s a blast to play when you first pick it up and start challenging the different clubs. There&#8217;s running for the first time in the franchise, which is a neat addition. The story is inconsequential and I would have preferred if more RPG elements could have been involved, but it&#8217;s still fun. I got stonewalled a few times and I constantly revised my deck. But all of the troubling segments pale in comparison to the difficulty spike that is the Grand Masters section. It&#8217;s like the Elite Four on crack with illegal cards that have complete bullshit abilities and moves. If you want a Pokémon game with a challenging final section, this is probably the best you&#8217;ll get. Shame the West never got the supposedly superior sequel. 7/10

13. 7 Grand Steps, Step 1 - What Ancients Begat (PC): 10:54, Feb. 16th.
The first in what is intended to be a series of 7 games, What Ancients Begat is essentially a board game based on luck and strategically using the resources given to you. As that suggests, you tend to get screwed over quite a lot. You start with one piece on the wheel of ages and find a second one to act as your piece's spouse. Your pieces have a kid, and you focus on breeding the head of the next generation by feeding it tokens your two parent pieces create via what I can only assume is sex with each other and their neighbors. These tokens educate your child, allowing it to better survive. You can have many children and these children will fuck over their sibling, the piece you control, in the future if not raised correctly, frequently taking your job opportunities and not paying back money they borrow. There's also several choose your own adventure style sections that you encounter, some only letting you pick one choice based on what your piece's epithet is when the new generation starts, others giving you four choices with some of those choices leading to your piece's death. Other mechanics include gaining legend points to get to those sections; or perhaps you could find a new technology that changes the board or let your neighbors discover it and screw you out of your tokens; or maybe you would want to spend those legend points on advancing in society. If you advance to the top, a third section opens up to you, allowing you to plan how your society runs. The ruling section takes a long time to get to (it took me nearly an entire age, or 4 hours), but it's probably the best part of the game. Eventually, you face the Challenge of the Age, which is done via another choose your own adventure segment. Overall, it's an okay game based on an interesting concept. If the next 'step' comes out in the future, I would definitely consider buying it on sale. 6/10

14. Weapon Shop de Omasse (3DS)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pGqlikmccI: 9:17, Feb. 28th.
My first impressions of the game. Well, having finished it now, the game lasts for too long. I feel like if it had been maybe 5 hours, I would have enjoyed it more. The main part of the actual gameplay revolves around a lite version of a rhythm game, and the songs are the same. For 9 hours. So I got tired of most of those songs pretty fast. The rhythm aspect gets more engaging towards the end of the game, but for most of the game it's too easy. It just wasn't that fun. The polishing segments were boring, but you should do them often to up the stats of your weapons. The characters are okay. The story is okay. The other major part of the game is that it's supposed to be a comedy, except it's just not really funny. It made me smile a few times, but I wasn't too enthralled by the comedic attempts. The localization team did have some fun with the script, with words like "moe" and "waifu" appearing throughout the game in its equivalent of Twitter, the Grindcast. Hell, I'd say that the Grindcast is probably the best thing about the game since it's downright silly and goofy. Not to mention that you'll be seeing it a lot, especially in the endgame when you're just holding the L button, trying to speed up the feed to progress the game. I was not a fan of the laugh track feature that pops up during cut-scenes, but I'm sure it might be charming for someone else. In the end, it's a mediocre game. 5.5/10

15. Long Live the Queen (PC): 4:06, Mar. 4th.
I can get behind trial and error games when they're enjoyable. And this game is pretty enjoyable. It took a lot of guessing, but once you finally figure out exactly how to progress in the path you want, it's all worth it. You mainly manage the future queen's, Elodie's, mood and what classes she attends, raising skill points to pass skill checks. I only played a few of the many routes the game offers, but I feel like I was able to achieve the ending I really wanted after many misguided attempts. Expect to die and restart a lot in this. The best part of the game is its script, and the failures you get when you fail the checks. Oh, you didn't teach Elodie about battlefield medicine and herbs? Elodie will therefore know what is best, and truly understands that hospitals only make people sicker, and will automatically decline providing funding. And that is one small, non-lethal, example of a check failure. The game's mechanics may make it tedious for some players, but it didn't really bother me at all considering I'm pretty tolerant. I really had a lot of fun with this, far more than I expected. 7.5/10

16. One Way Heroics (PC)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uztSqC6kXSE: 5:49, Mar. 13th.
For $2, this game turned out to be way better than it had any right to be. The gist is that you are a hero that has to go defeat a demon lord to stop darkness from consuming a randomly generated world. The concept of a forced side scrolling RPG is a pretty unique concept, so it felt fresh to me. Despite the ever looming darkness crawling towards you, the game is actually rather slow and calm for the most part, which might be a sticking point for some. The pace picks up when you're ambushed by bandits, or suddenly near death thanks to a strong version of a common enemy wrecking you, or you're in a dungeon and the darkness is about to swallow you before you can escape. Strategic thinking and planning your next move is important if you want to get good equipment to eventually face the demon lord while still outrunning the advancing screen. The actual gameplay is more on the simplistic side, but that's not really a bad thing here since it's still entertaining. I've seen some people dislike the particular pixel art style, but it didn't really bother me. It's a rouge-like, or rouge-lite if you prefer, and as with any good game in the genre, One Way Heroics tempts you into attempting just one more run each time. A successful run will net you Hero Points, which you can use to unlock perks, including lock-picking and having a feline companion help you, classes if you don't want to bother with meeting the prerequisites, or space in a vault to store items that will help you in your next run. For a small indie game, it's quite good and addicting. 8/10.

17. Bravely Default (3DS): 102:17, Mar. 21st.
I really liked Bravely Default a lot in the beginning. I even put around 8 hours into the demo to max out all of the jobs. There were tons of features to like, including the ease of backtracking, save for one sidequest, and exploration thanks to being able to completely turn off random encounters. The characters were good, especially Edea and Ringabel, and the voice acting ranged from great to okay. The music had some fantastic spots, the narrative wasn't too generic despite sharing the same basic plot as many other games with the crystal element. The battle system was pretty enjoyable too. And then the game's twist happened. And then I no longer liked the game nearly as much as before. The first half is good, and the second half opens terribly. Luckily, the nosedive pulls itself out of its fall and the later half of the second half gets good again. But those few chapters that separate the great parts of Bravely Default are a real inertia killer for some. The narrative picks up again in the later part of the second half and the characterization of some of the bosses, like DeRosso, is excellent. I'm definitely glad I stuck with the game, especially for post-game reasons that have me hyped for Bravely Second, though I can't really recommend playing the game on hard, or completing all the sidequests like I did, due to how long it drags on. 8/10



May 10, 2011
Seems easy enough.

Game 1: Lume - < 1 hour
# I don't know what bundle I got this in, but it's a really really short adventure game so pretty easy to knock off the list. 2014-01-01

Game 2: Shelter - 90 minutes
# Best badger sim I've ever played. 2014-01-01

Game 3: Alan Wake's American Nightmare - 5 hours
# Didn't touch Arcade Mode, don't think I'm missing anything by ignoring it. 2014-01-04

Game 4: Broken Age (Act 1) - 4.6 hours
# Act 1 is all that's out. Finally. 2014-01-16

Game 5: Persona 3 FES: The Answer - lots of hours
# Finally finished with the "terrible AI" entry to the Persona series. 2014-01-18

Game 6: Saints Row IV - 33 hours
# Beat it (both endings) on a free weekend. Will buy when a "full package" edition is out. 2014-01-19

Game 7: Scribblenauts Unlimited - 8 hours
# Completed the story at 60/106 starites. Might get the rest of them someday. 2014-01-20

Game 8: Super Sanctum TD - 15 hours
# Got this cheap. Fun game, ended up 100%ing on 2/7. 2014-01-30

Game 9: Cook, Serve, Delicious - 32 hours
# New Game+ and Extreme difficulty really breathed new life into this. 100% on 4/18. 2014-02-01

Game 10: Redshirt - 6 hours
# Escaped the station one way, will probably go back to 100% someday. 2014-02-07

Game 11: Survivor Squad - 15 hours
# Beat the game, got all achievements except for the harder Death Lab ones. 2014-02-11

Game 12: Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge - 1 hour
# 100%. Are you reading this for recommendations? Ultionus is oldschool and awesome and has amazing music. 2014-02-27

Game 13: South Park: The Stick of Truth - 25 hours
# Beat on 3/10, 100% on 4/27. 2014-03-10

Game 14: The Blackwell Legacy - 6 hours
# This was a replay, with commentary mode and going for achievements. 100%. 2014-04-23

Game 15: Croixleur Sigma - 3 hours
# Had to dial it back to easy to unlock the second character, but this is a pretty alright action game. 2014-04-30

Game 16: LittleBig Planet 2 - lots of hours
# Enjoyed this game until the end, then got sick of it fast. 2014-05-04

Game 17: Mimicry Man - 1 hour
# A free RPG Maker game, but really cute and fun. 2014-05-13

Game 18: The Plan - 5 minutes
# Free on Steam, extremely profound. 2014-05-15

Game 19: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - 143 hours
# It isn't perfect, but it's the most fun I've had in an RPG in years. 2014-05-18

Game 20: Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ - 5 hours
# Part visual novel, part dating sim? I saw all there was to see across two and a half playthroughs. 2014-06-02

Game 21: Magical Diary - 4 hours
# Got one ending, guess we'll see how many more there are to go. 2014-06-09

Game 22: Haunt the House: Terrortown - 2 hours
# This is the cute kind of spooky. I need to play it again (once without killing anyone, once with lots of deaths). 2014-06-09

Game 23: Heileen 1: Sail Away - 80 minutes
# Got one ending, but it's a visual novel so I hesitate to play the "non-canon" paths. Kinda looking forward to the next episode going on sale. 2014-06-18

Game 24: Gone Home - 3 hours
# It was an experience alright. 2014-06-25

Game 25: To The Moon - 4 hours
# It was pretty interesting. 2014-06-25

Game 26: The Wolf Among Us - 10 hours
# Enjoyed it, but it didn't really fit the episodic structure. 2014-07-09

Game 27: Sakura Spirit - 3.2 hours
# Embarrassingly bad. 2014-07-14

Game 28: Abyss Odyssey - 7 hours
# Beaten once, still a bunch of achievements to unlock. 2014-07-17

Game 29: Actual Sunlight - 1.3 hours
# Always look on the bright side of life. 2014-08-05

Game 30: Far Cry 3 - 49 hours
# 100%, some of the worst writing. 2014-08-09

Game 31: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - 10 hours
# Amazing. Still need to 100%. 2014-08-11

Game 32: Juniper's Knot - 1 hour
# A VN without choice or branching, but great story and presentation. 2014-08-13

Game 33: Depression Quest - 45 minutes
# Free, does what it's supposed to. 2014-08-22

Game 34: Prime World: Defenders - 28 hours
# Picked this tower defense/card collecting game up during the summer sale, rather enjoyed it. Beat story mode on normal so far. 2014-08-24

Game 35: Shadows: Price For Our Sins - 6 hours
# Nice little Halloween-themed hidden object game. 2014-10-04

Game 36: Paranormal State: Poison Springs - 5 hours
# Hokey hidden object game. 2014-10-06


Jul 3, 2011
Bærum, Norway
I'd like to take a bigger swing at my backlog this year. Maybe this thread will keep me motivated.

Game 1: Far Cry (PC) - 9 hours
# Started a couple of months ago... Took forever. Seems like it would have been a lot of fun when it came out, but that time has passed. Plot was infantile drivel. Just glad it's over.

Thing on a Spring

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Jan 6, 2013
Northern Ireland
I'm down for this. My first will likely be Battlefield 4's campaign or else Gravity Rush. I shall update this post as I go.

Game 1: Battlefield 4 Campaign (PS4) - 2/1/14. Probably about 6 hours or so. I can't find the time played for campaign only.
# The campaign was a mess. Didn't give a fuck about the story or anyone in it. Horrible voice acting, horribly written dialogue and buggy as shit. But who buys BF for the campaign anyway. Back to multiplayer.

Game 2: Gravity Rush (Vita) - 5/1/14. 10 hours 47 minutes.
# Not really much to say about this. It's the first game I've beaten on the Vita. Really liked the environments but the controls were sometimes a little finicky which resulted in disorientation occasionally. Wasn't a fan of the enemies but the story was decent. I shouldn't complain about it at all really seeing as it was free. I'll go with 7/10.

Game 3: Contrast (PS4) - 6/1/14. Roughly 3 hours 30 minutes.
# There were some good ideas buried in here with some lovely visuals but the game was really shoddily put together and felt rushed out. On three separate occasions I encountered game breaking bugs that resulted in switching it off an on in order to make progress again. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving it more than 5/10.

Game 4: Tearaway (Vita) - 12/1/14. Can't find anywhere to tell me how many hours I played for. Finished at 52%.
# I loved every second of it, I can't recommend it highly enough. I would imagine it's now in my top 10 favorite games of all time. Go buy it. 9/10.

Game 5: Guacamelee (Started on PS3, finished on Vita) - 21/1/14. 6 hours 40 minutes.
# I'm a sucker for most metroidvania style games and this was no exception. To make things more awesome....Luchadors! I know some people criticise the game for being too short but I thought it was paced perfectly and was ready for it to end when it did. Some of the platforming was genius. Excellent game. 8.5/10.

Game 6: Costume Quest (PC) - 25/1/14. 5 Hours.
# I got this as part of the Double Fine bundle on Steam last year and today was the first day I played it. The humour, as with all DF games was excellent. Particularly enjoyed the nod to Arrested Development. Really charming, fun, bite-sized RPG. 8/10.

Game 7: Flower (Vita) - 6/2/14. About 4 hours or so.
# First finished this on PS4. Had the urge to play through it again on the Vita. It's a great change of pace that can be sorely needed at times. Admittedly, I thought the PS4 controls were more responsive and didn't affect the game screen but it was never frustrating. Check it out if you're after something different. 7.5/10.

Game 8: LittleBigPlanet Vita (Vita, funnily enough) - 8/2/14 Roughly 7 hours or so.
# This is the first LBP game that I have played through to completion, previously having only played the original on PS3. This was much better imo. Really solid gameplay, good use of Vita's features, amusing and a good dose of variation in mechanics. What's more, the game is just fun. Never felt like a chore. 8/10.

Game 9: Hotline Miami (Vita) - 24/2/14 Probably around 8 hours.
# Originally bought it on Steam but as somewhat of a noob pc gamer, I didn't take well to the controls but I feel that the game has found it's home on the Vita. I don't have any complaints about the game at all other than I would like more of it. Roll on Wrong Number. 9/10.

Game 10: Dark Souls (360) - 26/2/14 127 hours, 39 minutes and 1 second.
# With the release of the sequel fast approaching I decided towards the end of last year to go for The Dark Soul achievement. I had previously completed the game on 360 and PC but I started a new character for this run. The channeller's trident was a pain to get at 2 hours and 20 minutes of grinding the two channellers in the the Duke's Archives. I had fun with this character playing on and off in bursts, helping other people out and fucking some others over to get blade of the darkmoon. Never felt boring once though which is one of the many reasons why I have to give it 10/10.
Game 11: Strider (PS4) - 2/3/14 4 hours, 23 minutes and 27 seconds.
# The controls are super tight but I wasn't too impressed with the various locations in the game which I found to be quite samey and bland. About half way in I was just really playing to finish it and not taking my time to enjoy it. If you have a metroidvania itch that needs scratching, this is decent but not much more than that. 6.5/10.

Game 12: Dark Souls 2 (360) - 55 hours, 52 minutes and 20 seconds.
# My new favorite Souls game. Feels like a perfect blend of Demon's and Dark with even more content. I'll be going after the 1000G in this installment. Game's too good not to. 10/10.

Game 13: Muramasa Rebirth (Vita) - 21/5/14 7 hours, 26 minutes.
# Completed Momohime's story. Beautiful game, really a visual treat. Gets a little bit samey gameplay wise but a solid game overall. 7/10.

Game 14: South Park: The Stick of Truth (360) - 26/5/14 12 hours, 58 minutes and 49 seconds.
# As a massive South Park fan I was able to overlook some of the slightly less polished aspects of this game and had a blast with it. It's the kind of SP game I've been looking for ever since I started watching the show. 9/10.

Game 15: Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4) - 15/7/14. Over 10 hours. Forgot to check before I returned it.
# One of the best FPS I've played in a long time. The shooting is absolutely bang-on and the game is better because of it. Recommended. 8.5/10.

Game 16: Watch_Dogs (PS4) - 03/8/14. Unknown. Almost exclusively played story missions.
# I was expecting something different from this game but I'm not sure why. Turns out it was a good GTA clone with an interesting twist. Story was good. Wasn't a fan of Aiden's voice acting though, seemed a little bit phoned in. My biggest peeve was the escorting missions. They got the rage up in me. Otherwise really solid game. 7.5/10.

Game 17: Lone Survivor (Vita) - 05/8/14. 3 Hours 20 minutes.
# It was a mostly fun experience playing through this game save for some slighlty irritating design choices. Game felt like an 8bit Silent Hill which is no bad thing. The story was intriguing but I felt glad that it ended when it did. Had it been an 8 hour game, I'm not sure I would have had the patience to see it through, but hey, it was free. 6/10.

Game 18: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Vita) - 07/8/14. Roughly 6 hours or so.
# Pleasantly surprised by this game. It was fun, charming, funny and plays great. Some neat little puzzles with amusing cutscenes and a pretty healthy cast of DC's heroes and villains. I imagine young kids would have a grand old time playing it and it was free so, bonus. 7.5/10.

Game 19: Proteus (Vita) - 08/8/14. About an hour.
# Smoked a bowl before going into this game blind. I still have no idea what the hell I just played but it wasn't an unpleasant experience. At some point during my playthrough, after about 7 minutes of chasing a pixelated frog around the island I burst into uncontrollable laughter as my mind kept flashing up the image of Randy Marsh playing Heroin Hero. It was a strange but oddly compelling little title. I'm not sure if it is a game I would pay for but thanks to PS+, I didn't have to. 6/10.

Game 20: The Last of Us: Left Behind (PS3) - 09/8/14. 1 hour 58 minutes.
# The content, like the main game is outstanding but I tootled through it in less than two hours which is not good value for money. Thankfully my friend bought it when I loaned him my console so he could play the main game. 7/10.

Game 21: Call of Duty Ghosts (360) - 10/8/14. About 5 and a half hours.
# Not much to say about it really. It's a CoD campaign. All the usual scenarios plus space which was a little ridiculous. Some dodgy slowdown throughout the game also. 6/10.

Game 22: Metrico (Vita) - 11/8/14. About 4 hours.
# Another PS+ freebie. Clever little puzzle game which had me scratching my head on a few occasions. I didn't mind the tilt controls in the later levels but the camera one was a little annoying at times. It was short but well suited to a handheld device. 7.10.

Game 23: Dragon's Crown (Vita) - 15/8/14. 14 hours 42 minutes 9 seconds.
# Another PS+ freebie and probably my favorite so far. Beautiful game but a few flaws here and there. The slowdown was a bit annoying but only really occurred when a ton of things were on screen at once. I could have done with more stages instead of retreading the same ones but overall it was an enjoyable experience. 8/10.

Game 24: Dishonoured (360) - 16/8/14. Unknown playtime.
# Started this game in January 2013, got to mission seven then lost interest. A friend playing it put me in the mood to finish it so I did. I don't know, something about the game just didn't click with me. I can see why people would like but it just wasn't for me, really. I found myself wishing for it to be over after about an hour of play today. 5.5/10.

Game 25: Megaman 2 (NES) - 20/8/14. Roughly 4 hours.
# Having not played this game since I owned it on NES all those years ago, much to my suprise, I found my old muscle memory was still there in places. I think it has aged beautifully and felt some hardcore nostalgia bringing with it memories of sitting around the tv with my brother taking it life about in an effort to finally complete it. A timeless classic. 10/10.

Game 26: Rayman Legends (PS4) - 26/8/14. Unknown playtime.
# If you like platforming games, this is top quality. Funny, pretty, challenging and really a fun game. Tons of content too and considering how cheap you can lift a copy these days, it would be rude not to. 10/10.

Game 27: Journey (PS3) - 30/8/14. 45 minutes.
# This was my second playthrough but for some reason I managed to miss half of the game and I have no idea how since it was probably a year or more since I last played it. Still awesome but I didn't get the downhill slalom with all the pretty colours this time. Also, thank you to OrSC2 for assisting me on my journey. Wherever you are. 9/10.

Game 28: Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King NG++ (360) - 8/9/14. About 8 hours.
# Fucking Sinh. Got brutalised by him for hours but it felt all the sweeter when I finally bested him. I liked the layout and connectivity of the landscape, the enemies and even the bosses where pretty cool despite one being a copy and paste job. I think I got my £8 worth out of the DLC. Gonna take a food break now then get the second one. 8.10.

Game 29: Destiny (PS4) - 13/9/14. About 15 hours.
# First off, I'm still none the wiser as to what the story was about. More importantly, I had a great time playing it. I've never bought a Bungie game for the story anyway. What Bungie do best is multiplayer and again, they've delivered. Rock solid game. 9/10.

Game 30: Child of Light (Vita) - 27/10/14. Unknown playtime.
# This was one of those games I bought because I liked the cover art, knowing nothing about it. Turns out I was pleasantly surprised. The art style was beautiful, as was the score. There were a few issues with the frame rate but not enough for it to be a major issue. Really sweet game. 8/10.

Game 31: Super Castlevania IV (SNES) - 28/10/14. Unknown playtime.
#This is the best Castlevania game in my book, it's every bit as fun for me to play through today as it was when it was released for the first time. 10/10.

Game 32: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4) - 5/11/14. Around 5 hours or so.
# Loved MW but with each new entry I liked the series less and less to the point where I stopped buying them at MW3. Surprisingly, this one is a lot of fun. Feels like new life has finally been breathed into a franchise that gone Staler than a year old loaf. Looks incredible at times too. 8.5/10.

Game 33: The Evil Within (PS4) - 8/11/14. 18 hours, 20 minutes, 18 seconds. 118 deaths. (Survival difficulty)
# My brother bought this and ended up selling it to me at a bargain price because he wasn't digging it. I was originally going to pay full price for it and now having completed it, I would not have regretted paying full whack. It scratched my survival horror itch perfectly. My experience was only hampered but an unstable frame rate and some of the voice acting was a bit guff. I would recommend it to anyone. 9/10.

Game 34: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PS4) - 9/11/14. Played for about two and a half hours before I completed it for the first time.
# I bought this is a Steam sale ages ago and like most things I buy in Steam sales, I never played it. Got it via PS+ and finally got round to giving it a whirl this morning. Jesus, it's addictive. I can see me putting many an hour into this little beauty. 9/10.


Jun 27, 2005
Thats insane, I probably saw the credits roll on like 4 games this year.
Lol same here, I blame it on being a parent though, I won't ever manage to complete 52 games in 2014 but this thread might still help me dig into the backlog so I'll still play along as much as I can. :)
Some games were started in 2013 but I guess that's still okay since the rules about completing the games weren't overly strict. I don't do MP games though so I'll go for seeing 52 ending credits roll.

Starting wiith...

Game 1: Zelda ALTTP WiiU Virtual Console - DURATION PLAYED ? Too long...
20 hearts, everything maxed out. It took me 20 years but now it's finally done.

Game 2: Wonder Boy in Monster World Genesis - DURATION PLAYED ? Roughly 5 days, a few hours per day
Final castle probably had the most difficult platforming jumping grinding I've ever experienced (the disappearing platform section) Plus an insanely hard three stage boss at the end.

Game 3: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - Duration Played ? I'm guessing around 10 hours
This was a blast playing through, so much love was put into the design of the characters and levels, and rock solid 60fps from beginning to end, could be Retro Studios finest production yet. The best game I've played on WiiU and possibly the most fun I've had on any nextgen game yet. 10/10

Game 4: Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes - Duration Played ? 5 hours or so
Wow. Just wow. This was exactly what this serie needed. Super slick visuals, mature story, 60 fps, sandbox gameplay and a small taste of what MGSV will be that builds the hype from having great gameplay rather than a target render trailer. Kojima really delivered.

Game 5: SteamWorld Dig PS4 - Duration Played ? 11 hours
A total surprise, bought it because it was cheap and there is game drought on PS4, ended up loving it from beginning to end. Metroid meets Minecraft with controls so perfected that you might mistake it for an AAA Nintendo title.

Game 6: Super Mario 3D World WiiU - Duration Played ? Don't know, maybe a week
Fantastic game, not quite up to the level of Tropical Freeze but easily the best 3D Mario in my opinion.

GAME 7: RYSE Son of Rome XB1 - Duration Played 4 hours
Surprisingly fun game, not the mash-X-to-win game I was led to believe, I played it on higher difficulty though. Great story sequences with great acting and amazing visuals at times. Not worthy of the critical view often expressed by people on this board, in my opinion.



Aug 23, 2007
I am probably only going to finish about 10 games this year if I am lucky. I'm mainly doing this to see how many games I actually do play in a year (not many i suspect).

In progress. Completed games are in bold. Ratings are from (A-E)

Game 1: Limbo (PC) - 3 hours completed (A)
I loved everything about this game, from the atmosphere to the platforming and the ambiguous ending/story. Great presentation, great gameplay and perfect length. The puzzles always felt fresh and nothing felt recycled in order to pad out the pength. It is rare that a game like this will keep me interested long enough to finish it, so I was appreciative of the comparatively short length.

Game 2: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies (3DS) - 5 hours
One of my favourite game series of all time. I love everything about these games and this one is no exception so far. Started in 2013, but the majority of play will be in 2014

Game 3: Super Mario 3D World (WiiU) - 6 hours
I like this one, but I think some of the claims about how good it is have been overblown by the games media. Started in 2013, but majority of play will be in 2014

Game 4: Space Hulk (PC) - 3 hours
I am in awe of the whole 40k universe and this seemed like a great way to explore it some more. I also love board games and this fits right in with that too.

Game 5: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (WiiU) - 1 hour
Such a beautiful looking game and the gameplay is good too.

Game 6: Botanicula (PC) - 1 hour
So quirky. Maybe a little too quirky though.

Game 7: NES Remix (WiiU) - 10 hours (B)
Nostalgia overload. Damn hard sometimes though. Didn't finish every stage, but the credits rolled and that is good enough for me. Can't wait for NES Remix 2.

Game 8: Knytt Underground (WiiU) - 1 hour
I love the art style and the platforming is tight. Still not sold on the whole experience yet though.

Game 9: From Dust (PC) - 1 hour
I haven't played a good God game in a while and this has been sitting in my Steam library forever.

Game 10: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PC) - 1 hour
Just starting this now. Beautiful game, but not sure there is much of a 'game' here.

Game 11: Steel Diver: Sub Wars - 1 hour
Just started playing this. Just playing the single player campaign in readiness for some multiplayer action


Jul 23, 2011
Seattle, WA
edit: will be updating in the 50 books 50 movies thread so as to streamline most effectively. don't worry though. you can just follow my progress by heading over there.


Jul 25, 2013
Los Angeles
Do iOS games count? I'll of course play and list the longer games, not 5-Minute Fixes. Year of PS3 & iOS again for me!


Game 1: Device 6 (iOS) - 3.5hrs
In short, the game is completely text and story driven and you, the player, are tasked with reading "between the lines" and helping your narrator find out what happened to her, where is she, and figuring how to get out through various intricate and brilliantly complex puzzles. There is no tutorial, no guiding hand, completely barren help even in the first chapter. It's brilliant really, as I was forced to think outside of the box and read the text meticulously. The puzzles were difficult, mind-boggling, and most importantly subtle. The story is eloquently woven and the narrator's dialogue really draws you in for a dark and ominous story. And man, is it one helluva good story.
Game 2: Year Walk (iOS) - 4hrs
And I thought Device 6 was obscure... Thankfully after I solved the first puzzle and everything fell in place and started making better sense. In short, the game is a first person horror viewer where you scroll left, right, up, or down to navigate and solve extremely abstract puzzles, as well as encounter terrifying monsters from swedish urban folklore. The game is, as stated, based on a long forgotten ritual that the Swedish did in order to "travel through time", hence the name Year Walk. The ritual involved starving and locking an individual in a dark cave on special days, such as New Years Eve. When the clock struck midnight, the individual, or year walker, was to venture out to the dark forest and find their church in order to ascend time. Along the way, the individual would have terrible, vivid visions of monsters and of the future, particularly involving the theme of death. In other words, this game is deep and thought-provoking. I was so fascinated with the folklore that I read the Companion app and googled anything related to Year Walking after the ending. Simply entrancing. All in all, I immensely enjoyed what I played.


Oct 15, 2013
Game 1: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 3-4 Hours (Completed 3/01/14)
Lovely little game. Not particularly hard, but has an interesting control mechanic of controlling each brother with each analog stick.

Game 2: Trials HD and DLC - 7 Hours
Picked this up in XBLA sales. I love Evolution, but whilst enjoyable I don't find HD as challenging as Evolution and the environments are not very attractive. It feels like the whole game is set in a warehouse. Worth it for the money though.

Game 3: AC4 (Wii U) - 20 hours (Completed)
Really enjoyed this. The boats added a lot to a series that was losing my interest.

Game 4: Rocksmith 2014 - 25 hours so far
Very enjoyable, however it doesn't scale to my ability quick enough. This means I have to go into the riff repeat option and select the whole track and then 100% difficulty to get it to work. I also found that a couple of the arcade games don't recognize things as well as is needed to properly play. That said I have massively enjoying playing the game and being able to slow down and repeat single riffs is great for learning technical riffs and solos.

Game 5: Cloudberry Kingdom - 9 hours (Completed 14/01/14)
Yes, yes, yes! Addictive, fast and very easy to pick up and play. The 'bangin' soundtrack works with the rapid gameplay too. Great for multiplayer. However it starts to lose its charm later on and becomes a little bit frustrating. I was going to go through and play all the extra levels, but have read that no one has ever completed the final level, which puts me off some what.

Game 6: SM3DW - 20 hours (completed)
Very enjoyable once you get a few worlds in. There is a lot of content in the game, and the inclusion of Peach is very welcome, as her hover jump is very useful.

Game 7: Kingdom Hearts Recoded - 6 hours so far

Game 8: Runner 2 - 8 hour (Completed)

Game 9: Resident Evil Revelations (3DS) - not yet started

Game 10: Metal Gear Rising: Revengence - 6 Hours (Completed 28/01/14)
Thoroughly enjoyable slash em' up. Really short game, but I honestly didn't want it to be any longer. Lots of replay value too with collectables and achievements. Not a MGS game, but a worthy addition to the series. I can't wait for Bayonetta 2.

Game 11: Skyrim and all DLC - 2 hours played

Game 12: Fez - 5 hours (Completed)
Such a cute game. I loved the music and the game really ticked all the boxes for me: simplicity, engagement, great music and great puzzling. You just want to keep playing to obtain one more cube.

Game 13: Walking Dead Season 2 - 4 hours so far

Game 14: The Wolf Among Us - not yet started

Game 15: Xenoblade Chronicles - 82 hours (Completed) (45 hours in 2013)
Great game. An interesting story that develops nicely throughout, which draws you back in after periods of traveling between places or grinding. The combat system works well too and the gem crafting, arts, and attack selection make a nice amount of things to manage.

I also liked that all the characters level up as you play, not just the ones you control. This makes it easy to switch characters in and out very easily when their certain skills are required. I am really looking forward to X.

Game 16: Castlevania Mirror of Fate - not yet started

Game 17: Dust an Elysian Tail - not yet started

Game 18: Dark Souls 2 - 60 Hours (Completed 5/4/2013)

Game 19: Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story - 11 hours so far

Game 20: Killer is Dead - 7 hours (Completed)

Game 21: FF XIII-3 - 45 hours (Completed)

Game 22: Trials Fusion- 6 hours (Completed)
The tricks element hasn't really added a lot for me and whilst enjoyable it does feel like more of the same. Lots to do, with the challenges on every level.

Game 23: NFS: Rivals - 3 hours so far
Just felt the same as the past few NFS games and so I will not be finishing this game

Game 24: Soul Calibur 5 - 2 hours so far

Game 25: Rocksmith - 5 hours so far

Game 26: Metal Gear Solid 3 - 15 hours (Completed)
What a great game and what a great story. Love the James bond references throughout. Starsailer song at the end was a good choice too.

Game 27: Half Life 2 - 9 hours (Completed)
Had the Orange Box for several years now and have finally got round to playing this. Has a classic PC gaming feel and has aged so well.

Game 28: Shadow of the Colossus - 11 hours (Completed)
I can't believe it took me so long to play this. Had the pleasure of sitting and doing the whole game in a weekend. The flying colossi are my favourites and the soundtrack is simply epic. This is what gaming is about.

Game 29: Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze - 5 hours so far


Neo Member
Oct 16, 2013
I'm in

Game 1: TOMB RAIDER (PS3) - 1 hr

Game 2: MGR: REVEANGENCE (PS3) - 2:30 hr

Game 3: VANQUISH (PS3) - Not started

Game 4: NEW SUPER MARIO BROS (NDS) - 20 min

Game 5:

Game 6:


May 15, 2013
Reached character limit, so I've removed writeups for games 1-75.
Full text version available here: http://pastebin.com/uaNyCL88

Game 1: Black Mesa - started in March of 2013, finished on 03.01.2014
Game 2: Portal - started on 03.01.2014, finished on 04.01.2014 (roughly 3 hours)
Game 3: Dear Esther - started on 04.01.2014, finished on 05.01.2014 (roughly 90 minutes)
Game 4: Richard & Alice - started on 05.01.2014, finished on 06.01.2014 (roughly 3 hours).
Game 5: Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Alliance of the Golden Witch - started in December of 2013, finished on 11.01.2014 (roughly 30 hours)
Game 6: World Mosaics 5 - started in December of 2013, finished on 19.01.2014 (20 hours)
Game 7: Ever 17 - started in November of 2013, finished on 22.01.2014 (~30 hours)
Game 8: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - started on 12.01.2014, finished on 25.01.2014 (20 hours)
Game 9: The Typing of the Dead: Overkill - started on 26.01.2014, finished on 26.01.2014 (4 hours)
Game 10: BioShock - started on 06.01.2014, finished on 04.02.2014 (11 hours)
Game 11: The Rapture Is Here And You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home - started on 08.02.2014, finished on 08.02.2014 (20 minutes)
Game 12: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All - started on 25.01.2014, fnished on 08.02.2014 (22 hours)
Game 13: Candy Escape Goat Saga - started on 08.02.2014, finished on 08.02.2014 (15 minutes)
Game 14: The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition - started on 04.02.2014, finished on 10.02.2014 (4.5 hours)
Game 15: Monkey Island 2: Special Edition - started on 11.02.2014, finished on 13.02.2014 (5.5 hours)
Game 16: Tomb Raider (2013) - started on 14.02.2014, finished on 22.02.2014 (15 hours)
Game 17: Day of the Tentacle - started on 23.02.2014, finished on 26.02.2014 (3 hours)
Game 18: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations - started on 09.02.2014, finished on 10.03.2014 (25 hours)
Game 19: LEGO Lord of the Rings - started in October of 2013, finished on 17.03.2014 (31 hours)
Game 20: To the Moon - started on 17.03.2014, finished on 18.03.2014 (3.5 hours counting the mini-episode)
Game 21: Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons - started on 18.03.2014, finished on 19.03.2014 (3 hours for the game, 0.5 hour for achievement hunting)
Game 22: Blackwell Legacy - started on 19.03.2014, finished on 19.03.2014 (4 hours, including both commentary tracks)
Game 23: Blackwell Unbound - started on 19.03.2014, finished on 19.03.2014 (4 hours, including listening to commentary track and some minor achievement hunting)
Game 24: I/O - started on 23.02.2014, finished on 25.03.2014 (41 hours)
Game 25: Blackwell Convergence - started on 20.03.2014, finished on 26.03.2014 (3.5 hours)
Game 26: Blackwell Deception - started on 26.03.2014, finished on 28.03.2014 (5.5 hours)
Game 27: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - started on 26.03.2014, finished on 01.04.2014 (12.5 hours)
Game 28: World Mosaics 6 - started on 19.01.2014, finished on 01.04.2014 (29 hours)
Game 29: Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly - started on 06.03.2014, finished on 03.04.2014 (2.5 hours)
Game 30: Hexcells - started on 02.04.2014, finished on 03.04.2014 (3 hours)
Game 31: Prince of Persia (2008) - started on 04.04.2014, finished on 07.04.2014 (10 hours)
Game 32: Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - started on 29.03.2014, finished on 09.04.2014 (6.5 hours)
Game 33: Hexcells Plus - started on 06.04.2014, finished on 11.04.2014 (8.5 hours)
Game 34: The Shivah - started on 11.04.2014, finished on 11.04.2014 (2.5 hours)
Game 35: Donkey Kong '94 - started on 09.04.2014, finished on 12.04.2014 (3 hours)
Game 36: Trip World - started on 13.04.2014, finished on 13.04.2014 (35 minutes)
Game 37: Super Mario Land - started on 13.04.2014, finished on 13.04.2014 (35 minutes)
Game 38: Gemini Rue - started on 13.04.2014, finished on 14.04.2014 (6 hours)
Game 39: Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon - started on 14.04.2014, finished on 17.04.2014 (9.5 hours)
Game 40: Puzzle Bots - started on 18.04.2014, finished on 18.04.2014 (2.5 hours)
Game 41: Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos - started on 18.04.2014, finished on 19.04.2014 (3 hours)
Game 42: Shrek 2 (GBA) - started on 17.04.2014, finished on 21.04.2014 (2.5 hours)
Game 43: Broken Sword 4: Angel of Death - started on 19.04.2014, finished on 25.04.2014 (8 hours)
Game 44: Juniper's Knot - started on 27.04.2014, finished on 27.04.2014 (40 minutes)
Game 45: Jurassic Park (Telltale) - started on 27.04.2014, finished on 29.04.2014 (6.5 hours)
Game 46: Metroid: Zero Mission - started on 22.04.2014, finished on 01.05.2014 (4 hours)
Game 47: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - started on 01.05.2014, finished on 02.05.2014 (1.5 hours)
Game 48: Shrek 2: Beg for Mercy - started on 02.05.2014, finished on 04.05.2014 (1.5 hours)
Game 49: Resonance - started on 04.05.2014, finished on 07.05.2014 (8 hours)
Game 50: CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder - started on 08.05.2014, finished on 14.05.2014 (8 hours)
Game 51: Sam and Max Hit the Road! - started on 14.05.2014, finished on 15.05.2014 (5 hours)
Game 52: Dominique Pamplemousse - started on 15.05.2014, finished on 15.05.2014 (1.5 hours)
Game 53: CSI: Hard Evidence - stared on 18.05.2014, finished on 22.05.2014 (~10 hours)
Game 54: Chrono Trigger - started on 11.03.2014, finished on 22.05.2014 (18.5 hours)
Game 55: CSI: Deadly Intent - started on 23.05.2014, finished on 26.05.2014 (~9 hours)
Game 56: Assassin's Creed: Revelations - started on 19.04.2014, finished on 27.05.2014 (20 hours)
Game 57: CSI: Fatal Conspiracy - started on 26.05.2014, finished on 29.05.2014 (8 hours)
Game 58: Mega Man - started on 30.05.2014, finished on 31.05.2014 (1.5 hours)
Game 59: Law & Order: Legacies - started on 29.05.2014, finished on 02.06.2014 (8 hours)
Game 60: Half-Life 2 - started on 10.04.2014, finished on 03.06.2014 (14 hours)
Game 61: Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - started on 03.06.2014, finished on 03.06.2014 (30 minutes)
Game 62: Half-Life 2: Episode One - started on 03.06.2014, finished on 05.06.2014 (5 hours)
Game 63: Half-Life 2: Episode Two - started on 05.06.2014, finished on 07.06.2014 (5 hours)
Game 64: Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION - started on 07.06.2014, finished on 08.06.2014 (2 hours)
Game 65: Mega Man 2 - started on 03.06.2014, finished on 08.06.2014 (2.5 hours)
Game 66: Remember Me - started on 28.05.2014, finished on 10.06.2014 (11 hours)
Game 67: Gray Matter - started on 10.06.2014, finished on 15.06.2014 (11 hours)
Game 68: World Mosaics 7 - started on 11.04.2014, finished on 16.06.2014 (30.5 hours)
Game 69: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - started on 28.05.2014, finished on 21.06.2014 (22 hours)
Game 70: Sam & Max: Season 1 - started on 16.06.2014, finished on 21.06.2014 (14.5 hours)
Game 71: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - started on 22.06.2014, finished on 29.06.2014 (25 hours)
Game 72: The Plan - started on 12.07.2014, finished on 12.07.2014 (10 minutes).
Game 73: Sam & Max Season 2 - started on 29.06.2014, finished on 14.07.2014 (12.5 hours)
Game 74: 140 - started on 14.07.2014, finished on 14.07.2014 (1 hour)
Game 75: Might & Magic X: Legacy - started on 26.05.2014, finished on 16.07.2014 (41 hours)
Game 76: Toki Tori - started on 22.04.2014, finished on 19.07.2014 (6 hours)
# Played through the main levels, I seriously doubt I could solve the Hard ones without a walkthrough. There's just something about the game that doesn't mesh with my brain.

Game 77: Sam & Max Season 3 - started on 15.07.2014, finished on 20.07.2014 (15.5 hours)
# Pretty much the best adventure game Telltale did.

Game 78: Teslagrad - started on 20.07.2014, finished on 23.07.2014 (7.5 hours)
# Good game, albeit with some pretty annoying faults sprinkled on top.

Game 79: Gyakuten Kenji 2 - started on 29.06.2014, finished on 24.07.2014 (25+ hours)
# Great improvement over the first game, amazing fan-localization. A bit bloated if you ask me - could've been way better if few sections got edited out. On to AA5.

Game 80: Back to the Future (Telltale) - started on 24.07.2014, finished on 27.07.2014 (12 hours)
# Pretty much Back to the Future 4. Once again, I keep wishing Telltale would keep producing proper adventure games instead of their make of Visual Novels (like TWD or TWAU)... Oh well.

Game 81: Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures - started on 28.07.2014, finished on 03.08.2014 (10 hours)
# Puzzles were a bit less logical this time, but I must say I loved the English vibe the game oozed. Also, making the character models look and animate like clay models was a lovely idea. Pity game sold so poorly Telltale pretty much disowned it...

Game 82: Hector: Badge of Carnage - started on 04.08.2014, finished on 09.08.2014 (11 hours)
# What's this? A classic 2D drawn art PnC game? How come Telltale didn't just buy out the studio that made the game. Would love it all of their games looked this good, really. Also, the potty English humor was just lovely.

Game 83: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - started on 09.08.2014, finished on 10.08.2014 (12 hours)
# Not as good as the previous two games, first episode was just atrocious. Still, fun game. Terribly overpriced, but that comes with the Telltale territory.

Game 84: Puzzle Agent 1&2 - started on 10.08.2014, finished on 11.08.2014 (5 hours)
# Laytonesque game without most of the charm and good puzzles. Oh well.

Game 85: Tales of Monkey Island - started on 11.08.2014, finished on 15.08.2014 (16 hours)
# Other than the deus ex machinae ending, I can't find anything at fault with the game. Lovely adventure game, pretty much a fitting return to adventures of everyone's favorite Mighty Pirate (TM).

Game 86: Bioshock Infinite - started on 10.08.2014, finished on 27.08.2014 (15 hours)
Game 87: Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - started on 27.08.2014, finished on 30.08.2014 (8 hours)
# Amazing visuals, interesting story, boring gameplay. Seems an pretty apt description of the Bioshock franchise, I'd say. Oh well, I've played worse games, that's for sure. And the vistas were truly breathtaking.

Game 88: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - started on 29.07.2014, finished on 24.09.2014 (59 hours)
# XSEED give SC, pls!

Game 89: The Journey Down: Chapter One - started on 24.09.2014, finished on 25.09.2014 (2.5 hours)
# Lovely music, good artwork, nice puzzles, dialogue a bit weaker. Game was a tad on the short side too.

Game 90: Reversion (both chapters) - started on 26.09.2014, finished on 27.09.2014 (2 hours)
# Ugh, terrible game on all accounts. Thorough lack of understanding on what makes a good adventure game, terrible production values, god awful translation chock full of bad grammar. Avoid at all cost.

Game 91: Bone - started on 27.09.2014, finished on 28.09.2014 (3 hours, give or take, couldn't get arsed to finish the second episode)
# Another terrible game, no wonder Telltale dropped it after episode two. Just... no redeeming features here.

Game 92: Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies - started on 26.07.2014, finished on 05.10.2014 (~32 hours)
# A bit too long for my taste (loads of filler flashbacks, sometimes stuff from previous 5 minutes of the game), cases were also not that interesting. Prosecutor even weaker than Franciska as a rival... 3D graphics passable, but missing the flair of the sprite artwork. Terrible dubwork, inane anime cutscenes... Oh well, not that I expected anything else with Shu Takumi not on board. :\

Game 93: The Night of the Rabbit - started on 27.09.2014, finished on 11.10.2014 (16.5 hours)
# Absolutely beautiful German adventure game, that really reminded me of the Neverending Story for some reason. Highly recommended, even despite gameplay not reaching the heights of genre standards. Absolute joy to look at.

Game 94: The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo - started on 18.10.2014, finished on 18.10.2014 (1 hour)
# Seen all ending, including the hidden one. Lovely short VN that veers very quickly into Lovecraftian territory. Definitely recommended.

Game 95: Final Fantasy XIII - started on 11.10.2014, finished on 02.11.2014 (43 hours)
# Screw the haters, this was a great game. Not as great as FFXII was, but still way above anything non-DQ and non-SMT in the genre. Pity the PC port is so terrible. :\
Oh well, 15 fps is still playable, right? Right?

Game 96: Battlefield 3 - started on 02.11.2014, finished on 05.11.2014 (~7 hours)
# Well, it sure was pretty, can't argue with that... I just wish all CoD wannabes had an optional Virtua Cop mode - given that they usually take away control from the PC most of the game anyway...

Game 97: Hatoful Boyfriend - started on 05.11.2014, finished on 08.11.2014 (8.5 hours)
# Oh god, another true ending mindfuck. Hurtful Boyfriend route was amazing...

Game 98: Jazzpunk - started on 08.11.2014, finished on 09.11.2014 (3 hours)
# Something about the game walking speed, FOV and head bob made me want to visit pukeland pretty much after any time spent with the game. Also, for a supposedly comedy game, I didn't find any of the jokes used particularly funny. Oh well...

Game 99: Battlefield 4 - started on 09.11.2014, finished on 11.11.2014 (6 hours)
# Watch things happen, point gun at enemies, shoot, see them fall over. Oh well, had more fun with this game than with Black Mesa...

Game 100: A New Beginning: Final Cut - started on 06.11.2014, finished on 16.11.2014 (9,5 hours)
# Terrible story, some nonsensical puzzles, extremely long loading times, god awful translation and porn movie voice acting. But by god, it looked amazing. Beautiful hand drawn backgrounds, nicely animated characters, comic panel cutscenes... A feast for the eyes, really.

Game 101: Gone Home - started on 17.11.2014, finished on 19.11.2014 (3 hours)
# Run through with commentary mode. Gorgeous looking game, not as gorgeous as Dear Esther, but rarely anything is. Not sure what all the hubbub about walking simulators is about - they are pretty much like Call of Duty without explosions and jingoism.

Game 102: Valkyria Chronicles - started on 11.11.2014, finished on 28.11.2014 (39 hours)
# I wish all games made ever had as much charm as this one had. I would also with most of them weren't so infuriatingly broken design-wise. :)
Had some really great time with the game despite all the warts. Highly recommended.

Game 103: The Whispered World Special Edition - started on 28.11.2014, finished on 30.11.2014 (9 hours)
# Absolutely stunning production values, even when locked to 4:3 aspect ratio. Nice story, with that "The Neverending Story" German fable vibe. Some of the puzzles were terrible, but oh well, after last few games I didn't expect them to be good or anything like that. Honestly recommended.

Game 104: South Park: The Stick of Truth - started on 30.11.2014, finished on 06.12.2014 (13 hours)
# Felt exactly like an extended episode of the series, so plus points for that. Pity the actual game portion of the game was mediocre at best... Not something I'd expect from Obsidian. Oh well, decent Paper Mario clone with grossness amplified to 300%.

Game 105: Discworld - started on 05.12.2014, finished on 08.12.2014 (~10 hours)
# Great voice acting, lovely handpainted backgrounds, some good humour here and there. Plus terrible, 'go in only with a walktrough handy' puzzles. Oh well, I've played worse adventure games this year. :)

Game 106: Karateka - started on 08.12.2014, finished on 08.12.2014 (30 minutes)
# I haven't played the original, but I get the sense something's missing here. The artstyle, most probably, the game would look much better if it would use 2D. Oh well, quick playthrough it is, I don't think I care for the game enough to try Monk/True Love runs.

Game 107: Discworld 2: Missing Presumed...!? - started on 09.12.2014, finished on 10.12.2014 (~8 hours)
# Looked even better than the first part, Eric Idle still being the bomb and had some actual solvable puzzles? Pity the animation wasn't up to standards, parts of the game felt like being run at 5 fps. Still, a lovely game.

Game 108: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - started on 10.12.2014, finished on 12.12.2014 (10 hours)
# Pretty much a casual HOPA game with some decent production values. Nothing terrible here, but also nothing really good. Just a bunch of easy or even insultingly easy puzzles joined by a flimsy excuse for a plot.

Game 109: The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav - started on 12.12.2014, finished on 14.12.2014 (8.5 hours)
# Absolutely amazing all around. Great voice acting, great story, amazing background art, very nice music, superb puzzle design. GOTY contender even in a year when I beat 30+ other point and click games...

Game 110: The Dark Eye: Memoria - started on 14.12.2014, finished on 20.12.2014 (8.5 hours)
# Not as good as the first game in just about every area, but still a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended to adventure game fans, just don't think about playing the games before Chains of Satinav, as it's a very direct sequel.

Game 111: The 39 Steps - started on 20.12.2014, finished on 21.12.2014 (4 hours)
# Easiest platinum on Steam confirmed? Very nice implementation of a somewhat mediocre story. Oh well, many of the supposed classics haven't really aged all that well. Great production values at the very least.

Game 112: Deponia - started on 21.12.2014, finished on 28.12.2014 (7 hours)
# Hated the game wholeheartedly, terrible misogynistic excuse of a plot, non-funny jokes, illogical puzzles all day everyday. Artwork was amazing, but that's everything the game had going for.


Unconfirmed Member
Jan 8, 2013
I have only finished 20 games this year (and bought so much more than that), let's give that a try. I still have some games to play for my GOTY list, so the first one will be :

Game 1: Papers, please - 4h30m played, finished on 1/1/14
I understand why so many people put that as one of the best games of 2013

Game 2: Bravely Default - 11h played

Game 3: Tearaway - 6h to 8h not really sure, finished on 1/14/14
made me smile a lot

Game 4: Gone Home - 1h45m played, finished on 1/4/14
Interactive story telling done right.

Game 5: Assassin's creed 4 Black Flag - 5h30m played

Game 6: Year Walk - 2h15m played, finished on 1/6/14
short and weird, great story, liked the ending and the companion app.

Game 7: The Wonderful 101 - 2h played

Game 8: KillZone ShadowFall - 1h played


May 30, 2013
Savannah, GA
Pssh, as if I'll finish even ONE game this year...

Ah well, gotta start somewhere!





Jun 7, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Update: 05/09/2014 - Done!

Game 1: Dead Rising 2 - 35 hours - FINISHED
This is about my 7th run through this game, but the first time playing it on the PC, which meant starting completely from scratch. I know it has GFWL which will turn a lot of people off, but the frame rate gains from the console version are just too good to be ignored. Going to try to complete as much of the achievement set as I can, though multiplayer achievements might prove a problem. Update 12/01/14 - Still mopping up achievements, got 32 of the 46 I see myself getting.

Game 2: Trine - 3 hours
Still truckin' through this one.

Game 3: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - 26 hours - FINISHED
Finished the main story, mopping up some achievements.

Game 4: LEGO City Undercover - 5 hours
Starting to enjoy this a lot more. Chapter 6 so far, looking to power through.

Game 5: Spec Ops: The Line - 3 hours
Don't often play games for the story, but that's all anyone talks about in relation to this. Gameplay is pretty average.

Game 6: LIMBO - 1 hour
Quite good so far. Reminds me a lot of Another World.

Game 7: The Last of Us - 1 hour
I've heard this is a pretty slow starter. I hope people are right about that because I am not enjoying this.

Game 8: Beyond: Two Souls - 3 hours
Preferred Heavy Rain for its illusion that you had a big influence over the plot.

Game 9: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ - 3 hours
Bought Steam version, wrapped up all achievements. Love me some Pac-Man.

Game 10: Cook, Serve, Delicious - 3 hours
This is my go to game at night right now.

Game 11: Strider (2014) - 1 hour
Came in the post this week (JP retail version). Quite good so far

Game 12: Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition - 2 hours
Haven't fired up Duke 3D in years, just got this in a bundle and couldn't put it down. Through the shareware episode now.

Game 13: Long Live the Queen - 3 hours - FINISHED
Set up family sharing with the missus, and I had gifted this to her when it was on sale at her request. Thought I'd give it a go and was hooked immediately. First game in ages where I've persevered until finishing on my first play.

Game 14: Motor Rock - 2 hours
Jumped on this when I found out it was pulled from Steam because I love Rock 'n' Roll Racing. Very faithful remake - kind of wish they went beyond that and added a little more new stuff, but I am really enjoying it.

Game 15: Beast Boxing Turbo - 2 hours - FINISHED
Got this in a bundle. Fun but extremely basic boxing game.

Game 16: Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast - 3 hours
Needed a palate cleanser, so I loaded this up with realistic sabers, dismemberment and the classic Ladder map.

Game 17: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - 35 hours - FINISHED
Finished. Probably stopped enjoying it aorund the 20 hour mark - became a real slog and I stopped liking any of the characters.

Game 18: Infamous: Second Son - 14 hours - FINISHED
Pretty good game - finished it 100%. Kind of felt like there should have been more to it, though.

Game 19: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes - 3 hours - FINISHED
Brilliant game. Obviously left me wanting more.

Game 20: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - 8 hours
Still chipping away at this. Love the scope, not feeling the story missions though.

Game 21: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - 6 hours - FINISHED
Good story mode like Mortal Kombat, but I don't find the fighting as engrossing. Finished the story mode - quite good for a comic book game.

Game 22: The Pinball Arcade - 4 hours
Bought this to pad out the PS4 collection, god addicted to the Star Trek: The Next Generation table.

Game 23: Earth Defence Force 2025 - 2 hours
Return of the king. Love this series, but haven't had the time to drill into it.

Game 24: Hotline Miami - 5 hours - FINISHED
Picked up where I left off last year and finished it. Didn't think I'd ever beat it.

Game 25: Dynasty Warriors GUNDAM 2 - 12 hours
Needed a new palate cleanser/podcast companion. Always seem to play exclusively as Wing Zero so I might try and pick a new suit to play around with. Finished Free Mode with Heero, think that's enough for now.

Game 26: NES Remix - 3 hours
Love this game. Have about 30 badges and just recently unlocked the Legend of Zelda levels.

Game 27: Papers, Please - 2 hours
Revisiting this to try and finish up the story.

Game 28: Scribblenauts Unmasked - 3 hours
Was digging Scribblenauts Unlimited - this is good, but not as good.

Game 29: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army - 6 hours - FINISHED
Needed a easy to pick up PC shooter and this has been fitting the bill nicely. Almost outstayed its welcome.

Game 30: Starbound - 3 hours
Sold a shitload of Steam cards to fund this. It's got a ways to come, but I am really enjoying it so far.

Game 31: Rise of the Triad (2013) - 3 hours
A nice throwback to the earlier days of PC FPS. A bit unpolished, but quite fun.

Game 32: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - 6 hours - FINISHED
I really love this game. I miss cheesy 80s sci-fi/action.

Game 33: State of Decay - 2 hours
Bought this at last year's Steam sale and was really hanging out to play it on my new PC. Going to spend a lot more time with it.

Game 34: Batman: Arkham Origins - 18 hours - FINISHED
PC version so much nicer than the PS3 version. Didn't like how the story went, but the experience was still great.

Game 35: NES Remix 2 - 3 hours
Loved the first, love the second, bring on SNES, GB, GBC and GBA Remix thanks.

Game 36: New Star Soccer 5 - 2 hours
New Star Soccer 3 almost killed my now 7 year relationship in its first month. I have to play this one in moderation. Not as good as 3, but has some nice extras.

Game 37: WWE '13 - 12 hours - FINISHED
Picked this up in a 2 pack with NBA 2K13, solely so I could play the Attitude Era mode, which is great.

Game 38: WWE 2K14 - 4 hours
Loving the 30 years of WrestleMania mode. Not liking the still-broken ass gameplay.

Game 39: Watch Dogs - 5 hours
Piece of shit.

Game 40: Disney Infinity - 4 hours
Went and bought all of the figures. They should have released more play sets because the user made levels aren't that great.

Game 41: Minecraft - 6 hours
Bought it on PS3, digged it enough to go and buy the real version on PC.

Game 42: Battlefield 3 - 4 hours
Man, the single player in this sucks ass and there's no bots. Pretty disappointing.

Game 43; NBA 2K14 - 4 hours
Grabbed it off PS Plus, it's a tad jankier than the last time I played the series, and I loathe the notion of microtransactions, even though they're not really that necessary here.

Game 44: South Park: The Stick of Truth - 3 hours
Really enjoyed what I've played so far, but have jumped back into watching the show so I'm up to date on all of the characters and gags they have in there.

Game 45: Mario Kart 8 - 4 hours
Love it. Didn't think I would - the missus had to drag me to the couch to play with her, but I am glad she did.

Game 46: Trials Fusion - 3 hours
Skipped Trials Evo for reasons unknown, so this feels really fresh.

Game 47: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle - 2 hours
Not that familiar with the source material, but am enjoying the fighting system. The DLC angle seems a bit gross though.

Game: 48: Terraria - 40 hours
Started from scratch on the PS3 version after sinking 20 hours into the PC version at Christmas. Got its teeth into me again. Beat the wall of flesh but havent played much of hard mode.

Game 49: Dynasty Warriors 7 / Xtreme Legends / Empries - 8 hours
While they are separate games I'll count them all as one. Most of this time has been spent with Empires, playing as Cao Cao as a subordinate to He Jin, who is a dick and won't listen to reasonable suggestions, despite me being his highest ranked subordinate and a killing machine.

Game 50: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD - 15 hours - FINISHED
Had stopped playing at Zadornov Mission 5. Got the true ending and then spent about 10 more hours on Extra Ops. Need someone to play co-op with before I can go on though.

Game 51: Virtua Tennis 2009 - 2 hours
Grabbed this for next to nothing. Remembered why I didn't like it as much as VT3 when it came out because it takes so long to get opponents who actually fight back.

Game 52: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition - 3 hours
Started this right after finishing Origins. I like it but can see why most don't.


Jun 10, 2013
Game 1: Urban Trials Freestyle (PS Vita) - 8 hours COMPLETED
Finally completed the last challenge and liked what I played. The stages, the optional paths, the puzzle like paths and I've changed of this game, it actually looks dang great, even with the jaggies here and there. Great texture, good lighting, and an ok BGM.

Game 2: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS Vita) - 10.5 hours COMPLETED
Im not a huge fan of kart games but Sonic All Stars was pretty enjoyable for folks who arent much into said genre. Visuals was quite impressive, despite tiny jaggies here and there. Performance was another factor that stunned me. Most of the times it was always 30FPS unless things were going to crazy level wise. Another factor was the fact that there was a variety of stuff to do besides racing. My favorite ones being the races against time.

Game 3: Papers, Please (PC) - 12 hours 27min COMPLETED
After my hard drive dying my laptop, i finally reached and completed my section of PP route. I think I got the ok-ish ending, I suppose.

Game 4: Devil May Cry: DmC (PS3) -12 hours COMPLETED
Ok, I want a DmC 2 except with better writers, less fucks, expand the lore, more awesome level designs. Based on the ending I experienced, its interesting to see what they'll do with that, both world design and gameplay wise.

All in all, fun combat and crazy and grand visuals. Story was crap until the end where things get a bit more interesting. Definitely give it a try seeing as its on PS+ as of now if you havent played much games like this.

Game 5: Crysis 3 (PS3) - 8hours 40min COMPLETED
Anyways, I had fun with the game. It looked pretty, let me play the way I wanted to, enemies AI and behavior were all pretty smart and fun to mess with and game looked grand visually. If you loved open levels FPS ala KZ Mercenary, I'd say give Crysis 3 a try via rent or buying at a low cost $5. Its a decent SP with a MP that aint thriving much. Well in TDM, it is but in others like the intense hunter mode, its basically dead.

Game 6: Thomas Was Alone (PSV) - 4.5hours COMPLETED
Woah, that story. WOAH. I wonder what
Grey was gonna do once he got out of there
Visuals were simple but the music, narrator, story and levels were all top notch. Short but very good.

Game 7: Doki Doki Universe (PSV) - 15 hours COMPLETED
Aaaaand done. Game was filled with interesting stories and characters with their own unique looking planets. Performance wise, it was horrid. Constanty below 30FPS. I'd only recommend if it was patched and not at its current price IIRC $15.

Game 8: Rain (PS3) -2 hours 15 min COMPLETED
Short yet so enjoyable. Good logic based puzzles, nice bit of horror-esque game design, extremely fitting soundtrack that complements the story that has no dialogue. There is just so much to praise bout this short game.

Game 9: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3) -3.5hours COMPLETED
Difficulty stems from confusion whilst controlling both characters using each stick and the camera moving around. Honestly, for what the game offers to the adventure puzzle genre in term of unique gameplay, odd controls and a grand story, I really really recommend this. Be warned though, its very short but it also fits neatly in for the story.

Game 10: Lone Survivor (PS Vita) - 4hours 34min COMPLETED
This game was pretty enthralling. The characters were vague as hell but the story was pretty interesting. Atmosphere and music were all quite good for a 2D horror survival game, especially the sound effects from the monsters and certain events happening. Managing inventory, hunger, mental health were among the things I loved bout this game. Overall, a fantastic experience on the vita.

Game 11: Broken Age Act 1 (PC) - 4hours 34min COMPLETED
The story was darker and went differently from what I expected. Puzzles arent that too hard to figure out, dialogue and VA were pulled off excellently, and the biggest thing to say bout the game is the stunning art and animation that in a way reminds of the art and animation from Dragon's Crown. Im really really looking forward to Act 2, based on the ending
which was a very unexpected twist, I honestly thought they'd never meet other!

Game 12: Smart As... (PS Vita) - 9hours 39min COMPLETED
Fun game with crispy looking visuals, neat facts bout me and other folks and some fun nice puzzle games. Only thing I disliked personally is it locks out content. I suppose it was a way for players to earn these puzzles, still dont like it.

Game 13: Metro: Last Light (PS3) - 11hours 50min COMPLETED
What a satisfying campaign. An FPS that albeit linear add variety with a nice lil old option of stealth and choices. 4A games have proven to be a capable developer that knows how to set down atmosphere, mood and setting of a post-apocalyptic. Their writing wasnt bad as well.

If you've played KZ Mercenary, you'll probably like this game. Would recommend playing on PC though, PS3 version is buggy as butt and despite, still liked my whole time on it.

Game 14: Olli Olli (PS Vita) -9hours 45min COMPLETED
Yep, even after the crash fix update, I still hate the snow levels.

Anyways, this game is brilliantly addictive, the visuals are pleasing to see and the sound and music aint something forgetful. Get it once you get a vita/ps3/ps4.

Game 15: Dustforce (PS Vita) - 2hours 30min
This game has input lag. Well, button input lag. Direction wise, its a-ok but when I wanna double jump, it at time does not register the presses. NEED PATCH PLZ.

Game 16: Bully (PS3 via PS2 emulator) - 1 hour 10min
The game is just as fun as when it was on PS2. Controls are a bit wonkier on PS3 though. Camera would spin out randomly sometimes.

Game 17: Injustice: Ultimate Edition (PS Vita) - 5hours 45min COMPLETED
Yeah, got bored of it and sold it off. Enjoyed the campaign, nice lil old DC story, but being not into fighters that has complex combos, Im done with it. The game looks jarring, what with the crazy amount of jaggies BUT the game makes up for that with buttery smooth 60FPS all the time. Preferably, really wished the game was constant 30FPS with AA. Campaign does not take too long to complete which is then complemented with STAR labs that may take just as long as the story.

Personally, not a must buy for vita but if you're wanting for a fighter that aint pretty but smooth as butter, go get Injustice on vita.

Game 18: Batman: Arkham City (PS3) - 17hours 30min COMPLETED
You play as Batman. Nuff said, buy it. Or play it when its free on PS+. Exploration with the cape and tools were great, combat(aside from janky teleportation issues) was thrilling to play, all the side missions and content were enjoyable and the campaign was pretty interesting. It didnt win GOTY 2011 for nuthing.

Game 19: Tearaway (PS Vita) - 6hour 25min COMPLETED
Finally completed and the ending still made tear up. Tearaway proves to this day to be one of the best vita games to play and own. Visuals that are crispy clean, solid performance, the push to be creative, one solid composer(Giblet Hill soundtrack! So good) and an interesting story to tell. Probably the only game to break the fourth wall and work well with the game's design. BUY IT.

Game 20: Infamous: Festival of Blood (PS3) - 5hour COMPLETED
Story was pretty entertaining, campaign was a bit of a let down. Compared to other inFamous games, this felt like a demo. Less power options and no side missions like at all. However for the lack of side missions and powers, it more than makes up with the ability to finally fly around instead of hovering.

Game 21: Bit.Trip Runner 2 (PS Vita) - 8hours 51min COMPLETED
First 3 levels, fun and balanced. Last 2 levels though, hated them. Not fun at all IMO. Performance is mostly smooth until the final levels, where the frame rate chugs heavily. Visuals is what you might expect if you saw a gnome vomit rainbows. The rhythm part of the game is meh. Most of the music just sounded the same so kinda dulled my interest the further i played on.

Game 22: Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God (PS Vita) - 75hours 29min COMPLETED
FINALLY FINISHED. I really expected to finish this within 10 or so but dang, the addictiveness of exploring and leveling up so fast was hard to overcome. Story was enjoyable, not memorable and was a nice breathe of fresh air from the stagnant reliance of the world is coming to an end JRPG cliche. Performance can dip badly if tons of enemies start appearing, like around 15 IIRC.

Would only recommend if it was one sale at $10 or you wish to hours to leveling up. I've played just as long as I have with Dark Souls.

Game 23: InFamous: Second Son (PS4) - 2hours 10min COMPLETED
One of the best looking games on PS4 and possibly the most fun when you're evil or heck good. The powers which are 4, are all great and fun to use, which makes it hard to stick to one or to another. Performance is decent, sometimes it feels 60 and at hectic times, it drops badly.

Huge negatives would be the not really significant differences between the good and evil campaign, big differences only happen towards the end and the dull missions of seeking out undercover baddie and hidden cameras.

Overall, I recommend this game, only dont expect it surpassing inFamous 2 and expect a downgrade from it.

Game 24: The Last of Us (PS3) -19hours 23min COMPLETED
This game....this game! Buy it if you haven't.

Game 25: Dark Souls (PS3) - 93hours 43min COMPLETED
And the second longest game I've played this year is done!

As can be seen from the hours I've played, this game is addictive and will eat your time. It's punishing in a fair way, the world is expansive and thrilling to explore and the performance is fantastic EXCEPT for blight town and the beginning of New Londo ruins.

Not much I can complain about. Oh there is the fact the game restarts you to the beginning once you beat the final boss.

Recommend only if you've got the patience to sit through the enemies and grinding. Wonderful game. Makes me wanna play Demon's Soul.

Game 26: Dead Nation (PS Vita) - 6hours 33min COMPLETED
DN on vita is a stunning experience to behold. Visuals are just as good the console versions, the frame rate is solid most of the time(dips when tons of zombies pop up but drops quickly and gets back to the solid 30FPS) and is a solid dual stick zombie shooter. Not much I can complain about bout this epic game, well, other than that I want more bigger levels to explore. Highly recommended to play DN on vita, as the details of zombies and the apocalyptic world HM made is much more appreciated than on larger screens.

Game 27: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd (PS Vita) - 1hour 55min COMPLETED
Im a bit disappointed, the game doesnt improve much from the first one. Sure, normal difficulty is abit harder and they found an iffy way to stop spam sliding the screen for easy scores and combos but the improvements arent that noticeable to call this a sequel. IMO feels like an expansion. The visuals dont seem to have been improved much. And there is now a loading screen before getting the main menu where as the first one, you could just go in without one.

Game 28: Vagrant Story (PS1 emu on Vita) - 1hour 44min
Im slowly getting used to chaining attacks, reminds me of Legend of Dragoon's attack system. Time it right and you can get a second attack in. Main character's hair is ridiculous and so is his name...Pfff, Ashley.

Game 29: The Walking Dead season 2 E1,E2 (PS Vita) - 5hours 26min COMPLETED

Just as tense as season1. Looking forward to the next episodes.

Game performs at a playable rate and has the occasional freezes when the game saves or if a choice is about to come up. There are jaggies and goes 30+/- FPS depending on the situation. Would recommend playing with physical controls than touch, much more responsive.

Game 30: Grandia (PS1 emu on PS Vita) - 21hours 27min
Im only half way through the story, holy crap.

Game 31: Remember Me (PS3) - 10hours 40min COMPLETED
Ok, first off the good, performance is rock solid, visuals are clean, crisp and b e a utiful, story is ok and voice acting is pretty good EXCEPT bad request.

The bad, it was strictly linear(I wanna explore this well designed Neo Paris and learn more about it), the Memory aspect of the story was interesting but did not really capture my interest, more so just made me cringe at the weird dialogue and dumb scenes and the combat was iffy. Jumping is at times wonky thanks to Nilin's 'battle clothes'.

Game 32: Sly 1 (PS Vita) - 11hours 10min COMPLETED
Worst Sly game ever, frustrating driving physics, dumb mini games, arcade-ish life system, compressed sounds and videos. Despite all that, it was neat to see what made it from this meh game to the much much better Sly 2 and 3 games.

Throughout my time, the performance was solid 30 FPS except when things got hectic. Had only one crash during Muggshot's level when reaching the area after jumping over one of the buses on the bridge.

Game 33: Borderlands 2 (PS Vita) - 54hours 43min COMPLETED
I lost interest in playing further on, decided to end the game.

First off, nothing much about the game, its BL2 with all its content and fun, just visually downgraded. Performance wise? Its slightly worse than playing on last gen consoles, there's the occasional freeze/stutter and crashes, although those start at the beginning of the game. Should be fixed by now.

Game 34: Limbo (PS Vita) - 3hours 10min COMPLETED
Limbo, one of the best games to use the colors of black and white to not only set an atmosphere but to tell a bleak story of a boy in limbo. Puzzles usually boil down to timing your jumps and trial and error. Its short but the visuals and funstrating puzzles are well worth the price.

Game 35: Sly 2 (PS Vita) - 15hours 14min COMPLETED
Ah turret controls, wish Sanzaru could've added gyro aiming cause the thumbsticks on the vita did not at all help.

Alright, this is basically a port of the ever so great stealth game which runs fantastically on the vita. The frame rate only drops to slightly below 30FPS during some of the snow levels, the final levels when near the huge fans and when you got at least 6-8 enemies chasing you. My only complaints are the sounds and videos can be compresses badly during cutscenes. Highly recommend if you want a game where you can troll NPCs with the tools, like stealing stuff and love traversing the environments. Only Sly can do that, duh.

Game 36: No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! (PS Vita) - 18hours 16min COMPLETED
Got that fucker down :'D

Of all the F2P vita games I've played, this has got to be the most funnest one I've played. Building an army of evil monsters, enslaving enemies and destroying heroes so easily. Very fun stuff. Its F2P so waiting 8hours for each pick is worth not paying. Honestly though, I'd recommend getting the game and pay $10 if you like the game. Good stuff.

Game 37: Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (PS Vita) - 13hours COMPLETED
Oh god, whoever designed the damned Hungry suit levels should get fired. It was a gameplay aspect that doesnt fit with the rest of the game.

An enjoyable twin stick game with some slippery ship physics. Its nothing amazing but fun.

Game 38: Murdered: Soul Suspect (PC) - 7hours 21min COMPLETED
Welp, that ending was well worth the time. Loved it.

What the game has got it going for it, the atmosphere, the ghost bits and the seriously creepy side stories.

What it doesnt, doing anything interesting with the partner aspect of the game and the only time I ever felt tension was the demon things and even then, they were easy to get rid off. Also, some of the clues were abit odd.

Only recommend if you need a breath of fresh unique game air from all the actiony shooty games out there.

Game 39: Terraria (PS Vita) - 10hours 52min
I've made a tunnel network. I am a miner. I am Terraria.

Game 40: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (PS Vita) - 5hours 45min COMPLETED
Guh, its been a while since I played a frustrating platformer like this!

The visuals are simple and arent that really memorable and gameplay, outside of the hoverpack, are standard too. You can really tell this was built for the 3DS what with the effect of going back and forth between layers, which I didnt like at all. Whilst it did make the game difficult, I found it to be a bit dumb. I think I'm glad I didnt buy this cause its really short.

Game 41: Deception IV (PS Vita) - 11hours 47min COMPLETED
Game is decent. The bad boils to invisible walls, story was uninteresting, no variety of missions ie all just involve killing,preview of landing enemies via traps are sometimes not at all on target and no map on screen. The good is the satisfaction of chaining a link of traps.

I wouldnt recommend this game unless the game was for $10 or you like the gimmicky mechanic of killing enemies via traps.

Game 42: Hot Shots: International (PS Vita) -12hours 05min

Game 43: Muramasa Rebirth (PS Vita) - 6hour 44min
Switched to Legend, Chaos was too much.

Game 44: Fez (PS Vita) - 14hour 58min COMPLETED
I will admit, I thought initially was dull and boring but as I played on, I actually started to enjoy the game. The game looks visually pleasing, the character(s) are adorable in a look a walking marshmallow way and the puzzles involving the use of switching cameras were actually very fun to solve.

My only complaint would be wonky jumping physics, other than awesome game.

Recommended on well any console its available on.

Game 45: Metrico (PS Vita) - 3hours 40min COMPLETED
Now, thats an odd way to display credits.

Aesthetically the game is damn pretty with its cool art style and the puzzles are pretty perplexing and enjoyable, so much so that I wanted more. Sadly the game is quite short and the performance is odd at time, 50% smooth 50% it aint.

Game 46: Road Not Taken (PS4) -13hours 17min COMPLETED
Alright, I think I've had enough, considering that each playthrough doesn't seem to differentiate from one another, aside from different skins of random characters.

The gameplay is fun in the same capacity you experienced with RE4's suitcase organization, which is not dull. Fun can also be had in the way of discovery, finding out what stuff makes some other kind of objects like what I assume other rogue like games do. Artstyle is interesting with the idea of being cute looking but the story and characters are dreadful to read about.

Would recommend if the PS Vita version ever gets released.

Game 47: Contrast (PS4) - 2hours 50min COMPLETED
Game was enjoyable to an extent. Puzzles were unique in that going in and out of the shadow world way. I sometimes did get stuck but were solvable. Story is probably the best part out of the game. The voice acting was pretty good and helped made the story engaging plus the characters who were just as interesting. Other that story, the atmosphere was excellent as well as Compulsion set the tone down right and made it believable.

My only negative for the game is that its too short, I wanted more.

Game 48: Hotline Miami (PS4) - 3hour 20min COMPLETED
It's an arcadey bloody game with a dark story and one of the best soundtracks to pound enemy heads in. Great game.

Game 49: Watch_Dogs (PS4) - 3hours
Stealth hacking is fun.

Game 50: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag (PS4) - 31hours COMPLETED
Fun game, if only for the easy combat, pirate activities and ship duels. NOT for the bloody climbing, I can tell you that. Worse climbing system in a game I've ever played. Put me off from even getting hyped for AC Unity.

Visuals were great, especially during stormy weather. Performance was also great, never had a screentear or frame drop.

Game 51: Velocity 2X (PS Vita) - 7hours 1min COMPLETED
Futur Lab once said this was a GOTY contender, after finishing the game and knowing the amount of replayability this game has, I'm inclined to agree. Fast pact action, amazingly fitting soundtrack, on foot sections that are just as good as the ship levels and awesome stepped up visuals, it's a hell of sequel. Heck, even Lt. Kai Tana now seems much more a person here than in VU.

Fully recommended to anyone who has a vita or a PS4. Get it now.

Game 52: Destiny (PS4) - 26hours 35min COMPLETED
Used to love MP but now, I'm sick of it.

You know the deal with Destiny, non existent story, uninteresting and repetitive missions and for me the worst offender, grinding to get items or weapons. After leveling up to 20, Destiny turned into a dull boring game for me, so Bungie was kinda right.

Game 53: Trine 2 (PS4) - 1hour
Game looks lovely. The jumping physics is odd.

Game 54: Dust An Elysian Tail(PS4) - 12hour 43min COMPLETED
This was a fantastic game through and through. Fun combat, beautiful designs albeit furry bleh and very satisfying soundtrack

Fully recommended, if you can hurdle over the furry designs and Fidget's voice. She kinda grows on you towards the end of the game.

Game 55: Silent Hill: Book of Memories(PS Vita) - 15hour 51min COMPLETED
Sure, the game has flaws like a dull story, uninteresting characters and the most biggest, being a SH title in name only, game was still worth the time playing it. Mostly, the combat and fighting SH iconic enemies were the main reasons why I spent 15hours playing the game. Visuals are not that bad or that great, closely resembling a mobile game.

Game 56: Sound Shapes (PS Vita) - 1hour 55min COMPLETED
Ah, the music and the platforming, the already included levels are just perfection to listen and jump around to. Solid fun game with great visuals and some worthwhile user generated content.

Game 57: Avatar: The Legend of Aang (GBA) - 4hours 43min COMPLETED
Fun lil game. When I had no handheld, this is the game I resorted to playing for when I usually had vita game time. Pixel art is quite nice, the story is mildly interesting and the gameplay between Aang, Sokka and Katara was neat. Loved the puzzles in this game.

Game 58: Steamworld Dig (PS Vita) - 6hours 44min COMPLETED
My god, this game has got to be one of the funnest and most addictive game I've played on vita. Sure, its about the already made a plenty theme of digging but SD adds the nice fun of platforming and digging. MUST BUY.

Game 59: Killzone Shadowfall (PS4) - 7hour 58min COMPLETED
Ok, GG, you got me.

Story is meh, finding objectives was downright confusing at times and gunplay is decent. Biggest plus for the game is the graphics. BEAUTIFUL.

Game 60: The Evil Within (PS4) - 18hours 44min COMPLETED
I think I understand the story but I did not at all get mind blown.

Combat is the best part of this game, stealth is decent too. Performance is most of the time solid 30 but at times can get below 20FPS. The visuals looks pretty great aside from wonky textures.

Recommend if you want a game that has near similar combat to TLOU.

Game 61: Unit 13 (PS Vita) - 9hours 13min COMPLETED
All right fun TPS on ps vita. Great as a stealth game and action game and Zipper did great in making missions suited for on the go ness of the vita.

Definitely recommended.


Mar 9, 2011
Perth, Australia
Sounds neat, I am in. I won't get anywhere near 52(though I do plan to focus a lot on my indie collection in steam for the next few months) but I would still like to contribute to the thread. Quick question, I play a lot of multi-player games which is why my backlog continues to grow. Does each 10hours of a game count as another entry to the list of 52 or is it a maximum of 1 entry per game?

Game 1: Dead Rising 3 - 12 hours
Completed 03/01/14. Fantastic game. Wasn't a fan of Dead Rising 1 and 2 but this had me hooked from start to end. Can be completeed in a much shorter time but I did a fair bit of collecting throughout my play.

Game 2: Killzone Shadow Fall
Starting this one tomorrow. Not a fan of the series so I may struggle.


Jun 3, 2009
Going for this in January

Game 1: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - 1:00
Going for Platinum 100%, getting started with some trophies

Game 2:Braid - 0:00

Game 3: FEZ - 0:00

Game 4: Bastion - 0:00


Feb 2, 2005
Should be doable.

Game 1: Space Harrier 3D - 01:22 FINISHED
This just happens to be the first game I played and finished in 2014 and although it's not very long I still I got a lot of enjoyment out of this neat piece of history.

Game 2: Pokemon Y - 35:24 FINISHED
The time includes a couple of online battles and generally catching lots of Pokemon. Pretty good game, like always.

Game 3: StreetPass Mansion - ??:?? FINISHED
I bought this because of my new work in January, I'm passing two of those relay points daily and usually get around 25 streetpasses per day. If I had to guess it took around 6 hours combined but I'm not sure.

Game 4: Steamworld Dig - 4:32 FINISHED
Really nice little game, the developer once hinted at a sequel so I'm looking forward to it.


Neo Member
Aug 19, 2013
Spot saved

Game 1: Brothers - A Tale Of Two Sons
Duration Played - Completed 5-6 hours
Good game, but depressing as hell.

Game 2: Lococycle
Duration Played - 100% in about 5 hours
Mediocre at best.

Game 3: Peggle 2
Duration Played - started 2013 just got 100%. >20 hours played.
Great game, very addictive. Need some DLC levels now!

Game 4: Heavy Fire- Shattered Spear
Duration Played - 6 hours to 100%

Game 5: Cut The Rope - Experiments (WP)
Duration Played - about 5 hours to 100%
Good fun in small bursts, but very easy


Nov 8, 2007
spot claimed

got a couple on backlog... plus with a baby coming next month... ill be home all day everyday... gonna be a great year!

Game 1: TBD


Dec 8, 2008
I'm game.

Game 1: The House of the Dead- 30 minutes
It feels a lot harder than the sequel. It shouldn't take long to get through it of course.


Jan 14, 2013
I'm up for this

Game 1: The Longest Journey - 21 Hours - Completed Jan 19th
Absolutely loved this game. It has some pacing issues, and it seems to fall apart towards the end in this regard, but it is otherwise an engaging, emotive story. Puzzles and the like aren't too complicated, and for the most part pretty straight forward. Overall, definitely worth a play through, if only for the gorgeous aesthetics. I mainly played this due to backing the upcoming Dreamfall Chapters, which is looking good!

Game 2: Resogun - 6 hours? - In Progress


Jun 2, 2013
New Mexico
I'm up for the challenge

Game 1: Dead Rising 3 - Around 20 Hours
# Reached max player lv and got the best ending

Game 2: Ryse: Son of Rome - 10 Hours
# Played through on legendary difficulty

Game 3: COD: Ghosts - 8 Hours
# Played through on veteran difficulty

Game 4: Halo Anniversary - 12 Hours
# Played through on legendary, forgot how tough this game is


Dec 5, 2008
My total backlog is 77 games. According to HLTB, I have got 89 days to finish them all. I have not included the Vita and PSP games that I will eventually be able to play (PS+) when I get a Vita this month.


Neo Member
Apr 22, 2013
I will get in on this. I am trying to get through some of the older games I missed this generation.

Games finished: 55


1) Binary Domain
Developed by Yakuza Studio
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 10 hours
Rating: 8/10

2) Prince of Persia
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 9 hours 15 minutes
Rating: 7.5/10

3) Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Developed by: Capcom
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 6 hours 30 minutes
Rating: 5.5/10

4) Gravity Rush
Developed by: Project Siren
Platform: PS Vita
Time to beat: 14 hours 6 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 7.5/10

5) Syndicate
Developed by: Starbreeze Studios
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 8 hours 50 minutes
Rating: 8/10

6) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition
Developed by: Kojima Productions/Armature Studio
Platform: PS Vita
Time to beat: 11 hours 7 minutes
Rating: 9/10

7) Dead Space 3
Developed by: Visceral Games
Time to beat: 19 hours
Rating: 6.5/10

8) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition
Developed by: Kojima Productions/Armature Studio
Platform: PS Vita
Time to beat: 13 hours 34 minutes
Rating: 9/10

9) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Developed by: Kojima Productions
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 15 hours 41 minutes
Rating: 9.5/10

10) Super Mario 3D Land
Developed by: Nintendo EAD Tokyo Group No. 2
Platform: 3DS
Time to beat: 7 hours 31 minutes (149 star coins, 48 golden flags, 154 lives...so far)
Rating: 9/10

11) Aliens: Colonial Marines
Developed by: Gearbox Software
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 9 hours
Rating: 2.5/10


12) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
Developed by: Nintendo EAD Group No. 3
Platform: Wii U
Time to beat: 20 hours 29 minutes
Rating: 9/10

13) Rage
Developed by: id Software
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 15 hours 45 minutes
Rating: 6.5/10

14) The Wonderful 101
Developed by: Platinum Games
Platform: Wii U
Time to beat: 13 hours 2 minutes
Rating: 8/10

15) Pikmin 3
Developed by: Nintendo EAD Group No. 4
Platform: Wii U
Time to beat: 16 hours 21 minutes
Rating: 8.5/10

16) Pokemon X
Developed by: Game Freak
Platform: 3DS
Time to beat: 23 hours 42 minutes
Rating: 8/10


17) Tales of Xillia
Developed by: Namco Tales Studio
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 69 hours 19 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 8/10


18) Bayonetta
Developed by: Platinum Games
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 28 hours 28 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 9/10

19) The Darkness
Developed by: Starbreeze Studios
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 9 hours 20 minutes
Rating: 6.5/10

20) The Darkness II
Developed by: Digital Extremes
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 12 hours 42 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 7.5/10

21) Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
Developed by: PES Productions
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 30 hours 10 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 7.5/10

22) Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale
Developed by: Level 5/Millenium Kitchen
Platform: 3DS
Time to beat: 2 hours 44 minutes
Rating: 7.5/10

23) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Developed by: Sanzaru Games
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 21 hours (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 7/10

24) Rayman Legends
Developed by: Ubisoft Montpellier
Platform: Wii U
Time to beat: 8 hours 24 minutes
Rating: 8.5/10

25) Bioshock Infinite
Developed by: Irrational Games
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 25 hours 9 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 9/10


26) Metro: Last Light
Developed by: 4A Games
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 10 hours
Rating: 7/10

27) Tomb Raider
Developed by: Crystal Dynamics
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 13 hours 47 minutes
Rating: 8.5/10

28) Assassin's Creed II
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 21 hours 17 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 8/10

29) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Platform: PS3
Time to beat:19 hours 29 minutes
Rating: 7.5/10

30) Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 21 hours 51 minutes
Rating: 6.5/10


31) Assassin's Creed III
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 20 hours 14 minutes
Rating: 6/10

32) Saints Row IV
Developed by: Volition, Inc.
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 29 hours 5 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 8.5/10


33) Guacamelee!
Developed by: Drinkbox Studios
Platform: PS Vita
Time to beat: 12 hours 32 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 8/10

34) DMC: Devil May Cry
Developed by: Ninja Theory
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 17 hours 48 minutes (Normal + Son of Sparda)
Rating: 9/10

35) Frobisher Says!
Developed by: Honeyslug Ltd.
Platform: PS Vita
Time to beat: 1 hour 47 minutes
Rating: 5/10

36) Chronovolt
Developed by: Playerthree
Platform: PS Vita
Time to beat: 4 hours 13 minutes
Rating: 4/10

37) Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed
Developed by: Sumo Digital
Platform: PS Vita
Time to beat: 13 hours 52 minutes
Rating: 8.5/10

38) Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Developed by: Naughty Dog
Platform: PS Vita
Time to beat: 17 hours 13 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 5.5/10

39) Mario Kart 8: Limited Edition
Developed by: Nintendo EAD Group No. 1
Platform: Nintendo Wii U
Time to beat: 9 hours 20 minutes (still playing multiplayer)
Rating: 8.5/10


40) Puppeteer
Developed by: SCE Japan Studio
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 9 hours 39 minutes
Rating: 8/10

41) God of War: Ascension
Developed by: Santa Monica Studio
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 12 hours 41 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 8/10

42) Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Developed by: Terminal Reality
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 9 hours 7 minutes
Rating: 7.5/10

43) Soulcalibur IV
Developed by: Project Soul
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 1 hour 44 minutes
Rating: 6.5/10

44) Grand Theft Auto V: Special Edition
Developed by: Rockstar North
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: Single player - 63 hours, Multiplayer - 85 hours
Rating: 9.5/10


45) Battlefield 4
Developed by: DICE
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: Single player: 9 hours 39 minutes. Multiplayer: 59 hours 24 minutes (so far).
Rating: 8/10

46) Altered Beast
Developed by: Sega
Platform: PS3
Time to beat: 1 hour 21 minutes
Rating: 6/10


47) The Lego Movie Videogame
Developed by: TT Games
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 17 hours 18 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 7.5/10

48) Watch_Dogs
Developed by: Ubisoft
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 35 hours 48 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 7.5/10


49) Infamous: Second Son
Developed by: Sucker Punch Productions
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 20 hours 26 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 9/10

50) Infamous: First Light
Developed by: Sucker Punch Productions
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 8 hours 19 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 7.5/10

51) Strider
Developed by: Double Helix Games/Capcom Osaka
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 14 hours 3 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 9/10

52) Stick it to the Man
Developed by:
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 4 hours 50 minutes
Rating: 7.5/10


53) Grand Theft Auto V
Developed by: Rockstar Games
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 54 hours 17 minutes, Multiplayer: 27 hours 26 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 10/10

54) Wolfenstein: The New Order
Developed by: Machine Games
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 18 hours 36 minutes (Platinum trophy)
Rating: 8.5/10

55) Killzone: Shadow Fall
Developed by: Guerilla Games
Platform: PS4
Time to beat: 18 hours 30 minutes (still need to play multiplayer)
Rating: 7.5/10


Oct 7, 2010
Going well so far guys, nice to see all the commitments for this challenge, may you all prosper and have fun.


Sep 3, 2006

Game 1: Swords & Soldiers HD (PC) - 6.7 hours played

# First game beaten of 2014. Woohoo!

Game 2: The Walking Dead: 400 Days (PC) - 2.0 hours played

# Got all 48/48 achievements for The Walking Dead. Total combined play time, including 400 Days, is 14.2 hours.

Game 3: Poker Night at the Inventory (PC) - 6.0 hours played

# Only needed Strongbad's special item. So I started up a tournament and was able to win it in five hands.

Game 4: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PC) - 7.6 hours played

# I still prefer Mario Kart. It does a lot of things right and I like it for that. I don't think I'll try to complete all events on Expert...some of them are very challenging.

Game 5: Torchlight II (PC) - 16.5 hours played

# Needed to play something before Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is out. Played as an Embermage and it was a fun little romp despite playing it without any mods. I'll hold off on playing New Game + so I can play/finish other games.

Game 6: Plants vs Zombies: Game of the Year (PC) - 6.2 hours played

# Finished it on iOS a few years back and figure I can play the original PC version since it's not gimped.

Game 7: Bastion (PC) - 4.8 hours played

# The narrative was strong, the environments/atmosphere's great, and I thought the game was the perfect length. It's just, well, the game was kind of boring. I hate getting the fun abilities (hopping!) or weapons (that cannon!) so late in the game that I could only enjoy it for one or two levels. I guess that's what New Game Plus is for but I'd rather not go through it again. At least, not at this time.


Game 8: Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm (PC) - Approximately 10.0 hours played

# The campaign was much better and more interesting than Wings of Liberty. I completed all 27 missions on Normal even though I could have skipped some of the last few evolution missions.

Game 9: Jamestown (PC) - 1.2 hours played

# Completed Story mode on Legendary. The first four levels were rather easy with the last level having a difficulty spike compared to the others. I was running out of lives but managed to defeat the final boss without losing any. I don't think I'll tackle any of the levels on Divine/Judgment.

Game 10: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke Mirrors (PC) - 1.6 hours played

# A bit shorter than expected but still fun. The wait for the next episode is going to kill me. haha

Game 11: Final Fantasy: All The Bravest (iOS) - 2.0 hours played

# Played this in a span of a few days. I didn't want to spend a single cent on this unlocking premium characters or buying lives. So, I played it as free as I can and it was a good time waster. My file says 61% so, I'm not sure how I'd complete this 100%.

Game 12: Pokemon Rumble U (Wii U) - 8.5 hours played

# I spent a lot more time on this than I should. I was trying to catch all of the Pokemon and complete all of the challenges along the way. As I was nearing the end, and had wanted to go back and finish some challenges I skipped...I find out that I can't finish them!? There are some challenges in the early levels where you'd have to use Pokemon with a power level of 400 or less. All of the Pokemon I have are already levels 650 and above and the game doesn't let you keep any Pokemon below your lowest level one. In any case, it was a fun game even when I didn't use any of the NFC figures that I have.

Game 13: The Walking Dead: Season 2: Ep. 1 - All That Remains (PC) - 1.6 hours played

# Very promising. I'm enjoying the mechanics more than the original. Though, I wish it borrowed more from The Wolf Among Us.


Game 14: Titanfall (PC) - 6.0 hours played

# Completed the campaign as the Militia and IMC. Titanfall may just become my go-to game for the next few months since matches last anywhere from 10-15 minutes each. I'm sure I'll pour more hours into the game but I'm really liking what I've seen so far.

Game 15: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PC) - Approximately 8.0 hours played

# Finished Act V on Hard with my level 49 Monk. Time to dabble in Adventure mode and get my character to level 70!


Jul 3, 2009
It's probably a good idea to start tackling my backlog. I've a ton of Wii, 3DS and Gamecube games to catch up on.

Game 1: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Nintendo) Wii- Completed. I've got 2 of Kirby's useless friends minigames to complete (the last 2 collect x gems in y time schmup minigames were dreadful) to 100% it.

What a lovely, charming little platformer it was. So many great little touches and ideas. I loved the patch animations opening up new levels, some of them were really nice. I had some frustrating times, but very rarely due to any control issues or gameplay faults. The scmup style transformations weren't always too good, probably the jankiest because the forced cardinal directions on the gamepad didn't feel that good.

The artstyle was magnificent, holds up immensely well. I enjoyed this game more than DKC, which I completed just before it, which suprised me a lot.

Game 2: Professor Layton: Pandora's Box (Level 5) DS - Bought this for £10 last week along with Kirby's Mass Attack and Bowser's Inside Story when a supermarket was dumping all its DS stock. Fucking love Layton games.
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