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80's New Wave is the best music that has ever lived and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

As the topic states, I believe this was the best decade for the best style of Alternative Music. (as much as I love punk, it's 2nd to New Wave)

Agree? Sure ya do. Here are some of my favorite songs/bands. What are yours?

Just a sample. Too many good ones come to mind.
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Sounds like the playlist for a mix album titled "Songs to fuck yourself in the ass with a shampoo bottle to".


Davey Cakes

Late 70's and early 80's New Wave is one of those genres that I only got into in the last decade and I love it. I also appreciate the crossovers with goth, jangle pop, and synth bands during the time.

Aztec Camera
The B-52s
The Cure
Depeche Mode
Echo & The Bunnymen
The Feelies
The Go-Betweens
Killing Joke
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
New Order
Patti Smith
Prefab Sprout
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Sisters of Mercy
Talking Heads
The The
Thomas Dolby

More Songs about Buildings and Food might be my favorite New Wave album. I can listen to it all the way through.

I mean, yeah, you can perhaps split hairs about how some of these bands aren't "pure" New Wave but they all seemed to delve into that sound at a point. Some of my favorite music ever, and I was born in 1988.
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I gotta agree, with a strong second place to hair metal. I don't know what happened when grunge came along and dirtied everything up and suddenly now it is pop girls and rap all day long. How much of this can we attribute to MTV showing those wacky low rent videos back in the day? OR was it just a more optimistic time under the threat of nuclear annihilation? Maybe post-covid we can get it back.

Not my thing but my gf loves it. This local DJ does a weekly show called Save The Wave and I thought you might dig it.
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