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A 9-year-old girl was handcuffed and pepper sprayed by Rochester Police officers responding to a call of 'family trouble'


May 31, 2020
Damn, i just read most of the thread.

It's crazy to me how quite a few adults in here feel threatened enough by a handcuffed little girl so they justify pepper spaying her in the face.... While she is fucking handcuffed already and pose no threat.... Whatever threat a 9 year old girl would pose to a bunch of adult men.

What would the Police officers defense be? What would they say?


May 9, 2008
What was she going to do if they had just shut the door and let her cry inside the car?
I haven’t seen the video but will say it’s hard to justify proper spraying a 9 year old girl, no context needed.

With that said, the scenario you just mentioned would have led to a thread/article saying “officers in rochester lock a 9 year old girl in the back of a freezing squad car” There is no winning here for the police.
Sep 26, 2011
Christ, I can't imagine some of you raising children. Probably child abusers if you can't find a way of restraining a 9 year old little girl without resorting to violence. I have a pretty unruly 10 year old nephew who gets physical, but he's fucking 10 years old. Not exactly hard to restrain a small child, especially if you have handcuffs and a secure vehicle to place them in.
"That 50 pound handcuffed 9 year old girl was acting emotionally! Time to beat them senseless and subdue them mercilessly!" - morons here.
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Mar 27, 2019
I love how people think she was just acting emotionally. They called the fucking police! You racists think black family members don’t know the difference between an outburst and a serious fucking issue?


Nov 30, 2012
What would the Police officers defense be? What would they say?

Girl was already handcuffed and detained. There was no "offense" to defend from anymore.

I mean, what did they try to achieve by pepper spraying her anyway? What was she doing? Screaming?

Well, i don't think pepper spray is useful against people who scream. It tends to make them scream more. Pepper sprays are made for self defense of for cops to help them detain someone who poses a physical threat. So tell me how a handcuffed 9 year old girl is a threat to a bunch of adult police officers.
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incest on the subway
Jan 2, 2007
Its interesting that the side that thinks the police were 100% in the wrong are the ones making stuff up and exaggerating in an effort to defend their position.

If they're 100% wrong you don't have to make anything up or exaggerate, people. Don't weaken your position with fabrications.
Apr 1, 2013
Kent, England
If she was acting like a wild animal and not following simple orders what do you think was going to happen.
You dont know the whole story so how would you handle this if the kid was acting all crazy and not listening to simple commands ?
Would you rather have them put her in restraints? Either option is not a good look .
This is what happens when you tell kids all police are bad people .

This right here is all you need to know, if a child is threatening to kill herself and the MOM , kid gloves are off.

Fuck off with this nonsense. She's a child handcuffed in the back of a police car, distraught and crying to see her parents. There were about 6 fucking cops there and their only solution was to pepper spray her? You think that's going to diffuse the situation? Fucking pieces of shit should lose their jobs, bastards treating a fucking little child like that.


Apr 23, 2018
Wow. Well I don’t think so. I’m more inclined towards things like suspensions and increased training. That’s all right though. I’ve experienced pepper spray it sucks, but it’s not the end of the world either. It’s something that should’ve been avoided. But it was temporary discomfort.

I think people enjoy being outraged on the internet. But this is a local matter from an isolated incident that should’ve been handled differently. The end result is that no one was injured and hopefully this girl will get some psychiatric help. I just think people should temper their outrage. Worse things happen every day in every city in the country. This is a hot button issue. But let’s try to keep things in perspective.

Only thing I'll say is that you're a grown man. Your pain threshold is greater than that of a 9 year old child. Both the grabbing of her arms from the back and the pepper spray ...


Jun 15, 2019
Only thing I'll say is that you're a grown man. Your pain threshold is greater than that of a 9 year old child. Both the grabbing of her arms from the back and the pepper spray ...
Look, it is what I said at the end of the day: temporary discomfort. That does not mean they could not have handled it better. But people are getting bent way out of shape. It’s not a good video. It’s also not fucking George Floyd, who while we don’t need to get into the details, was a FAR worse video. This is just unfortunate. The girl could’ve been treated better. Likely by every adult involved in this situation.
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Oct 26, 2018
I think everyone is forgetting one wacky thing. What fucktard parents call the cops on their 9 year old?

I don't get a feeling this kid was running around the neighbourhood with a gun.
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