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A Bayonetta Pachislot game is in the works #BasedSega




So yeah.. this seems to be a trend now?


“We’ve already began working on the next project, but it seems like it’ll be a little while longer until we can make an announcement,” said Bayonetta 2 producer Akiko Kuroda. “I hope that we can do something related to the Bayonetta series in 2015 as well, so please keep an eye out for more from Bayonetta!”

Source from last year

I guess they didn't lie!
Judging from the restructuring they had earlier this year, this comes as no surprise.

As long as there's no stupid "pull the lever", I'd say its okay. Hopefully this helps them finance some other games in the future.
Wish my local casino got these. Sick of the generic pachislots and the TV show licensed ones. Can only play sex in the city so many times

Is there a big audience for people that love Bayonetta and Pachinko?

People will play pachislots regardless of license. There are so many stupid fucking machines. Go to a casino for a laugh at the 500 variants of KING TUT or FAIRY GIRLS
Also before anyone asks: "Why not make new IPs for these pachislot machines."

The point is to make money. Creating a new IP for pachislot machines is more expensive than using and old one and paying a couple guys to make some CG scenes.
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