A closer look at the original Red Steel 2

Looks great. I mean, the final version was good too, but I think I'd personally prefered the urban settings.

Also, wasn't there even a version before that? Which was some wack scifi Japan or something...
I think the Red Steel developers realized people were not happy with typical shootbangers on the Wii so they made an atypical one when they released and they made an amazingly fun motion game with fun combat.

Wow, this looks awesome! Although, I do love the western theme/setting in Red Steel 2 a lot. I really hope one day we get a Red Steel 3. : (
Red Steel 2 was one of the best Wii games, ever. It's ending was just so lackluster. I really wanted a sequel after finishing it. Please Ubisoft.
edit: Online multiplayer would have been really cool! Oh well.
How did Red Steel 2 sell? I recall it didn't do so great.
All of the shots in the Urban setting here don't klick with me. Those in the eastern setting do. IMO Ubisoft made the right choice regarding Red Steel 2's artstyle and setting. That game really was fantastic, all it needed were better sidequests and a more varied main quest. Still one of the most fun games I've ever played thanks to the ingenious use of Wii Motion+.
How did Red Steel 2 sell? I recall it didn't do so great.
IIRC < 500k, don't ask me for a source though.
IIRC < 500k, don't ask me for a source though.
About 270,000.


Edge Staff said:
VandenBerghe talked at length about the underlying problems behind Red Steel 2‘s lacklustre sales figures – the game only managed 270,000 worldwide, he claimed. As well as the restrictions of being single-platform and requiring a peripheral, he thinks it has a lot to do with players themselves. “I isolated this factor called audience willingness. There is a small group of people that is willing to get up and move and exert themselves for fun … We had to ask ourselves: how many gamers are willing to move? I don’t know how many there are, but it’s no higher than 20 per cent. That’s actually probably optimistic.”
This was the sequal I wanted :(

I remember hearing all the hype about Red Steel 2's online mulitplayer and how it was gonna put the Wii on the map for FPS online. I even told my friends all about it!

I looked mighty foolish come release day...
Ubisoft should have finished both games. They were after all made by different teams (something most people don't realise). Additionally, the eventual Red Steel 2 would have been much better off with a separate title and identity.
I really enjoyed Red Steel when it came out despite sub-HD resolution. It had its flaws but it felt like something new with using the remote for looking. It was the closest thing we got to mouse aim on a console at that point.
huh? I don't remember seeing any of them. Don't think any of those were ported to the new engine.
Are you sure? That temple environment looks super familiar somehow.

edit: looking at a YT video of the last level, it is a similar Asian-temple style design, but not the same.


Should probably not trust the 7-11 security cameras quite so much
The combat in Red Steel 2 was so good, it's a shame we will never see anyone build on it. The actual game structure was very crude but every encounter was satisfying because of the motion control.
Really enjoyed the Red Steel 2 we got. They waited far to long to finally come out with it and when they did it didn't seem to have any push from Ubisoft. That was the main concern leading up to it's release for those that were following it. The negative reaction to Red Steel 1 didn't help either. Perhaps would have been better if it had been named something else. It really was one of the games that was as fun as it was because of the motion control and pointer shooting. Wouldn't have been anywhere close to as fun as it was with just button presses. Was always annoyed Nintendo didn't get behind it as well and treated as it if were their own game due to it championing the motion plus tech.
The Red Steel 2 we got was a flawed game structurally, but I'm happy with what we got stylistically compared to this.

The first game's concept had appeal and I wish it was... well... good.
First game never hit my radar but I loved the second game. Ultimate Electronics had it set up as a demo unit and it looked too intriguing not to try. Bought soon after.

These shots don't look like they would have grabbed me the same but if combat was the same I probably still would have bought. No love lost for what might have been though.
Red Steel 2 should have sold more but it had two big things against it.

1. The reputation and disappointment of Red Steel 1.

2. A long delay. It was supposed to launch alongside Wii Sports Resort to support Motion Plus. When it missed that launch window it missed out on a lot of build up.
I think the Red Steel developers realized people were not happy with typical shootbangers on the Wii so they made an atypical one when they released and they made an amazingly fun motion game with fun combat.

The one thing that I hated about Red Steel 2 is the main character looks pretty cool but the entire game was in first person with no option to switch to third person.

Gave up on playing the game in the end as I couldn't connect with the main character.
Man, I bought Red Steel at the Wii's launch. Still feel that burn.

Haven't played 2 yet but it looks a lot better visually than this canceled prototype. Thanks for sharing, love seeing stuff like this.
It was so much better than what we ended up getting...
RedSteel2 killed the franchise in every way.
Please Ubi give me a real RedSteel sequel.

Edit: Welp apparently i live in bizzarro world.
Why was it canned? Which control devices did it support?
Dunno. I'd bet on WiiU and PS3 because they would support the control scheme easily. Dunno why it was canned, but it's not surprising. Ubisoft is putting a majority of its resources in to Assassin's Creed.
The more realistic/believable a game is, the more detailed and dynamic its systems need to be in order to keep from being boring. The Wii wouldn't be able to have realistically destructible environments or a lot going on at the same time. The more stylistic approach was the right direction to take because a game doesn't have to have high fidelity in order to make launching and enemy into the air, jumping after them and spiking them back into the ground in first-person an amazing experience.
I loved the original Red Steel.

Sure it was flawed and the bullshots didn't help but the sequel looked completely uninteresting to me.

This looks better.