A Compilation of Hilarious Animations in Mass Effect Andromeda

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Apr 27, 2008
Disclaimer One: This thread and these examples do not mean that the animators in Bioware did a bad job or aren't talented. Animation is super difficult, especially in a game like this with hundreds if not thousands of cutscenes and dialogue sequences. It's not the fault of animators at Bioware Montreal, as they've been busting their asses I am sure. If you want to blame someone, blame project management, Bioware executives, and EA for giving the greenlight for this and for not helping out the animation department with what they needed to succeed. The people in charge of hiring and project management and finally greenlighting this for release might have had the most power in making sure that animations were up to par.

Disclaimer Two: Witch hunts, misogynist bullshit, and developer stalking are completely reprehensible and unacceptable. Re-evaluate yourself and the people you follow if you are targeting the people who worked on this game. Going through a person's portfolio is so creepy and abhorrent, the people who did this should be ashamed

Disclaimer Three: This does not mean this is a bad game or that all the other parts of the game are bad. Positive impressions have been explained and there are many other quality aspects of the game so far.

Original post:
I'm sorry for yet another Mass Effect thread, but there have been too many entertaining captures of the animation in this game that I figured we might as well compile them into one single post because they're that good and people need to see.

a bad case of writing, acting, and animation (very early game spoilers): https://webmshare.com/Dm0Nz
Teaser for the Live Action Mass Effect Andromeda trailer..

For those interested, A Youtuber named xletalis did a comparison yesterday contrasting ME1 to Andromeda.

Nov 9, 2007

When you poop your pants and can't find the toilet.
does this game have like procedural walking animation or something? you just move the character model around and they automatically generate the leg animation to walk?

btw, is this an animation glitch or is the walking animation actually look like that the whole game?
Jun 28, 2013
Didn't Bioware say they have a Day One patch coming out that fixes this stuff?
This is the stuff they were willing to show off. It could be even worse later on in the game. A Day 1 patch isn't going to fix hours and hours off stilted, awfully written dialogue with animation to match.
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