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A comprehensive list of all the PS4/XboxNext games we know are coming

I don't understand this statement, especially when focusing specifically on the list provided in the OP.

Microsoft Exclusives:

1) RYSE -- Crytek
2) Halo 5 -- 343 Industries
3) Untitled game from Rare
4) Untitled game from Lionhead
5) Alan Wake 2 -- Remedy
6) Forza Motorsports 4 -- Turn 10
7) Untitled game from Black Tusk Studios

Sony PS4 Exclusives:

1) Killzone 4 -- Guerrilla Games
2) Untitled game from Guerrilla
3) Untitled game from Ready at Dawn
4) Gran Turismo 6 -- Polyphony Digital
5) Untitled game from Naughty Dog


How exactly does Microsoft come up short on future confirmed exclusives?

Alan Wake 2 is very likely coming out on PC, so it is not exclusive I reckon. Not that it interests me much. I doubt I will ever finish the first Alan Wake.
There's not much to excite me here so far.

Watch Dogs wowed me at E3 until it turned into generic shoot game. But that's also going to be on 360/Wii U, so yo.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a system seller to me, though. Tell me what system it is on and I will rain dollars on it.


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Going to have a massive overhaul of the OP either tomorrow or Sunday to make everything more sleek and easily legible :)
Thanks, didn't want to say anything but it pretty much is unreadable and has a ton of unnecessary pictures. Anything unofficial or just a series logo is a waste of space IMO.

You should also add PGR5 to OP too since insiders have pretty much confirmed it.

UPDATE: The OP has finally been streamlined to be easier on the eyes and include relevant information plus links to trailers, both gameplay and otherwise, as well as sources for each title. Also, I would like to thank Captain Smoker for his exhaustive work helping me with the visuals of the OP. Thanks all!
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