A genie lets you flip flop game companies to make the other's games, what's the best switches?


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You are cutting up chicken for dinner and haphazardly cut yourself. A genie pops out of a tube of Polysporin. You think he's going to instantly heal your salmonella infested wound, but says that's what bandaids are for. Instead, he can make games better for you. You think he'll give you free games for life or the most powerful PC on the market every year, but says he'll let you flip flop game libraries and development going forward between companies and he'll do it so it's a smooth transition as if it's normal course of business.

It can be two companies flipping game franchises, or even something like sports trades where it's a 3 party trade. The companies cant pick and choose which games. It's total game library swaps.

The switches you do have to have (in your opinion) a good net benefit to gaming where it seems each side can do something good with the change so that it's not just a one sided romp.

Key companies (there's surely some I missed)

- Nintendo
- Sony
- MS
- Activision (they havent technically been bought by MS yet)
- EA
- T2 includes R* and 2K)
- Capcom
- Konami
- Namco
- Square
- Warner
- Also the corporations that buy up tons of studios.... Embracer, Tencent, THQ Nordic etc..
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Kagey K

Give Driveclub to Playground

That shit could have been fun.

Give Mag to Epic.

They could have made a big multiplayer game that lasts.

Give Socom to any other consoles so the online only game would work online when it released.
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343i: Superhot 2
Bethesda: Elex 3
Ludeon Studios: The Sims 5
Bungie: Killzone Reboot
Nintendo: Five Nights at Freddy's
I'll play along.

Square Enix and Bandai Namco.
Sega and Koei Tecmo
Capcom and Kojima Productions
Platinum Games and Suda51
From Software and Konami


Report me if I continue to console war
I would mix things up I would give TLOU3 to id and Doom to naughty dog.
Ssm would tackle Halo and the coalition would do god of war
All games will be done by Ubisoft and will be converted to an open-world, map-revealing tower, meaningless fetch-quest and superficial story system.
I look forward to the new tetris. It will be glorious. ;)


Sorry can't be bothered with the annoying rules but I would give FIFA to 2K, give Battlefield to a time-machine salvaged DICE team that made BF2, and throw Andrew Wilson into Mount Doom.
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Resident Evil to IO Interactive
Hitman series to SIE Kojima Productions
Prey to Remedy
Elder Scrolls/Fallout to Rockstar
Civilisation series to Games Workshop

Mr Hyde

From Software - Halo
Nintendo - The Last of Us
Kojima Productions - Kirby
Bloober Team - The Legend of Zelda
Naughty Dog - Doom
Guerilla - Super Mario
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