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Game Dev A Naughty Dog designer breaks down the level design of the Mall Infiltration in TLOU2


Jul 29, 2013
Not yet.

The Last Of Us 2 is 100% on the level of Metal Gear Solid now, as in its the closest thing to that concept that we've had to a massive degree. Even in Metal Gear Solid, dragging bodies didn't start till 2 and 3 and even Peace Walker you can't drag bodies actually. So I'd say that 1 element doesn't automatically make it uncomaprable, using this logic Metal Gear Solid 1 and Peace Walker are not Metal Gear Solid games...... that seems a bit too extreme and silly and I'm a massive fucking MGS fan.

So I put this in the "not yet" area as I believe in part 3, the will have moving bodies, hiding them etc.

The ability to go prone
The ability to throw objects to distract enemies
Dogs able to smell to track and find you
The NPCs looking for their missing friends
The NPCs walking backwards before forward as to keep a look out behind them, making it more difficulty to sneak up, as in they don't just look 100% 1 direction at all times. This is VERY MGS mind you.

A lot of this puts it deep in the MGS area more then most games that came out last gen, I can't even think of 1 AAA title that came out that was near MGS compared to The Last Of Us 2. Its deep in the ball park and its already doing MGS things, like a lot of em. Go back and play MGS1 and you'll see even MGS1 doesn't have features that The Last Of Us 2 has, so I'll say its very much there, as using your logic sir, MGS1, MG Peace Walker etc are not real Metal Gear games or something lol

@kiphalfton Most games will not be like MGSV 100% 1.1, but this game is easily the closest in terms of its amazing stealth. To say "barely serviceable" sounds very forced, like you want someone to believe you, but you offer no evidence to support the post, but from what I've seen, most of your fucking post are like this, like you need someone to believe you, but have nothing to back it up so....... good luck lol
Okay so while I appreciate your post, I dislike that you extrapolated from my point. We were comparing MGSV and TLOU 2’s stealth. It was unnecessary for you to bring up other games in the series imo.

My statement wasn’t a definitive point to be considered a stealth game, it was a definitive point for the pinnacle in stealth.


Aug 1, 2020
But this is what they're good at.

It's one of the reason why I buy Playstation gen after gen. Naughty Dog goes to crazy lengths with detail in the game world. They're one of the best at squeezing performance out of the PS hardware and their games are often technical showpieces for what a PS console is capable of.

They're a AAAA linear single player story driven force in the industry and one of the best at that. Play to your strengths. Let them stick to these experiences.

Question is with game development becoming increasingly expensive, how sustainable is this practice of blockbuster AAAA titles moving forward.
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