A Nintendo Switch has been taken apart

It's being discussed in the Foxconn leak topic, but I think it may be interesting enough for a new thread.


More high res pictures
  • Date code is "1629" in addition to the A2 designation.
  • This means 2016 Week 29 which is around July 2016.
  • UDNX02-A2 is another code printed.
    • This seems to confirm that this IS a custom chip for Nintendo. Considering the Switch was codenamed Nintendo NX during its development.

More pictures (https://tieba.baidu.com/p/4988500850?red_tag=2053941465)

  • First picture is Tegra X1. Note the chip ends with "A1" revision/designation
  • Second picture is the Tegra in Nintendo Switch. The chip ends with "A2" revision/designation.
Is there any interesting info from those sources for those who speak Chinese? There isn't all that much we can tell from straight pictures though they're awesome to see.
Damn... I was hoping that all that processing was being done by mini-Pikmin inside. This just makes it look like normal electronics.

Holy shit the size of that battery. Literally the biggest they could fit in
Is the black thing with the Japanese text the battery?

It's pretty wild that there's nearly no air inside. It's so densely designed.
And without looking at the dies directly this means basically nothing? Apart from letting us know the battery is actually as big as it can be, apparently.
Atleast there seems to be no wasted space this time.

In their defence you could buy a larger capacity battery after the fact and it made it heavier (I bought the official extended battery).

Switch looks tight, though they don't really have any space to waste this time.


Please help me with my bad english
The LPDDR4 chips have to generate a decent amount of heat if it needs to be actively cooled alongside the SoC.