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Staff A note about PoliGAF moderation

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Sep 10, 2018
There’s been a lot of blanket commentary about whether this site is pushing a specific political narrative or favoring a specific political leaning, so we just wanted to clear things up.

How we moderate the Politics Forum
A forum that is, by design, putting very passionate people in the same space and allowing them to voice their opinions openly is going to create a lot of tension. NeoGAF is not a 'safe space' where one perspective is allowed while the other is silenced. This is equally as applicable in all sections of the site.

What this means in Politics is that strong left leaning and right leaning posters have equal opportunity to discuss their feelings and perspectives without fear of being silenced or pushed away by the staff here. Given that NeoGAF is visited by people from all over the world, as well as the current political climates in the US and UK... there are going to be people who see things differently than you.

It is not the role of the moderation team to “pick sides” when it comes to discussions. This is something we specifically avoid to maintain impartiality and independence when moderating these topics. Similarly, just because a post exists and is not locked does not mean the mod team endorse or align with the specific political issue.

If there is an strong conservative/liberal user posting something you don’t like, you are open to debate them or ignore them. You are free to post your own threads and ideas, and know that they will be read by people who fall along the entire political spectrum. Whether you choose to try and persuade, inform, echo, ignore…is up to you.

If you feel like your particular point of view is not being given the air-time you feel it deserves, you are strongly encouraged to start that discussion yourself…and have the peace of mind to know that no one here on the staff is going to try and silence you.

Also be mindful that politics in the land of us "every day people" is a constant battle to gain the upper hand on topical and current issues, and encourages games of one-upmanship. Some topics you will be bested and others you will emerge on top. Some topics you'll learn things and others you'll inform. In terms of decorum, it is expected you are magnanimous in victory and take defeat in good nature.

What will get your post attention by the moderation team is when you are doing one of the following:
  • Making blatant and direct attacks against other users or people (racism, sexist, xenophobia, user insults, etc)
  • Intentionally trolling people by either not engaging honestly or making antagonistic claims without any intention to defend them
  • Making duplicate threads that already have an active discussion going for the same subject
  • Making the same lazy rhetorical driveby comments as your primary contribution to threads
  • Dogpiling. This is not a word of 'sanctuary' you can claim when you come in and make a highly contentious point that lacks substance. If you say something stupid and you get called out by multiple posters, this is your own fault. However, moderator's may intervene where a user with an alternate, credible standpoint is being drowned out or suffocated by a number of posts that repeat the same throwaway comment/empty rhetoric.
…and that’s it.

The very nature of NeoGAF is to bring all people together and have them discuss things openly with each other. Just try and remember that just because someone doesn’t believe the same things you do, doesn’t automatically imply they are terrible or stupid people.

The staff have no desire to tip the scales of the conversation in one direction or another.

Or as the wise men once said: “Be excellent to each other…”
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