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A pair of double-waisted jeans costs $695


For some reason this was on our local news last night. I'm 28 and have never gone with the "hip" new fashion trends. I'm a t-shirt and jeans or shorts type of guy. I usually just ignore this stuff because I don't care but I just thought this was crazy. Who spends this much on one pair of jeans? Ugly jeans (my opinion) at that. Why so much? I just don't get it. And I thought paying $70 for jeans with holes in them was outrageous.


Does anybody here own a pair? Are they worth $695?

Yeah, yeah, oldmanyellsatcloud.gif. I still think it's crazy.


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they're imported, designer jeans. the price point sounds about right, coupled with a cute top and the right pair of shoes it could look good. that of course also figures on the woman wearing them as well.
Look its one thing to say new fashion is dumb. We all get out of touch. But there is nothing more out of touch for paying a 20X+ mark up for the new "hip" thing.
That looks kinda awesome. It's like making fun of ultra baggy and high-waist jeans all-in-one.

Wouldn't pay anywhere near that much though.


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I bought a pair for my cat to sleep on

Idk, she stays on top of this shit
i buy my jeans from wal-mart when there's a sale. ionno why anyone would buy those things unless you need extra pocket space for those 3ds or switch.


These look disastrous, what if you really have to go the bathroom but don't have time to unbuckle two pairs of pants? Then you've got $700 jeans that smell like shit, although I'd bet that only makes them more valuable in some circles.
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