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a Platinum Trophy equivalent could be coming to Xbox


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A year of Game Pass for a platinum is a bit much. I’d be happy with rewards points per achievement with the highest value given for platinum.
When Sony rewards was giving points for trophies it was nuts. I bought an apple watch that year with trophy points. Redeemed for gift cards.


The diference is u can take a look at ur profile and easely see how many games u fully got all trophies by looking at ur Platinum trophies number.

The Platinum trophies is the only thing i look at when i check my trophies section.

I have got all achievements in some steam games, but seeing a Platinum trophy pop up is way more satisfying.
But when I go to achievements I just see my score on a 1000 for each game. If I've got 1000/1000 I know I've completed it.
If the two implentations, I prefer trophies over numbers. My eyes kind of glaze over when I see a huge number. It's just easier to keep track of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

I don't trophy hunt any more, though. Used to be all about it.


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Is it? I think a year of Gamepass or a £100 to spend in the store is fair.

Think about it. If you platinum five games, that's five years of Gamepass for free or £500 to spend on games!

Right.....the fact that you could do that is why Microsoft won't go that far. The number of platinum trophies earned would skyrocket. Game Pass revenue would fall like a rock.

Nothing wrong with PS trophies

Agree. Trophies are the model others should copy, imo.
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When there are games being sold whose sole purpose is to give you a Platinum in 10 minutes, there is something very wrong.

That is an issue, but fixing it would not require the trophy system to be "scrapped and reworked completely".


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throw up team america GIF

Preferred the numbers over trophies.

Sounds like its just a "congrats you completed all achievements".
It’s all the same shit. 🤡
When there are games being sold whose sole purpose is to give you a Platinum in 10 minutes, there is something very wrong.
Barbie Horse Adventure was a day 0 thing. 🤡
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I guess this is good for the people who ascribe some sort of achievement to video games. Good to have options.

I'd like to have the option to not even see this nonsense, including "gamer scores".


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I can’t believe how many people are downplaying trophies. You have to experience it to understand what it is.

I did when I had a PS4 last gen. I hated it and thought it was stupid compared to Xbox achievements and gamer score.

If it's not broken, don't fix it! The last thing I ever want to hear from my fellow green rats is "I platted ------ game". That is the most cringe sentence I continually have to see on this forum,. Who the fuck cares? You don't see Xbox players posting their gamer scores or bragging about getting 1000 gamer score in a game. Let's keep it that way!
I don’t care for the platinum however I’d like them to have separate lists for DLC like we see on PlayStation.

Also I’d love to see the new Xbox museum implemented into the console UI experience .


There already is, they just need to dumb it down to calling it something like "a platinum!" for today's market.


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One of the coolest implementation of Trophies was probably PS Home. If you unlocked a trophy in some games, it would give you an item based on that. SF4 Platinum had a trophy associated with it that unlocked a Super Rare T-shirt. Literally no one on Home had it because barely anyone platinumed the game. I think stuff like that was pretty cool.
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always welcome an easy 1000gs game here. my gamer score got reset from 230k in 2016 and i'll forever be caught in this man child web of trying to claw my way back to elite video game master status.
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