a SECOND Nintendo Direct presentation (Wii U 1st & 3rd party sw) @ 11pm JPN time


Please help me with my bad english
NCL has announced an additional presentation by Satoru Iwata for Sep. 13th at 11 pm in Japan, covering the 1st and 3rd-party Wii U software lineup.

When does the JP software event start in my time zone? Click this link for worldwide times. (Simultaneous with western events.)

Where can I watch it? Right here: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/nintendo_direct_wiiu_preview/index.html

I will be providing live translations here in the OP and on my Twitter feed, @Cheesemeister3k.
To be hyped or not to be hyped, that is the question.
Shit, which one to watch.

I don't understand Japanese so Satoru's is out and I find Shibata a bit hard to understand, but then NoA is not my region. To be honest I'll probably watch the NoA and then get the date and price for Aus/NZ after the EU one.

This is at the same time as the NoA presser, isn't it?
Isn't this the same time that NoA is having their conference?
Yup, three at once. I know what's happened. Nintendo hasn't actually got an online system for the Wii U, so they are attempting to destroy the entire internet.

Man I feel sorry for the NeoGAF servers.
This is at the same time as the NoA presser, isn't it?

At the same time (10am EST), there will be:

NoA Live Conference
NoE Nintendo Direct
NCL Nintendo Direct (Specifically for WiiU games)

Plus the original NCL ND which will probably cover the price, date, OS, online, etc.
I'm excited. My hype is reaching E3 hype. I mean I don't expect too many new games but I expect one or two. I also want to see how their online platform looks like and the interface of the console.
My hype levels are going through the roof... A whole Nintendo Direct dedicated to first and second-party software!

Time to go out guns blazing Nintendo!