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Social Drama Community A small help for a big change.

Jun 10, 2019
Hello GAF! I'm Márcio Almeida and I've contacted to ask for your help for a great friend, a friend who has already helped me a lot when he could, not only me but also to other people, he has been a brother to me.
Directly or indirectly he has also helped me to grow in my career and has listened to me in difficult times, even when his life is upside-down.
Despite everything he has done for me, he doesn't demand anything from me, just a friendship.
That said, as a friend I come here to ask for your help to aid him at the moment, something I can't do alone.
What I ask is that with your reach, you share the gofundme that I helped him create, the gofundme that we created so that he can straighten up again and get out of the situation he's in.
This help is not only for him but also for his family (mother and sister).
If you want to know anything more about his situation just ask and I will explain, but must of it is already explained in the gofundme.
By the way, he loves your content!

Thank you for the attention spared and thank you for the help.

Link for the Gofundme in case you decide to help: