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A Tale of Two Classic Re-Releases


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You can’t help but notice the differences and similarities between Sonic Origins and Capcom Fighting Collection. Both release within a day of each other, both are the same price ($40), both are re-releases of classic games by their respective company, and the general reception from the public for the two games is very different.

On one hand you have Sonic Origins by Sega. This collection contains the first 4 Sonic games in the series. Putting aside the music controversy (and the new replacement tracks being worse than the unmodified prototype tracks), many people have reported bugs and then you also have questionable decisions like classic mode being limited to 4:3 instead of widescreen. Plus Sega made questionable decisions about the DLC (which should really have been part of the regular game). Public reception of the game has been very mixed, with many feeling that Sega could have done a much better job after seeing how great Sonic Mania turned out.

Then on the other hand you have Capcom Fighting Collection. This collection contains 5 Darkstalkers games and 5 other classic Capcom games (including the first ever home release of Red Earth). The collection has plenty of filter options, aspect ratio options, and more. I’ve put about 5 hours into the game so far and the games play fantastically.

Both games have museum stuff in addition to a few new things like missions in Sonic Origins and online play in Capcom Fighting Collection.

I feel like Sega could learn a thing or two from Capcom in this situation. I’m a big fan of both franchises and have been for decades, but I don’t feel like Sega handles their classic franchises with the same care that Capcom does and these latest two releases show that. Sonic Origins leaves me concerned about the future of the franchise while Capcom Fighting Collection leaves me craving a new Darkstalkers game. What do you think, GAF?


I think I'll form my opinion when they go on sale, but Sega often has M2 handle their classics, which is as good as it gets and something Capcom has never done to my knowledge. It may apply in this case, but saying that Capcom handles their classics better in general is just nonsense.
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