Aaron Greenberg Promoted To Xbox's VP Of Games Marketing


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It seems he's recently been promoted - with his LinkedIn profile revealing how he's gone from Xbox Games Marketing General Manager to Xbox Games Marketing Vice President. He was in the general manager role for 8 years and 4 months, and has started in his new role this month.

Aaron responded to messages from his friends and fans on social media. Here's exactly what he had to say:

"Much appreciated, very kind to see all the notes. I’m so grateful for the work I get to be part of in service to Team Xbox and our fans. Excited for the future ahead too!"



Here's to many more years of making people salty from Xbox success. Well deserved.

What proof? Topher is a Sony shill tried and true, we all know this. At best he is someone who has heavy bias, and should not be throwing stones. Hypocrisy at its finest. You want proof? Look at my history and you will find that I have been critical across the board and give due where it's deserved. Yes it's a fact that I prefer Xbox right now, but that is earned. PS is arrogant and its games are stale and one note. They are moneyhatting left and right and they are raping everyone on pricing . Their services are trash and there is little excitement for the future. Prove me wrong you shills.
Did someone talk about salt?



I honestly don't know how this guy is in real life, but his online persona kind of comes off as a pandering goof.

Honestly, I'm just envious of that check he is cashing at the end of the week.
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I don't like saying this about people I don't know (personally), but this guy proper does my head in.

Yeah he just comes off as a lame dad trying to get "in" with the cool kids at his son's school or something. Hard to describe but very irritating. To be fair we no longer have any good "gaming executives" at Sony either since Jim Ryan is a fucking clown as well. I miss Jack Tretton and Andrew House. Hell, even Kaz Hirai was better despite being a bit of a dick at times. Alternatively, give me Agent Phil (Harrison) or Peter Moore.

There really is no "personality" in games PR anymore beyond Tameem "let's go shout at mountains in Iceland" Antonididosidiodissdois, and that's not even good PR personality.

Nintendo is our last hope in terms of people who don't come off as constantly thinking either "give me your money and fuck off" or "we're not actually making a game, we're just tricking you into thinking we're making one".
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Well. Theoretically speaking next year is going to be 'the year'. So, he is going to have to put the actual work, for once.


I've never heard of Aaron Greenberg or why people hate him.

Is he replacing this guy? Everybody seemed to like him a lot.

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I hated Xbox marketing during PS3/360. I hated every time he appeared anywhere, because he was always bashing PlayStation, never had anything good to say about Xbox, but had a lot to say about PlayStation.

He went underground during Xbox One though. Or at least I didn’t hear from him much. However, during Xbox One, it did seem like he didn’t bash PlayStation that much and he did talk more about XBox (which he has to).

Who knows if he is good at his job for Xbox or what good he has done for the brand, but good for him that he’s been able to climb the corporate ladder on Xbox.


He deserves it after taking some serious mental damage last gen and surviving it.

Remember that classic halo outsold all Sony exclusives? Then sony ends up releasing multiple exclusives that outsold halo.


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General Manager to Vice President actually sounds like a demotion, at least it would be in my industry/organization.
Your Vice President is lower than the General Manager?
So who does your General Manager report to?

P.S Is the President of the Company also lower than the General Manager?
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