ABC: Nintendo releasing "2 Dees". Plays same games as "3 Dees". Cuts price of "Wii"

And Nintendo is lowering the price of its Wii console as well.

... wow

2Dees I can.. kinda.. understand I guess. The branding on Wii versus WiiU still seems to be an issue though.


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"Lower quality graphics?" Wha?

Honestly, I believe Nintendo is responsible for most of their marketing confusion, but sometimes it seems like you need to spell out every minute detail to the media or they're going to screw it up.
Most people will assume that less dimensions=worse graphics.

But as long as people understand it plays all 3DS games Nintendo probably won't mind too much.


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I think this is actually a mistake by ABC. Yahoo is just rehosting.

Mainstream media is stupid. Gets facts wrong. News at 11.
This reminds me of a British newspaper (don't remember which one) wrote about N64 back in the day: "It's Super Nintendo 64, plays all Super Nintendo games but 64 times faster and better"
They have had the DS brand name since 2005, and somehow it's Nintendo's fault this presenter mispronounces it in 2013. This one isn't Nintendo's fault, she'd probably pronounce PS4 as "PSSSSST4"
I actually find it extremely ignorant of a news publisher, of all people, to use the term "graphics" to describe visual presentation. It just sounds so uneducated and like they don't care to inform themselves of this industry at all.


Makes world leading predictions like "The sun will rise tomorrow"
At the gamescom awards there's no category for Wii U games. Instead, Wii U games are being counted as Wii games. Yes, seriously.
Probably because there's not enough good Wii or Wii U games by themselves to garner their own categories.
In (a very loose) defense of the "Wii console price cut", I could imagine they're viewing it with the same terms as someone might say "Playstation console price cut" or "Xbox console price cut" - in both cases implicitly referring to the current model of each brand, rather than necessarily implying the first iteration of each system.