Access Nintendo Zone from home easily


So I saw this trick on one of those banned sites and it actually works. If you set your wireless network to be named attwifi and make it unsecured, then add that network on your 3DS... you can access the Nintendo Zone from home! So whatever demos (right now it's just Mario & Sonic), Pokemon TV show episodes, and other content they have on there is now accessible from home.

I did a little video demonstration as well:

It was very slow for me, but I'm not sure if that's cause I set the attwifi network on my Linksys router, which is connected to the Verizon FiOS router I have, rather than just renaming the FiOS one. But it does work, so that's cool.


Thank goodness. Now I won't have to creep around nasty McDonald's (the only place that offers a Nintendo Zone in my town).


You can get the demo off the eshop too if you already have internet.
Well yes, but you never know if they'll put up other demos on there. Or maybe Nintendo will be dumb and start removing demos from the eShop eventually and maybe then Nintendo Zone will be the only place to get them. Plus, there is other content on Nintendo Zone besides demos... sometimes they have some of the videos from the Nintendo Video app even after they've been removed so you can still watch them this way.

No way I'm leaving my network unsecured.
Yea, normally I wouldn't do that. But I found another router I had lying around so I used that for this and I unplug it when I don't need to use the Nintendo Zone.
hmmmmmmm very interesting, will have to get a separate router to do this but this is a great alternative to taking my 3DS to best buy
nice, this works. Just watch a couple of seconds Pokemon tv. I'm wondering if it's actually a website. I'm using a mayflash wifi link usb dongle to connect.


Oh wow, this is pretty neat. I used my phone's portable wi-fi option and that worked like a charm as well. Too bad these Pokemon episodes aren't from the first season...... that would have been a nostalgia overload.
Could anyone from Europe try to see if this works here too? I can't use my 3DS right now, so I can't do it myself :(

EDIT: Oh, it seems that you need to download a Nintendo Zone app. Nevermind, then.


Didn't show up for me, just posted about it in another thread:

With a Japanese 3DS I can view the stuff in Europe though, so it doesn't seem to be about the location.

Also, it downloads the app automatically for European 3DS' when you connect to attwifi for the first time.
Good find, thanks a lot!

EDIT: It also works with a secured network if you just want to download the app. You need to leave it unsecured or it won't be regonized as a Nintendo Zone hotspot.
Interesting. So normally you would have to open up your 3ds at best buy and connect like that for the content ? I had assumed it worked like streetpass and you just had to walk by. If this all on some server somewhere why say this is only at specific retail locations hiding it behind a connection name.


You don't need to add the wifi network to the 3DS, it will find and connect to it automatically, even if all your wifi settings slots are all used up.


Ok just did it and it works... unless you live in a region that doesnt have demos or something I dont see why anyone would do this at the moment, everything on nintendo zone is on eshop.
Ok just did it and it works... unless you live in a region that doesnt have demos or something I dont see why anyone would do this at the moment, everything on nintendo zone is on eshop.

Yea there is really no reason to do this yet. Maybe one day it will have something nice that can only be found on there but now it just seems like a waste. I did and just change my routers setting back after I'm done.
Bumping this thread because, apparently, if we Europeans change our 3DS's region to Australia, we can access the US Nintendo Zone. Now that I read back this thread, Go319 already said that Australians could see it, but I thought someone from Europe could be interested in trying it.
Wait if an Australian 3DS accesses the US Nintendo Zone and downloads a US works no problems, no "this software cannot run in your region".

Anyway, would not be surprised to see it fixed next firmware update. McDomalds, BestBye might not be pleased that there is no reason to enter their stores and go up to the kiosk (except for exclusiv content like coupans) if you can do it at home.
Bumping as I wanted to know, as I still haven't been able to connect to Nintendo Zone (and my modem is under control by the family, so I'm not able to touch it), is there any demos that's not on the eShop in NA?

Also, is it really possible for one in NA to connect to a UK NZ and download their demos like DOA and Cooking Mama 4? That'd be fucking ace.
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