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Activision Blizzard fully embraces woke DEI as new department head vows "a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace environment" (AND game content)

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I guess Kotick and co. are buying into this farce to placate either Microsoft, California (and its lawsuit, along with all the harassment stuff), the FTC, or all of the above. Also seems they're challenging themselves to see how woke they can go considering the path they've been on already the past decade...


Ms. Hines will assume her new post on April 25. She comes to Activision Blizzard from Accenture, where she most recently led the Global Inclusion, Diversity and Equity practice, Activision Blizzard said.

In her new role, Ms. Hines will "strengthen work underway with the company's leadership team and its Employee Resource Groups to implement programs and policies that foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace environment," the company said. She will also work with gaming teams to "ensure diverse and inclusive perspectives are included in game design, including storylines, character development, gameplay and community interaction," Activision Blizzard said.

Source: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/artic...izzard-names-kristen-hines-as-new-head-of-dei

The game publisher went on to say that Hines will play a critical role in furthering its promise to increasing the number of women and non-binary people within the company.

"I'm excited to join a company that is prioritizing its commitment to DEI and making progress on the ambitious goals it has set for itself," said Hines.

"In an industry with historical underrepresentation, I'm looking forward to leading the company's efforts to further build a workplace that values transparency, equity, and inclusivity."

Not enough eye-rolls or facepalms to be had for this 🤦‍♂️ :pie_eyeroll:
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She came from Accenture? Good lord. Pull out, MS.
Is there a story behind that? Or does that company in general have a bad overall rep?

These kinds of people are always heading "DEI departments" and then jumping off to new companies. Yet you never hear exactly how those efforts of theirs actually "helped" said companies in tangible ways.
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I don't have a problem with increasing inclusiveness as long as the targets are reflective of general pop. Anything more is unrealistic and forced. But I genuinely support making sure everyone is included.


Hiring people who get their jollies off by harassing others and forming mobs is probably not the best way forward for them.



Part of me wants to say this is just PR to “clean the company image” but maybe they are really serious because they think this will attract people willing to work there.


Perhaps we'll enjoy their next game proposal about a trans individual of color that wants to speak to a manager: Karen Duty.
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The world is a bigger place than the woke wild west my friend.

The commercial world is getting smaller and smaller.
USA/Canada going woke. UK, Australia are only a couple of steps behind in some departments but also some ways worse.
China putting cats in bags….

Where we gonna go brah?


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All large corporations in the US have diversity, equity, and inclusion officers. A DEI officer's job is to promote diverse hirings within the company and signal that the company is fulfilling its social responsibilities, which in practical terms helps protect it against activist journalist exposés and discrimination lawsuits.

There is no indication that this is even a new role at the company, merely that a new person has taken the position. Her statement couldn't be any more generic for a DEI officer.

This reactionary clickbait culture war crap doesn't have a place at GAF.


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When will these companies learn? They are subverting their creative process to cater to an audience that doesn't even buy their products and won't even is there is a big "100% woke developed game, no less than 30% LBQT representation on the development team" sticker on the box. That'll scare off the audience they already have that does by their games.
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