Activision published game Dark Reign put on Xbox Indie channel.

I wish I could learn about the thought process that went into putting this onto Xbox Live. I can only assume drugs were involved.

I mean, Dark Reign was a good game, but..just..what?
It's quite a fun game but like most RTS i'm not sure the 360 is the place for it. In fact in general i'm very surprised to see this specific game get this treatment. I wonder what the reason for doing this is?

I still have the discs lying around for both games but i haven't played them for a few years now. I certainly had a lot of fun with them back in the day.
What an unexpected surprise! I'm all for more publishers bringing PC classics to the channel... good for everyone involved, really. More eyes on XBIG, more games for everyone else.

Though if you had asked me which publisher would do this first, I would have never guessed Activision.
Anything sent to the Indie section of Xbox Live is sent to die regardless.
It's "elite" to bag on xlig but at least MS is the only console maker that allows developers to sell their games on the console with out MS controlling the approval process. MS has not handled xlig well but at least created the process. It's more then Sony or Nintendo can say.


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Awesome, artillery that actually shoots farther than half the visible screen! Loved playing that game. Setting up the AI for your units was a great help. Engagement modes, damage tolerance. Very helpful.
Looks like this (PC site) is probably a matter of these guys licensing the game from or otherwise contracting with Activision as a way to make their tech pay something while they work on it. Might be more "indy" than it seems at first glance, in other words.

Anybody buy it XBL yet? How does it play?
Well it's one option for devs / pubs not wanting to deal with XBLA 'release calendar' that people often complain about. There are stories of games being 100% done and the bits and bytes are just sitting around waiting for a chance to be released. For an old PC port that is difficult to implement achievements with it kind of makes sense, but I have no idea how these guys were able to port it to XNA.