Actors/Actresses who look particularly hot in a specific role

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fallengorn said:

Elisabeth Shue in The Saint! I don't know how old I was when that movie came out but it was the day I realized I was a legs man.

Hot damn, check out this pic from TMZ.

The 45-year-old flexed her muscle while shooting something called "Piranha 3-D" in Arizona this weekend.
Hummunuh, hummunuh.

Edit: More info on Piranha 3-D
Starring Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell
, Jessica Szohr, Christopher Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames
bigosc2k said:
I love this woman
I'll take the flack for this but all that hotness present in that pic I predicted when she first appeared. I'm pretty sure her first thing was a voice in Land before Time or something. But she was a cute kid i n moviesand I patiently waited until the day when I could say that shes a mega hottie.

capslock said:
Agreed, though you didn't post the best picture.
I couldn't find a better one really, at least full body. When she was in the movie she was so hott. Maybe it's also because her cleavage was showing the whole time.
Critical Jeff said:
Adventurland, Kristen Stewart
I was going to post her too since I just watched the movie 15 minutes ago. She was very pretty in the movie, a very natural look, I loved it. And as a straight male I am not ashamed to say that picture of clive owen is hot.
Im gonna say the most pronounced difference between life and one movie role for me is Mila Kunis in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Looks like ass most of the time but fuck me she stole that movie and annihilated Kristen Bell.


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I just thought of a couple.

Elisha Cuthbert, actually attractive in Old School.

Bridget Moynahan in I, Robot. I really don't think she's that great in anything else.
Bricfa said:
Now I will have to see this movie. Damn curiosity.
How can people not know that scene, its so iconic.

And Sienna Miller looked particularly hot in Alfie, thats probably the closest she came to her real life look.
canova said:
Eva Green Bond
Agreed 100 percent. Outside of this, I'm not the hugest fan, I understand that she is considered highly attractive by many but she has always come off as a little to, I dunno, grungy or something to me...outside of this movie that is. That scene where she walks in and whispers something to him, and everyone can't keep their eyes off her would SO happen in real life.

bathhouseterror said:
Watching Goldeneye today made me remember how jaw-droppingly gorgeous this girl is.

<3 Polish women
Damn, another bond girl that I agree with. I have seen pics of her from other movies/candids and while obviously pretty, she was just drop dead in this.

Famke also looks great in this although it's a toss-up between this and the first xmen.

GroteSmurf said:
Shannyn Sossamon

I really only like her in a knight's tale.
In real life she looks like a crack ho...

Regardless, I think she looks best in Rules of Attraction.
Radha Mitchell in Pitch Black

Not really my cup of tea usually but she has always really turned me on in this movie for some reason.

Morena Baccarin in Firefly/Serenity

She has always looked stunning as this character, outside of Inara she is still pretty but they really did her up right for the show.

I'm angry about the short hair for "V".
Kak.efes said:
Sorsha from Willow. I had a crush on her when I was a little kid.
I was totally going to post this yesterday, but I figured people would mock me for liking Willow. I blame Sorsha for my love of redheads. But it's a good kind of blame. :D
Been mentioned but needs more:

SMG in Cruel Intentions:

I love Eva anytime but her in Hitch is my #1:

Old school - Beverly D'angelo in the Vacation series

Dana Delany - Exit To Eden (She's still fkn hot)

Amanda Peet - Saving Silverman

Tonche said:
SMG in Cruel Intentions:

That takes me back, I loved that film at the time, I even bought it on bluray and haven't got around to seeing it yet. "you can put it anywhere", it's like they wrote it to make teenage geeks cream.
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