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Adult Education/Night Courses Discussion Thread

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A thread for discussing adult education and night courses.

StarlightLotice: Curious if anyone is on one (I have been on two myself, currently trying to expand my skills) and if they find the courses flexible/limited and whether they offer enough courses for those of us who wish to persue a different Career path. :)
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I did my A level education in a night course. It took me 3 years but after that I was able to study at a University here in Germany. Overall the classes were very limited so you had not much choice. So I also had to do stuff I really hated like Physics but in the end it paid of and i got my degree with a decent score which of course could have been better without stuff like french or physics^^
Thanks Bullet Club Bullet Club for this thread!

Currently doing an Accounting Course to change Careers as I honestly don't want to be on Minimum Wage in a skilled job I do (it's basic Graphic Design but I was taught within the company and got better at it than the one who taught me!). I also don't like being talked down to about any minor problem that occurs.

It couples Bookeeping and Accounting as one Course so I do two days worth after work. (They don't know about it but you can do these Courses free if you don't earn enough).

To be honest regarding the availability of courses, they don't offer a wide variety (maths, english, accounting and Graphic Design in Photography),but I think they are trying to expand them as the Government want to make them available for anyone who couldn't get on one during their teenaged years due to Children/lack of job and money/grants etc.

The Course is really informative and it's challnging me to do better than I am capable of. (Good Stress)

Do they offer more variety and times for you guys in the US/Canada/Australia/Europe?
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Not really what you are talking about but Im 26 and going back to college. I want to be clinical psychologist so I got a long way to go but I can't think of anything better than to dedicate my life to the science of psychology and treatment of mental illness and I am very excited to keep pursuing my career and education :messenger_grinning:

( I have already been back for a year now but I love it so far)
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Good topic Idea, i'll be keeping a beady eye on this one.

I want to start doing English lessons with grammar because mine sucks tbh (I'm English) the only problem is that around my parts we have a lot of Asians (Pakistani/Indians) and loads of Eastern Europeans, they aren't the problem but I'm concerned I might get chucked in the deep end/shallow end where I know too much or too little, which would be embarrassing for me.

Has anyone had any experience of mixed skills/races night classes etc?

Just to be clear, I have no problem being in a room of mixed race people, but I would feel out of place if people new to the country knew more about me about my own language...if you know what I mean?



I went and got a B.S. at a big university when I was 28. I'm glad I did it, but honestly, it was brutal. Commuting there was a big pain in the ass that added hours to every day (drive time, parking far away and waiting for the bus, sitting through every stop to get to yours, ect).

Scheduling classes was often difficult where I'd have a morning lab and a night lab (fuck those 4 hour OCHEM labs!) and various classes sprinkled throughout the day meaning I was on campus for 12 hours and had my commuting shit going on to add even more time.

Then you add in the horrendous general requirement classes that know they're a joke to most people so they add as much busy work as they can. And you're only taking them because the university wants to extort as much money form each student as they can for their multi-billion dollar football franchise.

Don't forget to think about the group projects where you are now at the mercy of 18-20 year olds who live on campus and can walk to the library in 5 minutes while it takes you an hour to and from so they can't understand why you don't want to go. Then they don't do the parts they agreed to do anyway. And this is while you're still trying to make ends meet, prep rigorous labs, study for tests, ect. Being an adult at a major university while 95% of the other students are spoiled kids who say shit like "punching up" fucking sucks. Definitely check out community colleges instead, if that applies to your situation.
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