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"Advocate of ending U.S. birthright citizenship may be joining Trump administration"

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Finland doesn't have it. We go by Jus Sanguinis - when born you get citizenship by your parent(s) being citizens.
Ah, you're right. And on the topic, Sweden might have changed it but in 1987 when I was born there, neither of my parents were Swedish citizens, but me and my sister are Swedish citizens.


It's pretty clear but the Republicans are pretty smart with finding loop holes. Amending the Constitution is extremely difficult so they could possibly impose bans on issuing visas to pregnant tourists or non immigrants, or they could also increase requirements to get paperwork or hospital care.

To be fair, the pregnant tourism thing does need to be clamped down on.


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Isn't there some weird hatred between latinos? Like some who have settled here and became citizens have disdain against hispanic immigrants that are just coming in.

Yes, it's damn disgusting. I've noticed that more from
white conservative Hispanics. Owner from my previous job had parents who were immigrants from South America but really did not like "illegals" (especially Mexicans).

Also, there's a Cuban vs other Hispanic groups thing going as well.


Ah. Awkward. In any event, the tax code I quoted also establishes that while resident aliens are not citizens, they pay the same tax burden due citizens whether or not they are in the U.S.

Such a disgrace. I can believe it, but I didn't want to. Absolutely shameful.
So if Melania Trump became a citizen somewhere in 2006, and Barron Trump was born on March 20th 2006, doesn't that mean revoking birthright would make Trump's own son an illegal?

Just humoring a thought.

edit: Barron, not Bannon.

Zeus Molecules

illegal immigrants are stealing our air
These morons can't straighten out the current mess they've caused before setting another catastrophe in motion?

Fucking Hell.

It's what Mother Russia wants.... Trump to cause so much chaos it'll take decades to sort out while they can go around the rest of the world promoting Russia's oligarchs best interests.
so one question. the 13, 14 th amendment which trump may abolish are a direct answer to dred scott vs. sandfort. does this also mean that the southern states may introduce slavery again?
Trump is still American.

he also stems from german immigrants

Zen Aku

This is one thing I will support Trump on.



he only needs two more states

Did you forget about the congressional requirements? Not to mention you could never predict how a ratifying convention and/or the state legislators are going to vote especially in this divided country on this sensitive topic so I'm not sure how you come to the conclusion of two.
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