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Hype Age of Empires IV Closed Beta Is Live


Jan 21, 2018
Bordeaux, France

During the closed beta, selected Age Insiders are able to:
  • Brush up on the basics with our tutorial mission, Mission Zero. Arm yourself with knowledge by rebuilding a township, learning important lessons on economics, early combat, and other core skills.
  • Test your mettle in multiplayer or vs. AI matches, including up to eight human or AI players. You can play against other Insiders or take the AI for a spin — we’re collecting data on a variety of match types so we encourage you to try out all the different modes!
  • Experience a wide range of maps that allow you to customize your own experience. You’ll be able to select from only a sample of our intended release maps during the closed beta, but don’t fret for choices: each map allows the user to select a variety of sizes and appearances (called “biomes” in-game).
  • Try out four of the eight launch day civilizations. Hone your strategies with the Mongol, English, Delhi Sultanate, and Chinese civilizations – all of which you can learn more about HERE.
  • Observe the games of others. Given its importance to the Age community, the closed beta build will allow participants to check in on the games of others (so long as the match host approves!).

Our community is important to us, as is player feedback. At this stage of development, we’re interested in getting Age of Empires IV into the hands of the player to:

  • Fine-tune our existing systems, which means that if you’re invited to the closed beta, Relic and World’s Edge are depending on you to play as many matches as you’re able to while trying out the various matchmaking systems.
  • Arm our development team with impactful bugs or balance feedback. Balance is ongoing, so the unit balance you see during the closed beta isn’t necessarily reflective of what you’ll see when the game launches or as the meta evolves.
  • And begin collecting your ideas on how to best grow Age of Empires IV post-launch. While our primary focus at closed beta is to ensure stability and lend overall polish to the game by conquering impactful bugs, the Age IV team is dedicated to continually improving and growing the game. As a beta participant, you help guide our vision.

Make sure that you’ve completed the following steps to improve your chances:

  • Sign up as an Age Insider by Tuesday, August 3, 4:59 pm PT / 7:59 PM ET / 2359 UTC.
  • [REQUIRED] Upload your DxDiag file to your Age Insider profile (the closed beta has its own “preview spec”, separate from the released title’s recommended specs).
  • Verify your email – you’ll receive an email from us immediately after joining the program that will walk you through this step.
  • If you’re interested in playing from Steam, link your Steam account and sign up for “Steam betas” under Beta Preferences.



Jun 7, 2004
why is the sign up so anal....i tried coh3 and relic was cool to let most to download it 🤷‍♀️


Oct 24, 2005
Just finished my first match.
Amazing game, can't share much since it's under NDA.


Aug 13, 2015
Just finished my first match.
Amazing game, can't share much since it's under NDA.
how did you finish a match. When i'm searching i cannot find a single person lmao

game is really great tho, judging from the tutorial


Jan 26, 2018
Outer space
Got in, played some.

Unfortunately I cannot give my impressions because of the NDA.

Played some Cage of Tires 4 tho, really good game that feels, plays like, and lives up to the other Cage of Tires entries, and graphics in motion are way better than they could appear in a screenshot (if you don't know anything about videogames and don't ever heard of this game please don't derail)


Aug 13, 2015
Trailer for this looked bad, I recall it looking worse or barely on-par than AoE 3 in a lot of ways like unit shadows and water detail. How does the beta compare to whats already been shown?
looks better when you play it than the trailers