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Agni's Philosophy (PS4) up for preorder at Amazon UK & FR

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I just found this... what could it be?

- Preorder placeholder for Final Fantasy Versus / XV?
- Pure speculation / mistake on Amazon's part?
- Is Agni's Philosophy actually a game and not a tech demo like we have been told up until now?


How do products get added to Amazon's catalogue?
Do they do it on their own, or do they receive lists from distributors publishers and then load them up?

I searched but burn me with philosophic fire if old.


Square needs to make some money from their new engine ASAP, they're gonna sell us a tech demo, confirmed.


It looks like a mistake, but happening so close to E3 and so long after the tech demo was originally shown makes me think it's something else.


I'd be in the dick
They did have that survey that asked if people wanted a game in this world but I don't think they could have something together this quickly. Probably a placeholder.


I enjoyed the voice and the look of the grandmaster character from that tech demo.

I just would hope if for whatever messed up reason it IS a game, that it's separate from Versus.


I really hope they reconsider their stance and actually do something with Agni's Philosophy instead of just dumping it.

If this is true though and it does come to PS4 as a full game then SE's presentation at the PS4 reveal won't be as laughable anymore.
If that "two FF at E3" Turns out to be true, XV could be Versus and Agni could be XVI.
I don't believe this is going to happen, but it would be amazing if it did.
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