Akka Arrh Reveal Trailer - Jeff Minter - Atari (PS, XB, Switch, PC & VCS) Happy Machine!


Akka Arrh was an unreleased 1982 Atari arcade game. Only a handful of upright Akka Arrh arcade cabinets were ever made, as it never made it past the test market phase. Akka Arrh was recently released on the Atari 50 anniversary collection. This is Jeff Minter's (Gridrunner, Tempest 2K/3K/4K, Defender 2K, Polybius, etc. ) take on Akka Arrh! Akka Arrh is listed as coming soon and it should be a trippy good time!

Original arcade gameplay:


Well, it's not Tempest, so good for Jeff Minter doing something new... and it's not an original Llamasoft game, so good for us (I never tried his VR game Polybius but I remember Space Giraffe never quite makings sense to me, and then Moose Life I've only heard of today and am already confused by... maybe these are all good and I just need to sit down with them fully?) I don't quite get how he translated the outer defense/inner defense, but it seems like it could be cool if it's as intense as the trailer.
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