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Aksys wants you to take their visual novel survey


Done. So long as they have a good mystery component like Dagan, or have some pretty damn nice puzzles like zero escape, I'm up for more.


Oh, and did anyone actually check the box that said something to the point of "High fidelity graphics"?


I hope you all said "I would not want a visual novel on a handheld device."

Seems more geared towards platforms than titles or genres, though.


Done. I don't have a Vita (yet, but it's really appealing), but I voted for it anyway. More titles and options can't be a bad thing!


Gives all the fucks
Survey taken. Would be cool to see this happen more often (I really wish Steins;Gate on PS3 & especially Vita would come over), especially considering I've grown more interested in them over the years with stuff like Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, Danganronpa, etc. (not flat-out VNs, I know, but still text heavy stuff). Also, wouldn't mind them being on a handheld since I can easily stop & get back into it, plus the portability.


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I hope there's a chance they're bringing over Steins;gate on handhelds. :(
Took the survey. Visual novels are easily one of my favorite genres. I think they're really going to take off, especially since they should work perfectly well with mobile devices.
It was short. I thought maybe they would ask about what genres, what kind of stories we would be interested in (anything historical ! ^___^).

Voted for Vita too, lol. Portability + graphics.


I feel like I took a similar survey from Aksys a few months ago. Oh well, glad to do another one! Anything to encourage them to bring more visual novels out, on the Vita if possible.
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