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Alan Wake 2 Milestone Achieved: Playable from Start to Finish


I think Alan Wake 2 would be more similar to Silent Hill 2 remake. AW 1 took many influence from original SH 2(missing wife/mystery setting/foggy environment/transition of level). Remedy is a truly talented studio like Arkane which haven't gain great commercial success since AW1. I hope AW2 would be Remedy's first commercial hit in the decades.
I'm REALLY rooting for this one. Alan Wake is one of those games I always thought had a fantastic premise, amazing atmosphere and setting but the gameplay felt rudimentary and the level design absurdly restrictive and boring even for its time. Remedy have been continuously stepping up their game in terms of both of those elements with each release and I thought Control was fantastic on both fronts. I really have high hopes that they'll nail a good balance between actually engaging gameplay and the AW universe in this one, they seem to be firing on all cylinders in the past few years.


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