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Albion Online |OT| Craft. Trade. Conquer.


Neo Member
Mar 19, 2017
I threw on a few pieces of old T3 and T4 gear, decided to try ganking. The first guy I ran into, we downed each other:

Had to sit there together for like 3 min. Eventually I decided to apologize. I felt bad that I made him have to sit there like that.

Thats hilarious. I love that you apologized.

My first yellow hellgate (for lurkers, thats basically a 5v5vPVE with good rewards), I noticed a group was looking for a ranged DPS, so I jumped in.

I purposely didnt tell them I have barely PVP'ed, and had no idea how hellgates worked. Well, the first run we won the 5v5 but I died to a PVE mob because I didnt get the mechanics. Afterwards, I didnt know when to/when not to attack the gate mob so my group was asking where I was and why I wasnt helping. We ended up missing the second gate and they kicked me and killed me.

It was fun and funny, and its why I enjoy the game.


Apr 23, 2016
Many other folks quit? Spending hours tapping resources in safe zones and instant killed by zergs in higher level areas. The player island is a boring grind fest, dungeons and dailies are mindless and boring.

Genuinely disappointed.

While I didn't play the game myself, I watched a lot of streamers these past few weeks. The gameplay loop is monotone, and the sense of progression non-existant starting at a certain point. I want to say that the punishing and incredibly frequent PvP accelerated that feeling. All of that makes it a very mindless, but also frustrating game to play, and hard for people to hold their attention. I think it is a complete blow-up.