Alex coming to SF V on March / PS3 sticks compatible.

I really want to know how this game's economy works. I know Fight Money is earned through playing the game. Is 100,000 a lot? Am I going to have to play a bunch of matches online to afford new characters, without paying for them with real cash?

I've never been an online player when it comes to fighting games.


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Wow, one new character per month. I wonder if they're going to be actually new or just "new" like Evil Ryu. Still extremely impressive. I'm just happy with the Alex news, the rest is gravy.
I wonder if they'll finally add PS3/PS4 stick support for Mad Catz sticks on PC. It's baffling that SF4 supports them but SF5 doesn't.

Nice news. One char per month is a bit surprising though. What will be the rules regarding DLC chars for official tournaments btw ?
With characters releasing on Tuesdays, there'd be at least 3 days between any character release and any tournament starting on friday. I can't possibly see any major tournament snubbing a new character. It'd be bizzare. More likely that they'd contact Capcom and plan around character releases to a degree.
How credible is this source? Capcom said they were looking at a bimonthly cadence, said they were looking at a PS3 stick solution still and 100000 FM is a fucking lot going by the last beta.
Just want to thank LabZeroGames who indirectly influenced Capcoms hand regards to compatibility with PS3 fight sticks...

Time to still suck in SF then!

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ofc the source it's real, the redactor is Nacho ortiz, used to be a professional street fighter player and btw meristation it's a huge magazine in spain.

He's talking about that review version just got an update today ( 5,9gb ) and include that kind of info.
So if Alex is first, perhaps this picture really does line up with the release order.

Alex - March
Guile - April
Balrog - May
Ibuki - June
Juri - July
Urien - August
Happy about PS3 sticks compatibility, but man they could have confirmed this before, just ordered a ps4 stick 3 days ago and paid upfront...


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If it's real. Considered myself very hyped! Alex is one of my favorite SF3 character so I'm glad that I'm going to pick him up early. :D

I'm glad that capcom would allow us to use PS3 stick for SFV.
I'll still hold off for another source, but I really hope they do support ps3 sticks. I'd have a way to play for a bit with a chronus device, but that's not ideal.
I remember in early beta it was 50 fight money for a win, 10 for a defeat...
I didn't check FM stuff on later betas so I don't know if they changed it..