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Aliens and UFOs


Dec 16, 2011
I'm just talking about phenomena in general. Things that happen that we simply can't explain because our understanding of science is far too primitive. Even 500 years from now we'll likely still be an incredibly primitive species.
Yeah. We know so little, for sure. And no amount of learning will shrink the size of the unkown. The more we learn, the more we'll realize that the limits of what can be known are forever stretching out and there are mysteries that are forever impenetrable.


Feb 23, 2009
There is not that much that a powerful country can hide from other, honestly. At least not in terms of military tech. They all know how advanced each of their enemies are because they are willing to pay for that knowledge.

If UFO theories are started by the government is to hide the weapons from common people.

Also that same lie would be a vulnerability because I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be pissed off that so much money is being invested towards technology without oversight. It would be chaos. On top of that a lot of private companies investing to develop tech would be pretty upset knowing they wasted so much capital trying to develop shit that is already outdated by government standards. I'm pretty sure a foreign power would turn that into a scandal pretty quick.

It would be crazy.