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All PS VR2 Games: Day 1 Launch Titles, Free Upgrades, Paid Upgrades, 2023 Games, & More


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PlayStation VR2 is almost here! And so far its actually been pretty nuts seeing just how many games are going to be available on day 1. But beyond that there’s a ton coming to this platform in its first year and beyond. So here’s a roundup of the latest games, trailers, release dates, upgrade info, etc.

This list is more than likely already outdated as it’s changing constantly, but here’s a birds-eye view of PS VR2’s current lineup with the most relevant footage available for each game at the time. *(PC VR, Meta Quest, Work-in-progress gameplay may have been used) Also it’s in order of day 1 titles alphabetically, then 2023 alphabetically, and then no release window alphabetically
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