All Russian/Brazillian (or similar) games on Steam now have regional activation locks

And there goes my interest in Steam.

I have 1000 games on steam, I doubt I would be close if it had been region locked from the start.

Console games are now cheaper to buy here, what got me into PC gaming in the first place is pretty much gone
So, I'm an American, I opened a US account to start, but I've been living in China for a while now and bought a bunch of stuff there, from the US account with my US money. What's this gonna mean for those purchases?
ew, steam is getting worse and worse.
Time for Origin to rise.

say all you want about origins but i can use VPN and get my game from whatever region i want, without involving another party AND not get banned. Origin is great, idc what anyone says. as long as they don't change that origin is good in my books
Steam's been gradually turning to shit for quite some time now. Not surprised...

Valve shouldn't be getting a free pass because they used to make great games.
*downs a shot*

Well, this is going to be a fun week of hysteria.

Seriously, this seems like a flawed (but possibly necessary) policy. Registering games across national borders is a very common practice - and it's one that Steam probably wants to put an end to (especially to stay on the good side of publishers).
Oh just so you know, already activated games work just fine, it seems. Got a few gifted from Brazil and they boot up just fine. Looks like it's grandfathered in.