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Spoilers Allahu Akbar [good watch]

Jan 7, 2018
So I was looking into a few different religions and come about this peace of gem. Really good watch. Enjoy.



Crushed by Thanos
Dec 7, 2008
The Pentagon
'With so much of the world focused on radical Islam, which uses and is absolutely dependent on the Qur'an and their prophet Muhammad for their authority, it is important to look at just how authoritative they both are historically. Jay looks at the newest data on Muhammad, Qur'anic manuscript evidence, the 6 earliest manuscripts, and the new Qur'anic folios which are being dated using Carbon 14 dating suggesting Qur'anic Suras are not only older than the Qur'an, but older than Muhammad and Islam as well! Jay compares these with biblical material showing how much more historical evidence we have for our Bible and Jesus Christ, than exists for their Qur'an and Muhammad. '


Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020
Why do people care so much about what others believe happens when we die?

All that really matters is that you're an earnest, good-willed person while here on Earth. We shouldn't need some any sacred poppycock for people to maintain that.

All religions are a mistake. Except for maybe Buddhism. Those guys seem chill.
Dec 4, 2019
Why do people care so much about what others believe happens when we die?
Sadly sometimes these beliefs 'spoil over' and get others killed. So yes, some people do care. I care about what delusions live inside other people's minds so I can act accordingly to maybe not get killed.

Fucking religion...


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Aug 17, 2018
Videos of those two words being said before firing a gun at another life basically rendered them meaningless babble to me, now knowing the actual translation of them make it even worse.

King of Foxes

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Jan 9, 2018
I watched the first 20 min or so but will finish the rest later.

The guys opening is pretty much that all scripture or whatever you call it, for islam was written a good couple hundred years after mohammed died and by people in cities very far away. He started to go into the contradictions of someone saying so and so used to have daily contact with these tribes but all actual historical evidence puts them too far apart for it to be true.

I will post again if the end result is just religious people are liars....i think we all know that already