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Alleged Destiny 2 Poster Leaks - Sep 8th Release


The 2 looks really dumb but the poster looks official. I'm interested in seeing actual gameplay, I wonder if this means a reveal is on the horizon for Bungie and Activision ahead of E3 and then a larger reveal at Sony's E3 presser.


Sat alone in a boggy marsh
That soldier in the middle looks really odd.

Also at the bottom a mention of a beta, wonder if that means beta will be say on the day it gets announced at E3?

Looking forward to it. Destiny was a decent game that has lots more potential. Hoping for the best.

I saw this with it.




That's just AAA bland enough to be real.

We'll see. I'm all for a fresh start, but as someone who didn't think the Taken King fixed a lot of the problems with the first one like a lot of people, I'll approach this one with a lot of hesitation.


I saw this with it.

Call of Duty: Chemical Warfare?
That could be fake, but what the fuck is that name lol
What does that mean though? A WW1 CoD or Vietnam Agent Orange type thing?

Edit: nevermind didn't realize this was made by a gaffer


no helmets? :( i hope it's just an option to remove it during combat. i hate seeing my characters ugly face. they need to seriously improve character creation for this.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
Yep, the top right corner has a PS sticker saying "Contenuti esclusivi per PlayStation 4", so "Exclusive content for PS4", translated.

The bottom row states "Accedi alla Beta in Anticipo", which is "Get early access to the Beta". So, I suppose Beta first on PS4?
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