Alone - A must see Oculus Rift experience. Video inside.


I don't have a Rift Dev kit, and I don't know if this has already been discussed to death in the Rift thread.

But I think this needs to be seen by the forum at large.

VR is the real deal. As a proof of concept, this video shows just one of so many new game types VR can facilitate. And though it may not work for all of our existing genres, there are so many it can open up.

Alone is a game within a game. You play on a large flat screen in a virtual living room. As you play, elements of the game begin to bleed into your reality. I think the guy in the video is great at relating what the experience is like.
Cymatic Bruce did a VR Jam marathon where he played all of the entries. This was among them. If you don't know about him, you should really check him out. He puts out some fantastic Oculus content.
Imagine this with even more realistic graphics.

You could fall asleep with the Oculus Rift plugged in, wake up, and be horribly confused for a few seconds.
yeahe thats a really neat idea, alot of potential

He has some other cool Oculus Videos too

Newest Version of Half Life 2 VR, Really cool:
Crashland, good motion controller mini game:
War Thunder with Joystick:
Dreadhalls, Horror game:
I really like that War Thunder one. Cockpit games are the perfect thing for OR.


Have a fun! Enjoy!
I was expecting the virtual game character to eventually walk through a door in the virtual game and step into the virtual living-room you are playing in (which would then be isometrically displayed on the virtual TV etc).

That said, cool stuff.

Edit: Or imagine a top down zombie apocalypse kinda game played like that (top down view on virtual TV) and you happen to be sitting in a house you are actually defending and you can look out the window and see the character you are controlling blasting zombies etc. You fail in the game (on the TV) > zombies invade your living room > you are dead.
The ceiling is unlimited with this type of tech. I was so skeptical of it until recently, but now I am convinced it is the future. I can see it becoming very addictive though. Imagine what Fox News would do when someone uses it, and then goes on a crime binge. *shudders*

Imagine playing that while under an altered state of consciousness. Meltdown.


poop meter feature creep
That and Dreadhalls sold me immediately on horror games, which I don't really find scary once I get used to seeing them as games on a screen. If I can't look away, the fear is unavoidable, and those ones were already pretty creepy just watching them from my laptop. I can't wait for the consumer Rift, so I can let my naysayer Rift-hater friend play them, who claims to like horror games.
I love the way the Oculus is used, this is going to be freaking awesome, can't wait for its official release! I really hope more games with original ideas like Alone are going to be released.
Man, if that creeped me out from watching the you tube video, I could only imagine what playing it would do to me. I kept thinking there would be some sort of monster just standing in the doorway to the kitchen staring, or even behind him..I woulda lost it. From a horror standpoint, it seems like this really does take away a feeling of security, as if you can't escape it... From all the videos i've seen, I really want a Rift.
The majority of the most interesting Oculus games seems to be horror-themed. I hope developers come up with unconventional concepts that can be applied to more pleasant experiences aswell.
Guys imagine an Imax player with this and even being able to choose whether to be disturbed by people with popcorns next to you or being in the cinema alone...
Game really was incredibly unnerving, like the guy describes you kind of start to instinctively look around when you hear noises but you can clearly tell the difference between the T.V. and the Room you're sitting in so the feeling that you are the person on the couch is quite strong.

One thing though I'm asking anyone else who has given it a go. Might have been my Rift's brightness settings being off or the game being weird because I was playing at 1080P and Fantastic settings but the time of day was more Dusk than the terrible night seen in the video which was almost certainly what was intended.
That video should have ended with someone walking into his room and killing the review dude. And then it would switch to a shot of yourself behind your PC watching this video.
holy shit, amazing. He keeps looking around the digital house... lol

This is why I love indie games, they come up with such intriguing concepts.

That said, a big NOPE. No way I'm going to play this :lol
A brilliant concept. But no way would I be playing it. I HATE horror games. They really scare me shitless. And adding in Rift immersion would really send me over the edge!
holy shit, amazing. He keeps looking around the digital house... lol

This is why I love indie games, they come up with such intriguing concepts.

That said, a big NOPE. No way I'm going to play this :lol
I would love it if there would be more stuff.. tables levitating, pots and pans clanging, etc. more paranormal activity stuff.
This is a way to watch 3D movies on Rift. But in a bigger screen!!!
Theres actually a few other OR apps for 3d movies which work a bit better. If I recall one is "VR Player" which works rather well. Theres a few others that also mimic a movie theature and allows you to sit in any seat you want (the orientation to the screen changes based on your seat).

This however would be a pretty great way to play some emulated old generational games =) [and yes, I am aware that there is a SNES one already out]
still you know what would be cooler... if the character he was playing on the TV explored the town and found a house and his target was inside playing a game and his goal was to kill the guy playing the game.

you hunt yourself