alright GAF lets do it: Quake vs UT


Besides the curved surfaces and netcode, I think Q3's biggest technological advantage over UT were the smooth model animations. They hold up very well today in QL, while UT, CS and other games from that era have a similar dated look.


quake 3 lives on as quakelive and is still played competitively every week, this is 14 years after the initial q3 test release, all other quakes and ut's are dead, there is a reason for this
Quake Arena was a refined retread for twitch caffiene fiends.

Unreal Tournament was a sloppier box filled with fun based on a "let's see what sticks" approach.

I like both, but for me UT all the way. Quake Arena showed me that id was already running out of ideas way back in 1999. UT kicked its ass in that department and I'll take innovation over refinement anyday.

That's the weird thing about id, when it comes to gameplay there always seems to be a struggle between innovation and refinement. Many of id's original key people left because of the lack of innovation in the game play side of the company. But on the tech side, id is all about innovation. I think they tried to be innovative with the gameplay mechanics in Doom 3 and Rage, but their attempts were a bit to conservative for their own good. But at the same time, you could see so many refinements in the combat/ enemy AI and the game engine itself in these games.

But as for Quake III vs UT99. Even though these games were in the same genre, I think they aimed at different audiences. id knew that the online multiplayer in Quake II overshadowed the single player experience, so they purely focused on the multiplayer aspect for Quake III and threw out the rest. I think they were really aiming Quake III at their own fan base. They really designed it for the hard core Quake death match enthusiasts with lots of room for user made customizations.

UT99 was really made to try to appeal to both the casual players and experienced players at the same time. Which is why the experience cap isn't so high for new players to jump in and enjoy themselves. It also explains why there were quite a few noob friendly weapons that could rack up kills with little skill. Though they did also successfully appeal to the modding community as well. I don't think this makes UT99 any worse than Quake III, just a different experience.


I never got into Quake but I played the shit out of UT. To this day, it has perhaps the best gun of all time: the flak cannon, and some of the most memorable maps. Never played it online, but I spent countless hours playing against the bots.


Both games were good but Quake 3 was the top dog. Try strafe jumping around a map. Easy, right? Now do it going through twisting corridors, without slowing down or hitting walls. Rocket jumping, wall climbing with a plasma, knocking people out of the air with the grenade launcher etc. I've always felt the skill ceiling was so much higher in Q3 than it was in UT99.

The mods: Cpma, Rocket Arena, OSP, Urban Terror, Painkeep, Excessive Overkill, and if you were that way inclined, Defrag

The maps: DM17, DM6, Blood Run, Thunderstruck, Iron Yard, True Blue, pretty much anything by Charon, Lunaran or Nunuk, and Padman for the goofiness


Cool Smoke Luke
Q3DM17 > every other game on every other platform in the history of gaming

Bow down, plebes.

HipDm1>Q3DM17 sorry its true..and well it was the first



Anyway yeah Quake. People saying UT need to get good
Wrong again.

It doesn't make sense. Quake is drabness all around. Greys and browns, hardly any vistas. The environments in UT are more imaginative and have much more color. Of course UT fans are Nintendo fans are SF fans over Sony and MK.
I hope you are joking at this level of importance.


UT had custom maps with porn videos playing on big screen TV's.

UT wins by defualt.

Seriously, both of these games are so near and dear to me. I'll give the edge to UT simply because I played it more. I like the engine, and game play of Q3 more, but I played 155/55 LGI CTF in UT99, and that experience was just unmatched. I was never a big fan of CTF in Quake. Also, I loved assault in UT99. It might of been the least played game mode, but god damn did I love it. I remember when the UT global stats site worked, and I played on Deathmatch servers trying to find the best in the world. I hit top 3 in deathmatch for that one month. Good times. I'm just so much more nostalgia for UT99. The Music, the character models, the 10000000's of custom maps I played was something that Quake never could do right for me.


Quake 3 was the better game as far what it was going for a Dueling,CTF, DM, TDM arena shooter.
UT99 on the other hand was just the kitchen sink approach where just about anything was thrown in.

Both were good games however it came down to do you want more features UT99 or did you want a more focused game Quake 3.


Unreal Tournament > Quake 3, everyone knows this.


I also thought UT looked better back then. Much more open and color full. But 14 years later UT looks blocky, while Q3 still looks good.

I tried playing an MP game of UT, but the few servers with people had awful custom levels (and a love for low gravity). Couldn't find a good game.


UT. We had lan parties every day in Drafting Class while I was in highschool. It was just amazing!

One of my favorite shooters of all time. Nothing can best the Redeemer.

If I may though, I also loved Unreal Championship 2 on the Xbox. I wish they'd make another. Having Fatalities, and the 3rd person view toggle was so good to me.


Looking at the responses, my post on page one nailed it.

If you like to dink around in an arena or team based shooter, UT is your game.

If you play to win, you play Quake.
I should have used a less offensive word than dink though.

It really does come down to subjective importance of competition or casual fun.
CS >>>
Q3 >> UT

This is just so wrong.
Ah, the good old argument between Quake and UT. Feels like 99 all over again :)

I prefer Quake as a franchise, but I'd rather play UT over Q3A due to the insane variety it has.


I loved UT99 back in the day. Never played Quake.

BUT THEN! Two years ago I started playing Quake Live and now I understand.
Its also pretty much all I've played since :]

Quake for life.


You can argue about the gameplay but the visuals, music and atmosphere were so much better in UT99, it's not even a contest.


Quake 3 is such a pure game in terms of design. It is a 14 year old game that still plays better than most modern games, and that I would argue hasn't been improved upon design wise. If you try to compare UT99 to it in that regard, how elegant their designs are, then UT99 doesn't stand a chance. UT99 is bloated and plays awkwardly to some degree. It still has a hell of a lot of charm though, the soundtrack is amazing, the level design is iconic, the announcer and the taunts were endearing and some of the weapons were really great.

I think I like them both equally, I think they both have about the same cultural relevance, but I think Quake 3 is an inarguably better designed game and even maybe the best designed FPS ever.


Quake > Ut99 > Quake 2 > Quake 3.
I remember it took us more time to get lan connections up than the actual gaming in Quake 1 era. Oh the memories..


I've yet to play a multiplayer game to match the crisp responsiveness and mountain-high skill ceiling of Quakeworld. Played it for a good decade. Wish we could get something else like it.


UT for me, hands down.

Instagib LMS, marathon sessions of CTF-Face, Assault, Domination (probably my fav game mode for online)... good times. UT had more interesting weapons, amazing music, superior bot support, better overall aesthetics, and (at least for me) was just more fun to play. And at the end of the day, that's what matters most.


UT99 was my favourite shooter growing up. I just loved fooling around with all the different modes/mutators/mods.

I liked Q3 too but couldn't enjoy it as much as UT at the time. However I absolutely loved watching competitive Q3 matches.


Quake for me, loved that series of games so much.

- My name is derived during my time with Quake ... Qwell = Quake Well, pronounced quell
- I learned Keyboard + Mouse during Quake 1 CTF from a player named Helter Skelter, yes I used to play crap loads of Quake 1 CTF with nothing but keyboard (and was still good)
- the one and only time I ever told my mom to "shut the fuck up" I was playing Quake 2 CTF (still regret that to this day, but I had an addiction, and damnit she was trying to make me take out the trash during a match)

I think I played Quake 2 the most, loved CTF with the grapple hook mod, but I played 1-3 quite a bit all together, also played my fair share of UT but Quake just holds a fondness.
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