Am I allergic to cats?

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Pick one up and rub your face in it's side for a minute while inhaling through your nose. You'll find out pretty soon.
I am allergic to cats and it sucks, because I really adore them. The strange thing is that I wasn't allergic to cats when I was a kid, it started in my mid-teens i think when my sister bought a cat and afterwards I became allergic to ALL cats. I'm fine with dogs though.

I'd love to have a pet cat one day, would it be wise/safe to keep taking allergy medication 24/7 just to own a pet?
-clean the house
-with a serious ****ing vacuum and so on
-regularly. once a week at least
-no, seriously.

-two medications are typically used
-nasal sprays -- prescription only. won't help rashes
-antihistamines -- claritin. buy at costco in bulk

the obvious: if you think you're allergic to cats and you have 3 cats, maybe you should consider not having 3 cats for a while.

also, wash your hands/arms/face/etc everytime you come in contact with the cats.


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Also keep in mind that if you have a reaction while not medicated and controlling it is more important than staying awake, benadryl is the most effective antihistamine, but like I said, it comes with a huge sedative side effect.

Anyway, I'm allergic enough to cats that simply being in a cat owner's house while the cats themselves are away is enough to set me off. It sucks.
taking benadryl to control environmental allergies is basically equivalent to knocking yourself out with a hammer to the head everytime you feel a bit peckish.


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I figured I'd use this thread to ask (since I purposefully bumped this thread of course) can cat dander get into ventilation systems in an apartment and cause allergy problems when the central air is turned on even when the rest of the apartment has been cleaned? I wake up with nasal irritation when the air is on over the night.
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