lists Legend of Kay Anniversary for Wii U and PC/MAC, out June 12th, 2015

maan, i remember seeing the ads for this on TV when I was a kid, saved up for it and bought it the day it came out because I thought like it would slot right in with the other classic ps2 action/plats like ratchet & clank and Jak & Daxter.

Had to stay over my cousins house, they let me use their extra ps2 but the only spare TV had no colour and broken speakers so I had to use headphones, but man I just remember loving it at first staying up playing as long as I could and then after taking the game home and restarting it just getting very bored of it very fast unlike the previously mentioned titles that I replayed quite often.

Was there a reason I never went back to this? or I should I give the remaster a try, would love to buy it on wii U just to support third parties on that platform but there again itll likely head up into a bundle at some point too
Jan 4, 2013
I guess to get an anniversary edition, it's an O-Kay game?

(sorry, had to do it.)

Never really heard of this game, and by checking videos it seems like a action/beat-em up adventure?
Mar 19, 2009
Toronto, Canada
there is no ps3 port
that's an emulated release through the ps2 classics range on ps2
released in eu last year
sometime this year in na

This has Natsume written all over it for NA. They brought over that Ratchet clone Ruff Trigger on PS2 so they have platforming experience, AND they localized Alphadia Genesis on the Wii U eShop, being the first publisher ever on Wii U to do a localization.
it has nordic games written all over it
given they own the ip


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Realize This Assgrab is Delicious
Dec 5, 2005
This reminds me of Cel Damage HD... It's like, people remember this, let alone put time into a remake?
Aug 26, 2007
How bizarre. I own this game on the PS2 and replayed it just a few months ago. It's a very solid and quite fun B tier Legend of Zelda style adventure game. Huh. Surprised to see it but power to them, it deserves more exposure. The hand held game on the other hand is unplayable garbage.
Oct 19, 2009
Wait so this is a 3d platformer?

videogame players of 2015 wont understand that!!!!

They will get mad when they see they can actually miss a jump and die